Vol. 37 Issue 6

Oct 26, 2018

From the Editors

As my language becomes mired in loss, trading in expulsions of it starts to feel cheap.


Everything I write, sing, or say is cheapening myself to give you something. Saying there’s a way to get to ourselves, when there isn’t. I don’t know you. There is no way from me to me just like there is no way to you, collapsing somewhere in a sea of lost objects with your erased face like the backs of people’s hands.


Given how what's underlying is so often elusive / slips so easily, the false sense of permanence surrounding words starts to strike me. When my father, who continues to lose his father, can no longer remember details, my grandfather will become fleeted. And so my father starts to adorn his father’s garb, because some losses are forever and these are / were supposed to be the most important things.


A misplaced person, I often can’t remember anyone, home, or myself. I don’t know what will stick from what I saw / what I see now but I know that a first step is landing.

– SA



Walking on Eggshells

Tlatelolco, UNAM, and Mexico's resurgent student movement

Features, Oct 26 2018

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Items I Lost or Else Forgot While Moving Through

Mourning and melancholia in their transit

Features, Oct 26 2018

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Picture Shows for Roadkill

Literary, Oct 26 2018

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Taking Back the Wheel

Lessons from the First Student drivers' strike

Metro, Oct 26 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

Wafaa is eleven years old and attends Nathanael Greene Middle School. She and her younger brother were two of the almost …


Week in Subcultures

News, Oct 26 2018

by Ben Bienstock, Sarah Clapp & Liby Hays

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Impossible Justice

Interview with Liz Sly, Washington Post ... reporter on the Middle East

News, Oct 26 2018

by Ivy Scott

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Science & Technology

Follow Me on Spotify

How music informs individual and social interactions

Science & Technology, Oct 26 2018

by Kristen Whang

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Thinking In Big History

Nick Bostrom, transhumanist visions, and the rise of macrostrategy

Science & Technology, Oct 26 2018

by Leo Stevenson

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