Rebellion in Mali

Opinions, Mar 06 2012

by Ben Tucker

Over 100,000 Malians are reported to have been displaced since late January, in the wake of a violent insurrection in the …

Syria’s Central Concerns

Revolution and its contingencies

Opinions, Feb 19 2012

by Tyler Bourgoise

The last two weeks have been among the most violent in the Syrian Arab Republic’s 50-year history. The international community has …

Democracy For Sale

An ambivalent analysis of Citizens United

Opinions, Nov 28 2011

by Jeanne Jeong

A clever sign stands out among the 99 percemt. Provocative and pointed, it reads, “I refuse to believe corporations are people …

College Hill Christians

Opinions, Nov 03 2011

by by Christopher Unseth

Many Christians on College Hill identify with the struggle to align a conservative Christian upbringing with the academic atmosphere of the …

(Stop) Watching Jon Stewart

Opinions, Nov 03 2011

by by Stephen Carmody

People should probably stop watching Jon Stewart. The Daily Show on Comedy Central has been self-described on numerous occasions as “throwing …

Why Occupy Wall Street Isn't Particularly Revolutionary

Opinions, Oct 27 2011

by by Jonathan Topaz

“Mankind desperately needs revolutionary leadership”—Robert Hayden, co-founder of Students for a Democratic Society, “Port Huron Statement”, 1962“We’re trying to create a …

Dominique Strauss-Kahn “Apologizes”

Opinions, Oct 25 2011

by by Ben Tucker

On September 18, Dominique Strauss-Kahn spoke with Claire Chazal, the long-time evening news anchor for Télévision France 1, making his first …


Opinions, Oct 11 2011

by by Jess Bendit

Entering the Rhode Island Prison SystemI travel to the Rhode Island prison every week as part of my work with Space …

Encounters With Autism: Sizing Up the Treatment of ASD

Opinions, Sep 19 2011

by Stephen Carmody

As autism awareness grows, our society must address issues in healthcare, publically-funded special education, and general social accommodation for people with …

A Logical Choice

why it makes sense to repeal tax cuts for the wealthy in Rhode Island

Opinions, Apr 21 2011

by Aaron Regunberg

Rhode Island has a $295 million deficit. That’s a lot of money, and none of the solutions proposed thus far sound …

Can't Keep 'Em Down on the Farm Bill

Opinions, Apr 09 2011

by Benson Tucker

This Tuesday, students from ten mostly elite colleges and universities throughout the Midwest and northeast held protests against the latest farm …

The Gay Elephant in the Room

conservatives snub GOProud at conference

Opinions, Mar 18 2011

by Daniel Stump

Every winter since 1973, Washington D.C. has braced itself against a ragtag mob of Joe Six-Packs and corporate bigwigs; aunts and …

"Saving Women" Is Not a Justification for Occupation

Opinions, Mar 06 2011

by Amanda Labora

On Tuesday, March 1, Oliver Rosenbloom B’13 wrote an opinions column for the Brown Daily Herald discussing Brown students’ perception of …

The Death of Headlines. Maybe.

Opinions, Jan 10 2011

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Web Exclusive: January 10th, 2011A fellow I know who works in online publishing (posting?) thinks that if journalism wants to stay …

There's 'no-place' like home

Opinions, Nov 04 2010

It's the year is 2016. Republicans control the House of Representatives by a 4,122-to-93 margin and John Boehner has been coronated …

How John Rawls's political philosophy is sort of like The Secret

Opinions, Oct 28 2010

by Brian Judge

When Liberal political philosopher John Rawls descended from Mount Sinai bearing A Theory of Justice in one arm and Political Liberalism …

Why You Should Vote Chafee

Opinions, Oct 28 2010

by George Warner & Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Lincoln Chafee B’75 was eleven when he went to the 1964 Republican National Convention, with his father, then the immensely popular …

Holy Fizz: Rethinking the Role of Coca-Cola in Rural Mexico

Opinions, Oct 07 2010

by Julieta Cárdenas

1906: “Great National Temperance Beverage”1937: “America’s Favorite Moment”1945: “ A Passport to Refreshment”1948: “ Where There’s A Coke There’s Hospitality”1955: “Americans …

Back From The War

Opinions, Sep 26 2010


My older brother returned from his yearlong tour in Iraq in the middle of a cold April night last year. I …

Twitter and the End of Historiography

Opinions, Sep 23 2010

by Charles Pletcher

On April 14, 2010, the Library of Congress announced on their blog that they would be archiving “every public tweet, ever, …

Force of Habit

Opinions, Apr 08 2010

by Eli Schmitt

On June 22, 2010, Americans will no longer be able to get free samples of cigarettes, procure promotional gear with tobacco …

Dream Deferred

Opinions, Mar 18 2010

by Ryan Wong

Monday marked the start of a national “Coming Out of the Shadows” week for a persecuted and largely invisible minority of …


Opinions, Mar 18 2010

by the Santos-Paglinawan Collective

Your correspondents slunk down to see the Whitney Biennial just last Friday, some three weeks after its opening, and so cannot …

So You Think Your Shit Don’t Stink?

Opinions, Mar 04 2010

by Lee G. Brooks

A recent feature on the Huffington Post collected some of the greatest public access television clips that have made their way …

We’re All Actors

Opinions, Feb 18 2010

by Agnes Hayes

“When we were making love I heard an orchestra, a symphony. There were trombones. Did you hear that too?”Beat.“Oh, um, yeah, …

Romance is boring

Opinions, Feb 11 2010

by Eli Schmitt

Romantic love, the guest we hope to welcome in on Valentine’s Day, is appealing in concept. Ostensibly, love is hard to …

The Decade's Wars

Opinions, Dec 03 2009

by Katie Okamoto

New decades, like presidential inaugurations, have a certain hopeful flavor, a hint of fresh things to come. But new decades, like …


Opinions, Nov 12 2009

by Katie Okamoto

POSITION: OCEAN > SPACEBadass. That’s the ocean. Everything aboutit—its direct beauty, its intense and originalperfume, its physical and spiritual powerto move, …

System Errors

Opinions, Nov 05 2009

by William Tomasko

American democracy is still a work in progress. Granted, if the be-britched framers of the Constitution had had it their way, …

The Elephant in the Dorm Room

Brown’s discriminatory student housing policy

Arts & Culture, opinions, Oct 29 2009

by Jack Fujito

There is a little-known, and I assume little-used rule at the Office of Residential Life. The terse statement, composed of only …

Vote for ____ in 2012

the perpetual presidential campaign in US politics

arts & culture, opinions, Oct 22 2009

by Baird Bream

Much to my surprise, I agree with something TomFriedman wrote in his weekly New York Times column from September 29 (“Where …


Opinions, arts & cultures, Oct 09 2009

by Gillian Brassil, Jonah Delmar, Tarah Knaresboro, Kaela Myers, Katie Okamoto & John Szymanski

Things, historically speaking, go badly when only one person is allowedto have an opinion.It’s how dictators happen, and Hugo Chavez’s variety …

What’s the Matter with Health Care?

how right-wing fear-mongers are killing America's best chance at viable reform

Opinions, Oct 05 2009

by Raphaela Lipinsky-Degette

Over the past months, the healthcare debate has degenerated into a seriesofscare tactics designed to engender opposition to any Democratic effort …


Opinions, Sep 18 2009

by Bess Kalb


Opinions, Apr 16 2009

by Beth Berger

Tina Fey is everywhere these days: writing and starring in television's best comedy, almost singlehandedly taking down Palin last fall (and …


Opinions, Apr 09 2009

by Britt Harwood

This year, Rhode Island has found itself in an unfortunate position at the front line of the economic crisis. The state …


Opinions, Mar 19 2009

by Sandra Allen

The commercial fades in on a swank kitchen with modern black appliances, ripe peppers and red onions on the counter, daylight …


Opinions, Mar 12 2009

by Ava Lubell

President Obama and Congress have granted federal dollars and ample attention to the plight of those struggling to pay for college. …


Opinions, Mar 05 2009

by Daniela Postigo

While most entertainment blogs were abuzz with speculations on Chris Brown and Rihanna's whereabouts at the 2009 Grammy Awards, LA Times …


Opinions, Mar 05 2009

by Katie Okamoto

As if we needed more proof that television news is produced in a spirit of sensationalism and incompetence. In December, NBC …