Vol. 39 Issue 3

Sep 28, 2019

From the Editors

I was just solicited to write this. It’s what I get for coming to Conmag at peak copy hour, I guess. Not that it isn’t a good thing. It’s a good thing!

Since getting to campus three and a half weeks ago, the mere thought of the Indy has stressed me out. What am I supposed to be doing? Where do people get ideas from? How do I find sources? Why is everyone so smart? And cool? And good at picking apples?

Last week, I wincingly looked back at my application, tempted to ask BCT why they accepted me. My most compelling hypothesis so far is that it’s a social experiment.

It’s okay though. I’m making it work. Four hours ago, I sent in my first draft. Then I showed up here and copyedited a few pieces. And now I’m writing this. So you could say my budding relationship with the Indy is moving pretty fast. Or maybe the two of us are just a thing at this point. All I know is we’re involved.

Regardless, I definitely have a crush. When you’re starting something new, stress happens. But mostly it’s exciting. And for now that’s what matters.

– ER


The Year of Yeehaw

Cowboys making space in music

Arts, Sep 27 2019

by Alisa Caira

A John Wayne movie may obscure the history, but the cowboy began from a Spanish imperialist practice: Spanish colonialists forced Indigenous …

On Desire & Being Desired

King Princess, Hayley Kiyoko, and queer representation in pop music

Arts, Sep 27 2019

by Anabelle Johnston

I easily lose myself listening to Mikaela Straus’s (a.k.a. King Princess) “Pussy is God.” Beyond its lyrics (which I know by …



Body Talk

On wounds and the loneliest form of memory

Features, Sep 27 2019

by Parisa Thepmankorn

content warning:depictions of blood and wounds When faced with a missing person or examining an unnamed or unclaimed body, the police …



Treading Water

Can the ProJo stay afloat in the Ocean State?

Metro, Sep 27 2019

by Ricardo Gomez & Peder Schaefer

Before ad revenue dried up, and before the financial crisis, and Facebook, and the smartphone, and Craigslist, the Providence Journal was …


Our House? Not Quite.

A look into Bolsonaro's policies and the Amazon

News, Sep 27 2019

by Auria Zhang

On August 19, São Paulo, Brazil went dark at 4 PM. Drivers in Brazil’s most populous city were forced to turn …

Week in Veneers

News, Sep 27 2019

by Loughlin Neuert & Nickolas Roblee-Strauss

LOOKING PRESI-DENTAL The 2020 presidential race has opened with such an oversaturated field of candidates that sometimes distinguishing between them all …

Science & Technology

A Common Cold War

The political history of phage therapy

Science & Technology, Sep 27 2019

by Mohannad Jabrah

Mount Sinai Hospital in Brooklyn has a fungus problem. In May of 2018, a patient was admitted for abdominal surgery. He …

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