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The Indy Classifieds

Metro, Mar 24 2017

by Jane Argodale, Shane Potts & Jack Brook

PERSONALS—WOMEN SEEKING MEN Will You Be Mine, Lincoln Chafee? Me: An attractive and successful 31 year-old professional, recently moved to Providence. …

Week in Apologies

News, Dec 02 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow, Will Weatherly, Zack Kligler, Liz Cory & Shane Potts

PUN-DER ROAD Bruce’s steed had never failed him before. Springsteen trusted the motorcycle, built for him piece by piece by his …

Protectors, Protestors, and Privilege

On law enforcement disparities between Standing Rock and Oregon

News, Nov 04 2016

by Shane Potts & Camila Ruiz Segovia

On October 27, the arrival of military tanks abruptly interrupted the prayers of water protectors at the Sacred Stone Camp in …

Week in Extreme Sports

News, Oct 07 2016

by Shane Potts & Raina Wellman

LIZARD LIPS First the Jesus Christ lizard runs on water, now this? The lizards are taking over y’all. In the most …

Duterte's Shabu Nightmare

Drugs and Death in the Philippines

News, Sep 16 2016

by Shane Potts & Camila Ruiz Segovia

At a dinner celebrating his victory, President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, elected in May, had this to say about drug …

The Children Are Our Future

The Call for Ethnic Studies in PVD High Schools

Metro, Feb 05 2016

by Shane Potts

“It’s mad cold out here,” yells Patrick Kim of the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM). It’s a chilly afternoon, and the …

Aim for the Stars

Yelp Reviewers Take On Providence

Metro, Nov 13 2015

by Jamie Packs, Shane Potts & Kim Sarnoff

Yelp is the democratic scream. Rate the restaurant, the local record store, the dental hygienist. People love your advice—from Yelp, we …

Listen to the Kids, Man

Fast Times at Rhode Island's Child Services

Metro, Oct 30 2015

by Shane Potts

On a radiant day in July, Governor Gina Raimondo—for the second time this year—called for a complete overhaul of Rhode Island’s …

From the Editors

News, Oct 24 2015

by Camera Ford, Shane Potts & Rick Salamé

In an ideal world, a publication might be able to publish all the perspectives on a given issue and give them …

An Attempt at Exhausting a Space in Providence

Lessons from Georges Perec

Metro, Oct 02 2015

by Shane Potts

The French novelist Georges Perec often set himself needless literary constraints. In his 1969 novel, La Disparition (A Void), he writes …

Fracks and Edges

Equitable Energy and Clean Power

Metro, Sep 18 2015

by Shane Potts

Vampiric, Hurricane Sandy drained the life-blood of New York City in 2012, flooding its subway system for the first time in …