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EUROPEAN DISUNION: The Strained Relations of Continental Europe

Uncategorized, Mar 21 2012

by Muhammad Saigol

Often snapped by cameras in variousstages of awkward embraces,determined handshakes, or intensediscussions, Angela Merkel and NicolasSarkozy are often collectively referred toby …

Dominique Strauss-Kahn “Apologizes”

Opinions, Oct 25 2011

by by Ben Tucker

On September 18, Dominique Strauss-Kahn spoke with Claire Chazal, the long-time evening news anchor for Télévision France 1, making his first …

Sustainable on the Half Shell

Re-Evaluating the Oyster

Metabolics, Sep 17 2011

by Chris Cohen

Stereotypically, raw oysters are a high roller’s food. A tray of raw oysters on the half shell, carefully laid on a …

9/11: There's an App for That

arts & culture, Apr 21 2011

by Maud Doyle

The first official memorial to the 9/11 tragedy was built in light, twin beams serving as an intangible but indelible memory …

The Oneness of Being

Sufism in downtown Manhattan

arts & culture, Apr 15 2011

by Dia Barghouti & Alexandra Corrigan

Last fall, controversy poured out of a block less than a mile from Ground Zero. News agencies voraciously covered the tension …


get real

ephemera, Apr 04 2011

by Auspicious Alessandra & Kapricious Kate

We know, we know: you just want to read your own horoscope. Actually, you just want to read your zodiac sign's …

Form Follows Function, Which Follows Form

Arts, Oct 07 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

As a war of words rages on Fox News, the designs for the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center in downtown Manhattan …