Illustrations by Lucrezia Sanes

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Week in Passion

News, Feb 14 2014

by David Adler & Alex Sammon

CYBERSEXY Some grievances of digifuckers: laptop heat on bare stomach skin, distorted speaker vocals, implied volume constraints, and frozen pixels. Always …

Hold My Junk

A 24-Hour Experiment

Arts, Nov 19 2013

by Estelle Berger

EMPTY SPACE IS TERRIFYING. Blank pages, rooms without furniture, classrooms without students—absence makes us feel alone. Vacant land hangs in limbo …

The Mindreaders

Providence from the Mind's Eye

Metro, Nov 04 2013

by Sam Lin Sommer

MOTHER MYSTIC’S APOTHECARY SHOP SOMEWHERE, NESTLED AMONG PUBS and pizzerias, the wise Susan Asselin was waiting for me. I had scheduled …