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El debate acerca del último voto para cambiar el nombre de Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 20 2020

by Osayuwamen “Uwa” Ede-Osifo

Originalmente publicado en inglés el 6 de noviembre de 2020 Traducción por Effi Holston advertencia de contenido: discusiones sobre la violencia …

What's in a Name?

The debate surrounding Rhode Island’s latest vote on a new title

Metro, Nov 06 2020

by Osayuwamen "Uwa" Ede-Osifo

content warning: discussions of anti-Black violence and mentions of racial slurs directed at Black, Latinx, and Asian communities In 2000, a …

"I May Destroy You" May Just Heal You

Arts, Oct 02 2020

by Osayuwamen “Uwa” Ede-Osifo

content warning: sexual assault, racism, and plot spoilers "Prior to being raped, I never took much notice of being a woman. …

Progressive Percolation

A selection of profiles on the state’s most forward-thinking politicians

Metro, Sep 25 2020

by Morgan Awner, Osayuwamen "Uwa" Ede-Osifo, Lucas Gelfond, Ricardo Gomez, Leo Gordon, Elana Hausknecht, Evie Hidysmith, Rose Houglet, Deborah Marini, Vicky Phan & Peder Schaefer

On September 8, progressive candidates across Rhode Island swept the local Democratic primaries, upsetting incumbent Democrats in a way that made …

White Terror

Notes on Race and the Politics of Fear in America

Features, Apr 09 2020

by Osayuwamen “Uwa” Ede-Osifo

content warning: anti-Black violence, police violence +++ I, without a thought of conquest, find myself among a people whose culture controls …

Muddy Matiello

A look at the RI Speaker of the House’s Abuses of Power

Metro, Mar 07 2020

by Osayuwamen "Uwa" Ede-Osifo

Speaker of the House Nicolas Mattiello, arguably one of the most powerful figures in Rhode Island politics, has been shrouded in …