Criminalizing Childhood

The problem with the juvenile justice system

Features, Dec 04 2020

by Morgan Awner

content warning: juvenile detention, anti-Black violence In May 2020, a Michigan judge sentenced a 15-year-old Black girl named Grace* to juvenile …

Community as Pedagogy

Reimagining higher education and online learning through Black Mountain College

Features, Dec 04 2020

by Seth Israel

In 1933, a small, inconspicuous community sprung up in the densely wooded southern Appalachians. Its students and visitors would come to …

Forget Me Not

Nationalism, diaspora, and the war in Artsakh

Features, Nov 13 2020

by Amelia Wyckoff

My grandma was having an allergic reaction to the incense. Tears streamed down her face while the rest of us surreptitiously …


The games we play and why we play them

Features, Nov 13 2020

by Eduardo Gutiérrez Peña

The circle comes together when the mestre sounds the berimbau, producing a buzzing sound unlike any other percussion instrument. Para-na-weyyyyy, para-na-wey …

New Life in Crisis

A conversation with Quatia Osorio: doula, entrepreneur, mother

Features, Nov 06 2020

by Vicky Phan

content warning: medical abuse, anti-Black violence, miscarriage In this time of simultaneous quarantine and racial reckoning, Quatia Osorio—a Providence-based doula—has persisted …

Wrestling with the Establishment

An interview with State senate Candidate Jonathon Acosta

Features, Oct 30 2020

by Rose Houglet

In his Central Falls and Pawtucket community, Jonathon Acosta is known simply as “coach.” Acosta oscillates between his role as an …

California Smoke Dims the Rhode Island Sun

Organizing for climate justice in the long shadows of the wildfires

Features, Oct 30 2020

by Elana Hausknecht

My first day of work in California was hard. I knew it would be hard when I signed up with Americorps …

Liberté, Egalité, Sororité

Greek power and the tension of abolition

Features, Oct 22 2020

by Lucas Gelfond

Since its founding in 1870 as the first Greek letter organization for women, Kappa Alpha Theta Fraternity Inc. has expanded to …

What Swans Teach Us About Life

A Lesson on Heartbreak

Features, Oct 22 2020

by Nell Salzman

On a run the other morning, I passed a swan with its head face-down in the water. I stopped on the …

Anchored in Faith

A recollection from time shared between the living and the dead

Features, Oct 16 2020

by David Sanyour

The first days at the cemetery certainly weren’t the hardest. Those would come later, as the temperatures soared to 90 degrees, …

Searching for Stability

Redefining home in San Francisco

Features, Oct 09 2020

by Evie Hidysmith

When I think of home, I do not picture the house I grew up in. Instead, I’m eating dried apricots with …

The Future Memory of Food

The kitchen is a site of protest, the garden blooms a resistance

Features, Oct 09 2020

by Rhythm Rastogi

In the warm, yellow light of the afternoon sun, my mother’s and my hands look the same. Poking around to find …

All Hands to the Pump

Features, Oct 02 2020

by Claudia Liu

content warning: mildly graphic descriptions of blood and surgery Plip-plip-plip-BEEP. Plip-plip-plip-BEEP. My mother’s gossiping always seems to land me in bizarre …

Litigating Choice

Second-Wave Feminism, Alan Dershowitz, and the 1986 ‘Brown University sex ring’

Features, Sep 25 2020

by Izzi Olive

content warning: discussions of rape and consent One day in 1983, when my mother was a Brown University sophomore, her roommate …

Dear Dear

Reading ancestors into being

Features, May 02 2020

by Ben Bienstock

I know my great-great-great-great grandmother’s handwriting well. The stroke of her t comes after the vertical without crossing, leading the eye …

Music, Mischief, and Blisters

Wedding season commences in Sudan

Features, May 01 2020

by Muram Ibrahim

Drumbeats loud enough to ripple through the Nile, caterers pressed to make over 200meals, children running around, ruining their fancy dresses …

The EXTRA! Files

Features, May 01 2020

by Alana Baer, Ben Bienstock, Sarah Goldman, Tara Sharma, Ivy Scott, Wen Zhuang, Kion You, Leslie Benavides & Ella Spungen

Volume 40 of the College Hill Independent marks, strangely enough, our 30th anniversary. Thirty years of Metro reporting, 600 Weeks Reviewed, …

Should Poetry Be Everywhere?

In defense of the home, being just that and nothing else

Features, May 01 2020

by Wen Zhuang

There is perhaps no better time for mandatory solitude than right now. We have all become master pretenders, comfortably encased in …

On Huikau

Tensions simmering in the melting pot

Features, May 01 2020

by Jacob Alabab-Moser

I have photos that help me recall the day my Aunty and Uncle took me to the summit of Maunakea around …

When We Are Apart We Are Not Alone

A conversation with Fred Moten and Stefano Harney

Features, May 01 2020

by Zach Ngin, Sara Van Horn & Alex Westfall

In the first issue of the semester, we published areflection on Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s The Undercommons, a book that …

Get it in Writing

Maximalist Journaling in Crisis and Calmness

Features, Apr 24 2020

by Amelia Anthony

cw: abuse, gaslighting If someone you are about to date for a long time mentions that they have previously read their …

Gold, Alone

On finding beauty in moments of solitude

Features, Apr 23 2020

by Marie Lachance

I took a photo of the crown before I knew what it meant. It looked like a flimsy grade-school art project, …

Sitting Places

An incomplete list of seats

Features, Apr 17 2020

by Maddie Mahoney

DINING CHAIR Do you ever sit in someone else’s kitchen while they cook for you? You drink half a glass of …

Human Heart

Features, Apr 17 2020

by Bowen Chen

Jan 28, 1986, 11:38 AM Hundreds of students have gathered in the Concord High School auditorium, eyes glued to the television …

White Terror

Notes on Race and the Politics of Fear in America

Features, Apr 09 2020

by Osayuwamen “Uwa” Ede-Osifo

content warning: anti-Black violence, police violence +++ I, without a thought of conquest, find myself among a people whose culture controls …

Holding Space for Uncertainty

A Conversation with Writer Maggie Nelson

Features, Apr 09 2020

by Mia Pattillo & Mara Dolan

These are certainly peculiar times. Many of us are spending more hours of the day with ourselves than ever before. We …


Finding Home at a Filipino Restaurant in Amman

Features, Mar 13 2020

by Olivia Mayeda

Across the traffic circle, through screens of dust and exhaust, I could see that the long line of sandy buildings met …

Politics is a Feeling

A conversation with writer Jenny Zhang

Features, Mar 13 2020

by Alex Westfall

There are mistakes in Jenny Zhang’s titles. The name of her 2012 poetry collection, Dear Jenny, We Are All Find, misspells …


The Stories We Tell

Features, Mar 07 2020

by SG

[CW: intergenerational violence, eating disorders, depression] I was five when I was first shown the window behind which my grandfather sat, …

A Love Letter to Spontaneity

Features, Mar 07 2020

by Nell Salzman

My friend is a chronic soul-searcher. His favorite pastime is to sift through the empty shells of people around him, trying …

Cabbage: A Cultural History

Features, Mar 07 2020

by Alex Alverson

“Cabbage guy,” or the cabbage merchant, is one of the most iconic characters in Avatar the Last Airbender, an animated TV …

Tuning Out Reality

A Farewell to The Real Housewives

Features, Mar 03 2020

by Cecelia Barron

I was 10 when I witnessed a physical fight for the first time. It occurred at a country club. Upset by …

Cavell’s Horse, Derrida’s Cat, and Other People

The challenge and reward of interspecies negotiations

Features, Mar 03 2020

by Irina V. Wang

My first galvanizing career goal was to become an Olympic equestrian, which was not unusual among my prepubescent peer group. It …

Divine Narration

The ethics and ethos of modern astrology

Features, Feb 15 2020

by Anabelle Johnston

By no fault but my own, I have retained very little from my sixth-grade science class. Even so, I vaguely remember …

On the Almost Liberating Possibilities of Moshing

A Personal Politics of Mosh Pits

Features, Feb 15 2020

by Jaime Serrato Marks

I was first introduced to moshing by the massive bruise on my coworker Dannyboi’s cheek. Dannyboi shuffled into the ice cream …

Nước is Water

Features, Feb 14 2020

by Agnes Cẩm Ngọc Trần

Nước is water. Nước is country. The streams and seas of nước that my parents crossed in 1979 to reach a …

Flights of Fantasy

On Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s Undercommons

Features, Feb 14 2020

by Zach Ngin

I’m trying to remember where I was when I first read The Undercommons. I don’t remember where I started it, but …


Haircuts as a catalyst for change

Features, Dec 06 2019

by Morgan Florsheim

It was a Wednesday afternoon in mid-March of 2013 and I was seated in a chair on the basketball court of …

The Making of a Ghost

Features, Dec 06 2019

by Star Su

Photographs are the closest thing we carry to memory. Though not pure representation, they can bring relief to a story, let …

There's No Place Like the Future

Dorothy’s ruby slippers and queer utopia

Features, Nov 22 2019

by Evan Lincoln

Every New Year’s Eve in Key West, the drag queen Sushi perches comfortably inside a glistening ruby high heel, so giant …