An Old Telephone Song

Literary, Dec 04 2020

by Ivy Scott

Home is where the corn nuts are. Cheap and salty, stock gas station food but the only place you ever find …

Indy Holiday Gift Guide

Literary, Dec 04 2020

by Bowen Chen & Kate Ok

For the final issue of Vol. 41, Bowen and Kate decided to make the rounds and ask colleagues what single book …


Literary, Nov 20 2020

by Nico Vela Page

Llevamos mucho tiempo esperando. La semana pasada, por más que intentara no ponerle atención a la elección presidencial entre dos imperialistas …


Literary, Nov 20 2020

by Tao Burga

El ocaso resplandecía como un lienzo de colores vívidos, y por los surcos tallados en la tierra corría con gracia el …


Literary, Nov 20 2020

by Bibiana Rivera Córdova, Casandra Gutierrez & Arnaldo Montalbán-Artaud

3:47 Por Bibiana Rivera Córdova si algún día me dejas y puedo respirar más libremente temo que me sentiré profana así …

Something Beyond Reality

A conversation with writer Ottessa Moshfegh

Literary, Nov 13 2020

by Isabelle Yang

Ottessa Moshfegh is becoming everyone’s favorite author, and it’s not by coincidence. Ever since her first publication in 2014, McGlue, Moshfegh …

Princesse Lavande Numéro Un

Literary, Nov 06 2020

by Olympe Scherer

It’s 2041, spring. Pollution at an all-time high, and air quality at an all-time low. People walk around Paris with gas …

Chateau Gato

Literary, Oct 30 2020

by Drake Rebman

There’s a crusty furball in the cookie jar And a Siamese cat ‘round the grandma clock With a polydactyl claw on …

On My Way

Literary, Oct 22 2020

by Lauren Lee

content warning: mentionof self-harm I see how my friends all want to chuckle when I tell them how we split up, …


Literary, Oct 16 2020

by Bowen Chen

Sitting at the dinner table they watch their words rust and rewind. sweet time who weeps in solitude rustling her tail …

the five love languages

Literary, Oct 16 2020

by Mara Cavallaro

the five love languages one. a love letter written in green pen with my favorite kind of punctuation interspersed throughout two. …

The Mayerling Incident

Literary, Oct 09 2020

by Kate Ok

THE MAYERLING INCIDENTwas first recreated in the light-up-ed-ness between two thin Japan-imported diorama papers. Puppets, adorned with tinsel encrusted hats and …

Collection Poems

Literary, Oct 02 2020

by Nick Michael

sun drop I wonder when I will watch the sun drop for the last time, melt behind endless mass a lions …

Afternoons in Bright Rooms

Literary, Sep 25 2020

by Nicole Kim

thinking about afternoons spent in bright rooms: a constellation is spilling out from in between your eyes— I wake up again, …

Meet the Ziffers

Literary, Sep 23 2020

by Drake Rebman

“The only thing about being way up high that sucks is you’re too far to see down ladies’ shirts.” Terry told …

Love poem from a wingless bird

Literary, Sep 23 2020

by Anonymous

Flocks screeching on trembling tree crowns, Chests implode, Flashing through pinioned limbs into the compressing void. Quivering necks straining to reach …

Refrigerators in the Future

Literary, May 19 2020

by Catherine Habgood & Tara Sharma

The house is ours for one month, the insides cluttered with wind meters and amphibian figurines.We eat the breakfast at the …

O, It’s Manifold

Poems and Flash Fiction

Literary, Apr 24 2020

by Natalie Zummer

O, It’s Manifold I. They embalmed all the women in one Museum. Critics write, What a surfeit Of hidden beauty! Competence …

The In-Between Times

Literary, Apr 23 2020

by Miranda Luiz

My mother used to tell me that we feel the blues because we’re Jews. We connect to the sound of suffering. …

The Breakers

Literary, Apr 17 2020

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

A proscenium play: Newport, Rhode Island. The set has lots of neo-baroque curlicues. Also metal pipes and gears, perhaps serving specific …

Looking for Love in the Pleasurebot Years

Literary, Apr 10 2020

by Jaime Serrato Marks

creation story [2020-2024] VC flicked through four dating apps every night looking for someone to hold. He promised, in his bio …

love poem melting + Other Poems

Literary, Mar 13 2020

by Stella Binion

love poem melting in the swell of the moving shifting bits of I can’t hear anything but the wind running against …


[Meat’s bit dry tonight, remarks Aldrin]

Literary, Mar 07 2020

by Bowen Chen

Our neighbors are busy undressing and dressing, entombed in black velvet, over-the-elbow gloves if she wants to make a statement—does this …

3 Stories

Literary, Mar 03 2020

by Nicolaia Rips

Candles, Please “Exhale.” The crowd—upwards of forty years old and clad in a variety of branded spandex—sighs. “Tighten your left buttock.” …

Dear Indy

Literary, Feb 15 2020

by SS & CT

How do I know the difference between being friends with someone and having romantic feelings for them? I guess the traditional …


Literary, Feb 14 2020

by Zachary Baytosh

Alexa could not remember when she began to allow the rabbits to sleep with her, in their bed, when Rob was …


Literary, Dec 06 2019

by Zach Barnes

Oscar rose from his seat still crying and started to clap vigorously. He felt a little possessed and a little self-conscious, …

Two Stories

Literary, Nov 22 2019

by Pia Mileaf-Patel & Emma Kofman

TONGUES “Do you want to touch tongues?” Ella asked me. We sat underneath one of the fold-out plastic tables boasting boxes …

Collected Poems (no theme)

Literary, Nov 15 2019

by Kanha Prasad, Jane Freiman, Isabelle Rea, Andy Rickert, Catherine Habgood, Sandra Moore & Gemma Brand-Wolf

Shades of Sick I woke up, sick of today, still a golden caterpillar, high as balls on buttery dreams. My open …


Literary, Nov 01 2019

by Kate Ok

Was Hamlet’s death Hamlet’s fault? she asked. I’m not so sure. The play is named after him, though, Ira-Taylor replied, half-laughing. …

Two Poems

Literary, Oct 25 2019

by Tabitha Payne

When I left you in the lovely dark, you held up the morning in your hands Sometimes when we sleep together …


Literary, Oct 11 2019

by Matthew Litman

All Al could talk about was how excited he was for dinner. He said his wife was cooking something special. “I …


Literary, Oct 04 2019

by Lauren Lee

Valentine and I moved in together at the start of a Rooster year—the kind that, decades ago, my mother was born …

Two Poems

Literary, Sep 21 2019

by Alana Baer

Cathy I hate missing sock mistake I hate rat raisin fluorescent forget and death and a plastic clothing hanger wet paper …

The Fourth of July Girl

Literary, Sep 21 2019

by Catherine Habgood

She emerges from the port-a-potty dripping wet. The blue plastic door swings a full one hundred and eighty degrees, shuddering the …

Then What Isn't?

Literary, Sep 13 2019

by Miles Guggenheim

Thomas did not see the squirrel. He saw a wooden chair resting sideways on the ground. He saw a broken glass …

4 poems

Literary, Apr 19 2019

by Shuchi & Justine Nguyen-Nguyen

twenty years from today , i still love you Shuchi with intent , i limb my swollen gesture in your ventilator …