Illustrations by Olivia Fialkow

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Theaster Gates takes Chicago

Arts & Culture, May 11 2012

by Kate Welsh

The wooden floors of the house at 6918 Dorchester Avenue in Chicago originally lined a West Side bowling alley. The stacks …

Fact and Truth

the ethics of representation from James Agee to John D’Agata

News, May 07 2012

by Emma Whitford

In the wake of the February publication of his book The Lifespan of a Fact, John D’Agata has been arguing that …

From RISD To Rabat

making art for embassies

Arts & Culture, Apr 25 2012

by By Elizabeth Woodward

Images of a geometrical knit Missoni sweater, colored yarn held in cat’s cradle, a Russian Bauhaus carpet design, and earthy Moroccan …

Life, the Universe, and Everything

The end of the world at the end of the Internet

Arts & Culture, Feb 15 2012

by Josh Sunderman

At the end of the Internet, there is LUElinks. Don’t try to find it. It doesn’t exist. But if you somehow …