Spaghetti Masala

Learning (from) recipes

Metabolics, Oct 20 2017

by Pia Mileaf-Patel

I’m planning to make a batch of dal this weekend. The fall weather in Providence makes me want to stir something …

Synthetic Lovers

Love Dolls in companionship and subjugation

Metabolics, Oct 06 2017

by Maya Brauer

The supple texture of its simulated flesh yields to my fingers of flesh and blood. Gaze fixated upon something in the …

Pins Over Needles

Radical acupuncture in the Bronx and Providence

Metabolics, Sep 15 2017

by Neidin Hernandez

The year 1970 marked the height of a heroin epidemic in the United States. The drug detoxification program at Lincoln Hospital …

Small Town Saint

Not much to see, but what you hear makes up for it

Metabolics, Apr 21 2017

by Eve Zelickson

The sky over Downtown Escanaba is the same color as the sidewalk: a perfect match, so that whether you walk with …


Dominique Pariso

Metabolics, Apr 07 2017

by Kela Johnson

Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, was an early eco-goth. The erotics of the vampire—of men who stalk virginal women—was buried …

A History of Twisted Spines

Scoliosis treatment under scrutiny

Metabolics, Mar 24 2017

by Nora Gosselin

“What I would like to do is begin with a small incision in front, which would likely require us to break …

The View From Hasbro Six

Hand sanitizer and clean consciences

Metabolics, Mar 17 2017

by Nico Sedivy

A click, a nasal robotic whir, and two more clicks—all crammed into one second. I’d recognize it anywhere, yet I’m not …

Holding Firm

On the history of custard

Metabolics, Feb 17 2017

by Juan Patrick Soto

The Basics The first flan I ever ate was served with a glass of Pepsi. The grown-ups had coffee and my …

Sex and Its Discontents

The Indy weighs in...

Metabolics, Feb 10 2017

by Dominatrix Pariso & Jane Argodildo

What’s your advice for when you feel too disgusted by your own body to have sex with someone even though you …

The People's Champion

An interview with Dave Zirin

Metabolics, Feb 03 2017

by Colin Kent-Daggett

Dave Zirin is a sportswriter at the Nation, whose work can also be found at the blog Edge of Sports. He …

Fear and Trembling

Metabolics, Dec 02 2016

by Anna Hundert

Content warning: sexual violence My fingernails grow about as fast as the continents drift. Sometimes I look down at the white …

Microbe Culture

A conversation with Sandor Katz

Metabolics, Nov 18 2016

by Raina Wellman

Using some of Sandor Katz’ fermentation recipes, I’ve cooked up Sweet Potato Fly, Ginger Bug, and Rice Beer. Hailing from rural …

A Restoration

Metabolics, Oct 21 2016

by Joshua Kurtz

The telling of history necessitates a well-functioning set of teeth. The thing about teeth is that they are required to collaborate; …

Cakes and Ale

Metabolics, Oct 07 2016

by Ali MacLeod

I was sitting in the bathroom of downtown Providence’s Parkside Rotisserie & Bar, hyperventilating and fighting back tears. My waiter had …

The Pleasure Is Yours

A Pawtucket nonprofit’s sex-positive revolution

Metabolics, Oct 07 2016

by Julia Horwitz

“I wish I could just refer people to sex workers,” Kira Manser explains, bursting into the room; green hair, flannel pushed …

Food Desk

Notes on Providence Eateries

Metabolics, Sep 23 2016

by Patrick McMenamin, Sam Samore & Will Tavlin

In Ferno (S Water St.) This hot spot burns. Providence and Italiano go together like an apple and knowledge. That people …

Feeding Time

Meditations on the Tasty Revolution

Metabolics, Sep 16 2016

by Anna Hundert

The hands arrive out of the off-screen space. They are disembodied, or rather un-embodied, as if having never belonged to a …

The Milk Myth

Mapping Dairy, Forging Intolerance

Metabolics, Apr 15 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow

As a child, I vividly remember avoiding a bowl of fermenting mare’s milk at the foot of our kitchen pantry. So …

Black Thought(s) on Metabolism

Metabolics, Mar 11 2016

The global Black experience post-1492 has been inextricably tied to the dehumanization and subordination of Black bodies. For centuries, Black and …

Figurative Analysis

Waxwork and the Laboring Body

Metabolics, Feb 19 2016

by Ryan Rosenberg

When a wax figure of Nicki Minaj was unveiled in Las Vegas this past August, fellow rapper Azealia Banks tweeted in …

Fly Pirates

The Global Politics of M.I.A, Soccer, and Jerseys

Metabolics, Feb 05 2016

by Sam Samore

Those who are familiar with the singer/musician M.I.A., born Mathangi Arulpragasam, know that she presents a certain air of unfuckable-with-ness. This …

Predator and Prey

On the Brief Life and Instant Death of Internet Hunting

Metabolics, Dec 04 2015

by Jonah Max

In early 2005, Internet entrepreneur John Lockwood hooked a .30/06 rifle up to an improvised electronic rig and wired the contraption …

Inside / Outside

Metabolics, Nov 20 2015

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

I. Digest, verb from the verb digerere, from di‘apart’ + gerere ‘carry’; noun from digestus ‘divided.’ II. The process of digestion …

Forbidden Nomnoms

Edibles From The Farthest Reaches of Our Blue Home Planet, The Earth, and Even Slightly Beyond

Metabolics, Nov 06 2015

by Liby Hays

To set forth my aims: I am equally invested in tasting and parsing the multifarious ‘nommies’ brought forth from all corners …


America's Bends With Benefits

Metabolics, Oct 23 2015

by Lance Gloss

In 2014, Washington, D.C. extended the sales tax. Residents would now cough up for tanning services, car washes, and upholstering jobs. …

Going Soft

Weight in Theory and Practice

Metabolics, Oct 02 2015

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

It might be my Catholic upbringing, but I’m often at least a little wary of things I enjoy. A sin, after …


Funding Athletics at Brown

Metabolics, May 01 2015

by William Underwood & Sam Bresnick

On March 7, the Brown men’s basketball team concluded its 2014–15 season with a road loss to Harvard, the eventual Ivy …

The Arms Race

Bodybuilding and the Muscular Dead-End

Metabolics, Apr 17 2015

by Stephanie Hayes

“This is unacceptable,” said Arnold Schwarzenegger, placing emphasis on all the wrong syllables. “We don’t want to see the biggest guy …

Up In The Air

Metabolics, Apr 03 2015

by Zeve Sanderson

The court is its typical 94 feet long by 50 feet wide; the hoop stands ten feet tall; five from each …

Dirty Dancing

Metabolics, Mar 13 2015

by The Selection Committee

Editors' Note: To make the image larger 'control-click' on it and select 'view image.' …


An Afternoon with the Connecticut Wreckers

Metabolics, Mar 06 2015

by William Underwood

For Connecticut Wreckers owner and head coach Gary Peloso, women’s tackle football was never a likely landing place. “My wife saw …

Courting the Couture

Metabolics, Feb 27 2015

by Kyle Giddon, Sam Bresnick, Stephanie Hayes, William Underwood & Zeve Sanderson

In honor of New York Fashion Week and the NBA All-Star Game’s alignment in New York City, the Indy takes a …

Clipped Wings

Metabolics, Feb 13 2015

by Miles Taylor

Watching the Atlanta Hawks play is like watching chaos. On offense, no one stops moving. The court is a constant whirlwind …

Goodell's Six Flags Misadventure

Metabolics, Feb 06 2015

by Sam Bresnick

Believe it or not, Deflategate—or whatever contrived name you want to attach to public outrage at under-inflation of footballs by the …

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Playing 'Gay' in Providence Professional Wrestling

Metabolics, Jan 30 2015

by Will Underwood

The South Attleboro Knights of Columbus auditorium is an unassuming building. Small with brown faux-wood siding, it is dwarfed by its …


Metabolics, Dec 05 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

We want you. Yeah, you, the one in the jersey. I couldn’t figure out why, but every fall, as financial institutions …

Set, Jump, Release

Reflecting on a basketball career

Metabolics, Nov 21 2014

by Zeve Sanderson

When I was young, I played basketball in the winter, soccer in the fall, baseball in the spring, flag football in …