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In Which Contact Occurs

Features, Apr 03 2015

by Matthew Marsico

Samuel R. Delany’s 1975 science-fiction opus Dhalgren takes place in and on the outskirts of Bellona, a mysterious city in the …

The Kingdom of God Is Within You: A Closet Drama in Two Acts

Literary, Oct 31 2014

by Matthew Marsico

Thomas Engler replied, “Okay. The church was very Southern, very charismatic, sort of scorched-Earth. Weekly services in the high school auditorium. …

Learning the Language

Arts, Oct 03 2014

by Matthew Marsico

That has been all. Should I throw in my hand? I am giving myself one last chance to penetrate the Within …


Literary, Feb 14 2014

by Matthew Marsico

It felt like I was giving out. I was smoking again: first just a cigarette after dinner, then, one after lunch …