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Your Brain on Meditation

science & technology , Mar 25 2011

by Nupur Shridhar

Researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) have finally found scientific evidence for Buddhists’ peace of mind: meditation objectively improves neural plasticity …

Scientific Misdeeds

Science, Jan 01 2011

by Nupur Shridhar

In August, after three years of internal investigation, Harvard University found Dr. Marc Hauser, a renowned evolutionary biologist (and, perhaps ironically, …

Big Gay Ovaries

Science, Oct 18 2010

by Nupur Shridhar

Scientists at Brown University and Women & Infants Hospital have created the first artificial ovary that can grow oocytes (basically immature …

Bio Battles

Science, Sep 24 2010

by Nupur Shridhar

Chasing ParasitesIn order for Africa to develop, it must begin feeding itself. Difficult, considering its large and disperse population, and its …

Canaries Everywhere

boxstory, Mar 11 2010

by Nupur Shridhar

In about two months, during the last full moon in May, red knots (Calidris canutus) migrating from the Pampas to the …

The British Aren’t Coming

Science, Feb 11 2010

by Nupur Shridhar

Despite centuries of evidence gathered in the lab and in between the sheets, researchers are still arguing over the existence of …

While You Were Out

Science, Feb 04 2010

by Nupur Shridhar

1. We Can Program Ourselves to Just Say NoAs the winter grinds on and your New Year’s resolve to kick your …


Science, Oct 29 2009

by Nupur Shridhar

Before it was a crime, racism masqueraded as a science. Its prejudiced history began with evolutionary biology in the 18th century, …