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Untitled Poem About Nazbol

Literary, Feb 09 2018

by Nikita Sungatov & translated from Russian by Signe Swanson

*** yekaterina volkova: singer, actress, former lover of eduard limonov back in his day he dedicated many poems to her they …

Bored St. George

Interviews, Apr 10 2012

by Translated & Illustrated by Timothy Nassau

What to make of Georges Bataille? In 1930, André Breton said that he was “psychasthenic,” that he had a “conscience deficit,” …

What Will The Museum of the Future Look Like?

Arts, Nov 03 2011

by by Catherine Grenier & translated from the French by Jordan Carter

The definition of museum:The 20th century museum of fine art was at once a museum, a generator of exhibitions and art-related …

Excerpts From Dog Heroes

a treatise on the future of Latin America as seen through an immobile man and his thirty Belgian Malinois shepherds

Literary, Mar 20 2008

by Mario Bellatin Translated from Spanish by David Noriega

Close to the city airport there lives a man who, apart from being an immobile man--that is to say, a man …