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Veteran PTSD: The Tension Between De-Stigmatization and Mis-Diagnosis

Features, Mar 06 2011

by Simon Van Zuylen-Wood

In 2003, after 15 years of non-combat duty for the Rhode Island National Guard, Vinnie Scirocco was giddy about his deployment …

No Choice: Chafee Pushes Back Against Charters in Rhode Island

Metro, Feb 18 2011

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Angus Davis is a handsome local boy who skipped college and became a Silicon Valley prodigy when he was 18. That …

The Death of Headlines. Maybe.

Opinions, Jan 10 2011

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Web Exclusive: January 10th, 2011A fellow I know who works in online publishing (posting?) thinks that if journalism wants to stay …

Citizen’s United Has Minimal Effect in Rhode Island: A Debrief on the Decision and why it Didn’t Matter in Lil’ Rhody

Metro, Dec 31 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Originally Published as Web Exclusive: December 20thIn the rush to anoint corporate interests the crown prince of the 2010 midterm elections, …

Obama Ruins Indian Holiday

Metro, Nov 17 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

America is feeling unusually sensitive these days. At the tail end of an election season defined so much by national mood …

Week in Review 11/11/10

obamania in Bollywood, FDA scare tactics, and cross-dressing kindergarteners

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood, Eli Schmitt & George A. Warner

Obama Goes to India On the heels of an election season defined by national mood and presidential inability to connect, Obama’s …

Gloves Off

Sports, Nov 01 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

To grow up a boxer in Rhode Island is to know your enemy so well that he ceases to be your …

Why You Should Vote Chafee

Opinions, Oct 28 2010

by George Warner & Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Lincoln Chafee B’75 was eleven when he went to the 1964 Republican National Convention, with his father, then the immensely popular …

Copycat Arizona Immigration Bill Gains Support in RI

Metro, Oct 15 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

This January, Rhode Island will consider legislation similar to the controversial SB-1070 law Arizona passed this April. The Tea Partiers and …

Depleted Waters

Metro, Oct 01 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Update 5/18/11: 2010 preliminary results on catch-share program in New England. Over the past decade, Rhode Island's fishing industry has experienced …

Wide Open Races: Four Dems on the Campaign Trail

boxstory, Sep 10 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

President Obama's disapproval ratings are nearing 50 percent, and nationally, Republicans are polling anywhere from 5-14 percent better than Democrats. Whiz-kid …

Brief Interviews with Olympic Men

Sports, Feb 18 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Indy: You’re in the Olympics, man! What was your “Wow I’m in the Olympics” moment?Travers: It’s a great honour to be …

mind the cap

Sports, Feb 11 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

That life-affirming, cathartic New Orleans Super Bowl victory you watched (or may have heard about) might be the last until 2012. …

The Parable of the Tiger and the Undertaker

Sports, Feb 04 2010

by Simon van zuylen-wood

Challenger CM Punk is wearing nothing but a yellow Speedo and wrist tape marked with the letter X. His greasy brown …