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Dear Indy...

Features, Feb 05 2016

by M&P

I am in a friendship that has become really frustrating and unfulfilling. I really just can’t do it anymore. How do …

Week in Sightings

Jane Argodale, Liz Cory & Camera Ford

News, Nov 13 2015

Now You See It... It’s Saturday night and you’re at Disneyland, southeast of LA. You’re looking up at the Ferris wheel …

Week in Necromancy

News, Oct 30 2015

by Ben Berke & Jay Mamana

On Zombies and Vampire Capitalism Politically interested visitors to the Highgate Cemetery in North London will spy some great names on …

Runt in Orbit

Pluto and Humanity Do the Long Distance Thing

Science & Technology, Sep 18 2015

by Lance Gloss

The interplanetary space probe New Horizons arrived this July in the Pluto system, marking both a new milestone for astronomy and …

How to Slice an Apple

Metro, Apr 10 2015

by Madeleine Matsui

After a slew of new appointments to the Providence School Board (PSB) by newly elected Mayor Jorge Elorza, the expansion of …

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Playing 'Gay' in Providence Professional Wrestling

Metabolics, Jan 30 2015

by Will Underwood

The South Attleboro Knights of Columbus auditorium is an unassuming building. Small with brown faux-wood siding, it is dwarfed by its …

Week in Flesh

News, Dec 05 2014

by Kyle Giddon, Tristan Rodman & Alex Sammon

MISSING BRAINS!! PLEASE READ!! Missing: 200 human brains. Where: The University of Texas, Austin, TX. When: Sometime between the year 1987, …

Take It From The Top

The Turbulent Evolution of Mama Coco's

Arts, Nov 21 2014

by Greg Nissan

It’s easy to wrap oneself up in the cushy utopian promise of music on the Internet: almost anyone can release an …

You End Up Becoming Yourself

Boyhood and universalizing nostalgia

Arts, Sep 12 2014

by Lisa Borst

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which finished its run at the Cable Car last week, is not afraid to date itself. The film, …

Like a Man in the Desert

a woman drinking Jodorowski’s Dune

Occult, Apr 04 2014

by Addie Mitchell

I will present you with some facts about the documentary film Jodorowsky’s Dune: Jodorowsky’s Dune, a 2013 documentary film directed by …

How New Became New Again

technology and origin myth

Science & Technology, Mar 14 2014

by Tristan Rodman

At the beginning of the world, Camel did not want to work. Every time Horse or Dog or Ox would ask …

New Shit

Bacteriotherapy and the universe in your gut

Features, Feb 28 2014

by Doreen St. Félix

I’ve come into the habit of considering myself a human being. Dr. Charles Raison seems to disagree with me. Biologically, my …

Six Feet Underwater

Biological immortality in three easy steps

Science & Technology, Feb 14 2014

by Connor McGuigan

16th Century explorer Juan Ponce de Leon searched for the Fountain of Youth in the place where, today, people go to …


an astrological opposition

Occult, Feb 07 2014

by Addie Mitchell

When replicated in dozens of directions and multiple dimensions in the natal chart, highly charged poles approximate a circulatory system. The …

What Is Providence?

A List

Metro, Feb 07 2014

by Megan Hauptman

Lists are everywhere. Bullet point number two of a New Yorker list about lists calls lists the “signature form of our …

Week in Delivery

News, Jan 31 2014

by Alex Sammon & Emma Wohl

This holiday season was tough. Surely, no one at UPS wished for the harsh snowstorms that prevented the timely arrival of …