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The Other Earth

Young Thug and the New Affects of Afrofuturism

Arts, Nov 13 2015

by Yousef Hilmy & Alec Mapes-Frances

In a video posted online this September, French journalist Mouloud Achour (from Clique TV) and rapper Young Thug are sitting on …

"Quel Monde!"

On Literary Rivalries

Features, Nov 06 2015

by Piper French, Yousef Hilmy & Henry Staley

The Spanish Baroque poet Francisco de Quevedo clanked rapiers with lyric poet Luis de Góngora on the page, sparring over the …

Studs, Spikes, and Sprinklers

Hostile Architecture and its Woes

Features, Oct 30 2015

by Yousef Hilmy & Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

Public spaces aren’t always so. In his 1990 book City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles, Marxist urban theorist …

L, Another Day

Literary, Oct 09 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

‚Äč closing in on the parking lot outside where the form is fixed the grass is not allowed rackety red carts …

Ashes and Digressions

Ruminations on Death

Features, Sep 25 2015

by Piper French, Yousef Hilmy & Henry Staley

Margaret Wise Brown, a children’s book author who generally shunned the company of children, is buried where she once lived—on a …

Digging in the Grounds

Gender and Tradition in Cairo's Coffee Shops

Features, Sep 18 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

Visit any neighborhood in Cairo, especially ones in its older districts, and you will find countless traditional coffeehouses (called ahawi; singular: …

Taha Husayn

Traces of a Visionary

Features, Apr 17 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

1. For some, to see means to know. Our eyes isolate, violate, pay no regard to the problem of hallucination and …

Excerpts: Notes from Cairo

Features, Feb 13 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

12/23 Still on the plane. I wonder how much of Egypt will simply (or not so simply, I suppose) be the …