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FTE, Dec 06 2019

by BCT

Every Friday morning, you wake up, softly scramble your eggs, and settle down on the sofa with a freshly minted edition …

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FTE, Nov 22 2019

by M & M

Have you ever picked the peanut pieces out of chunky peanut butter with chopsticks? Meticulously, delicately, carefully, assuredly. The obsession with …

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FTE, Nov 15 2019

by BB

On Tuesday, Brown University’s Advisory Committee on Corporate Responsibility in Investment Policies (ACCRIP) met to discuss Brown Divest’s proposal that the …

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FTE, Oct 25 2019

by S+T

We’re sitting in the corner having a conversation about non sequiturs. From across the room someone asks us why we are …

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FTE, Oct 11 2019

by GS

It’s 9:44 PM. All I ate today was a bagel, lox, lox cream cheese, garlic-chive cream cheese, plain cream cheese, capers, …

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FTE, Oct 05 2019

by EC

Some of you may be familiar with that precious bagel store up Hope. On Monday morning, I watched an altercation there. …

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FTE, Sep 27 2019

by ER

I was just solicited to write this. It’s what I get for coming to Conmag at peak copy hour, I guess. …

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FTE, Sep 20 2019

by EK

To whom it may concern: I’d like to return this issue of the College Hill Independent. How should I address my …

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FTE, Sep 13 2019

by BCT

It’s Friday the 13th. Conmag is full of fruit flies, but we are full of dreams. Below, please see our BUCKET …

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FTE, Apr 19 2019

by KN + HA

My Indy, It’s not you, it’s us—the ones that are leaving, the ones with no more pages to fill. To be …

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FTE, Apr 12 2019

by SHF

The image appeared in a Facebook message with no context: a fuzzy, orange ring. “Are we looking an accretion disk?” I …

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FTE, Apr 04 2019

by Professor Mike Fink, Literary Arts + Studies & RISD

We received the following letter last week, which felt urgent enough to share: “A fortnight ago a handsome plaque or pennant …

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FTE, Mar 22 2019

by JAM

There are rotting bunches of kale in our fridges; our floors are still sticky with the residue of melted snow trekked …

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FTE, Mar 15 2019

by BM & NRS

‘Twas a brisk March morning. Our collective innards grumbled, as we approached the refectory’s gates. A newsboy, clad in dungarees and …

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FTE, Mar 08 2019

by JH

The sensation half a foot of snow overdue all landing at once. I spot the trough at the end of the …

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FTE, Mar 01 2019

by JR + LSL

I’ve run into city councilwoman Kat Kerwin twice in the past week: once at Seven Stars Bakery on the West Side …

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FTE, Feb 14 2019

by BB & SC

There are two kinds of people on the Independent: the ones who still believe in Valentine’s Day and those who have …

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FTE, Feb 08 2019

by SS

Admittedly, I didn’t watch this year’s State of the Union. My philosophy on this event (in general) is that it’s a …

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FTE, Feb 01 2019

by WET

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I’ve been trying to figure out …

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FTE, Dec 07 2018

by PPS

On Wednesday, Black students at Brown walked out of class, joined by allies in the community, to commemorate and reassert the …

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FTE, Nov 30 2018

by GYS

Descartes tells us that indecision is “a species of fear,” useful only when it delays our actions long enough for contemplation …

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FTE, Nov 16 2018

by MV

Although we’ve had our differences, I’ve come to appreciate the spells of nostalgia induced by the changing of seasons. A Los …

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FTE, Nov 09 2018

by CP && WW

We check the news: Democrats win the House, Republicans win the Senate. All of this—the sleepless nights angry at the evening …

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FTE, Oct 26 2018

by SA

As my language becomes mired in loss, trading in expulsions of it starts to feel cheap. Everything I write, sing, or …

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FTE, Oct 19 2018

by BB

As the seasons change, so must the music I spend my day with. Not every song has a season, but the …

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FTE, Oct 05 2018

by IR

Men of a certain Age, say, the Enlightenment, have often mentioned that certain activities, like sitting on a hillside or eating …

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FTE, Sep 27 2018

by IS

Nearly every night without fail, my grandmother’s words ring in my ears as I try to fall asleep, “You don’t sleep …

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FTE, Sep 24 2018

by HA & EC

We’re one week in and feeling the pressure. As Gatehouse media squeezes the ProJo dry and lays off reporters, the void …

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FTE, Sep 15 2018

by CEO

Elected on a platform of Taylorism, democracy, and radical centrism, we somehow stumbled into this imperfect, impassioned project on College Hill. …

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FTE, Apr 20 2018

by JKS

Over already, and we barely got our footing. We had lofty goals—the abolition of alcohol, a cure for brainfog, the end …

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FTE, Apr 12 2018

by JM

One of the unfortunate, burgeoning traditions of the Trump administration seems to dictate that April is the month we rediscover the …

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FTE, Apr 06 2018

by JA

I romanticize air travel far too much. When I'm slogging through school and work, I fantasize about the departure and arrival …

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FTE, Mar 22 2018

by JKS

On the night of March 18, a self driving car struck and killed Elaine Herzberg in Tempe, Arizona. Uber’s human safety …


FTE, Mar 09 2018

by EW

this past weekend three different men, on three separate occasions, called to me across a room full of people. i swear …


FTE, Mar 02 2018

by CP

11 A.M., 2/26, 20 y.o.: I ate breakfast alone. I was inspired by the concurrent deepening/thawing of winter and current planetary …


FTE, Feb 16 2018

by FA

I’ve been spending a lot of time in the Court House lately. It’s even more of a caricature of itself in …


FTE, Feb 09 2018

by RM

This past weekend, a flyer mounting racist and xenophobic attacks against city residents appeared in mailboxes and doorways across the East …


FTE, Feb 02 2018

by JKS

A power outage, a school closure, a highway ban, a government shutdown. Then a restoration—always accompanied with a creeping sense that …


FTE, Dec 01 2017

by GJM


FTE, Nov 17 2017

by KE

Give up Bitcoin. Install Bail Bloc! Starting this past Wednesday, the online magazine the New Inquiry and the Bronx Freedom Fund …