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Preserving National Bodies

News, Mar 18 2013

by Mimi Dwyer

Hugo Chavez is dead. Cancer took him, finally, after months away from his country, after surgeries in Cuba, after the obligatory …

French Connection, RI

Arts & Culture, Mar 01 2013

by Drew Dickerson & Mimi Dwyer

Adulte Terrible Like any attempt to periodize an artistic movement in its contemporary, the phrase “New French Extremity” is only about …

Future Histories

Modernism & Preservation in Providence

Arts & Culture, Nov 11 2012

by Mimi Dwyer

Providence is a film set. Its two-dimensional skyline reads like a greatest-hits list of the last century’s architectural design principles—the 1913 …


Features, Oct 21 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell, Belle Cushing, Grace Dunham, Mimi Dwyer, Avery Houser & Kevin Pires

IRA M. GOFF House, 62 John StreetI like the Goff House because it’s almost not one. It’s small and red and …

Tales of Pokémastery

Cards and critters

Arts & Culture, Nov 28 2011

by Mimi Dwyer

Newsflash: Charizard is dead. I had no idea. This was my first mistake when I tried to enter the Pokémon Autumn …

Stogie Fever

Features, Nov 03 2011


Heap some tobacco onto a brown leaf, roll it up, stuff it nice and thick. Cut off its tip, poke a …

Week in Review

News, Apr 21 2011

by David Adler, Mimi Dwyer & Erica Schwiegershausen

4/20 Update Detroit is a decrepit city—its former industry in dark shambles, its slums rife with poverty. But don’t worry! Gubernatorial …

Week in Review

News, Apr 09 2011

by Belle Cushing, Mimi Dwyer & Erica Schwiegershausen

Facebook Squahes "Third Palestinian Intifada" After receiving numerous complaints and appeals, including a request from the Anti-Defamation League—a US-based Jewish advocacy …

Billboard Hits Remastered

arts & culture, Mar 18 2011

by Mimi Dwyer

The hamburger is ten feet tall—or it will be, once Johan Bjurman finishes with it. “The meat’s gonna be the hard …

Zen and Now

meditations on the Providence Zen Center and the Brown Contemplative Studies Initiative

arts & culture, Mar 10 2011

by Mimi Dwyer

In Providence, two influential and disparate iterations of Zen in the West stand within thirty minutes of one another: the Providence …

Love Stories Throughout History

Features, Feb 25 2011

by Eve Blazo, Belle Cushing & Mimi Dwyer

LILITH AND ADAM: AN ARGUMENTThe legend of Lilith, Adam’s wife before Eve, found its first mention in Sumerian times. Lilith appears …

Reckless Abandon

abandoned homes, squatting, and direct revolutionary action

by Mimi Dwyer

On certain blocks of the south and west sides of Providence, burnt and dilapidated abandoned homes are as common as inhabited …