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Motifs of Mania

One Researcher’s Close Reading of Schizophrenia

Science & Technology, Feb 26 2012

by Raillan Brooks

Another manila folder has landed on his desk. A new donation has just arrived, and Anton* has work to do. He …

Dark Materials

Science, Oct 27 2011

by Ashton Strait

In 1990, the aptly-named space shuttle Discovery carried something revolutionary into earth’s orbit—a telescope that could see into the far reaches …

What Has Science Done For You Lately?

Science, Sep 19 2011

by Ashton Strait & Joanna Zhang

It's Created Detonating Cancer BombsA group of scientists from Harvard, MIT, and a Swiss institute (ETH) in Zurich are now testing …


Literary, Mar 10 2011

by Rebekah Bergman

There was a larva on the table from our mud pie or from the pounds and pounds of potatoes mom had …

Blood on Our Hands?

cellphones, conflict materials, and the best hope for the DRC

News, Mar 10 2011

by Kelsey Shimamoto

Next time your phone vibrates across the table, consider the secret provenance of your unassuming cell phone. Consider its capacitors, its …

Bad Mamas/Supermamas

arts & culture, Mar 06 2011

by Eve Marie Blazo

A man is shot, collapses, and dies. He mumbles “Mildred” and falls to the floor of an obscenely well-furnished living room. …

Temple As Symbol: Cambodia and Thailand Clash to Divert Attention from Internal Issues

News, Feb 25 2011

by Emma Whitford

A Hindu temple to Shiva—Preah Vihear to Cambodians and Khao Phra Viharn to Thais—overlooks a valley in the Dangrek mountain range …

Sex, Lies, and Survey Results

Science, Feb 25 2011

by Maggie Lange

There is a seemingly ceaseless stream of studies that reduce each gender to a vaguely irritating stereotype. The men fear commitment, …

The Dirt on the White Coat

Science, Feb 14 2011

by Maggie Lange

The American Biology Teacher Journal conducts an experiment called the “Draw a Scientist Test,” in which elementary school students are asked …

While You Were Out: Life in Providence in the Past Month

Metro, Feb 14 2011

by Emma Berry

THERE WAS SOME SNOWSome time in mid-January, the word “snowpocalypse” stopped being ironic. Birds had fallen from the sky only weeks …