Illustrations by Eli Neuman-Hammond

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Week in Preservation

News, Oct 23 2015

by Lance Gloss, Gabrielle Hick & Dominique Pariso

Off the Books Where be dead skin cells, piled up, and caked upon the pages, secret treasures await: an archivist’s reading …

Beyond Our Fingers

The Hidden Beauty of Recursive Computing

Science & Technology, Oct 02 2015

by Dash Elhauge

When I was four, I snuck into my mother’s bedroom and flicked the switch by her makeup desk. Big filaments blazed …

Tanks in the Backyard

Police Militarization in Providence

Metro, Mar 13 2015

by Malcolm Drenttel

In 2006 Glenn Reynolds wrote about the threat of police militarization in Popular Mechanics: “Soldiers and police are supposed to be …

Week in Pageantry

News, Nov 14 2014

by Haley Adams & Dash Elhague

Quite a bit of news, these waning days, gets lost to the humdrum. Print budgets have been slashed, newsrooms downsized, correspondents …

Side with the Seed

A conversation with Spencer Tweedy

Interviews, Sep 26 2014

by Lisa Borst

“Is this a strictly bandmate relationship, or do you ever have to say, ‘don’t make me pull this tour bus over?’” …

Road Rash in Vivid Color

The high-definition debate in skateboard culture

Arts, Sep 19 2014

by Eli Pitegoff

Holding your skateboard by the truck, known colloquially as “the mall grab,” might seem inconsequential to the layman, but it can …