About a Rock

Literary, Nov 13 2015

by EmmaJean Holley

If you grew up on the island, you called it The Rock. To use it in a sentence: “I can’t wait …

Joint Identities

Literary, Oct 30 2015

by Lance Gloss

Toes on hot coals are punctual— have already been at the wheel, spinning dark’s wicker quickly to thread; the traffic chugs …


Literary, Oct 23 2015

by Sarah Dillard

The following is a story, and this story is fictional. It is about a man named Fred. Fred’s black hair sat …

L, Another Day

Literary, Oct 09 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

​ closing in on the parking lot outside where the form is fixed the grass is not allowed rackety red carts …

An Omen

Literary, Oct 02 2015

by Josh Kurtz

If in Nisannu the sunrise (looks) sprinkled with blood and the light is cool; rebellion will not stop in the country, …

The Philosopher's Wife

Literary, Sep 25 2015

by Sabrina Imbler

The American psychologist Harry Harlow designed an apparatus called the Pit of Despair, a steely, isolated trough designed to produce, in …

You Know How This Is

Literary, Sep 18 2015

by Gabrielle Hick

into the slow bend of an S-curve summer you bleed more lonely than you thought you would if you could ask …

I Suppose

Literary, May 01 2015

by Rick Salamé, Kim Sarnoff, Eli Neuman-Hammond & Mika Kligler

I got tired of waiting, so I microwaved my bag of lentils and gave it to her. Did you hear, she …

Traversing Magazine Tear-Outs

Literary, Apr 17 2015

by Emma Moore

Archival Work Performed by: Emma Moore Location: the Picture Collection, RISD Fleet Library second floor, 4 November 2014. The Subject Index …

Two Men

Literary, Apr 10 2015

by Dash Elhauge

Two men folded their bodies in the wind. One of the men panned his red chin over the landscape. The flurries …

After Dark at the Texaco

Literary, Apr 03 2015

by Vhalla Otarod

like rust swirling in the blood coiling nerves—braided wire, the shimmer blue that gasoline drips from the pump—burning holes through rubber, …

for Sally Ride

Literary, Feb 13 2015

by Stefania Gomez

NASA engineers asked Ride, “Is 100 [tampons] the right number?” She would be in space for a week. –American Prospect, June …


Literary, Feb 06 2015

by Athena Washburn

Tom Wants the Violence of the Crowd in Himself The press of bodies is immense; Tom’s ears are stuffed with noise …

Three Velvet Boyhoods

Literary, Nov 21 2014

by Andrew J. Smyth

To have been delighted by a jumpsuit. An unusual circumstance in which to find oneself, granted, and perhaps even an uncomfortable …


Literary, Nov 14 2014

by Mary Frances Gallagher

'prä-blm purse-laden arm grabs rough pulls back sharply fear rush of regret and a fast retreat questions of bruises he spits …

The Kingdom of God Is Within You: A Closet Drama in Two Acts

Literary, Oct 31 2014

by Matthew Marsico

Thomas Engler replied, “Okay. The church was very Southern, very charismatic, sort of scorched-Earth. Weekly services in the high school auditorium. …

Pink Sky

Literary, Oct 31 2014

by Sara Winnick

She is dressed as toilet paper. He wears Groucho Marx glasses. They meet at a Halloween party. At the wedding his …

Hellebore Leaves Solarium

Literary, Oct 24 2014

by Lucia Iglesias

In Hellebore’s Solarium the leaves have begun to scab. They flake verdigris, all celadon and coppery. These exfoliations flurry round a …

No-Sleep Monologue Part 1

Literary, Oct 17 2014

by Athena Washburn

1:00 am January 17: Man: Well Hello Melinda and isn't it a pretty day Melinda: It sure is Man, it sure …


Literary, Oct 03 2014

by Dash Elhauge

Claim: Demetri’s father loves him. Proof: Suppose there exists a mother, call her Jill. Jill has a child. This child is …


Literary, Sep 12 2014

by Leah Steinberg

“You know I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while,” my sister said, sitting in the passenger seat with …

The New Pulpit

Literary, May 02 2014

by Eli Pitegoff

The following is a brief window into a day of genesis: the virtual origin of a Facebook prophet. Posting as many …

Walking in the Ocean

Literary, Apr 25 2014

by Abigail Savitch-Lew

Their last morning in the old man’s house, Alice woke and found George out of bed. She rose to her elbows …

We R

Literary, Apr 11 2014

by Maru Pabón

Root of Mallows

Literary, Apr 04 2014

by Philippa De La O

There is nothing I fear more than the meandering pace of light, marking its celestial time across the lawns of our …


Literary, Mar 14 2014

by Maru Pabón

Emilio (or James or Tony) sits on the copper sand staring wistfully (or longingly) out across the sea (and/or ocean.) He …

Pagan Providence

Literary, Mar 07 2014

by Eli Petzold

here where wood statues of the old gods stand at the meeting of two rivers, withered and withering in wind and …

Cyril's Palace

Literary, Feb 28 2014

by Edward Friedman

The summer I lived with Cyril, we had the most beautiful apartment. The building was near the river, on Palace Street, …


Literary, Feb 14 2014

by Matthew Marsico

It felt like I was giving out. I was smoking again: first just a cigarette after dinner, then, one after lunch …

Here, Here, Here

Literary, Feb 07 2014

by John White

The first night we saw each other, I was wearing red shorts. Someone told me that he was from England and …

Skype Reverberations

Literary, Jan 31 2014

by Eli Pitegoff

Because skype conjures you with strange pixels that dance around your face fractionally, and tries to freeze you into a momentary …