Lego Trip

INDY BLOG, Oct 05 2011

In this week's Independent, Timothy Nassau interviews Lego artist Nathan Sawaya. Sawaya explains how he found his craft:I got out of …

Drones and Trombones

INDY BLOG, Oct 05 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Monday afternoon, brass bands from all over the country convened in India Point Park for the fourth annual Providence Honk (PRONK) …

Love in the Desert

INDY BLOG, Oct 03 2011

This week's Week in Review features a reaction from Steve Carmody B'12, DS'08 to the decision by the board of Deep …

New Music: Cool World, 9/21/11

INDY BLOG, Sep 26 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Lotta ride cymbal on the new release (three songs, 10 minutes) from local ("via Philadelphia/Baltimore via Orlando/New York") trio Cool World, …

Midnight Artist: Misha Kahn

INDY BLOG, Sep 23 2011

Basics: Name: Misha KahnAge: 22Zodiac Sign: GeminiHometown: Duluth, MNFavorites:Album of Choice: Tragic KingdomMovie of Choice: Fantastic Mr. FoxMedium of Choice: Hot …

Tweeting the Revolution

INDY BLOG, Sep 21 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Fresh on the heels of the Independent's assessments of the insurrections across the Arab world comes a new site by a …

Concerts on College Hill

INDY BLOG, Sep 20 2011

by Jonah Wolf

As the drumming half of Lightning Bolt, Brian Chippendale could be Providence's biggest rock star, and is surely the hero of …

About This Week's Cover

INDY BLOG, Sep 20 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Anyone who picked up this week's issue of the Independent was first drawn to the stark cover by Cover Editor Annika …

Creature Show

INDY BLOG, Mar 05 2011

An event that didn't make this week's list that you should go to nonetheless:[caption id="attachment_4359" align="aligncenter" width="414" caption="Big Nazo presents"][/caption]"The CREATURE-CREATION …

The Indys

INDY BLOG, Feb 26 2011

Maybe you saw our awards in last week's issue? Here are some that were presented before broadcast:Best Tweet: Teen Sensation:Earl Sweatshirt …

dapper valentines

INDY BLOG, Feb 26 2011

she made this hat!you didn't know chanel made dog tagsJane's tights are amazing!LINK TO THIS POST ON YOUR FACEBOOK/BLOG/WEBSITE: ¬† …

INDY BLOG, Feb 11 2011

Longtime indy readers know that we have strong feelings about cigarettes.Just FYI: if you thought smoking electronic cigarettes was going to …

We're Strokin'

INDY BLOG, Feb 05 2011

Mysteries Revealed

INDY BLOG, Feb 05 2011

Chart by Laurie Pratt, published in East West Magazine in 1932. The zenith of the Golden Age last took place in …