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Don't Throw Riders Under the Bus

RIDOT’s flawed “multi-hub” plan faces public opposition

Metro, Oct 16 2020

by Amelia Anthony

On any given day, Kennedy Plaza bustles with energy. Between the district court, Burnside Park, a skating rink, City Hall, the …

Week in Furry Creatures

News, Oct 16 2020

by Alisa Caira & Bowen Chen

BABOONS, BONOBOS, AND THE BROS Still nursing a friend zoned–sized hole in your heart? Well, we here at the Indy have …

An Alternative Reopening

Major museums' return to the physical

Arts, Oct 16 2020

by Alisa Caira

The way to the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art (MoCA) is scattered with old cemeteries, views of the Hoosic river, small …

Imagining Indigenous Futures

The fight to save the West Berkeley Shellmound

News, Oct 16 2020

by Nicole Kim

On September 24, the National Trust for Historic Preservation (NTHP) released their 2020 list of “America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places,” …

the five love languages

Literary, Oct 16 2020

by Mara Cavallaro

the five love languages one. a love letter written in green pen with my favorite kind of punctuation interspersed throughout two. …

Budgets in Distress

Unpacking unexpected funding cuts to R.I.’s most at-risk communities

Metro, Oct 16 2020

by Leo Gordon

At the end of July, Rhode Island slashed funding for the Distressed Communities Relief Fund in half, reducing the ability of …

Against Austerity

A justice budget for Rhode Island

Metro, Oct 09 2020

by Leela Berman

September 22, at the foot of the Rhode Island State House, mother-of-three Sucely Murillo recounted the abuse she had faced from …

Wondrous Omens

On collecting and letting go

Science & Technology, Oct 09 2020

by Mariel Solomon

My shadow forms a resonant shell And the poet listens to his past In the shell of his body’s shadow -Maxime …

Week in Celebrity Babies

News, Oct 09 2020

by Kaela Hines & Nick Michael

THE GREAT DEBATERS In last week’s presidential debate on September 29, President Donald Trump and Former Vice President Joe Biden went …

All Hands to the Pump

Features, Oct 02 2020

by Claudia Liu

content warning: mildly graphic descriptions of blood and surgery Plip-plip-plip-BEEP. Plip-plip-plip-BEEP. My mother’s gossiping always seems to land me in bizarre …

Collection Poems

Literary, Oct 02 2020

by Nick Michael

sun drop I wonder when I will watch the sun drop for the last time, melt behind endless mass a lions …

A Shut-and-Open Case

Rhode Island’s road back to trial by jury

Metro, Oct 02 2020

by Loughlin Neuert

Bail in Rhode Island for a misdemeanor starts at $100 in cash, and rises quickly from there. The lowest levels of …

The Crisis Within a Crisis

The Story of COVID-19 and Evictions in Providence

Metro, Oct 02 2020

by Amelia Anthony & Phoebe Ayres

We’ve just crossed the seven-month marker of the pandemic’s presence in the United States, which means that seven months of rent …

Week in American Innovation

News, Oct 02 2020

by Justin Scheer & Erika Undeland

SAD REAX ONLY ;( This Indy staff writer woke up at 7:30 AM and clicked on that wonderful black square with …

Progressive Percolation

A selection of profiles on the state’s most forward-thinking politicians

Metro, Sep 25 2020

by Morgan Awner, Uwa Ede-Osifo, Lucas Gelfond, Ricardo Gomez, Leo Gordon, Elana Hausknecht, Evie Hidysmith, Rose Houglet, Deborah Marini, Vicky Phan & Peder Schaefer

On September 8, progressive candidates across Rhode Island swept the local Democratic primaries, upsetting incumbent Democrats in a way that made …

Afternoons in Bright Rooms

Literary, Sep 25 2020

by Nicole Kim

thinking about afternoons spent in bright rooms: a constellation is spilling out from in between your eyes— I wake up again, …

Beasts of Burden

The unbearable mythology of the shark

Science & Technology, Sep 25 2020

by Ella Spungen

At the age of 13, I was shown Sharkwater, a campy but gorily persuasive documentary about shark finning. Through shaky, mostly …

Litigating Choice

Second-Wave Feminism, Alan Dershowitz, and the 1986 ‘Brown University sex ring’

Features, Sep 25 2020

by Izzi Olive

content warning: discussions of rape and consent One day in 1983, when my mother was a Brown University sophomore, her roommate …

A Safe, Healthy, and Full-Priced Campus

Bottom line is, universities are most concerned with their bottom line

News, Sep 25 2020

by Alisa Caira

Risking student lives probably makes sense when you get down to the numbers of it. Yet, now, as thousands of at-risk …

Flammable 'Fornia': A Revelation

When Californication goes a little too hard

News, Sep 25 2020

by Nickolas Roblee-Strauss

Social media is hard. Every single millennial—aging and married in the image of boomers before them—struggles to compete in a Gen …

The Ethics of Engagement

TikTok’s bargain with community and security

Science & Technology, Sep 23 2020

by Lucas Gelfond

content warning: rape My friend Natalie veers her car into the shoulder of the road. We get out and watch her …

So Bad, It's Great

Hate-watching "Cats" and losing my vocabulary

Arts, Aug 07 2020

by Cecilia Barron

In January, I took the T into Boston to watch the musical movie Cats with a friend. On the way there, …

Week in Ghosts

News, May 01 2020

by Alisa Caira

Nowis agood time for ghost stories. One might pass quarantined-induced time digging out old, spooky books from the attic​ ​or recounting …

The Urgency of Shame

A conversation with writer Garth Greenwell

Arts, May 01 2020

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Evan Lincoln

Near the beginning of Garth Greenwell's first novel What Belongs To You, the narrator checks into a seedy hotel on the …

The EXTRA! Files

Features, May 01 2020

by Alana Baer, Ben Bienstock, Sarah Goldman, Tara Sharma, Ivy Scott, Wen Zhuang, Kion You, Leslie Benavides & Ella Spungen

Volume 40 of the College Hill Independent marks, strangely enough, our 30th anniversary. Thirty years of Metro reporting, 600 Weeks Reviewed, …

On Huikau

Tensions simmering in the melting pot

Features, May 01 2020

by Jacob Alabab-Moser

I have photos that help me recall the day my Aunty and Uncle took me to the summit of Maunakea around …

On Track?

Advanced academics and the pipeline to Classical

Metro, May 01 2020

by Mara Cavallaro

An increasingly broad body of social science research demonstrates that educational tracking—the separation of students by evaluated academic ability—disproportionately disadvantages low-income …

Doomed by Design

Unnatural disasters, from Katrina to COVID

Science & Technology, May 01 2020

by Maya Glicksman

Picture the forest from our favorite philosophical thought experiment—if a tree falls in the forest, but no one is around to …

American-ness, Ever-elusive

What does it mean to be Asian and American in the United States?

News, May 01 2020

by Karlos Bautista

As the number of coronavirus infections and deaths increases in the United States, so too do hate crimes against Asians in …

When We Are Apart We Are Not Alone

A conversation with Fred Moten and Stefano Harney

Features, May 01 2020

by Zach Ngin, Sara Van Horn & Alex Westfall

In the first issue of the semester, we published areflection on Fred Moten and Stefano Harney’s The Undercommons, a book that …

Bridging the Gulf

MoMA PS1 and the Art of War

Arts, Apr 24 2020

by Lucy Duda

MoMA PS1, the Museum of Modern Art’s contemporary outpost in Queens, occupies an outwardly unassuming space in a converted school building. …

Fire From Ashes

A conversation with sound maker Nicolás Jaar

Science & Technology, Apr 24 2020

by Alex Westfall

Collage by Alex Westfall /Photo courtesy of Nico Jaar with drawings by Somnath Bhatt A twinkling piano riff grows louder as …

Get it in Writing

Maximalist Journaling in Crisis and Calmness

Features, Apr 24 2020

by Amelia Anthony

cw: abuse, gaslighting If someone you are about to date for a long time mentions that they have previously read their …

O, It’s Manifold

Poems and Flash Fiction

Literary, Apr 24 2020

by Natalie Zummer

O, It’s Manifold I. They embalmed all the women in one Museum. Critics write, What a surfeit Of hidden beauty! Competence …

Week in State Feuds

News, Apr 24 2020

by Leela Berman

States whose biggest beef with each other typically involves passing a pigskin have gone one step further during this global pandemic …

Lost in Translation

Providence public schools, multilingual pedagogy, and the coronavirus crisis

Metro, Apr 24 2020

by Leela Berman

ENTERING: The language of achievement and deficit Two comprehensive reports researching the conditions in the Providence Public School District (PPSD) came …

The In-Between Times

Literary, Apr 23 2020

by Miranda Luiz

My mother used to tell me that we feel the blues because we’re Jews. We connect to the sound of suffering. …

Gold, Alone

On finding beauty in moments of solitude

Features, Apr 23 2020

by Marie Lachance

I took a photo of the crown before I knew what it meant. It looked like a flimsy grade-school art project, …

The Breakers

Literary, Apr 17 2020

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

A proscenium play: Newport, Rhode Island. The set has lots of neo-baroque curlicues. Also metal pipes and gears, perhaps serving specific …

Bracing for Crisis

The EU turns a blind eye to overcrowded refugee camps in Greece

News, Apr 17 2020

by Emily Rust

“My name is Omar. I am from Syria. I am in Greece, on Leros island. This is the minor section, next …

Cities in Nonexistent Spaces

Notes on a virtual performance of Pauline Oliveros’ Lunar Opera

Arts, Apr 17 2020

by Seamus Flynn

I was late for the soundcheck. Fifteen minutes after the hour, I was still seeking the perfect position for my computer …

Amazon Strikes

Warehouse Workers in Staten Island Inspire Walkouts Across the Country

Science & Technology, Apr 17 2020

by Bilal Memon

It is often said that in times of crisis, people and nations show their true colors. Blurry lines sharpen as the …

Week in Shared Enemies

News, Apr 17 2020

by Alan Dean

Of the many common turns of phrase flipped upside down by the current global pandemic, few have become as utterly meaningless …

Week in Necessities

News, Apr 10 2020

by Alana Baer & Kaela Hines

RED SCARE IN A RED STATE Last week, with 112 votes in favor, none against, and one abstention, the Scottish Parliament …

Holding Space for Uncertainty

A Conversation with Writer Maggie Nelson

Features, Apr 09 2020

by Mia Pattillo & Mara Dolan

These are certainly peculiar times. Many of us are spending more hours of the day with ourselves than ever before. We …

In the Mood for Love

Literary, Mar 27 2020

by Emily Yang

He saw the first one when he caught its corner behind a dust-bound volume of textbooks. A wrinkled page torn from …

Success Stories

Succession and the soap-satire

Arts, Mar 27 2020

by Cal Turner

Last October, then-presidential hopeful Pete Buttigieg told the Hollywood Reporter that he was “struggling” to get into a buzzy HBO show …

Buying, Selling, Being

Gen-Z Self- Advertisement on Tiktok and Depop

Science & Technology, Mar 27 2020

by Anabelle Johnston

Scrolling through TikTok is not unlike dissolving into a loop of repeating soundbites and punchlines as the definition between each video …

It's Personal

The Low-Tech Future of the Future of Learning

News, Mar 27 2020

by Asher Lehrer-Small

At Springfield High School in Southern Vermont, the entryway stairs not only lead students inside the school building—they serve as a …

Week in Worship

News, Mar 27 2020

by Amelia Anthony & Alisa Caira

SOYlent Lent begins on Ash Wednesday and ends on Easter. This time mimics the same long 40 days in which Jesus …

love poem melting + Other Poems

Literary, Mar 13 2020

by Stella Binion

love poem melting in the swell of the moving shifting bits of I can’t hear anything but the wind running against …

School District Déja Vu

Two Education Reports, Two Decades Apart

Metro, Mar 13 2020

by Alicia Mies

This is the first installment in the Chalked Up Metro series The year was 1993. The Providence River was still covered …

Chalked Up

Introducing an Indy series on public education in RI

Metro, Mar 13 2020

by Deborah Marini, Ricardo Gomez & Miles Guggenheim

In 1993, the Public Education Fund—a nonprofit organization composed of Providence business leaders, educators, and citizens concerned about local schools—sponsored a …


Finding Home at a Filipino Restaurant in Amman

Features, Mar 13 2020

by Olivia Mayeda

Across the traffic circle, through screens of dust and exhaust, I could see that the long line of sandy buildings met …

Politics is a Feeling

A conversation with writer Jenny Zhang

Features, Mar 13 2020

by Alex Westfall

There are mistakes in Jenny Zhang’s titles. The name of her 2012 poetry collection, Dear Jenny, We Are All Find, misspells …

Healing Through Theater

How a Trinity Rep actor helped Sheila Bentley tell her version of PVD history

Metro, Mar 07 2020

by Clara Gutman Argemí

For Rebecca Gibel, the actor who played Sheila Bentley in Trinity Repertory's fall 2019 production of The Prince of Providence, the …

A Love Letter to Spontaneity

Features, Mar 07 2020

by Nell Salzman

My friend is a chronic soul-searcher. His favorite pastime is to sift through the empty shells of people around him, trying …

Cabbage: A Cultural History

Features, Mar 07 2020

by Alex Alverson

“Cabbage guy,” or the cabbage merchant, is one of the most iconic characters in Avatar the Last Airbender, an animated TV …

Form Follows Function

How face masks as a fashion trend points to inescapable peril

Science & Technology, Mar 06 2020

by Mia Pattillo & Nick Roblee-Strauss

Overshadowed by her own sweep of the Grammys, Billie Eilish walked the red carpet this past January with the lower third …

Week in Animal Magnetism

News, Mar 06 2020

by Hannah Gelman & Ricardo Gomez

MUST PAY TO PAW-TY On February 16, crowds of eager New Orleanians gathered in the French Quarter to watch the 28th …

Tuning Out Reality

A Farewell to The Real Housewives

Features, Mar 03 2020

by Cecelia Barron

I was 10 when I witnessed a physical fight for the first time. It occurred at a country club. Upset by …

Unmasking Artistry

Inspecting the King of Mask Singer under the American Gaze

Arts, Mar 03 2020

by Anabelle Johnston

I have spent many afternoons with my grandfather watching K-dramas I cannot understand, appreciating the joy he derives from listening to …

Keeping an Open Mind

A glimpse at the fight to decriminalize psychedelics

News, Mar 03 2020

by Will Allstetter

For most, magic mushrooms carry connotations of hippies, music festivals, and perhaps a previous roommate. But, in recent years, there has …

The Leadership Function

Systematizing entrepreneurship in the university

Science & Technology, Mar 03 2020

by Izzi Olive

Meritocracy is perhaps the most embedded of our various apologies for capitalism, and so its logic is familiar enough. With it, …

3 Stories

Literary, Mar 03 2020

by Nicolaia Rips

Candles, Please “Exhale.” The crowd—upwards of forty years old and clad in a variety of branded spandex—sighs. “Tighten your left buttock.” …

Detention, Incarceration, Deportation

The Wyatt Detention Center and the national prison-industrial complex

Metro, Mar 03 2020

by Leela Berman

PLACING THE WYATT IN CENTRAL FALLS The Donald W. Wyatt Detention Facility is located across from a park. A wide expanse …

Week in Bureaucracy

News, Mar 03 2020

by Alex Valenti & Ben Bienstock

Antiques Rhode Show From lawmakers’ struggles to understand Facebook during Mark Zuckerberg’s congressional hearings to Rudy Giuliani’s horizontally inserted AirPods, we …

Divine Narration

The ethics and ethos of modern astrology

Features, Feb 15 2020

by Anabelle Johnston

By no fault but my own, I have retained very little from my sixth-grade science class. Even so, I vaguely remember …

Sirens, Camera, Action

Policing entertainment in East Providence

Metro, Feb 15 2020

by Miles Guggenheim

The sun is officially down, but a morose blue still lingers in the sky behind Sergeant Michael Rapoza. He’s driving somewhere, …

Truvada Blues

PrEP and the historical transmission of AIDS

Science & Technology, Feb 15 2020

by EJL

In October of 2019, the queer publication GAYLETTER posted an Instagram advertisement depicting a shirtless DJ surrounded by neon, fuzz-bordered lettering. …

Unchartered Territory

Charter changes illustrate the tightening restrictions placed on academic life in China

News, Feb 15 2020

by Emily Rust

Toward the end of 2019, three Chinese universities made international headlines for an event that some deemed a matter of semantics …

Week in Being Sweet

News, Feb 15 2020

by Amelia Anthony & Ella Rosenblatt

THREE LIVES SAVED, NO SECOND DATE? Valentine’s Day creeps closer and you’re still waiting for your Datamatch results. So you swipe. …

This Land, This Land, This Land

Exhibiting visual narratives of Narragansett indigeneity and settler violence in the house Colonial Providence built.

Arts, Feb 14 2020

by Isabel Guarnieri

As a small crowd of us huddle on the cold stone staircase, Lynsea Montanari—a Narragansett visual artist—opens the night with a …

Crisis in Discourse

Science & Technology, Feb 14 2020

by Emily Rust

In recent years, China has moved up the value chain. No longer the world’s cheap factory, it has passed on the …

Week in Keeping Busy

News, Feb 14 2020

by Muram Ibrahim, Harry Levine, Bilal Memon & Nick Roblee-Strauss

MEGAN THEE STALLION + G-EAZY = <3 Celebrity gossip rarely startles us anymore. Impeachment proceedings and foreign assassinations have occupied our …


Haircuts as a catalyst for change

Features, Dec 06 2019

by Morgan Florsheim

It was a Wednesday afternoon in mid-March of 2013 and I was seated in a chair on the basketball court of …

Video Star

Emma Chamberlain and the Relatable YouTuber

Arts, Dec 06 2019

by Isabelle Rea

At the end of the video “REVIEWING YOUTUBE’S HQ *insane*,” YouTube’s CEO Susan Wojcicki joins YouTube star Emma Chamberlain on screen …

Mapping Capital

Urban disinvestment on the small screen

Science & Technology, Dec 06 2019

by Ella Comberg

Vince Staples’ music video “FUN!” opens on a digital rendering of the planet Earth. The camera zooms in rapidly—as many of …

Chile Despertó

Paula Pacheco Soto on the Chilean student movement in historical perspective

News, Dec 06 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser, Izzi Olive & Paula Pacheco Soto

October 26 Chile has long been heralded as one of the most prosperous countries in Latin America and an example of …

The Cold Shoulder

A flawed system is endangering RI’s homeless

Metro, Dec 06 2019

by Deborah Marini, Loughlin Neuert & Peder Schaefer

When Harry lost his home in October, he went to one of Rhode Island’s largest emergency shelters: Crossroads Rhode Island. He …

Week in Comfort Food

News, Dec 06 2019

by Gemma Sack & Alan Dean

Movable Feast “Everybody get their plates, sit down, and eat,” commuters heard, loud and clear, in a subway car in New …

Save the BCSC

Alumni Stand in Support of Student Activism

News, Dec 06 2019

by Concerned Brown Alumni

We, the undersigned alumni of Brown University, write to express serious concern with the troubling atmosphere and recent heartbreaking student experiences …


X, Nov 25 2019

by Seth Israel

There's No Place Like the Future

Dorothy’s ruby slippers and queer utopia

Features, Nov 22 2019

by Evan Lincoln

Every New Year’s Eve in Key West, the drag queen Sushi perches comfortably inside a glistening ruby high heel, so giant …

Queer Callouses

Features, Nov 22 2019

by Finch Collins

I got my favorite pair of Docs my sophomore year of high school—Pascals with portions of Hieronymus Bosch’s triptych The Garden …

Current Location

Mapping in perspective

Science & Technology, Nov 22 2019

by Alan Dean

One cloudy Friday evening in October, I’m on a bus from Providence to New York, looking out as the endless gray …

In the Making

Examining the legacies of the Gorham Manufacturing Company

Arts, Nov 22 2019

by Bilal Memon

A silver spoon the size of a Great Dane immediately confronts anyone exiting the elevator on the third floor of the …

Two Stories

Literary, Nov 22 2019

by Pia Mileaf-Patel & Emma Kofman

TONGUES “Do you want to touch tongues?” Ella asked me. We sat underneath one of the fold-out plastic tables boasting boxes …

Scrutinizing the Self

Exploring implicit bias through Self, Made

Arts, Nov 22 2019

by Anabelle Johnston

The dark walls of "Self, Made" crept upward until they became indistinguishable from the ceiling, the disorienting scene complete with exposed …

What Brown Could Pay

Brown’s property tax exemption and the crisis of public school funding

Metro, Nov 22 2019

by Hal Triedman & Sara Van Horn

“How is it that a city—a small city—can continue to have public schools that fail repeatedly?” In an interview with the …


X, Nov 15 2019

by Bee Mitchell

Reflections on Hong Kong

Features, Nov 15 2019

by Liana Chaplain, Miranda Van-Boswell, Anonymous & Flo Li

This week, Features and News collaborated to invite four students from Hong Kong to reflect on the country's ongoing and escalating …

Making Ends Meet

Food Insecurity in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 15 2019

by Kshitij Sachan, John Graves & Nell Salzman

Rows of shelves, stretching from the floor to the high ceiling, hold hundreds of pallets of everything from canned beans to …

23 Years in My Body

Reflections on a Civil War

Features, Nov 15 2019

by Rachel Rood-Ojalvo

content warning: eating disorder, bulimia, sexual violence i. When I was in 4th grade, I was friends with two girls in …

Collected Poems (no theme)

Literary, Nov 15 2019

by Kanha Prasad, Jane Freiman, Isabelle Rea, Andy Rickert, Catherine Habgood, Sandra Moore & Gemma Brand-Wolf

Shades of Sick I woke up, sick of today, still a golden caterpillar, high as balls on buttery dreams. My open …

Making Dough

Thoughts on Mika Rottenberg’s surreal videos

Arts, Nov 15 2019

by Alana Baer

A kneaded piece of dough slides through a hole in the wall. Flattened bright-red fingernails are flattened. Human tears drip through …

Building Republic

Kyrgyz Systems of Accountability

News, Nov 15 2019

by Erika Undeland

On March 24, 2005, my mother and father cheered as demonstrators took over the White House of the Kyrgyz Republic. They …

A Jury of One's Peers

How low jury pay limits court justice in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 15 2019

by Olivia George

This was not the first time Senator Elizabeth Crowley had served on a jury, and, for the most part, she felt …

Week in Unlikely Vessels

News, Nov 15 2019

by Tammuz Frankel & Roxanne Barnes

RUNNING ON WATER Last month, a pair of sneakers embedded with vesicles of holy water sold out within minutes of its …

Brunt of the Blade

Aspirational recycling in a post-National Sword world

News, Nov 01 2019

by Anabelle Johnston

For decades, barges of recyclables slowly dragged across the Pacific, acting as overrun vessels of the United States’ environmental hope. This …

The Perfect Companion

How sexbots yoke intimacy to exploitation

Features, Nov 01 2019

by Mia Pattillo

“Goodbye loneliness!” reads the homepage of RealDollX, where anyone can purchase a life-size, silicone, human-looking sex robot for the price of …

Great Streets, Mobile City

Envisioning an equitable transportation system for the creative capital

Metro, Nov 01 2019

by Avi Shapiro & Ilan Upfal

Zooming down College Hill last weekend on our bikes, a friend and I criss-crossed our way downtown, barely avoiding cars and …

Week in Ornaments

News, Nov 01 2019

by Deborah Marini & Alina Kulman

BRAINTREE's Monster house Halloween is under siege, and it’s a whole lot more personal than Starbucks’ red cups. The battleground for …

Self-Made Men

Wanting and getting in Mad Men

Arts, Oct 25 2019

by Cal Turner

Wanting to be a man, or a certain kind of man, animates most of the heavy-hitters of ‘prestige TV.’ These shows …

Dispatches From Pronk

Metro, Oct 25 2019

by Ricardo Gomez, Bilal Memon, Chris Packs, Eve O'Shea, Mayo Saji & Miranda Van-Boswell

Last Monday, hundreds of Providence residents—artists, activists, students, misfits, puppets—danced the night away to the upbeat cacophony of Providence’s own What …

Speaking Up

Negotiating Tulsi Gabbard’s place in the media landscape

News, Oct 25 2019

by Olympe Scherer

Some have never heard of presidential candidate US Representative Tulsi Gabbard [D-HI]. Others complain she’s making too much noise. In August, …

Week in Pulling Out

News, Oct 25 2019

by Emily Rust & Olivia George

RECIPE FOR DISASTER Forget pumpkin spice—it’s peach mint season. Earlier this month, NBC’s Ken Dilanian made Twitter aware of a recent …

Levin’s Legacy

To Fund Communities or Jails?

News, Oct 11 2019

by Julia Chang, Eli Hadley, Sophie Kupetz, Mayo Saji & Misty Wilson

New York City Council Member Stephen Levin B’03, is trying to push through an $11 billion jail expansion plan in New …

Game Change

A narrative of Gamergate through the lens of games

Science & Technology, Oct 11 2019

by Miles Guggenheim

In 2014, a break-up on social media exploded into an online battleground. Here, on the planes of Facebook, Twitter, 4chan, and …

Right & Wrong & Right on Red

A look at Frank Caprio’s courtroom reality show: Caught in Providence

Metro, Oct 11 2019

by Nick Roblee-Strauss

Judge Frank Caprio has a knack for extracting narratives for his courtroom reality show, Caught in Providence, where Providence’s traffic violations …

Shifting Gears

The United Automobile Workers strikes General Motors

News, Oct 11 2019

by Cal Turner

On September 15, nearly 50,000 United Automobile Workers (UAW) union members formed picket lines outside of General Motors factories across the …

Dirty Undies

Seeing and unseeing the thong in pop culture

Features, Oct 11 2019

by Isabel Guarnieri

I bought my first thong when I was 15. It was a cinnamon color with light blue polka dots, framed by …


Literary, Oct 11 2019

by Matthew Litman

All Al could talk about was how excited he was for dinner. He said his wife was cooking something special. “I …

Week in Tête-à-Têtes

News, Oct 11 2019

by Ricardo Gomez & Hal Triedman

THE NAMESAKE Name recognition is important in politics. Regardless of a politician’s public favor, constituents must know who they are before …


Literary, Oct 04 2019

by Lauren Lee

Valentine and I moved in together at the start of a Rooster year—the kind that, decades ago, my mother was born …

Making Cyber Space

Antitrust and Big Tech

Science & Technology, Oct 04 2019

by Bilal Memon

Before he was the face of billionaire philanthropy, Bill Gates sat in the deposition chair of the United States District Court …

iWork, uWork, WeWork

How the coworking industry is failing freelancers

Features, Oct 04 2019

by Amelia Anthony

I was one of 500,000 coworking Americans in 2017 when I had a summer job at a small coworking space in …

Not For Sale

Beyond Greenland's media moment

News, Oct 04 2019

by Emily Rust

“Essentially, it’s a large real estate deal.” In the middle of August, the world was witness to yet another media circus …

Week in Civic Engagement

News, Oct 04 2019

by Kion You & Noah Mlyn

I ONLY SEE ONE RACE: THE HUMAN RACE To understand Woonsocket’s City Council meeting on Monday, September 16, we can begin …

On Desire & Being Desired

King Princess, Hayley Kiyoko, and queer representation in pop music

Arts, Sep 27 2019

by Anabelle Johnston

I easily lose myself listening to Mikaela Straus’s (a.k.a. King Princess) “Pussy is God.” Beyond its lyrics (which I know by …

The Year of Yeehaw

Cowboys making space in music

Arts, Sep 27 2019

by Alisa Caira

A John Wayne movie may obscure the history, but the cowboy began from a Spanish imperialist practice: Spanish colonialists forced Indigenous …

Week in Veneers

News, Sep 27 2019

by Loughlin Neuert & Nickolas Roblee-Strauss

LOOKING PRESI-DENTAL The 2020 presidential race has opened with such an oversaturated field of candidates that sometimes distinguishing between them all …

Catering Contract Concerns

An open letter on catering workers’ contract negotiations

Metro, Sep 21 2019

by Noa Machover & Nora Lawrence

Since September 2018, Brown University catering service employees have been negotiating their contract with the University in an attempt to unionize. …

Collecting Sediments

Cappadocia and carving out homes

Features, Sep 21 2019

by Ella Rosenblatt

My mom’s name is Petra. Short for Petronella, it shares the Greek root “petros” with petrified, Peter, and petrol. Petros means …

Two Poems

Literary, Sep 21 2019

by Alana Baer

Cathy I hate missing sock mistake I hate rat raisin fluorescent forget and death and a plastic clothing hanger wet paper …

Beyond #MeToo

Transformative Justice on College Campuses

Features, Sep 21 2019

by Camila Pelsinger

content warning: sexual violence This week, the Features editors invited Camila Pelsinger B’20, Transformative Justice Student Coordinator, to author a piece …

Social Determinants

The DRC Ebola outbreak, explained

News, Sep 20 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Izzi Olive

“They were dying slowly—it was very clear. They were not enemies, they were not criminals, they were nothing earthly now—nothing but …

Week in Vape Nations

News, Sep 20 2019

by Alan Dean & Ricardo Gomez

CLOUDLESS SKIES ABOVE SALT LAKE CITY The emergence of damning new evidence demonstrating the danger of vaping and e-cigarettes feels like …

Providence Bites

Metro, Sep 13 2019

by Ella Comberg & Miles Guggenheim

Providence Can't JUMP by Ella Comberg I risk hyperbole when I say that the first time I rode a JUMP bike, …

Then What Isn't?

Literary, Sep 13 2019

by Miles Guggenheim

Thomas did not see the squirrel. He saw a wooden chair resting sideways on the ground. He saw a broken glass …

“It Needs To Be In Our Hands”

An Interview with the Jane Collective’s Heather Booth

Features, Sep 13 2019

by Mara Dolan & Mia Pattillo

In 1965, Heather Booth received a desperate phone call from a friend whose sister needed an abortion. Booth called around and …

Arriving Before the Light

Notes and reflections on the life and legacy of Toni Morrison

Arts, Sep 13 2019

by Gabriella Etoniru

I walk to work that morning. It’s a Tuesday. Something mellow is playing in my headphones, and my phone vibrates, and …

Francoists in the Shadows

The far right in Spain's main conservative party

News, Sep 13 2019

by Clara Gutman Argemí

Vox, the nationalist, anti-immigration party that broke into Spain's Congress of Deputies last April, may be new to the Spanish political …

We're Not Gonna Take It

Contesting the state takeover of the Providence Public School District

Metro, Sep 13 2019

by Alina Kulman & Sara Van Horn

In late June, the Providence Public School District was rocked by a devastating report that implicated everyone from teachers to governmental …

Week in Video Giants

News, Apr 19 2019

by Alan Dean, Ricardo Gomez, Bilal Memon, Peder Schaefer & Aayushi Khowala

Stuck in the Tape Deck If the mediocre 2013 Arnold Schwarzenegger action flick The Last Stand had been released in 2004, …

Days of Our Lives

On soap operas and suffering

Features, Apr 19 2019

by Will Weatherly

Like the plot of any good melodrama, my relationship to The Bold and the Beautiful was a matter of fate, and …

A High Stakes Game of Jenga

Or, how to move a house

Features, Apr 12 2019

by Eve Grassfield

The first time Guy Davis ever moved a house, things did not go as planned. He was told it would be …

After Life

Literary, Apr 12 2019

by Jorge Palacios

A slight breeze tickles the hairs on the medium-sized A slight breeze tickles the hair on the young girl’s arms, and …

Waving the Flag

Competition and community at the Providence Gay Flag Football League

Metro, Apr 12 2019

by Cal Turner

From a distance, the scene looks and sounds not unlike a standard fair-weather gym class. Players clad in mismatched jerseys dart …

From The Editors

FTE, Apr 04 2019

by Professor Mike Fink, Literary Arts + Studies & RISD

We received the following letter last week, which felt urgent enough to share: “A fortnight ago a handsome plaque or pennant …

A Friday For Our Future

An interview with the organizers of the Rhode Island Youth Climate Strike

Metro, Apr 04 2019

by Mara Dolan

At 11AM on Friday, March 15, hundreds of thousands of students around the world walked out of their classrooms. From London …

Week in Dismemberment

News, Apr 04 2019

by Ben Bienstock, Sarah Clapp & Signe Swanson

A DICHOTOMY OF BAGELS A firestorm erupted on Twitter last Monday when Alek Krautmann, a DC-based Missouri native, posted a photo …

Sealing the Deal

Competing narratives of conservation in the Narragansett Bay

Metro, Apr 04 2019

by Hal Triedman

It was not ideal weather for seal watching. The wind coming off of Rome Point was strong and unflagging, pressing against …

Rhode Island is Famous for You

Crimetown, and the problem of Providence's mob narrative

Arts, Apr 04 2019

by Ella Comberg

My Italian-American father tells one of our family’s best stories. I heard it again recently after I asked him, mostly in …

Week in Archaic Institutions

News, Mar 22 2019

by Giacomo Sartorelli, Raina Wellman & Kevin Dong

Awake, Arise, Or Be Forever Fall’n Wednesday’s vernal equinox heralded the arrival of spring in the Northern Hemisphere, but most of …

Two Stories

Literary, Mar 22 2019

by Cam Collins

Duck Chainsaw Lost Nevada has a red sky but it’s never violent to anyone who’s born there, only the ones that …

Exit Interview with My Grandmother

On 76th between Columbus and Amsterdam, a ninety-two year old woman is reading Sally Rooney

Features, Mar 22 2019

by Lily Meyersohn

My grandmother serves me small lunches she likes to call gourmet. Ham, whole wheat, mustard, assorted cookies my mother brings my …

The Individual Uniform

Sartorial representation from the fig leaf to the turtleneck

Arts, Mar 22 2019

by Bilal Memon

When the woman saw that the tree was good for food and pleasing to the eyes, and that it was desirable …

Crisis of Care

Politicians and think-tanks have bold new plans to make raising kids cheaper, easier… and fun?

News, Mar 22 2019

by David Golden

Ten years ago, the Wall Street Journal interviewed daycare operators around the country to compile a list of tips and tricks …

Intestines, and How We Were Never Born

Science & Technology, Mar 22 2019

by Seamus Flynn

I’m five years old, waiting alone in my mom's office at the Zen Buddhist practice center she helps run. I don’t …

A Tale of Three Cities

Law Enforcement Assisted Diversion in Seattle, New Orleans, and Pawtucket

Metro, Mar 22 2019

by Rachel Rood-Ojalvo

Jails and prisons have become the United States’ largest housing complex and healthcare system for people with mental health and substance …

From Railroad: Vote Yes on Divest

News, Mar 17 2019

by Railroad

Railroad is a collective of prison abolitionists, criminal justice reformers, and others working in solidarity with communities and organizations in Providence …

Week in $$$

News, Mar 15 2019

by Sarah Clapp & Zachary Baytosh

One-Student Schoolhouse Facing overcrowding last school-year in Cheyenne, Wyoming school administrators resorted to shuffling students around the district in an effort …

3 Stories: Money Matters, Bean Soup, Horse

Literary, Mar 15 2019

by Betsy Roy, Star Su & Lucy Qiu

Money Matters by Betsy Roy You wouldn’t believe what I’d do for money. Like, seriously! It depends on the time of …

Tidy Futures

The work of decluttering with Marie Kondo

Arts, Mar 15 2019

by Nickolas Roblee-Strauss

As we entered 2019, a push for dispossession caught the nation by storm. Brendan Hurley, manager of Goodwill Industries in the …

Building a Bigger Table

A look at Cohen v. Brown and legal battles over Title IX, in athletics and beyond

Metro, Mar 15 2019

by Amelia Anthony

content warning: sexual assault Lifetime civil rights attorney Lynette Labinger is sharp and confident, sitting across from me in an ornately-decorated …

Survivors Have Said "Me Too"

Now what should their perpetrators say?

Features, Mar 15 2019

by Marie Lachance

content warning: sexual assault “Hey, I have a really serious question for you that hasn’t been addressed ever,” reads the text …

Power Plants

Scrutinizing the US' biofuel future

Science & Technology, Mar 15 2019

by Shannon Kingsley

In the depths of a swamp forest, the ferns are dying. Fanned bodies bowed together, these giant leaf-like forms topple and …

Cybernetic Ghost Towns

New pathways of communication, histories of warfare, and the practice of listening

Arts, Mar 08 2019

by Alexis Gordon

Norbert Wiener first outlined the theory of cybernetics in his 1950 book The Human Use of Human Beings. Cybernetics describe a …

A Lawyer on Broad Street

Providence lawyer José Batista takes on police oversight

Metro, Mar 08 2019

by Lucas Smolcic Larson

The mile-long boulevard of Broadway, in Providence, is a den of lawyers. Over 15 private law offices occupy the hodgepodge of …

"To Hell with the Stadium"

Can building trades and the left find common ground?

Metro, Mar 08 2019

by Harry August & Michael Shorris

At a July 19 Providence City Council hearing, local progressive activists and local construction unions clashed. Chants and shouts from the …

Scenic Depictions of Slavic Life

Building a language of irony in Latvian counter-culture

Features, Mar 08 2019

by Alan Emory Dean

“The Slav Squat is not just about squatting down—no, no. It is about technique. About showing your Slav levels,” explains YouTube …

From the Editors

FTE, Mar 01 2019

by JR + LSL

I’ve run into city councilwoman Kat Kerwin twice in the past week: once at Seven Stars Bakery on the West Side …


X, Mar 01 2019

by Bee Mitchell

The World as Picture, Exhibition, and Target

Angkor Wat, neo-colonialism, and opacity

Arts, Mar 01 2019

by Alexis Gordon

Postcard for the Angkor Wat Pavilion, 1931 I want to talk about some phenomena in the violence against Southeast Asian peoples, …

Week in Jam

News, Mar 01 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Gemma Sack

LOST IN TRANSLATION, ONCE AGAIN Ariana Grande, America’s sweetheart as of late, continued our country’s long-standing tradition of getting a tattoo …


Rhode Island politicians keep their constituents in the dark

Metro, Mar 01 2019

by Alina Kulman

Rhode Island politicians often struggle to keep their reputations clean, so maybe it isn’t surprising that when officials take to Twitter, …

Bad Lieutenant

Passing, clocking, and the curious case of Catalina de Erauso

Features, Mar 01 2019

by Cal Turner

Doña Catalina de Erauso does not have much of a place in history. He is a footnote to the Spanish Baroque …

Beyond Screens

In conversation with Khiara Bridges and Virginia Eubanks

Science & Technology, Mar 01 2019

by Julia Rock & Lily Meyersohn

content warning: maternal death "I’m literally dying,” Lashonda Hazard posted on Facebook early last month. The otherwise-healthy, pregnant 27-year-old had visited …

Six Men Spotted at the Glen Park Roller Rink and Rec Center

Literary, Feb 15 2019

by Will Weatherly

ROB It is hard to avoid looking at one another on the rink because you’re in a circle: somebody’s always following …

Tourist Trap

Geosure tries to build a safer world—but for whom?

Science & Technology, Feb 14 2019

by Liam Greenwell

I open Geosure and the map populates with nearby scores. There’s a lot of green, implying “low risk.” One of the …

Week in (Mis)communication

News, Feb 14 2019

by Roxanne Barnes, Alina Kulman & Theia Flynn

LMS for Salvation Pope Francis wants you to know he’s not a regular pope, he’s a cool pope. With the recent …

How Libraries Adapt

American public libraries and the aura of collective interface

Science & Technology, Feb 14 2019

by Miles Guggenheim

In its 2018 and 2019 budget proposals, the Trump administration attempted to cut government funding for the Institute for Museum and …

Striking a Deal

LA teachers push for a more equitable public school system

News, Feb 14 2019

by Bilal Memon & Kanha Prasad

Standing on the front steps of LA City Hall, Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), shouted into …

State of Affairs

Protests build momentum in Sudan and France

News, Feb 01 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Jessica Bram Murphy

Media outlets largely focus on specific moments in time, framing events as singular instances while often ignoring their historical and political …

Week in Digital Drama

News, Feb 01 2019

by Ben Bienstock, Sarah Clapp, Maria Gerdyman, Annabelle Chace & Theia Flynn

"Facebook gains nothing from this meme" If you haven’t deactivated your social media accounts out of fear of breaches in privacy, …

Three Poems

Literary, Feb 01 2019

by Rachel Landau

new interior for a hallmark birthday card hornet wound i weep your memory accounting for sapphire-stained rungs in the ladder though …

Selling Out

Mayor Elorza's plan to privatize the Providence water supply board

Metro, Feb 01 2019

by Julia Rock

The story of the Scituate Reservoir holds its own in the annals of Rhode Island history. A gruesome tale of eminent …

Best Rhode Island Tweets of 2018

An Indy Listicle

Metro, Dec 21 2018

by Harry August & Ella Comberg

We never thought the day would come either. At the Indy, we pride ourselves on maintaining the kind of long-form, Leftist, …

Crisis of confidence

Individual accountability and collective reconciliation

Climate, Dec 07 2018

by Miles Guggenheim

This article is the fifth installment of a month-long series, “Through the Muck,” tackling climate change in Rhode Island. Climate change …

Week in Compassionate Capitalism

News, Dec 07 2018

by Ben Bienstock, Sarah Clapp & Caroline Ribet

STEM or: HOW GIRL SCOUTS LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE BOMB content warning: military violence At last month’s Macy’s …

Chinga las Armas

SOA, Plan Merida, and how the US funds gun violence in Mexico

News, Dec 07 2018

by Leslie Benavides

December 10 marks the 12th year anniversary of the War on Drugs in Mexico. As of November 2018, 250,000 people are …

A (RI)sing tide

How coastal managers and local leaders are grappling with sea level rise in the Ocean State

Climate, Dec 07 2018

by Lucas Smolcic Larson

This article is the fourth installment of a month-long series, “Through the Muck,” tackling climate change in Rhode Island. On a …

Talking Heads

Sinclair and rising conservative influence in RI media

Metro, Dec 07 2018

by Alina Kulman

Last March, Frank Coletta and Alison Bologna, anchors at WJAR, the NBC affiliate station in Rhode Island, gave a speech on …

The Absence

Literary, Nov 30 2018

by Nicolaia Rips

Margaret Boyle woke up and her left incisor was loose. In her dream, she was crushed under a giant unspecified citrus …

Glass House, Shattered

A walkthrough of Philip Johnson’s famed residence

Features, Nov 30 2018

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Alex Westfall

We visited Philip Johnson’s Glass House on a chilly Friday morning in autumn. After multiple failed attempts to reserve a visit …

Safety First — But Wait, There’s More

Juggling multiple interests in the improvements to Kennedy Plaza

Metro, Nov 30 2018

by Marly Toledano

Although plans to improve the downtown area have been a topic of conversation in Providence over the past decade, the City …

My Finest Jacket

Reimagining the placenta’s place in our birth narrative

Science & Technology, Nov 30 2018

by Mia Pattillo

Though addressing the experience of all placenta-bearing folks, I refer to mothers in this piece using she/her pronouns for the sake …

A Lack of Agency

Climate change tests the brittle Rhode Island bureaucracy

Climate, Nov 30 2018

by Colin Kent-Daggett

This article is the second installment of a month-long series, “Through the Muck,” tackling climate change in Rhode Island. Last December, …


Forty years ago, student journalists uncovered records of police brutality in Providence

Features, Nov 30 2018

by Ella Comberg & Lucas Smolcic Larson

content warning: graphic descriptions of police brutality In 1980, Steve Kohn returned to the offices of the Providence Human Relations Commission, …

Gross National Cool

Objects I found in Tokyo

Arts, Nov 16 2018

by Liby Hays

While researching my trip to Japan, I was surprised to find that “Gross National Cool” was an actual governmental concern. A …

The Life of Lorimer

Body, Nov 16 2018

by Nicolaia Rips

Lorimer was a zesty youth. His baker made him with lemon rind and bitter vanilla. The lemon was shriveled and white-yellow …

Four More

Literary, Nov 16 2018

by Eli Makovetsky

OnceChildhood Dismissing worries quickly—like a professional palm reader, you never and always talk to me about bees, their outlines wasted on …

Four Poems

Literary, Nov 16 2018

by Gemma Brand-Wolf

Harmony in Red I cut my foot at the museum, Walked around afraid Trailing blood I looked at the wall between …

Slowing Food

Using and watching Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Arts, Nov 16 2018

by Flo Li

Being a foodie is most definitely entwined in my DNA. My mother famously recalls only eating noodles for about two months …

Week in Double Deals

News, Nov 16 2018

by Roxanne Barnes & Mia Pattillo

Flushing the Swamp Never in the history of electoral politics has the accusation “My opponent is full of shit” been used …

Tough Love

I came around to Angela Merkel. Now she´s on her way out.

News, Nov 16 2018

by Allison Meakem

Germany’s historically early exit from the World Cup this year wasn’t the summer’s only national tragedy. Almost immediately following the Nationalelf’s …

Building my Ofrenda

Embodying ancestral knowledge in a scientific dystopia

Features, Nov 16 2018

by Jorge Palacios

Though Día de los Muertos is now over, I often think about the ofrendas, or altars, that my mom sets up …

No Vacancy

Worrisome real estate trends and the fate of Providence's abandoned properties

Metro, Nov 16 2018

by Giacomo Sartorelli

The collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market in 2007 sent Rhode Island’s home prices plummeting and forced thousands of families from …

Week in Puppets

News, Nov 09 2018

by Ella Comberg, Alina Kulman & Liby Hays

DANCE LIKE NOBODY'S WATCHING “This is interpretive dance—also known as Mooch Moves—for my time in the White House.” Last Monday, the …

Beyond the Candidates

An independent midterms rundown

News, Nov 09 2018

by Mara Dolan, Lucas Smolcic Larson & Paula Pacheco Soto

Here we thread together national stories, revealed not through House or Senate races, but through ballot measures and referendums, speaking to …

Through the Muck

Introducing an Indy series on climate change in RI

Climate, Nov 09 2018

by Harry August, Ella Comberg & Julia Rock

We have no idea how to think about climate. Over-dramatized headlines responding to last month’s United Nations IPCC report yell at …

We Can't Live on Books Alone

The Fight for Graduate Worker Power

Metro, Nov 09 2018

by Dylan Lewis

Brown University’s Graduate School recently bought two Facebook ads targeting their students’ unionization efforts, one titled “Do You Need a Union,” …

Items I Lost or Else Forgot While Moving Through

Mourning and melancholia in their transit

Features, Oct 26 2018

by Lily Meyersohn

“Think of a word, any word. Let’s try coconut.” My old friend whose parents named her after a citrus gives me …

Thinking In Big History

Nick Bostrom, transhumanist visions, and the rise of macrostrategy

Science & Technology, Oct 26 2018

by Leo Stevenson

now everything is happening faster than you can think at the speed of genius at the speed of a thousand geniuses …

Week in Subcultures

News, Oct 26 2018

by Ben Bienstock, Sarah Clapp & Liby Hays

POW! WHAM! CHOMP? Let this serve as a lesson to all New England exotic pet owners and comic book lovers: you …

Picture Shows for Roadkill

Literary, Oct 26 2018

by Blake Planty

content warning: animal death, non-consensual intimacy Martin is smoking on the bed with his elbow buried into his thigh and head …

Walking on Eggshells

Tlatelolco, UNAM, and Mexico's resurgent student movement

Features, Oct 26 2018

by Jacob Alabab-Moser

content warning: state violence, gore, gender violence I am WhatsApping my friend Carolina on a Wednesday night in early October in …

Taking Back the Wheel

Lessons from the First Student drivers' strike

Metro, Oct 26 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

Wafaa is eleven years old and attends Nathanael Greene Middle School. She and her younger brother were two of the almost …

My Professor told me that since the Beginning of Time Humanity has been concerned about Daisy

This Poem Has Been Written Before on october 2018 in the united states of america

Literary, Oct 19 2018

by Marly Toledano

Don’t sing love songs, you’ll wake my mother She’s sleeping here right by my side And in her right hand a …

Week in Stunts

News, Oct 19 2018

by Sara Van Horn, Matthew Mellea & Liby Hays

ACCIDENTAL ALTERCATIONS In a dramatic reveal last Wednesday, Rhode Island’s very own Joe Trillo acknowledged that yes, okay, he may have …

To Be a Composer is Not Enough

The life and music of Julius Eastman

Arts, Oct 19 2018

by Julian Fox

The last known recording of composer Julius Eastman is his performance in 1981 of an original song cycle entitled “Taking Refuge …

Weed It and Weep

Monsanto, herbicides, and the corporatization of US agriculture

Science & Technology, Oct 19 2018

by Kayli Wren

“We’ve got to turn back 50, 60 years of the way we’re doing agriculture. But it can be done, and I …

The Face of Fascism

Brazil’s presidential election heads for disaster

News, Oct 19 2018

by Gabriela Naigeborin

content warning: political violence, racism, classism, misogyny, sexual violence, homophobia, transphobia, death, torture Public statements made by Jair Messias Bolsonaro, the …

War Of Performance

Spectatorship and combat in Fortnite: Battle Royale

Science & Technology, Oct 05 2018

by Miles Guggenheim

This summer, in Kazan, Russia, France’s veteran striker Antoine Griezmann stepped up to the penalty spot to score the first goal …

Fight to Table

A Pittsburgh international eatery and its politics

Body, Oct 05 2018

by Pia Mileaf-Patel

Dawn Weleski is a Pittsburgher. She talks fast and with a purpose, was “raised on pierogis and pulaski noodles,” and has …

Hotsauce, Honey, and Jam

Metro, Oct 05 2018

by Alina Kulman

It’s the Saturday night championship game for the Providence Roller Derby League, and excitement is running high. “Hips Don’t Lie” by …

Week In Denmark

News, Oct 05 2018

by Sarah Clapp, Julia Rock & Liby Hays

BRICK BY BRICK Conservationists keen on toy block reconstructions of Death Stars and Taj Mahals can finally rejoice: Lego is ditching …

We Don't Live in That Kind of World

Revisiting Thelma and Louise in the second “Year of the Woman”

Arts, Oct 05 2018

by Mara Dolan & Mia Pattillo

content warning: sexual violence Last week, we hosted a dozen women at our house for a screening of Thelma and Louise. …

Health Services

Literary, Sep 28 2018

by Luke Perrotta

“Oh, honey.” The paper crinkles when I hop up on the shiny patient bed and face the nurse, whose nametag screams …

Critically Making a Campus

RISD’s Prov-Wash gets a new look, but for whom?

Features, Sep 28 2018

by Jeremy Wolin

“Have you been? It’s very space-agey,” I overheard in my first week back in Providence. 20 Washington Place, better known to …

Week In Running

News, Sep 28 2018

by Harry August, Ella Comberg & Lucien Turczan-Lipets

Uptown Rats, Not So Whitebread World Billy Joel pointed out that the differences between the girls of the Upper East Side …

Forest for the Trees

"Tree mortality” and fire management in the Sierra Nevada

Science & Technology, Sep 28 2018

by Julia Rock

In March of 2017, the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine hosted a workshop in Washington D.C. titled “A Century …

Escaping the Textile World

Nudity and community in northern Rhode Island

Metro, Sep 28 2018

by Kayli Wren

The campsite is quintessential New England. Cornfields in the distance, wooden cabins nestled between tall oaks and pines, a cluster of …

Judge, Jury, and Executioner

Life and Death in Nebraska

News, Sep 28 2018

by Julian Fox

cw: graphic depictions of death, racial violence On the night of September 1, 1994, local news anchors Loretta Caroll and John …

Communicating Through Taste and Text

Cake fixes everything (I hope)

Features, Sep 24 2018

by Raina Wellman

Prompted by a request from her parents, Rachel Gelmis received an optional drug test from her Alabama high school. As reported …

Do You Even Rift?

Literary, Sep 24 2018

by Liam Carpenter-Urquhart

Hellnoser Forums Rifter discussion and community news. We can deal with demons, but don’t be a dick. --- Quick Guides for …

Crypto Contra Central Control

Silk Road and the failed 'revolution'

Science & Technology, Sep 24 2018

by Galadriel

Within the last week, the apocalyptically-named “Crypto Crash of 2018” has reached new lows. “Crypto’s 80% Plunge Is Now Worse Than …

Can You Gentrify a Vacant Lot?

The Jewelry District and the myth of the American urban utopia

Metro, Sep 24 2018

by Colin Kent-Daggett

During a Providence Ordinance Committee hearing this July, opponents of the proposed 46-story Fane Tower framed the project as a referendum …

The Urban Landscape Re-imagined in Wood

A humble building material soars to new heights

Science & Technology, Sep 24 2018

by Giacomo Sartorelli

It is a rare and special occasion when a truly novel building material is made widely available for commercial use. The …

The Wizard Behind the Wall

Rhode Island Democrats' turbulent year

Metro, Sep 24 2018

by Joshua F. Waldman

Last week’s Democratic primaries in Rhode Island capped a year defined by party dysfunction and statehouse discord. The state party followed …

Keeping Families Together (In Detention)

A "new" Flores Settlement and the move from family separation to family imprisonment

News, Sep 24 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

The names and biographical information stated below have been altered to protect the identities of the children and their mothers who …

Week in Shiny Objects

News, Sep 24 2018

by Roxanne Barnes, Sara Van Horn & Liby Hays

Somewhere Under the Rainbow Just over 13 years ago, a pair of iconic ruby slippers from the Wizard of Oz was …


Getting dressed with glamour

Body, Sep 15 2018

by Cal Turner

The first piece of clothing I ever really loved was a calf-length dress I would now call slip-inspired. It didn't look …

David in the Forest

Literary, Sep 15 2018

by Miles Guggenheim

I used to have eggs and toast for breakfast. That was great because I’d go to bed each night thinking about …

Urban Birding

Do e-scooters herald an electrified micro-mobility revolution?

Science & Technology, Sep 15 2018

by Lucas Smolcic Larson

On March 27, 2018, Travis VanderZanden, founder and CEO of Bird Rides Inc., released an open letter to the CEOs of …

The House on Keene Steet

College Hill reads the zoning code

Metro, Sep 15 2018

by Harry August & Ella Comberg

Along College Hill’s Keene Street, identical teal blue signs placed in nearly every yard point to a street united. Unlike other …

Playing in many forms

Tag, the club, and fake personas

Features, Apr 20 2018

by Florence Li

On a recent February day, I checked the weather and saw that it was going to be unseasonably warm. In celebration, …

Private Eyes

Cambridge Analytica and the new frontier of internet privacy

News, Apr 20 2018

by Marly Toledano

This past month, Cambridge Analytica has made its way into our consciousness and, for those of us unfortunate enough to be …

Three Poems

Literary, Apr 20 2018

by Sienna Giraldi & Will Weatherly

into its own fixless dew-thighed-today i set out to find my missing vowels with me i have only the things you …

The New School

Expressionistic recollections of a night in virtual reality

Arts, Apr 20 2018

by Liby Hays

The worst part about virtual reality is how flagrantly interesting it is. You bring it up and everyone within earshot turns …

Missing the Mark

The reality of the gun control debate in Rhode Island

Metro, Apr 20 2018

by Lucas Smolcic Larson

On April 10, hundreds of people packed the galleries of the RI State House. As the House Judiciary Committee voted to …

Week in Unrequited Love

News, Apr 20 2018

by Sara Van Horn, Mariela Pichardo & Emma Kofman

Say No to Marriage According to relationship guru magazine, Cosmopolitan, one in four women will turn down a marriage proposal in …

Soft Power

Petra Collins and the problem with the female gaze

Arts, Apr 12 2018

by Jane Argodale

Two women press their cheeks together, with dark hair falling in their faces and lips parted to reveal the radiant white …

The Shame of the Cities

Renderings, reality TV, and obsessive urbanism

Arts, Apr 12 2018

by Ella Comberg

There’s an image of the proposed Providence streetcar that keeps me up at night. It depicts the corner of Empire and …

Priced Out

DARE's fight for rent stabilization

Metro, Apr 12 2018

by Mariela Pichardo

Federal Hill couple Butch and Madonna Trottier, aged 78 and 76 years old respectively, spent three months of the past year …

Behind the Braids

Students, farmworkers, and the Fair Food Program

News, Apr 12 2018

by Natalie Lerner

During spring of 2015, my first year at Brown, I participated in a campus-wide movement called #MoneyTalksAtBrown. This student-organized march and …

Week in Hot Takes

News, Apr 12 2018

by Jack Brook, Marly Toledano & Lucas Smolcic Larson

With Flying Colors When Nick Burchill arrived at Victoria’s Fairmont Empress hotel in April, 2001, he was carrying a suitcase full …

White Dreams and Soiled Memories

Features, Apr 06 2018

by Jorge Palacios

content warning: sexual violence I walk outside and am met with morning dew in the grass and morning crust in my …

Night of the Four Moons

Crumb, Lorca, and Harmony with Space

Arts, Apr 06 2018

by Seamus Flynn

Every US president since the 1970s has announced some new plan to send humans back into space. Besides ‘inspiring millions,’ those …

Grave Goods

The possessions of the passed

Body, Apr 06 2018

by Eve Zelickson

Last month I called my grandma hoping to plan a trip up to Gladstone, Michigan to visit her for Easter. At …

Who Counts?

The end-to-end census test in Providence County

Metro, Apr 06 2018

by Julia Rock

It is no small task to count the nearly 326 million people who live in the United States and its territories. …

Week in Facebook

News, Apr 06 2018

by Julia Rock & Graham Straus

Analog Apology Much to the surprise of everyone, Mark Zuckerberg apologized to humanity last week for the harm he has caused …

Looking Like You

A review of the 2018 RISD Faculty Exhibition

Arts, Mar 23 2018

by Eliza Chen

One time, during the bizarre event that is my primary studio course at RISD, we spent two hours thinking hard, in …

Set in Stone

Examining the stakes of transnational monuments

Features, Mar 23 2018

by Jeremy Wolin

In 2016, the National Park Service, the National Capital Planning Commission, and the Van Alen Institute launched “Memorials for the Future,” …

To the Benefit of Few

The histories of the Providence Preservation Society

Metro, Mar 23 2018

by Kerrick Edwards & Ilan Desai-Geller

102 Benefit Street, the Gershom Jones-John Howland House, is built on land that was first developed by Abraham Whipple, a captain …

Who is Deemed Worthy

How America has delegitimized Black youth activism

News, Mar 23 2018

by Mia Pattillo

On February 20, nearly a week after the Parkland High School shooting, 100 students from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School …

Week in Messy Politics

News, Mar 23 2018

by Julia Rock, Julia Petrini & Will Weatherly

Revolutionary Criminals People who work for the government in Rhode Island aren’t the best at playing by the rules. In the …

Love is an Empty Theme Park

Notes on this season of The Bachelor

Occult, Mar 15 2018

by Mitchell Johnson

For the past few months, my friends and I watched The Bachelor almost every week. We said we were doing this …

Summer After Moonlight

On why we are glad Call Me By Your Name didn’t win Best Picture

Features, Mar 15 2018

by Ruby Aiyo Gerber, Paula Pacheco Soto & Emma Lloyd

Queer films represent a break from mainstream cinema, which is usually intent on depicting heterosexual romance. In the past few years, …

Sick Days

Individualized healthcare and corporatized well-being

Science & Technology, Mar 15 2018

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

Of the many protest signs from last week written in that perfect classroom-style, magic-marker-on-cardstock lettering, more than one read: “I’d take …

Walking Out

The West Virginia teachers strike and the future of American labor

News, Mar 15 2018

by Jane Argodale

On February 22, 35,000 teachers in all 55 West Virginia counties walked out on their jobs, shutting down public schools statewide …

Week in Growing Industries

News, Mar 15 2018

by Soraya Ferdman & Marly Toledano

Reasons to Lyft After a long Saturday night and a few too many tequila shots, sometimes the only thing the uninhibited …


X, Mar 09 2018

by Zak Ziebell

Breaking Time

An interview with novelist Max Winter

Metro, Mar 09 2018

by Liam Greenwell

Max Winter does not know why he was fired from the Brown Bookstore two weeks after Exes, his novel, was bought …

Bodies of the Water

The Bogotá River and Tequendama Falls

Arts, Mar 09 2018

by Maria Camila Arbelaez Solano

Pollution Two great floods are burned into my memories of those days. Memory, for a child immigrant, often feels like a …

Love Never Fails

Car Seat Headrest and my twin fantasies

Arts, Mar 09 2018

by Cal Turner

The February release of Car Seat Headrest’s Twin Fantasy (Face to Face) wreaked more psychological havoc on me than any other …

Selling Small

(Mis)Adventures in branding the Ocean State

Metro, Mar 09 2018

by Lucas Smolcic Larson

In March 2016, Rhode Island made an ill-fated foray into the wild world of state-branding. Lawmakers put $5 million into the …

Tractor Hack

The fight for the right to repair

Science & Technology, Mar 09 2018

by Julia Rock

Tom Schwarz is a farmer in Bertrand, Nebraska, where he lives on the same farm his family has owned for five …

Week in Strange Competition

News, Mar 09 2018

by Sara Van Horn, Sydney Anderson & Eve Zelickson

Fighting for Fitness When it comes to national security threats, you’ve heard of North Korea, you’ve heard of Russia’s troll farms, …

Chismeando con Ruben

A Conversation with Queer Xicano Chisme

Features, Mar 02 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

In English, the word chisme translates to gossip. Chisme is a cultural practice in Latin American and diaspora communities, an implicit …

Oh! Vanishing point!

Ephemera, Mar 02 2018

by L, M & M

Watching the Olympics on TV

Thoughts on those very wonderful games

Arts, Mar 02 2018

by Isabelle Rea

Every couple of years, the normal schedule of televised sport is upset by a two week long global tournament of sports …

Navigating Happiness

Reaching past self-care

Occult, Mar 02 2018

by Gabriela Naigeborin

One of the threads linking so-called “global cities” together runs through their subway tracks. I always found it soothing to ride …

Against the Wind

Climate discourse and its call to action

Science & Technology, Mar 02 2018

by Ted Catlin

“Providence has a troubled but productive history with the sea,” Barnaby Evans said to the attendees of the monthly Jewelry District …

Without Report

Tension following allegations in Rhode Island schools

Metro, Mar 02 2018

by Emma Gavlin

content warning: sexual and racial violence in schools. In July 2016 the Rhode Island General Assembly made a change to the …

Our Collective Resistance

AMOR's rapid response to state violence

Metro, Mar 02 2018

by Mariela Pichardo

Lincoln, Rhode Island resident Lilian Calderon never returned home on January 17. While attending a routine check-in meeting with Immigration and …

The Hand that Feeds You

Columbia graduate workers give a lesson in labor

News, Mar 02 2018

by Will Weatherly

content warning: sexual harassment On February 1, a group of graduate workers and faculty at Columbia University gathered in front of …

Week in Unwanted Commodities

News, Mar 02 2018

by Harry August, Paige Parsons & Mara Dolan

Repent, Reuse, Recycle “For dust thou art, and unto dust shalt thou return.” This is the Genesis verse heard around the …

Gone Fishin'

X, Feb 16 2018

by Zak Ziebell

In the Meantime

Providence public school students circumvent a doomed architecture

Metro, Feb 16 2018

by Ella Comberg

When Alice Rayner was a senior in high school, they wrote a blog post for “the Purple Pages,” a Tumblr account …

A Loss for Words

Do we have to change our language before we can change our ideas?

Features, Feb 16 2018

by Jane Argodale

Contemporary debates on free speech, political correctness, and identity politics have all taken up language as a site of contention. Figures …

Five Ring Activism

NOlympics LA and global resistance to the Olympic Games

News, Feb 16 2018

by Lucas Smolcic Larson

In 1932, while millions of unemployed Americans waited in breadlines, Los Angeles hosted the Olympics for the first time. Leading up …

Week in Kingdom Animalia

News, Feb 16 2018

by Ivy Scott & Will Weatherly

Birdbrains “It is the things we love most that destroy us,” wrote Suzanne Collins in the third book of the Hunger …

Untitled Poem About Nazbol

Literary, Feb 09 2018

by Nikita Sungatov & translated from Russian by Signe Swanson

*** yekaterina volkova: singer, actress, former lover of eduard limonov back in his day he dedicated many poems to her they …

I'm Not Going Anywhere

Architecture, Columbus, and the possibilities of caring

Arts, Feb 09 2018

by Josh Wartel

In 2009, Texas Monthly published a long story recounting the relationship between a mother, Ann McClamrock, and her son, John. John …

On Scrolling

Arts, Feb 09 2018

by Zak Ziebell

Scrolling is the single gesture–besides maybe walking or blinking–that I perform most in my everyday life. Two fingers, or maybe just …

Bread, Slowly, Painstakingly

Body, Feb 09 2018

by Pia Mileaf-Patel

I’ve started talking about bread like some people talk about finding a particularly inspiring spinning instructor. Nobody talks about finding religion, …

A Future You Can Believe In

China and the advent of the Social Credit System

Science & Technology, Feb 09 2018

by Hal Triedman

Every internet user leaves crumbs of data behind—clicks, scrolls, advertisement views, website visits, location check-ins—a mountain of information, compounding every day. …


Utility justice in South Providence and Washington Park

Metro, Feb 09 2018

by Cecelia Tamburro

Monica Huertas is a community activist and mother of four. She lives in Lower South Providence, and the health of her …

Week in Bad Role Models

News, Feb 09 2018

by Eve Zelickson, Ivy Scott & Harry August

Don’t Drink & Drone The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) had until September 30, 2015 to establish comprehensive rules for the use …

Week in Civil Disobedience

News, Feb 02 2018

by Ella Comberg, Soraya Ferdman & Kayli Wren

#CHRISTIESTILLHATESTRANSPORTATIONLAWSGATE Four years after #Bridgegate flooded Twitter, Chris Christie’s name is once again under fire over a gate scandal. Then, it …

Priming the Capital

Amazon’s bidding war and the allure of corporate takeover

News, Feb 02 2018

by Isabel DeBre & Chris Packs

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single corporation in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of …

Rainbow Saviors

On the politics of (not) coming out

Features, Feb 02 2018

by Paula Pacheco Soto

cw: homophobia, sexual assault. The first accusation of sexual assault against Kevin Spacey surfaced on October 29, 2017 by actor Anthony …

Ursula, Oh Ursula

What do you do when your favorite person dies?

Arts, Feb 02 2018

by Eliza Chen

After the death of a great artist such as Ursula Le Guin, the inevitably lesser person writing the memoriam (in this …

Kebab a ČÍna

Veganism, multiculturalism, and culinary tradition in the Czech Republic

Body, Feb 02 2018

by Jane Argodale

On a Saturday afternoon in the Czech city of Brno, my friend and I sat inside Forky’s, a vegan restaurant, shoveling …

Fish Filet

X, Feb 02 2018

by Zak Ziebell

Dear Indy...

Features, Dec 01 2017

by Will Tavlin

Submit your questions anonymously for the Indy advice columnhere. Dear Indy, I’ve just been ghosted by my Tinder date. It feels …

From Molding to Demolding

Musings on casting, the Internet, and the things in between

Arts, Dec 01 2017

by William Samosir

The below diagram is a non-comprehensive illustration of a casting procedure. Casting commences by wrapping a blanket of material around a …

Digital Drugs

mHealth and mental illness treatment

Science & Technology, Dec 01 2017

by Liz Cory

On November 13, the FDA approved Abilify MyCite, a new version of the antipsychotic drug Abilify engineered to include a sensor …

Inspiring Angels

Freakery and resistance in AIDS crisis performance

Arts, Dec 01 2017

by Cal Turner

In 1970s San Francisco, to be gay was often to be spectacular. The Angels of Light, a free theatre formed in …

The Railroad Lie

Trains and nostalgia

Features, Dec 01 2017

by Julia Tompkins

In a May 1867 letter to the San Francisco Alta California, Mark Twain wrote: “A railroad is like a lie—you have …

La Lucha Sigue

Migrant protection after the TPS repeal

Metro, Dec 01 2017

by Paula Pacheco Soto

On November 6, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Elaine Duke scheduled the termination of the temporary protected status for Nicaraguan citizens, …

Civil Death

RI statute removes civil rights from incarcerated people with life sentences

Metro, Dec 01 2017

by Alicia Mies

In his cell at the Rhode Island Department of Corrections, Richard Paiva has slept without winter clothing and in unsanitary living …

Greener on the Other Side

Climate justice activists hold California Governor accountable at world summit

News, Dec 01 2017

by Mara Dolan

The group members, huddling together in the German winter, have banners strewn across their shoulders. Unfurled only moments ago, their messages …

Week in Post-Apocalypse

News, Dec 01 2017

by Mark Benz, Sophie Kasakove, Patrick McMenamin, Eve Zelickson & Will Weatherly

A Fizzling Housing Market Like a specter haunting Middle America, the remnants of Cold War industry are making for a strange …

Vinegar, not Jam

A magical, maximalist artist

Features, Nov 17 2017

by Marielle Burt

“The Two of Swords! This card is something to fear. It means stability, equilibrium. Of course! I’m fucking terrified of stability,” …

Book Reviews

Arts, Nov 17 2017

by Liby Hays

New Releases / Reissues Cunny Poem by Bunny Rogers Cunny Poem is a collection of Bunny Rogers’s poetry written between 2012 …

The World Under Glass

Mars, money, and matter in Arizona

Science & Technology, Nov 17 2017

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

Once upon a time in the 1980s, a Texas oil magnate, an architect, a systems theorist, and a hippie-businessman-scientist re-made the …

Without Pedestals Everything Falls in the Mud

Queer ecology as an attack on hierarchy

Science & Technology, Nov 17 2017

by Lee Pivnik

Male cuttlefish have evolved a unique reproductive behavior. During mating season, they win the eye of a female by fighting off …

A House Musuem

Mystery in the Isabella Stewart Gardner museum

Arts, Nov 17 2017

by Isabelle Rea

Underneath the premiere painting of the Isabella Stewart Gardner collection, Titian’s Europa, hangs the skirt of Isabella Gardner’s own ball gown. …

No Delusions

A conversation with Dr. Maung Zarni on the Rohingya genocide

Metro, Nov 17 2017

by Chris Packs & Isabel DeBre

content warning: state violence, sexual violence, genocide, Islamophobia, graphic bodily mutilation This fall, the persecution of Rohingya people overwhelmed global media …

Week in Party Animals

News, Nov 17 2017

by Julia Rock, Julia Petrini & Kelton Ellis

THE POLISH WAY Last week, the Polish Health Ministry released a public service announcement encouraging it citizens to “breed like rabbits.” …

Week in Unresolved Cases

News, Nov 10 2017

by Harry August & Eve Zelickson

Iditaroids The walls of my boyhood room, once decorated with Sports Illustrated Kids centerfolds of Lance Armstrong, Barry Bonds, Roger Clemens, …


FTE, Nov 10 2017

by WT, LB & SK

This time last year, we here at the Indy spent a frantic production day assembling a newspaper we’d never prepared to …

Vision Machines

Apocalypse & virtual deterrence in Southland Tales

Arts, Nov 10 2017

by Robin Manley

content warning: suicide The world never quite ends in Southland Tales. When a nuclear detonation interrupts an idyllic suburban afternoon in …

My Cromwell

On the fantasies of Wolf Hall

Arts, Nov 10 2017

by Isabelle Rea

I’d seen the book around the house, collapsed on different surfaces. I had heard remnants of kingly names and dark adjectives …

The Politics of Fragmentation

Mobilizing for secularism in sectarian Lebanon

News, Nov 10 2017

by Isabel DeBre

On November 4, Saad Hariri resigned as Prime Minister of Lebanon, shocking the country. “I sensed what’s being woven in secret …


Occult, Nov 10 2017

by Lena Nygren

I am thinking of you every day. I love you. Do you remember when we planted a red gumball in the …

Greater Welfare

Nixon’s Family Assistance Plan and the contemporary debate over Universal Basic Incomes

Features, Nov 10 2017

by David Golden

Since the Great Recession, proposals for a radical transformation of the American welfare state have appeared in think-tank proposals and newspapers …

Criminal Treatment

Rhode Island’s efforts to treat opioid-use disorders in its prison population

Metro, Nov 10 2017

by Julia Rock

Michael is set to leave the prison in two days, ending an 80 day sentence for possession of a controlled substance. …

Super Like

X, Nov 03 2017

by Fabiola Millan


X, Nov 03 2017

by Nicole Cochary

Pissed Pants Academy

Literary, Nov 03 2017

by Liby Hays

It was the day I met Paula Abdul on an airplane, and she was very beautiful, very glamorous, and she was …

Five Movies on Small Screens

Science & Technology, Nov 03 2017

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

Rear Window (1955) University Building Auditorium I saw this for class. We were supposed to think about the male gaze and …

PrEP Failure

Drugs and stigma in the ‘post-AIDS’ era

Features, Nov 03 2017

by Mitchell Johnson

content warning: homophobia, racism In February of this year, several media outlets picked up a story about a gay man in …

Eat Up

Thoughts on the body horror of Raw

Body, Nov 03 2017

by Audrey Chisholm

content warning: gore, eating disorder Before it hit the US, Julia Ducournau’s debut film Raw generated early buzz for its allegedly …

Edges and Borders

New luxury student housing on Canal Street

Metro, Nov 03 2017

by Ella Comberg

Rhode Island is building. New residential projects are popping up all over the state, but the bulk of development is concentrated …

Week in Royalty

News, Nov 03 2017

by Pia Mileaf-Patel, Sydney Anderson & Liz Cory

Purple Reign This week’s saddening use of zeugma ([zoog-ma] noun: a figure of speech in which a word applies to two …

Two Poems

Literary, Oct 27 2017

by Ashley Dun

content warning: body horror, sexual violence Princess Pāramitā I thought I told you to stop coming here. You make me sick, …


Science & Technology, Oct 27 2017

by Zak Ziebell

There’s been plenty written about post-truth in the wake of last year’s presidential election, but reading commentary that doesn’t suffer from …

Broodiness, Bodies, and Becomings

A meditative exploration of the egg

Science & Technology, Oct 27 2017

by Shannon Kingsley

I. Positionality She sits hunched in the small wooden crate, feathers plumed, motionless. I slip my fingers underneath her feathers to …

Princesses in a Magic Castle

The Florida Project's recasting of representation

Arts, Oct 27 2017

by Kelton Ellis

A quick survey of United States media discourse from the past two years makes it look like one crucial demographic holds …

A Ghoulish Passage from Lesser to Greater Perfection

An illustrated account of how I attended the TransWorld Halloween and Attractions Show and left perfected in every aspect of my being

Arts, Oct 27 2017

by Liby Hays

After attending TransWorld Halloween & Attractions Show in St. Louis Missouri, my life’s project was completed and I attained perfection. There …

Breaking Bonds

Countering legislative violence against women in the Middle East and North Africa

News, Oct 27 2017

by Marly Toledano

content warning: abuse, rape, suicide Last April, on Beirut’s seaside promenade, wedding dresses billowed in the wind. The dresses were torn, …

The Lights Coming Down

An oral history of Aurora

Features, Oct 27 2017

by Will Weatherly, Sophie Kasakove, Maya Björnson & Nora Gosselin

If you live in Providence, it is likely that you have attended an event at Aurora at some point during its …

Week in Purgatory

News, Oct 27 2017

by Paige Parsons, Isabelle Rea & Nora Gosselin

Last Boarding Call to Hell The airline industry seems sinister in its everyday workings, occupying our heavenly realm with 6000 fuel-burning, …

Spaghetti Masala

Learning (from) recipes

Metabolics, Oct 20 2017

by Pia Mileaf-Patel

I’m planning to make a batch of dal this weekend. The fall weather in Providence makes me want to stir something …

After Warhol

Expanding curating practices at the RISD Museum

Arts, Oct 20 2017

by Marly Toledano

In contemporary depictions of museum, galleries are often conceived of as very sterile spaces. Manicured white walls like those at New …

El Pueblo Unido

Lessons from the Chilean student movement

Features, Oct 20 2017

by Paula Pacheco Soto

content warning: police brutality Santiago de Chile, 2013. I clearly remember the first time I was arrested: it was a day …

Mt. Hope is Pokanoket

Metro, Oct 20 2017

by Students, Alumni for Po Metacom Camp & the Progressive Student Organization

TheIndependentreceived this joint statement by Students and Alumni for Po Metacom Camp (SAPMC) and the Providence chapter of the Progressive Student …

Sound and then Fury

The azaan in the Islamophobic West

Features, Oct 20 2017

by Sheena Raza Faisal

In a video posted on Twitter on September 13, White Woman A stares wide-eyed into her selfie-cam. The azaan plays loudly …

Treat with Respect

Paths towards recovery in Rhode Island's opioid epidemic

Science & Technology, Oct 20 2017

by Nora Gosselin

content warning: drug-related death, addiction Say you’re locked in a room with a glass of water. The water has a small …

Unidos por Puerto Rico

Puerto Rican efforts in Rhode Island after Hurricane Maria

Metro, Oct 20 2017

by Mariela Pichardo

Belen Florez’s phone wouldn’t stop ringing last Tuesday. Nearly every five minutes, the screen of the cordless phone of JP Foley …

Week in Bittersweet Bites

News, Oct 20 2017

by Signe Swanson, Anna Hundert & Julia Tompkins

A Star Dies in “Holy Wood” Hugh Hefner is dead. He died of chronic old age on September 27 at the …


X, Oct 06 2017

by Liby Hays

What a Mess!

On the stakes of the personal essay

Arts, Oct 06 2017

by Lisa Borst

GAITSKILL The personal essay, according to some, is in a tough spot. Last spring, Jia Tolentino wrote in the New Yorker …

The Borders in the Camp

How the UN and NGOs are neglecting African refugees

News, Oct 06 2017

by Tal Frieden

I stepped into the Mediterranean sun outside Thessaloniki’s international airport to meet Maurizio, a curt Italian man. He leads the Firdaus …

Mi Puerto Rico

Features, Oct 06 2017

by Sebastián Otero, Soraya Ferdman, AnaSofía Velázquez & Ella Scholz

The Cuban writer and revolutionary José Martí coined the term= “patria es humanidad”––homeland is humanity. After Hurricane María hit my island, …

Guarding Safety

The contentious implementation of the Providence Community Safety Act

Metro, Oct 06 2017

by Julia Rock

“The community of Providence won this campaign, not the politicians and not the police, but us. We worked on this ordinance …

Week in Sad Developments

News, Oct 06 2017

by Katrina Northrop, Sydney Anderson & Julia Petrini

LOCK THEM UP! Remember last year when the words ‘email’ and ‘scandal’ were inseparable? When your friend mentioned emails over lunch, …

Dear Indy...

Features, Sep 29 2017

by Lisa Borst, Will Tavlin & Erin West

Dear Indy, Thoughts on PDA? LB: Despite long being an object of public scrutiny, regulation, judgment, and fantasy, the thing about …

To Melt

The politics of soft steel

Arts, Sep 29 2017

by Odette Blaisdell

Steel is about leaning on an edge. Whether bending, shaping, cutting, or welding, I must always wait for the metal to …


What does it mean when East Asians go blonde?

Features, Sep 29 2017

by Olivia Kan-Sperling

cw: racism, suicide A couple of weeks ago, Kim Kardashian bleached her hair blonde—again. The first time was back in March …


On the aesthetics of optimism

Science & Technology, Sep 29 2017

by Liam Carpenter-Urquhart

In 1984, William Gibson published his seminal cyberpunk novel, Neuromancer. The novel was a transformative event, and not only because it …

The Vietnam Syndrome

Losing the middle ground in Ken Burns’ The Vietnam War

Arts, Sep 29 2017

by Will Weatherly

cw: war, police violence, racism The speaker speaks and the truth still leakswhere even Richard Nixon has got soul... Neil Young, …

Week in Bad Progress

News, Sep 29 2017

by Mara Dolan, Julia Rock & Mariela Pichardo

Chronicles of Nambia It was a busy week of making peace, making deals, and making enemies. With a flourish of a …


X, Sep 22 2017

by Jie En Lee

Week in the Home of the Whopper

News, Sep 22 2017

by Julia Petrini, Eve Zelickson & Jack Brook

Burger Kremlin? Step aside, loyalty cards. Cryptocurrencies are set to revolutionize reward programs by enabling trading of one’s accumulated assets online. …

Spreading Sanctuary

Queer refugees and the LGBTQ+ asylum process

News, Sep 22 2017

by Paula Pacheco Soto

content warning: anti-queer and trans violence, torture. There is no clear sense of when the raids began. Human Rights Watch suggests …

No Apologies

Following Representative Moira Walsh's path to the Capitol

Metro, Sep 22 2017

by Caroline Sprague

The Rhode Island General Assembly’s youngest Representative—26 year-old Moira Jayne Walsh—thinks her colleagues have it all wrong when they avoid canvassing …

The Naked Dead

How the Haitian zombie was stripped of its meaning

Features, Sep 22 2017

by Marielle Burt

content warning: slavery, racial violence, sexual violence “Your grandmother has always operated by her own logic.” This is how my father …

Digital Inheritance

Identity and imagery in the blue light of nostalgia

Arts, Sep 22 2017

by Theia Flynn & Annabelle Chace

ON THE VISUAL IMPACT OF THE E-CARD “Having a great time, wish you were wired!” “Traveling the Net? Miss your buddies …

Behind the Bag Ban

A look at reusing and recycling in RI environmental policy

Science & Technology, Sep 21 2017

by Ted Catlin

This past spring, two communities in Rhode Island, Newport and Middletown, banned single-use plastic bags. Both bans were passed unanimously by …

Week in Lifestyle Improvement

News, Sep 15 2017

by Soraya Ferdman, Eve Zelickson & Nora Gosselin

Aw Shucks Since when has keeping up with the internet age meant automating oyster consumption? I don’t know. But apparently it …

False Dogs

X, Sep 15 2017

by Liby Hays

Poems from the Series Postcards for Mira

Literary, Sep 15 2017

by Marly Toledano

“It’s 8:54 a.m. in Brooklyn it’s the 26th of July and it’s probably 8:54 in Manhattan but I’m in Brooklyn” -Ted …

The Storm on the Ground

Local and national reporting on Hurricane Harvey

News, Sep 15 2017

by Isabel DeBre & Chris Packs

Before Hurricane Harvey hit on August 25, panic descended on the Texas coast. “There was a really nasty rumor going around …

Zero Ground

Reflections on collective trauma

Features, Sep 15 2017

by Zack Kligler

The Atacama Desert, which spans 50,000 square miles on the Western side of the Andes, is known as the driest place …

Blood Burden

Pursuing justice for all menstruating bodies

Features, Sep 15 2017

by Mara Dolan

content warning: sexual assault, incarceration, anti-trans violence The tampon tax will not die. In 2015, when President Obama was asked by …

Wearing Your Politics

On fashion as political expression

Features, Apr 23 2017

by Shavon Bell

Confession: when listening to TLC’s hit 1992 song, “Hat 2 Da Back”, I too, often turn my hat 2 da back. …

Small Town Saint

Not much to see, but what you hear makes up for it

Metabolics, Apr 21 2017

by Eve Zelickson

The sky over Downtown Escanaba is the same color as the sidewalk: a perfect match, so that whether you walk with …

The Corner of the Beach

Bridging a gap in narrative tactics

Arts, Apr 21 2017

by Anna Bonesteel

Question Watch the following segment for bullshit. Experiment 1A There is a new corner of the beach at the elbow of …

A Spellbound Semester

Race and identity as a Brown girl at a Black college

Features, Apr 21 2017

by Kali Ridley

The professor of my Survey of African-American Music course faced the wall and played the saxophone for the first 10 minutes …

Week in the Munchies

News, Apr 21 2017

by Zack Kligler, Julia Tompkins, Jamie & Chris Packs

KIDDIE MEAL It was 7PM, supper had come and gone, and our hero’s tummy had the rumblies, the phantom taste—his favorite …

From the Editors

FTE, Apr 14 2017

by LH

It’s lovely outside! Evade responsibility and spend as much time as possible in nature. Use your laptop to press flowers. Ditch …

Etymology for Catastrophe

Literary, Apr 14 2017

by Kelton Ellis

Amid early springtime’s hesitant snowmelt a planet rearranges into loving explosions, confessing no objective but to glower, then to fade. Sprained …

Lost in the Mall

On the writer’s residency at the Mall of America

Arts, Apr 14 2017

by Signe Swanson & Will Weatherly

content warning: anti-Black policing “You'll need the tools for survival / And the medicine for the blues / Sweet treats and …

On Fathers

Features, Apr 14 2017

by Jacqueline Gu

After "mothers and fathers" by Irene Hsu content warning: racism, xenophobia The ones who know how to keep spices for years, …

Beneath the Surface

Imagining a future for the unclaimed dead on Hart Island

Occult, Apr 14 2017

by Dolma Ombadykow

content warning: state violence On March 31, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio backed a ten year plan to close …

At The Presiding Moment

US media’s coverage of Trump’s strike in Syria

News, Apr 14 2017

by Sophie Kasakove, Jonah Max & Will Tavlin

In the wake of last Thursday’s supposedly retributive airstrike against the Syrian Army and Bashar al-Assad, the Trump administration’s actions were …

A Crowded Field

The upcoming Iranian election

News, Apr 13 2017

by Golnoosh Asghari

The Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC) arrested Ali Ahmadnia and Ali Heydar Valizadeh in mid-March. The two managed channels on Telegram, …

Beneath Your Bootsoles

Feeling backward at New York City's AIDS Memorial

Arts, Apr 07 2017

by Lisa Borst

content warning: queerphobia Under the pavement at the corner of Seventh Avenue and 12th Street in Manhattan’s West Village, leading to …


Dominique Pariso

Metabolics, Apr 07 2017

by Kela Johnson

Bram Stoker, the author of Dracula, was an early eco-goth. The erotics of the vampire—of men who stalk virginal women—was buried …

Farm to Bargaining Table

The farmworker fight against exploitation by fast food

Features, Apr 07 2017

by Mitchell Johnson & Erin West

“Wendy’s, escucha la voz del pueblo porque nosotros somos el pueblo y nosotros demandamos justicia,” farmworker Lupe Gonzalo announced to a …


X, Mar 24 2017

by Liby Hays

The Indy Classifieds

Metro, Mar 24 2017

by Jane Argodale, Shane Potts & Jack Brook

PERSONALS—WOMEN SEEKING MEN Will You Be Mine, Lincoln Chafee? Me: An attractive and successful 31 year-old professional, recently moved to Providence. …

Outside the Club

An interview with photographer Pedro Letria

Arts, Mar 24 2017

by Will Weatherly

Photos by Pedro Letria Pedro Letria is a Portuguese photographer whose work often deals with displacement, a subject stemming from Letria’s …

A History of Twisted Spines

Scoliosis treatment under scrutiny

Metabolics, Mar 24 2017

by Nora Gosselin

“What I would like to do is begin with a small incision in front, which would likely require us to break …

White Wall

A call to action

Metro, Mar 24 2017

by Vuthy Lay, Makoto Kumasaka & Cameron Kucera

On the corner of Benefit and College Streets, it would be easy to glance over the Radeke Façade, which looks like …

Las Niñas de Guatemala

State crime, femicide, and a blaze at a children’s home

News, Mar 24 2017

by Camila Ruiz Segovia

Quiero, a la sombra de un ala, contar este cuento en flor: la niña de Guatemala, la que se murió de …

Week in Our Art Has Failed Us

News, Mar 24 2017

by Eve Zelickson & Ivan Rios-Fetchko

ON THE ROCKS Last week, French performance artist Abraham Poincheval took up residence inside a rock for seven days at Paris’ …

Word of Mouth

Features, Mar 17 2017

by Emily Sun

Pauline was always calling her boss in the middle of biology class. “Okay, okay,” she would say, and I imagined her …

Root Therapy

A conversation with Dr. Mindy Fullilove on restoring emotional ecosystems

Interviews, Mar 17 2017

by Lance Gloss

Mindy Fullilove is a psychiatrist, researcher, and Professor of Urban Policy of Health currently teaching at the New School. Dr. Fullilove …

Solar Panel Study Guide

Science & Technology, Mar 17 2017

by Anna Bonesteel

To preface: I study painting. It’s necessary to give this small byte of background information, as I’m using an editorial voice …

The Limits of Probation

Alternatives to jail time in an age of mass incarceration

Metro, Mar 17 2017

by Eve Zelickson

Rhode Island has 23,000 people on probation. That is 2,793 people per 100,000 residents, the second highest probation rate in the …

Week in Clothing Betrayal

News, Mar 17 2017

by Lance Gloss, Sam Samore & Brad Breymoore

NO GUARDIAN ANGELS The trials of master illusionist Criss Angel have been manifold. He once spent 24 hours inside a phone …

Dispatches From the DMV

Confronting bureacracy and emerging victorious

Metro, Mar 10 2017

by Jane Argodale

Distractions can be physical or mental in nature and are often a combination of both. A physical distraction is one that …

Beyond Dakota Access

FANG Collective brings the anti-pipeline fight home to Rhode Island

Metro, Mar 10 2017

by Zack Kligler

At 10AM last Thursday, three people affiliated with the FANG Collective, an activist group dedicated to environmental justice, locked themselves to …

Week in WTF is Happening in the UK?

News, Mar 10 2017

by Sophie Kasakove, Lance Gloss & Will Weatherly

“The Pub is Closed, Long Live the Pub!” The walls of the nation-state are looking a bit knackered, but the walls …


(Excerpt from “On Currency”)

Literary, Mar 03 2017

by Stella Akua Mensah

Oftentimes, people tell women not to wander off. When we are small, they mean to stay in the yard, and now …

All Fun and Games

Embodiment, empathy, and combat in e-sports

Science & Technology, Mar 03 2017

by William Samosir

Upton, New York, 1958. Engineer physicist William Higinbotham repurposes one of Brookhaven Laboratory’s military computers, giving birth to the first video …

In Chile, a People's History

Memorializing state violence on their own terms

Features, Mar 03 2017

by Ilgın Güney Korugan

The 38th building of Londres Street in Santiago de Chile has an important place in the memory of many Chileans. Over …

Raising Prices, Closing Doors

RIPTA fare hike impacts Rhode Island's most vulnerable

Metro, Mar 03 2017

by Zack Kligler

content warning: mental illness, isolation, state-violence Blossom Segaloff lives on the East Side, in a small apartment in an affordable housing …

Keeping the Fire With Us and the Resistance in Us

Reflections on the #NoDAPL movement

News, Mar 01 2017

by A collective of Native Americans at Brown (NAB) who went to Standing Rock

In response to the proposed construction of the Dakota Access Pipeline in April 1, 2016, owned by Energy Transfer Partners, L.P., …

Foul Comix

X, Feb 17 2017

by Jack Lawler

Curb Alert

Metro, Feb 17 2017

by Lisa Borst

In Defense of My Dead Clown

And why it is hidden (with permission) in an unopened box in a janitor's closet somewhere on campus

Arts, Feb 17 2017

by Mitsy Albumen

content warning: racism, death, gore I will tell my story as truthfully as possible. I can in no way justify my …

Glass Coffins

Body Worlds in the twilight of storytelling

Occult, Feb 17 2017

by Robin Manley

“Love-hate for the body colors the whole of modern culture. The body is scorned and rejected as something inferior, enslaved, and …


Negotiating time in the clinic

Features, Feb 17 2017

by Julia Tompkins

In February 2015, seven months before his death, the late neurologist and author Oliver Sacks published an essay in the New …

Caring for the Degenerating Brain

Barriers to addressing Alzheimer’s disease in Rhode Island

Science & Technology, Feb 17 2017

by Liz Cory & Anna Xu

In 1994, former president Ronald Reagan was officially diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, a neurodegenerative disease characterized by memory and language impairments that …

Yellow Flower

Literary, Feb 10 2017

by Gabriela Naigeborin

i. the myth of resentment There in Mount Sinai I was trusted with the tablets of stone, but didn’t understand that …

Sex and Its Discontents

The Indy weighs in...

Metabolics, Feb 10 2017

by Dominatrix Pariso & Jane Argodildo

What’s your advice for when you feel too disgusted by your own body to have sex with someone even though you …

Fabulous in Re/verse

How to appear at the club—or on the page

Features, Feb 10 2017

by Noah Fields

“Work! You look fabulous,” one queen exclaims to another. Getting dressed up to go out for the night is more than …

Growing Up

Vertical Farming from top to bottom

Science & Technology, Feb 10 2017

by Malcolm Drenttel

The farms of tomorrow will be food-factories built in skyscrapers. Plants will be grown, layer upon layer, with assembly-line efficiency. Sensors …

Week in Superlikes

News, Feb 10 2017

by Sam Samore & Will Weatherly

FIRST DATE IN A DUNKIN’ DONUTS America loves an underdog. The New England Patriots are not an underdog. But Providence, RI …


Outcroppings from the botanical margin

Occult, Feb 03 2017

by Lance Gloss

Ashes to ashes—all dead in there? I’m at the Brown University Herbarium. Working. Looking at some specimens—dead plants, really. One hundred …

The People's Champion

An interview with Dave Zirin

Metabolics, Feb 03 2017

by Colin Kent-Daggett

Dave Zirin is a sportswriter at the Nation, whose work can also be found at the blog Edge of Sports. He …

Marching Toward Inclusivity

Can we have a Women’s March for everyone?

Features, Feb 03 2017

by Roksana Borzouei & Julia Tompkins

“We stand together, recognizing that defending the most marginalized among us is defending all of us,” reads the Mission Statement for …

Back in the Culture Wars

On the potential defunding of the National Endowment for the Arts

Arts, Feb 03 2017

by Ryan Rosenberg & Will Weatherly

Less than 24 hours before Inauguration Day, an unnamed source told The Hill that Donald Trump’s transition team had already been …

Week in Interpretive Resistance

News, Feb 03 2017

by Sam Samore, Pia Mileaf-Patel & Jamie Packs

PUNCH A NAZI, TAZE A COP? There may be many occasions in the coming four years where it seems fitting to …

Writing Nightlife

How is a rave like a writing desk?

Features, Dec 02 2016

by Noah Fields

Suppose a writing desk walks into a gay club. Or perhaps the desk is the dance floor of the club. The …

Working Through Empathy

An interview with director Josh Oppenheimer

Features, Dec 02 2016

by Elias Bresnick

Josh Oppenheimer is an American documentary filmmaker best known for his films The Act of Killing and The Look of Silence. …

Renewal For Whom?

Considering historic preservation in Providence

Metro, Dec 02 2016

by Clare Boyle

In 2013, Providence deemed Benefit Street the city’s “mile of history.” The street, which sits one block east of Main Street …

El Comandante Has Died

News, Dec 02 2016

by Camila Ruiz Segovia & Sebastián Otero Oliveras

Fidel Castro, leader of the Cuban Revolution, died last Friday. His brother, Raúl Castro, currently the head of the Cuban government, …

Week in Apologies

News, Dec 02 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow, Will Weatherly, Zack Kligler, Liz Cory & Shane Potts

PUN-DER ROAD Bruce’s steed had never failed him before. Springsteen trusted the motorcycle, built for him piece by piece by his …

Microbe Culture

A conversation with Sandor Katz

Metabolics, Nov 18 2016

by Raina Wellman

Using some of Sandor Katz’ fermentation recipes, I’ve cooked up Sweet Potato Fly, Ginger Bug, and Rice Beer. Hailing from rural …

Holding Ground

Defending a home in Palestine

Features, Nov 18 2016

by Max Schindler

When asked what her family will do if the army demolishes the village, Soraya, 16, hesitates: “We’ll go to Yatta,” she …

Rooms For Fear

Imagining art after Trump

Arts, Nov 18 2016

by Will Tavlin

In her essay “No Place for Self-Pity, No Room for Fear,” Toni Morrison recalls in the Nation a moment after President …

This Is Solidarity

Rhode Island's growing Racial Justice Coalition

Metro, Nov 18 2016

by Isabel DeBre

“We want people in the streets. Unions stopping work. Consumers refusing to buy. Bystanders stepping in, everyone calling racism out.” The …

Week in Minor Democratic Victories

News, Nov 18 2016

by Kelton Ellis, Andrew Deck & Jane Argodale

Heck Yeah Harris To temper your cynicism, if only just a little: last week, amid the presidential election’s literal upset, Kamala …

The Good Death

Reframing the burden of medical death in America

Features, Nov 11 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow

cw: racial violence and erasure The Order of the Good Death was formed in Los Angeles in January 2011, by the …

Performing Intimacy

A conversation with Rashaun Mitchell

Arts, Nov 11 2016

by Zack Kligler

As Rashaun Mitchell speaks to me over the phone I can make out below his voice the faint familiar hum of …

A Distance From The Moon

Coded empathy in Moonlight and American Honey

Arts, Nov 11 2016

by Will Weatherly

Early in the film Moonlight, released this past week, a young boy named Chiron asks his mentor Juan how he can …

Who Sets the Table?

Food infrastructure and food justice in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 11 2016

by Joshua Kurtz & Sylvia Brown

A few hundred feet from Brown University’s boathouse in India Point Park is the future site of EatDrinkRI’s Central Market, a …

How We Are Feeling This Week

News, Nov 11 2016

by Camila Ruiz Segovia & Marianna McMurdock

How I Feel I like to think that I came here because I wanted to and not because my country expelled …

Little Lost Robot

Science & Technology, Nov 04 2016

by Charlie Windolf

The mood was subdued at the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence’s 1984 annual gathering. By that year, the field …

A Question of Compatibility

Islamophobia in Europe's gay capital

Features, Nov 04 2016

by Lance Gloss

People from 180 countries are long-term residents in Amsterdam. By this measure, it is the most international municipality on Earth, and …


Exploring the limits of the home

Arts, Nov 04 2016

by Ryan Rosenberg, Dolma Ombadykow, Malcolm Drenttel & Jonah Max

Mall-House In 2003, artist and RISD graduate Michael Townsend devised a plan to create a luxury apartment in a 750-square-foot space …

International Art Spam

Arts, Nov 04 2016

by Alec Mapes-Frances

Specimen: The Artist’s Museum begins with the impulse to collect and connect, bringing together large-scale installations, photography, film, and videos that …

Small State, Big Gaps

Segregation in Rhode Island's Public Schools

Metro, Nov 04 2016

by Kelton Ellis

Historical events and legislative records might suggest that Rhode Island’s schools should have been equal and diverse a long time ago. …

An Abbreviated Timeline of Voting in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 04 2016

by Jane Argodale & Marianna McMurdock

After a year that’s felt a little like an episode of Survivor, featuring older contestants and more liberal use of spray …

Protectors, Protestors, and Privilege

On law enforcement disparities between Standing Rock and Oregon

News, Nov 04 2016

by Shane Potts & Camila Ruiz Segovia

On October 27, the arrival of military tanks abruptly interrupted the prayers of water protectors at the Sacred Stone Camp in …

Week in Election Prep

News, Nov 04 2016

by Hannah Maier-Katkin, Jack Brook & Eve Zelickson

DUMB-SHINE STATE If there is anything we’ve learned to expect from a presidential election year, it is that Florida will inevitably …

Simple Properties

Science & Technology, Oct 28 2016

by Alec Mapes-Frances

A favorite bookstore has been marked “Permanently closed.” The taco place on the corner has a new photo. The geo-locational marker …

On Fraternity

Features, Oct 28 2016

by Vhalla Otarod

His sophomore fall we dropped my brother off at the frat house, car full of his boxes and sound equipment for …

The Grass Isn't Greener

Science & Technology, Oct 28 2016

by Raina Wellman

Fertilized, chemically manipulated, frequently mowed, regularly watered and generally adored, the lawn and its upkeep are sites and sources of both …

Can't Serve Prestige

Harvard University Dining Services on strike

News, Oct 28 2016

by Lisa Borst & Will Tavlin

On Saturday, October 22, a middle-aged man stood in the rain on the corner of John F. Kennedy Street and Memorial …

Asthma and Eyesores

Wind, gas, and environmental racism in Rhode Island

Metro, Oct 28 2016

by Colin Kent-Daggett

“I’m a big proponent of wind and offshore wind, but the short-term solution to bring down energy costs for businesses and …

Fair Exchange Is No Theft

RI defunds its only needle exchange

Metro, Oct 28 2016

by Andrew Deck & Will Weatherly

On October 2, a group of monsters, superheroes, and drag performers gathered at The Dark Lady, a gay bar on Snow …

Week In Alt-Right

News, Oct 28 2016

by Sam Samore, Jack Brook, Emma Phillips & Malcolm Drenttel

@JESUS An effective way to schematize nascent changes in conservatism in the United States, namely what one might call the transition …

Most Suitable Candidate

A complicated love letter to Hillary Clinton's pantsuits

Arts, Oct 21 2016

by Kelton Ellis

“Fashion! Turn to the left./Fashion! Turn to the right.” —David Bowie, “Fashion” (1980) Fashion matters. Though it’s tempting to think of …

Putting the Cart Before the Horse

Colombia's would-be peace deal

News, Oct 21 2016

by Nicolas Montaño

On September 26, media attention shifted to the city of Cartagena on Colombia’s Atlantic coast. There, 15 heads of state, along …

From Science to Society

A word with Michelle Nijhuis

Science & Technology, Oct 21 2016

by Eve Zelickson

Michelle Nijhuis is an award-winning science journalist whose pieces, which have been featured in the New Yorker and National Geographic, offer …

She Shall Inhabit the Streets

Walking and Watching in the Arab World

Features, Oct 21 2016

by Isabelle DeBre

In Assia Djebar's novel Fantasia, an Algerian woman walks alone through the streets of Paris. She screams. But her cry is …

Playing Around

Olneyville’s Manton Avenue Project transports students to the stage

Metro, Oct 21 2016

by Rachel McMahon & Reilly Blum

Two sister birds stand on the stage of AS220’s blackbox theater. The elder sister, Redy Red, tells her younger sister, Flicky …

Week in Creeps

News, Oct 21 2016

by Will Tavlin, Liz Cory, Dominique Pariso & Eve Zelickson

FRIGHT NIGHT Children of the night and survivors of the early aughts emo phase, take heart. Instead of sitting on your …

Cakes and Ale

Metabolics, Oct 07 2016

by Ali MacLeod

I was sitting in the bathroom of downtown Providence’s Parkside Rotisserie & Bar, hyperventilating and fighting back tears. My waiter had …

City Limits

Burial and play in Copenhagen’s mourning grounds

Features, Oct 07 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow

A pickup soccer match ends abruptly after a hastened, “oopf!” as the juggled ball bounces upon a flattened headstone. Wrapped tightly …

The Pleasure Is Yours

A Pawtucket nonprofit’s sex-positive revolution

Metabolics, Oct 07 2016

by Julia Horwitz

“I wish I could just refer people to sex workers,” Kira Manser explains, bursting into the room; green hair, flannel pushed …

The San Antonio Four Fight for Innocence

Navigating racism, sexism, homophobia, and wrongful conviction in Texas

News, Oct 07 2016

by Zack Kligler

Content warning: sexual assault Anna Vasquez sits in the living room of her mother’s San Antonio home. The walls are wood-paneled …

Week in Extreme Sports

News, Oct 07 2016

by Shane Potts & Raina Wellman

LIZARD LIPS First the Jesus Christ lizard runs on water, now this? The lizards are taking over y’all. In the most …

The Horchata Man

Literary, Sep 30 2016

by Micaela Burgess

My papa lived to bring happiness with his horchata. Everyday he made barrels of it to serve to his family and …

On Territories

Features, Sep 30 2016

by Raphaela Posner

There’s always a moment in an art museum when I want to reach out and touch my companion. Often this urge …

Dear Indy...

Ephemera, Sep 30 2016

by Will Tavlin

I want a baby. Should I get a dog? I don’t enjoy the company of children, and they don’t enjoy my …

Against the Pipeline, the Standing Rock Struggle

An interview with Jennifer Weston

News, Sep 30 2016

by Camila Ruiz Segovia

The Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) is a 1,100-mile pipeline under construction by Energy Transfer Partners, slated to carry a half million …


A conversation with Ronald Lewis of the Low Mountaintop Collective

Occult, Sep 30 2016

by Athena Washburn & Eli Neuman-Hammond

Ronald Kevin Lewis is a theater artist, dancer, poet-performer, and child of god whose group, The Low Mountaintop Collective, is performing …

Disjoint Destinations

The 6-10 connector's future

Metro, Sep 30 2016

by Jane Argodale

Scrapping earlier plans for a redesign, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) announced on September 7 that it would rebuild …

Pit Fight

Making safer spaces in Providence punk and hardcore

Metro, Sep 30 2016

by Will Weatherly

The first Providence punk show I ever attended was a concert at AS220 last fall featuring Downtown Boys—a punk band whose …

Week in Animal Control

News, Sep 30 2016

by Jack Brook, Kelton Ellis & Andrew Deck

DOGGED LOVE Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 11-year old Apollo, of Jacksonville, Florida, would beg to …

Forever in Love with Bertha

On Deathly Kitsch at Funtime Junction

Arts, Sep 23 2016

by Liby Hays

Of the many junctions I know and love (and there are many, in this lattice-bound society) very few self-identify as junctions. …

Autobiography of Writing

Literary, Sep 23 2016

by Lisa Lee

I would like to talk to you about writing. I'm a writer, even though I don't write much, but since I'm …

Food Desk

Notes on Providence Eateries

Metabolics, Sep 23 2016

by Patrick McMenamin, Sam Samore & Will Tavlin

In Ferno (S Water St.) This hot spot burns. Providence and Italiano go together like an apple and knowledge. That people …

First Vacation to the Sun

Arts, Sep 23 2016

by Lynn Tachihara

march 31st mountain view, california we sprawled ourselves under leaves, hanging caterpillars. listened to quiet voices that guide our eyes through …

Week in the Singularity

News, Sep 23 2016

by Eve Zelickson, Dolma Ombadykow & Hannah Maier-Katkin

FREEZE FRAME For those of you who still get your news from alt weeklies, you may not have heard the iPhone …

A Tough Pill to Swallow

Big Pharma and the brand name bubble

Science & Technology, Sep 16 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow

At the end of August, the pharmaceutical company Mylan made headlines for raising the cost of the EpiPen to over $300. …

Gestures in Absence

On the 15 Year Memory of 9/11

Arts, Sep 16 2016

by Will Tavlin

A thousand 9/11 stories are the same. Ask any New Yorker who watched the event in real time what they saw …

Flying Signs

PVD's Moving Battles on the Criminalization of Poverty

Metro, Sep 16 2016

by Will Weatherly

On June 30, 2015, Michael Monteiro was issued a summons by a Cranston police officer while panhandling on a median on …

Week in Bad Public Relations

News, Sep 16 2016

by Jane Argodale, Camila Ruiz Segovia & Liz Cory

DOUBLE DOUBLE TWITTER TROUBLE When considering whether or not to take a day off of school or work, most of us …

Duterte's Shabu Nightmare

Drugs and Death in the Philippines

News, Sep 16 2016

by Shane Potts & Camila Ruiz Segovia

At a dinner celebrating his victory, President of the Philippines, Rodrigo Duterte, elected in May, had this to say about drug …

Public Space is the Place

Art and Politics in Battery Park City

Arts, Apr 29 2016

by Will Tavlin

Wheatfields - A Confrontation, Agnes Denes, 1982 Before the World Financial Center, the glass skyscrapers, the open-air cafes, the high-end boutiques, …

Two Manifestos and a Strongly Worded Suggestion

Arts, Apr 29 2016

by Liby Hays

The Mini Manifesto (It is important for the purposes of this argument that you note the semantic difference between Minimalism and …


Romantic forays into comparative linguistics

Science & Technology, Apr 29 2016

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

Español Spanish is my mother tongue (la lengua de mi madre). She tried to teach me when I was young with …

Forgive Us Our Trespasses

Occult, Apr 29 2016

by Liz Studlick

Joel Osteen, pastor of Lakewood Church, was midway through his Sunday morning sermon when seven men seated near the front of …

Week in Strange Bedfellows

News, Apr 29 2016

by Liz Cory, Madeleine Matsui & Piper French

Rights at Risk Controversy is swirling around the recent election by the Russian parliament of Tatyana Moskalkova to the position of …

STEM Sells

Pinkification in Science Marketing

Science & Technology, Apr 22 2016

by Eve Zelickson

Tim Hunt, the English biochemist who won the 2001 Nobel Prize in physiology, stood in front of a room packed with …

Sin of SimCity

Victory and failure in virtual urban space

Arts, Apr 22 2016

by Will Weatherly

To a 15-year old Providence Journal writer named Joseph Braude, it made a lot of sense: invite five of the candidates …

Decriminalize Driving

Bill H-7610 and the Fight for Undocumented Rights

Metro, Apr 22 2016

by Emma Phillips

On March 25, the Rhode Island State House rattled. The halls, lined with portraits of the state’s sternest founding fathers, echoed …

Refuge in Providence

Metro, Apr 22 2016

by Isabel DeBré

“In Damascus, everyone lived together, squeezed on the same small block,” Mohammed Ali Al Namis tells me. He, his wife, and …

We Are Not Paris

State Violence in Turkey

News, Apr 22 2016

by Ilgin Korugan & Erin West

On January 10, 2016, over 1,128 Turkish and foreign academics, including Turkish writer Orhan Pamuk as well as US scholars Noam …

Week in American Exceptionalism

News, Apr 22 2016

by Joshua Bronk, Madeleine Matsui & Will Tavlin

Rock the Vote In what is perhaps the most unexpected political power couple to emerge in 2016, failed Republican and Democratic …


Ephemera, Apr 15 2016

by Sarula Bao

The Milk Myth

Mapping Dairy, Forging Intolerance

Metabolics, Apr 15 2016

by Dolma Ombadykow

As a child, I vividly remember avoiding a bowl of fermenting mare’s milk at the foot of our kitchen pantry. So …


Faith (and Lack Thereof)

Occult, Apr 15 2016

by Kelton Ellis

I was the youngest evangelical you never knew. No, seriously! Bar those clerical prodigies you may have seen on television, spreading …

Pain Killers

Opioid Use and Overuse in Rhode Island

Metro, Apr 15 2016

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

“We have a public health crisis that cannot be resolved by the criminal justice system.” July 9, 2015: Dr. Peter Karczmar, …

Country Kitchen, 1976

Boo Bradley's Mix

Features, Apr 08 2016

by Indy Playlist

My Own Ghosts

What We Talk About When We Talk About Empathy

Features, Apr 08 2016

by Joseph Frankel

In a nightmarish story called A Country Doctor, Kafka writes about a night when the titular character has to ride miles …

Get With the Program

Coding: the new global language?

Science & Technology, Apr 08 2016

by Liz Cory

What’s in a name? Most schools in the United States only offer computer science courses as electives, if at all. This …

Spaces We Might Not Have Inhabited

Fragments on Ambient Media

Arts, Apr 08 2016

by Alec Mapes-Frances

“This which yields or fills / All space, the ambient air wide interfus’d” –John Milton, Paradise Lost (1667) The term ‘ambient …

The Power of a Home

Preserving Affordable Housing in South Providence

Metro, Apr 08 2016

by Colin Kent-Daggett

Despite the pre-recession levels of unemployment touted in headlines across the country this week, the affordable housing crisis rages on across …

Black Is the Color

Colorism in Nina Simone's Biopic

Arts, Apr 08 2016

by Kelton Ellis

Watch the trailer for the upcoming biopic Nina, out April 22, and you might think Zoe Saldana inhabits the role well. …

A Gift of God

Mother Teresa's Canonization and Her Complicated Legacy

News, Apr 08 2016

by Jane Argodale

In December, Pope Francis approved a second miracle attributed to the Albanian-born nun Mother Teresa. A Brazilian man claimed that in …

Week in Campaigning

News, Apr 08 2016

by Will Tavlin, Hannah Maier-Katkin & Jack Brook

Getting Colder Rhode Island kicked off its new tourism campaign last week only to face immediate international ridicule, accusations of financial …

Fuck Me Through the Camera Hole of a Trepanned Minion iPhone Case Like Two Lovers Through a Sheet

Literary, Mar 18 2016

by Liby Hays

LIKES Likes: Licking escalators, tongue transplants. The Smallness and the Coarseness To love a small piece of rope. The Restaurant It …

And How Does That Make You Feel?

On AI and Mental Health Care

Science & Technology, Mar 18 2016

by Joseph Frankel

The word “therapy” might evoke some archaic characters and images: the patient lying on a leather couch, the older male therapist …

The Tutor Wears Prada

Education as Commodity in Hong Kong

Occult, Mar 18 2016

by Natalie Tsang

On a Saturday evening in February, dozens of teenagers line up outside translucent glass doors. Some chatter with their neighbors. Others …

On Being Lost

Features, Mar 18 2016

by Gabrielle Hick, Dominique Pariso & Patrick McMenamin

Field Notes from an Exploration of the Rhode Island Craigslist’s Lost and Found Page Somebody found a tool bag in Cranston, …

A River's Decline

Metro, Mar 18 2016

by Jane Argodale

The Woonasquatucket River begins in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, running through the Providence neighborhoods of Olneyville and Federal Hill, then below …

Berta Cáceres, Presente

Indigenous Resistance and Repression in Honduras

News, Mar 18 2016

by Camila Ruiz Segovia

On the morning of March 5, the streets of the small Honduran town of La Esperanza woke up to the sounds …

Journalism From The Margins

Requiem for Al Jazeera America

News, Mar 18 2016

by Madeleine Matsui

Al Jazeera America has bitten the dust. On February 26, 2016, with all operations slated to close by April 30, 2016, …

Week in Modern Warfare

News, Mar 18 2016

by Wilson Cusack, Piper French, Jonah Max & Will Tavlin

Protocols and Transgressions On the night of March 1st two Israeli Defense Force troops found themselves in the Palestinian refugee camp …

Surveil the Surveillors

In Conversation with Glenn Greenwald

Interviews, Mar 11 2016

by Elias Bresnick

In 2013, Glenn Greenwald published a series of articles in the Guardian outlining the stunningly invasive and widespread data-collection tactics of …

False Dogs

Arts, Mar 11 2016

by Liby Hays

Masters Khamenei and Jamshidi, A Letter4U

Features, Mar 11 2016

by Kostis Koutalidis

Although no one can individually fill the created gaps, each one of you can construct a bridge of thought and fairness …

The Right to Power

Fighting For Utility Justice In Rhode Island

Metro, Mar 11 2016

by Kimberly Meilun

“I want to make sure that National Grid will pay for my funeral please. Make sure that they will pay for …

Three Poems

Literary, Mar 04 2016

by Anna Bonesteel

Good morning Hell, I cruise. Through life, much like sand through the hourglass, or a fish in the stream. I keep …

How's My Driving?

Science & Technology, Mar 04 2016

by Julian Fox

I remember the feeling of driving a car for the first time. The freedom I felt, most likely ingrained in me …

Donna and the Whitney

Thoughts on Museum Curation

Arts, Mar 04 2016

by Brock Lownes

The Whitney Museum in New York was the first museum dedicated solely to the work of living American artists. Eighty-four years …

Overdue Notice

Labor Grievances in Brown University’s Changing Libraries

Metro, Mar 04 2016

by Erin West & Will Tavlin

In February 2016, Brown University completed its full scale renovations of the John D. Rockefeller Library’s ground floor. A new lobby …

Week in Overreactions

News, Mar 04 2016

by Jack Brook, Alif Ibrahim & Julia Tompkins

Precious Memes The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, thought it would simply be another case of swiftly repressed political satire. …

Notes on Mom Books

Elena Ferrante's Visual Aesthetics

Arts, Feb 19 2016

by Lisa Borst

When I was in high school, I worked in a small bookstore in Virginia. I mostly helped out, shelving books and …

Mindful Bodies

Bringing Mindfulness to PVD Schools

Metro, Feb 19 2016

by Madeleine Matsui

Find your mindful body. Find an anchor for your breath. Close your eyes. These are the instructions that Shannon Smith, a …

Bear With Me

Salvation, Sobriety, and Salmon in the Alaskan Bush

Features, Feb 19 2016

by Emma Jean Holley

Tick, tick, tick went the wristwatch found by Willy Fulton. This is not a story about Willy Fulton, or the wristwatch, …

Machine Guns to Olive Branches

Colombia Imagines Peace Once Again

News, Feb 18 2016

by Maria Camila Bustos & Nicolas Montano

Last week, Colombia and the United States celebrated the fifteen year anniversary of Plan Colombia. This program, often heralded as the …

Week in Drudgery

News, Feb 18 2016

by Liz Cory & Lance Gloss

Toils Not Been considering the lilies? So has Joaquín García. And he’s had plenty of time to consider. Mr. García was …

RISD Confidential

On Foundations and Boundaries

Arts, Feb 12 2016

by Liby Hays

A mythic aura hangs about RISD Foundations year like a thin layer of spray fixative in an art student’s lungs. When …

Is it the Canvas or the Painter?

Poetry's Machine Age

Science & Technology, Feb 12 2016

by Kamille Johnson

This anatomy Of extraordinary names Where did it come from? The poem is not what you think. This haiku was crafted …

Return of the Franchise

The Force Awakens to Disney

Arts, Feb 12 2016

by Will Tavlin

The triumphant return to Star Wars, the opening crawl, like every preceding Star Wars film, plants us in the thick of …

Something's in the Water

Lead Poisoning in Rhode Island

Metro, Feb 12 2016

by Rick Salamé

Several men huddled around a fire hydrant late on a recent winter night. They were workers with Providence Water, a state-regulated …

All That We Have Written

Features, Feb 12 2016

by Gabrielle Hick

In one place, long ago, they called him Nabû. In their tongue his name was a god’s name, and he was …

Bernie Sanders and the Glass-Proof Elevator

The non-issue of a candidate's religion

Occult, Feb 12 2016

by Lance Gloss

If the 2016 presidential race has revealed anything about US politics, it has shown us how little remains off-limits. This, in …

Week in Divas

News, Feb 12 2016

by Jane Argodale, Liz Cory & Corey Hébert

SLAY While most people who watched the Super Bowl 50 halftime show were blown away by Beyoncé’s fierceness, dancing, and profound …


The Language of the Financial Crisis

Arts, Feb 05 2016

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

Vocabulary Short When someone “shorts” a security, they are betting that it will fall in value at some point after the …

There's Nothing More to Say

With Quotations From "Song" by Langston Hughes

Literary, Feb 05 2016

by Liz Cory

I. I feel unhelpful sending her poems, but they are all I have. Lizzie emailed me because two of her friends’ …

Whose Buddy?

Remembering Providence's Infamous Mayor

Metro, Feb 05 2016

by Lisa Borst, Sophie Kasakove & Rick Salamé

A corrupt Machiavellian bully, a benevolent populist, a talk radio personality, a marinara-sauce entrepreneur, a meme—rarely does a local politician acquire …

The Blacker the Album

On Kendrick Lamar, awards shows, and racial politics

News, Feb 05 2016

by Kelton Ellis

“Black man, taking no losses!” That was how Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, ever tenacious, aligned himself with would-be Maroon Kunta Kinte …

Week in Deliveries

News, Feb 05 2016

by Gabrielle Hick, Madeleine Matsui & Ryan Rosenberg

Come, Gone Turlock residents are wondering if the tennis elbow was worth it. Turlock sits smack in the middle of the …

The Language of Unloving

Literary, Dec 04 2015

by Gabrielle Hick

When they’d been married for thirty-one years, and unhappy in each other for most of them, my grand’maman and my grand’papa …

Black Boxes and Black Mirrors

Arts, Dec 04 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances, Eli Neuman-Hammond & Athena Washburn

A black box is a unit, a unified system, or a discrete object which takes inputs and produces outputs but whose …

Empire, Limited

Writing in Transience

Features, Dec 04 2015

by Julia Tompkins

Amtrak’s Empire Builder train departs from Chicago Union Station, arcing northwest along the border with Canada and passing through Milwaukee, St. …

When The Foam Settles

Essentialism in Tech

Science & Technology, Dec 04 2015

by Dash Elhauge & Charlie Windolf

On March 11, 2011, a 71-year-old fisherman named Morihisa Kanouya stood on a small hill in Ukedo, Japan. In the distance, …

Exorcisms Afoot

Renaming and Reclaiming Spaces of Power

Occult, Dec 04 2015

by Lance Gloss

What is peculiar about ghosts? They are the dead. But there is of course no consensus on what it really means …

Clash of Symbolizations

Bush, Obama, Hollande, and a War of Words

Features, Dec 04 2015

by Henry Staley

Presidents don’t just authorize wars—they author them. This became especially clear during the second Bush administration, a tenure that will be …

With Arms Half Open

The United States Responds to the Refugee Crisis

Features, Dec 04 2015

by Wilson Cusack

The terrorist attacks in Paris on November 13 brought new urgency to the discussion of how the United States should respond …

A Day in the Life

The Quantified Self and the Stream of Consciousness

Features, Nov 20 2015

by Ben Berke & Henry Staley

When Nicholas Felton lectured at RISD last month, he wasn’t giving the typical alumni success speech. The 1999 graduate was introduced …

Creating a Dialogue

Ecuador Reaches Out to the Shuar People

News, Nov 20 2015

by Charlotte Biren

On October 30, Rosa Mireya Cardenas, Ecuador’s Deputy Minister of Justice, represented the Ecuadorian government in a visit to the Shuar …

If These Walls Could Talk

Devin Costa Exposes the Lonely

Metro, Nov 20 2015

by Ben Williams

Loneliness was there before he wrote it. In the vacant buildings, the downtown parking lots, the abandoned streets. It was there …

The Failed OG Was a GOP

When Music Taste Turns Political

Arts, Nov 20 2015

by Rebecca Blandon

News outlets have been prying into each bit of Dr. Ben Carson’s autobiography, vetting stories from his childhood in which he …

Inside / Outside

Metabolics, Nov 20 2015

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

I. Digest, verb from the verb digerere, from di‘apart’ + gerere ‘carry’; noun from digestus ‘divided.’ II. The process of digestion …

Week in Bureaucracy

News, Nov 20 2015

by Alif Ibrahim & Julia Tompkins

Cable Cabals In the early 1950s, as the Cold War began to chill, the US laid thousands of miles of cable …

About a Rock

Literary, Nov 13 2015

by EmmaJean Holley

If you grew up on the island, you called it The Rock. To use it in a sentence: “I can’t wait …

A Charming Zero

On Robert Walser's Microscripts

Features, Nov 13 2015

by Will Weatherly

Writing, by nature, is a physical trade. It has motion, exertion, exactitude. Handwriting is formed by the tracing of a pen …

The Perfect Bubble

The Polynomial Guide to the Universe

Science & Technology, Nov 13 2015

by Dash Elhauge & Charlie Windolf

Everyday, I cut through the alleyway off Angell and Thayer street. There’s a dumpster, there. On a good day, whatever’s left …

A Long Reign

The Life and Times of Marie Laveau

Arts, Nov 13 2015

by Eve Zellickson

Marie Laveau was born a free Creole woman in New Orleans on September 10, 1801. She lived in a quaint house …

The Other Earth

Young Thug and the New Affects of Afrofuturism

Arts, Nov 13 2015

by Yousef Hilmy & Alec Mapes-Frances

In a video posted online this September, French journalist Mouloud Achour (from Clique TV) and rapper Young Thug are sitting on …

Off Target Ethics

Drone Warfare and Its Legitimation

News, Nov 13 2015

by Wilson Cusack, Dominique Pariso & Francis Torres

On October 15, news outlet The Intercept released four classified documents that detail the Obama administration’s use of unmanned aerial vehicles …


Ephemera, Nov 06 2015

by Julie Kwon

Points of View

An Interview with Chang-rae Lee

Interviews, Nov 06 2015

by Madeleine Matsui

It’s hard to believe that Chang-rae Lee fell into writing by accident and as a second career. He possesses a unique …

Just Say No to Bad Art

On Protest and Renoir

Arts, Nov 06 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances

Over the course of these past months, protesters have gathered outside of various cultural institutions including the Boston Museum of Fine …

Forbidden Nomnoms

Edibles From The Farthest Reaches of Our Blue Home Planet, The Earth, and Even Slightly Beyond

Metabolics, Nov 06 2015

by Liby Hays

To set forth my aims: I am equally invested in tasting and parsing the multifarious ‘nommies’ brought forth from all corners …

"Quel Monde!"

On Literary Rivalries

Features, Nov 06 2015

by Piper French, Yousef Hilmy & Henry Staley

The Spanish Baroque poet Francisco de Quevedo clanked rapiers with lyric poet Luis de Góngora on the page, sparring over the …

Aloha 'Āina

Community and Resistance on the Big Island

Features, Nov 06 2015

by Aanchal Saraf

‘Āhinahina blooms only once in its thirty to fifty years of life, and then dies. A member of the daisy family …

High Hopes

The Movement for Marijuana Legalization in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 06 2015

by Jane Argodale

During the winter of 2012, residents of Colorado and Washington state lit up in celebration of the legalization of recreational marijuana. …

Week in Posturing

News, Nov 06 2015

by Wilson Cusack & Francis Torres

Let’s hear it for glyphosate! It was high fives all around at Monsanto HQ in St. Louis, MO this June when …

Joint Identities

Literary, Oct 30 2015

by Lance Gloss

Toes on hot coals are punctual— have already been at the wheel, spinning dark’s wicker quickly to thread; the traffic chugs …

You've Got Learning

Education Turns to Technology

Science & Technology, Oct 30 2015

by Liz Cory

Every day at 8:45 AM, Village Green Virtual’s 210 students walk through the lobby and scan their IDs on the wall …

Grey Area

In Conversation with David Rohde

Interviews, Oct 30 2015

by Madeleine Matsui

Twice-captured and twice the recipient of a Pulitzer Prize, David Rohde has had a treacherous yet accomplished career in journalism. Starting …

Studs, Spikes, and Sprinklers

Hostile Architecture and its Woes

Features, Oct 30 2015

by Yousef Hilmy & Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

Public spaces aren’t always so. In his 1990 book City of Quartz: Excavating the Future in Los Angeles, Marxist urban theorist …

Source Text

Features, Oct 30 2015

by Katherine Long

The day I returned from Tajikistan, I ate half a Reuben. I put the other half of the sandwich in my …

Photoshop and its Discontents

A Digital Art History

Arts, Oct 30 2015

by Liby Hays

Gradient Tool When a function’s higher values are assigned darker colors, they create an image like the one below, called a …

A New Leaf

Considering the Canadian Election

News, Oct 30 2015

by Kelton Ellis

On October 19, the centrist Liberal Party of Canada won the nation’s federal elections in a decisive victory that will make …

From the Editors

News, Oct 24 2015

by Camera Ford, Shane Potts & Rick Salamé

In an ideal world, a publication might be able to publish all the perspectives on a given issue and give them …


America's Bends With Benefits

Metabolics, Oct 23 2015

by Lance Gloss

In 2014, Washington, D.C. extended the sales tax. Residents would now cough up for tanning services, car washes, and upholstering jobs. …

Notes on Discontinuity

Features, Oct 23 2015

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

There is a grid; it gathers itself from beyond the picture-frame, and focuses to a point in the distant horizon. From …

The Seventh Day

Stories in My Cereal

Arts, Oct 23 2015

by Abbey Perrault

In 1898, a young doctor from Michigan removed a batch of disfigured granola from his oven. Flat, he observed. His failed …

Three Deserts

Notes on Cinematic Desolation

Features, Oct 23 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances

I. For me, the desert has always been a fascinating thought-image within the Western imaginary, even if it’s exceedingly ambiguous or …

The State of Labor

Providence's Union Problem

Metro, Oct 23 2015

by Laura Durand

As I ride the escalators to the top floor of the Rhode Island Convention Center, I am greeted warmly by Mike …

Past and Present

Justice in Guatemala

News, Oct 23 2015

by Wilson Cusack

It began on April 16, when the UN International Commission Against Impunity in Guatemala announced the uncovering of a corruption scheme …

America Runs on Racism™

A Steaming Cup of #BlackLivesMatter

Metro, Oct 23 2015

by Jane Argodale

The Providence Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 (FOP), a local chapter of the national Fraternal Order of Police which has …

The Edible Complex

Paths to the Ultimate Mushroom

Science & Technology, Oct 23 2015

by Mickey Zaslavsky

Under the brush, a golden-red cap glints. Trembling, I push back the undergrowth and gasp. I then gingerly pull out the …


Literary, Oct 23 2015

by Sarah Dillard

The following is a story, and this story is fictional. It is about a man named Fred. Fred’s black hair sat …

Week in Preservation

News, Oct 23 2015

by Lance Gloss, Gabrielle Hick & Dominique Pariso

Off the Books Where be dead skin cells, piled up, and caked upon the pages, secret treasures await: an archivist’s reading …

L, Another Day

Literary, Oct 09 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

​ closing in on the parking lot outside where the form is fixed the grass is not allowed rackety red carts …

Pastoral Fixation

The Rituals and Space of Religion and Superstition

Arts, Oct 09 2015

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

They are honest and well-meaning Christians of unhealthy constitutions, and melancholy tempers, who are so miserably harrass'd; who above all things …

Radios in Our Heads

Thoughts on Songwriting

Features, Oct 09 2015

by Dash Elhauge

In a tower on an island by a dock with a kayak, I write songs. The boat is built for one. …

Tired of Art

Arts, Oct 09 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances & Athena Washburn

Robert Smithson,A Heap of Language, 1966 (Wikimedia Commons) In response to the 1970s energy crisis, citizens around the US began collecting …

The Perils of Liminality

Considering the Stampede at Mecca

News, Oct 09 2015

by Mickey Zaslavsky

On September 26, a deadly stampede occurred during the annual Hajj pilgrimage when two waves of Muslim pilgrims collided on streets …

Why 2015 Might Actually Shake the Status Quo

The Changing Politics of Development and Climate Change

News, Oct 09 2015

by Maria Camila Bustos

On September 21, 2014, over 400,000 people marched in the streets of New York City to demand action on climate change. …

Week in Transposition

News, Oct 09 2015

by Wilson Cusack, Julia Tompkins & Francis Torres

Bud, Not Buddy For anyone who grew up in the era of the 1978 book Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs, …

Going Soft

Weight in Theory and Practice

Metabolics, Oct 02 2015

by Marcelo Rivera-Figueroa

It might be my Catholic upbringing, but I’m often at least a little wary of things I enjoy. A sin, after …

Beyond Our Fingers

The Hidden Beauty of Recursive Computing

Science & Technology, Oct 02 2015

by Dash Elhauge

When I was four, I snuck into my mother’s bedroom and flicked the switch by her makeup desk. Big filaments blazed …

Dear Indy...

Reptilian Pontifex and Lord Levant Give Counsel

Features, Oct 02 2015

by Reptilian Pontifex & Lord Levant

Q: Dear Indy, I don’t understand how money works. A: Dear Anonymous, Money is paper, sport. cf. The Merchant of Venice; …

Postcolonial Sounds

Arts, Oct 02 2015

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! [a man screams; pulsing kuduro drums begin falling from a digitized Iberian Sky, they reverberate against AHHH! …

Week in Extraordinary Measures

News, Oct 02 2015

by Liz Cory, Camera Ford & Julia Tompkins

Look Ma, No Hands You’re done with One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. If we’re being real, you were …


Ephemera, Sep 25 2015

by Felipe di Poi

The Philosopher's Wife

Literary, Sep 25 2015

by Sabrina Imbler

The American psychologist Harry Harlow designed an apparatus called the Pit of Despair, a steely, isolated trough designed to produce, in …


In Conversation with Phyllis Randolph Frye

Arts, Sep 25 2015

by Madeleine Matsui

The College Hill Independent: You work at the intersection of law and social justice, and have used this position to advocate …

Cult of the Kempt

Lawns of the Suburban Imaginary Under Threat

Occult, Sep 25 2015

by Lance Gloss

We mowed them shaggy at college rentals mid-town; tightened edges on the winding subdivision drives; begged the truck to keep speed …

Ashes and Digressions

Ruminations on Death

Features, Sep 25 2015

by Piper French, Yousef Hilmy & Henry Staley

Margaret Wise Brown, a children’s book author who generally shunned the company of children, is buried where she once lived—on a …

Make Me a Lemon Tree

Death Goes Green, All Are Welcome

Features, Sep 25 2015

by Julia Tompkins

Katrina Spade wants death in good company. In 2013, Spade, then an architecture student at UMass Amherst, began to think about …

Upper Limit

The Refugee Crisis and Islamophobia in Europe

News, Sep 25 2015

by Jane Argodale

On September 8, a video surfaced of Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo kicking refugees as they ran past police out of a …

You Know How This Is

Literary, Sep 18 2015

by Gabrielle Hick

into the slow bend of an S-curve summer you bleed more lonely than you thought you would if you could ask …

Digging in the Grounds

Gender and Tradition in Cairo's Coffee Shops

Features, Sep 18 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

Visit any neighborhood in Cairo, especially ones in its older districts, and you will find countless traditional coffeehouses (called ahawi; singular: …

"Too Much World"

On Hito Steyerl

Arts, Sep 18 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances

At Artists Space in Tribeca, the disembodied voice of Bruce Lee booms from Hito Steyerl’s video Liquidity, Inc., amid the distant …

Raw Footage

In Conversation With Elinor Carucci

Arts, Sep 18 2015

by Madeleine Matsui

There is a closeness to Elinor Carucci’s work. The proximity of her camera to her subject matter results in intimate images, …

Runt in Orbit

Pluto and Humanity Do the Long Distance Thing

Science & Technology, Sep 18 2015

by Lance Gloss

The interplanetary space probe New Horizons arrived this July in the Pluto system, marking both a new milestone for astronomy and …

Week in Review

News, Sep 18 2015

by Dominique Pariso, Wilson Cusack & Dash Elhauge

The Artist Formally Known as Roach It is an unseasonably hot fall evening. Sweat drips down your back as you approach …


Funding Athletics at Brown

Metabolics, May 01 2015

by William Underwood & Sam Bresnick

On March 7, the Brown men’s basketball team concluded its 2014–15 season with a road loss to Harvard, the eventual Ivy …

I Suppose

Literary, May 01 2015

by Rick Salamé, Kim Sarnoff, Eli Neuman-Hammond & Mika Kligler

I got tired of waiting, so I microwaved my bag of lentils and gave it to her. Did you hear, she …

About a Film About A Book

Review of "End of the Tour"

Arts, May 01 2015

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

I’m a person writing an article about a movie (The End ofthe Tour) about a person (David Lipsky) writing an article …

From the Editors V.30 N.10

News, May 01 2015

by Rick Salamé, Stef Hayes & Zeve Sanderson

The Indy is about to go on summer hiatus and when it returns to newsstands in September we will no longer …


Sex Work In Rhode Island

Metro, May 01 2015

by Jane Argodale

Early in April, undercover Providence police posted escort ads on the website, and arrested 22 respondents for soliciting sex at …

Week in Farewells

News, May 01 2015

by Kyle Giddon & Alex Sammon

Jack Bruce is dead. Kurt Cobain is dead. Cream and Nirvana are gone while SUM41 is going strong. There is no …

Strange Absences

A Conversation with Junot Díaz

Arts, May 01 2015

by Mika Kligler & with contributions from María Eugenia Pabón

On the phone, Junot Díaz speaks more slowly than I thought he would. His books talk fast—Yunior, the Dominican-American semi-autobiographical narrator …


Alternative Theater in Providence

Metro, May 01 2015

by Sophie Kasakove & Lisa Borst

This is Rapid Transit They changed it last week, the 11 Broad St And the 99 in Pawtucket The opposite of …

Taha Husayn

Traces of a Visionary

Features, Apr 17 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

1. For some, to see means to know. Our eyes isolate, violate, pay no regard to the problem of hallucination and …


Metro, Apr 17 2015

by Emma Phillips

Mashapaug Pond, even as the largest freshwater pool in Providence,is easy to miss. It’s tucked behind the grey concrete facades and …

Week in Puns

News, Apr 17 2015

by Dash Elhauge, Malcolm Drenttel, Maya Sorabjee & Zeve Sanderson

Asset Management Fee Structure for Municipal Pensions “Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee. Your hands can’t hit what your …

Magic, Magyck, Magick

Occult, Apr 17 2015

by Anne Fosburg, Mika Kligler & Sam Samore

“Bring a small, empty tin-can and a pencil to beat it with,” read the flyer. “It will make an ominous and …

Power Players

Negotiating the Future of the Middle East

News, Apr 10 2015

by Peter Makhlouf

Since the Iranian revolution, 1,672 Iranians have died in plane crashes. Iran has one of the most dismal aviation safety records …

Two Men

Literary, Apr 10 2015

by Dash Elhauge

Two men folded their bodies in the wind. One of the men panned his red chin over the landscape. The flurries …

Culture Shock

A Short Timeline of Controversial Art

Arts, Apr 10 2015

by Max Genecov, Joshua Kurtz, Eli Pitegoff, Erin Prinz-Schwartz & Maya Sorabjee

To simply be offensive in one’s artistic practice is to engage in a hollow act of provocation. It is to be, …

How to Slice an Apple

Metro, Apr 10 2015

by Madeleine Matsui

After a slew of new appointments to the Providence School Board (PSB) by newly elected Mayor Jorge Elorza, the expansion of …

The History of Life on Earth

The Work and Life of Elizabeth Fulda

Features, Apr 10 2015

by Eliza Dexter Cohen

Photo is reproduced courtesy of AMNH Special Collections The American Museum of Natural History keeps detailed records. The museum, founded in …

Week in Sponsorship

News, Apr 10 2015

by Jamie Packs & Elias Bresnick

Whopper of a Wedding Wedding announcement photos are surely the pinnacle of elegance. Typically set in some idyllic pastoral scene, or …


Technology, Agriculture, and the Computational Metaphor

Science & Technology, Apr 10 2015

by Lisa Borst

We conceive of the Internet mostly through metaphors. Early imaginings of a globally distributed network of information likened the nascent web’s …

Week in Fools

News, Apr 03 2015

by Kyle Giddon, Elias Bresnick, Dominique Pariso & Dash Elhauge

Abandon hope, all ye who read! The scribes have played a ruse; These penmen hath concocted fibs Yet dare to call …

After Dark at the Texaco

Literary, Apr 03 2015

by Vhalla Otarod

like rust swirling in the blood coiling nerves—braided wire, the shimmer blue that gasoline drips from the pump—burning holes through rubber, …

Laboring for Democracy

On the Minimum Wage in Rhode Island

Metro, Apr 03 2015

by Peter Makhlouf

Rhode Island has an NRA problem. And it has nothing to do with guns. Last June, the Rhode Island legislature passed …

Exit Right

News, Apr 03 2015

by Sebastian Clark

Soon to be unemployed students of Brown and RISD, you are not alone. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), as …


A Conversation with DARE's Fred Ordoñez

Interviews, Mar 13 2015

by Mika Kligler

Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) is a grassroots community organizing force based on the southside of Providence. Through door-knocking, …

The Art of Amusement

Metro, Mar 13 2015

by Sienna Zeilinger

The Providence Laughter Club meets downtown on the second and fourth Tuesday of every month, on the sixth floor of 18 …

Tanks in the Backyard

Police Militarization in Providence

Metro, Mar 13 2015

by Malcolm Drenttel

In 2006 Glenn Reynolds wrote about the threat of police militarization in Popular Mechanics: “Soldiers and police are supposed to be …

From 'Manliness' to Dandiness

Arts, Mar 13 2015

by Brock Lownes

In February, The Council of Fashion Designers of America announced that it is launching a men’s fashion week—a move that highlights …

Memoir of a Young Hacker

Science & Technology, Mar 13 2015

by Dash Elhauge

When I was 13, I wrote a piece of malicious software and put it on my mother’s computer. It took the …

Dirty Dancing

Metabolics, Mar 13 2015

by The Selection Committee

Editors' Note: To make the image larger 'control-click' on it and select 'view image.' …

Week in Education

News, Mar 13 2015

by Jamie Packs & Sebastian Clark

Easy as ABC Substitute teachers have an almost mythic allure. They alone offer high school students the prospect of a brief …


A Narrative Week in Review

News, Mar 06 2015

by Dash Elhauge

In 2013, Slate published a piece entitled “You Won’t Finish This Article.” Using a web analytics software called Chartbeat, Slate discovered …


An Afternoon with the Connecticut Wreckers

Metabolics, Mar 06 2015

by William Underwood

For Connecticut Wreckers owner and head coach Gary Peloso, women’s tackle football was never a likely landing place. “My wife saw …

Without a Doubt

Choice & the Church in Rhode Island

Metro, Mar 06 2015

by Jane Argodale

In the United States, Catholic women will have abortions at about the same rate as other women—one in three by age …

Fanciful Skateboarding in Fancy Times

Arts, Mar 06 2015

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

“We use chaos as a gateway to the unknown creating a new path. Nothing that can be measured by skill or …


Talking with Umberto Crenca

Interviews, Feb 27 2015

by Emma Lloyd

In downtown Providence, at the intersection of Washington and Empire Streets, stands AS220, a popular bar, restaurant, and performance space. AS220 …

From the Editors V.30 N.4

News, Feb 27 2015

by Rick Salamé

The PawSox’s new ownership group wants to relocate the team to Providence and—my regrets to Pawtucket—a baseball stadium would be good …

Courting the Couture

Metabolics, Feb 27 2015

by Kyle Giddon, Sam Bresnick, Stephanie Hayes, William Underwood & Zeve Sanderson

In honor of New York Fashion Week and the NBA All-Star Game’s alignment in New York City, the Indy takes a …

To Be Ourselves

Science & Technology, Feb 27 2015

by Wilson Cusack

“I founded 4chan eleven and a half years ago at the age of 15, and after more than a decade and …

Week In Exegesis

News, Feb 27 2015

by Kyle Giddon & Dominique Pariso

One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish Picture it: you’re swimming through the Gulf of Mexico. Surrounded by a school …

Vandalism at the Islamic School of Rhode Island

Metro, Feb 27 2015

by Madeleine Matsui

At 1:11pm on a glacial Friday, February 20th, about sixty people gathered in the back half of a small gymnasium, a …


News, Feb 13 2015

by Dash Elhauge, Lisa Borst & Alex Sammon

No Uglies On a warm autumn day in 1963, President John F. Kennedy sat calmly beside his wife, Jackie, in the …


Metro, Feb 13 2015

by Emma Phillips

With the image of New York and Boston before it, Providence is designing a bike share. Providence’s bike share will be …

Excerpts: Notes from Cairo

Features, Feb 13 2015

by Yousef Hilmy

12/23 Still on the plane. I wonder how much of Egypt will simply (or not so simply, I suppose) be the …

Clipped Wings

Metabolics, Feb 13 2015

by Miles Taylor

Watching the Atlanta Hawks play is like watching chaos. On offense, no one stops moving. The court is a constant whirlwind …

Syrizian Greece: Democracy 2.0?

News, Feb 06 2015

by Malcolm Drenttel

Last week, on a warm evening in Athens, Alexis Tsipras stepped on stage to announce his party’s victory, declaring through a …

The New Obvious Choice

Science & Technology, Feb 06 2015

by WIlson Cusack

Every June, 1500 interns arrive in Mountain View, California to begin their highly coveted summer internships at Google. They represent approximately …

Week In Abandonment

News, Feb 06 2015

by Dash Elhauge & Dominique Pariso

Leave Your Troubles in the Snow A rosy-cheeked toddler breathes mist out from under a tightly pulled down cap. He wiggles …

The 'New' Providence

Thoughts on the Past and Present of the What Cheer? City

Metro, Feb 06 2015

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

“We are no longer the industrial city we used to be; but that’s alright. We have to build the New Providence, …

From the Editors V.30 N.2

News, Feb 06 2015

by Lisa Borst & Kyle Giddon

Last week, we listened to the warnings of the weathermen. Our mothers called us. We called our mothers. We stockpiled. We …

Mundane Reasons

Emailing with Lydia Davis

Interviews, Feb 06 2015

by Mika Kligler

Lydia Davis lives in a converted schoolhouse in upstate New York. When I think of her, I think of her perched …

Hooking Up With History

Arts, Jan 30 2015

by Eli Pitegoff

It might read blasphemous to call today’s cult fixation with Berlin parochial. Yet, to enter the city’s most infamous club, according …

Albany, Albany

Shelly Silver and the Status Quo

News, Jan 30 2015

by Elias Bresnick

The events that culminated in the arrest this past Tuesday of long-standing New York Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver call to mind …

Remembering Olivia Barker

by College Hill Independent

The College Hill Independent would like to salute the life and career of one of its most admired and beloved editors, …

Week in Shelter

News, Jan 30 2015

by Dash Elhauge & Sebastian Clark

There’s an App for That It’s been confirmed—that was a blizzard this past Tuesday. That powdery shit wrapped around your knees? …

From the Editors V.30 N.1

News, Jan 30 2015

by Rick Salamé, Stephanie Hayes & Zeve Sanderson

The ground freezes in winter and makes it hard to bury dead dogs and I think a new war will hit …

I Don't Feel Like Dancin'

Playing 'Gay' in Providence Professional Wrestling

Metabolics, Jan 30 2015

by Will Underwood

The South Attleboro Knights of Columbus auditorium is an unassuming building. Small with brown faux-wood siding, it is dwarfed by its …

Week in Flesh

News, Dec 05 2014

by Kyle Giddon, Tristan Rodman & Alex Sammon

MISSING BRAINS!! PLEASE READ!! Missing: 200 human brains. Where: The University of Texas, Austin, TX. When: Sometime between the year 1987, …

A Sad Anniversary

The Bhopal disaster 30 years on

News, Dec 05 2014

by Sebastian Clark

Thirty years ago on Wednesday, 40 metric tons of toxic gas escaped from a Union Carbide pesticide plant in Bhopal, India. …

Take It as It Comes

An interview with lo-fi legend R. Stevie Moore

Interviews, Dec 05 2014

by Dash Elhauge

Before there were hipsters in faded t-shirts digging through garage sales for vintage tube amps, before kids swiped their grandparents record …

After Whitman

Homosexual and gay poets talk back to Whitman

Arts, Dec 05 2014

by Will Fesperman

“What thoughts I have of you tonight, Walt Whitman,” sighs Allen Ginsberg at the beginning of his 1955 poem “A Supermarket …

Black and Blues

Police brutality in Providence

Metro, Dec 05 2014

by Mika Kligler

On Thursday September 10, at around 9:30 PM, John Prince heard someone “hollering” outside his house on the Southside of Providence. …

Cyborgs in the Club

Arca and the digital boundary

Science & Technology, Nov 21 2014

by Malcolm Drenttel

On November 1, Venezuelan electronic musician Arca released his debut album Xen, named for Arca’s alter ego, a genderless—though feminine—figure whom …

Sketching the Outlines

Thoughts on The David Foster Wallace Reader

Arts, Nov 21 2014

by Lisa Borst

Last week, Little, Brown, & Company released The David Foster Wallace Reader, a sort of Greatest Hits collection of some of …

Facing Eviction

Metro, Nov 21 2014

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

Last month, I biked down to Direct Action for Rights and Equality (DARE) at 340 Lockwood Street for a public forum …

Their Thayer

The faces of Thayer Street

Metro, Nov 21 2014

by Kalie Boyne & Tom Sullivan

It’s impossible to miss the changes on Thayer Street. Thedeep black of smooth asphalt bears the bright white stainof a new …

Week in Displacement

News, Nov 21 2014

by Sebastian Clark & Elias Bresnick

In Kindergarten, we called it “gimme, gimme.” Now we call it privatization. OPEN SEASON The Tanzanian government backtracked this week on …

Accidental Greatness

How some of the world’s most famous discoveries started with mistakes

Science & Technology, Nov 14 2014

by Elena Suglia

In 1879, chemist Constantin Fahlberg came home from a long day of experimenting with coal tar. Upon sitting down to eat, …


Literary, Nov 14 2014

by Mary Frances Gallagher

'prä-blm purse-laden arm grabs rough pulls back sharply fear rush of regret and a fast retreat questions of bruises he spits …

Week in Pageantry

News, Nov 14 2014

by Haley Adams & Dash Elhague

Quite a bit of news, these waning days, gets lost to the humdrum. Print budgets have been slashed, newsrooms downsized, correspondents …

Sinful Spectacle

Television reaches a point of desperation

News, Nov 14 2014

by Elias Bresnick

Last Tuesday, Nik Wallenda attempted a truly staggering feat. A luminary in the field of tight-rope walking, Wallenda twinkle-toed 1,000 feet …

A House Divided

Arts, Nov 14 2014

by Katherine Long

It's a leisurely 20-minute walk—25 if there's traffic at the Ledra Street checkpoint—between the two Museums of National Struggle in Nicosia, …

Hellebore Leaves Solarium

Literary, Oct 24 2014

by Lucia Iglesias

In Hellebore’s Solarium the leaves have begun to scab. They flake verdigris, all celadon and coppery. These exfoliations flurry round a …

Set the Roof Aflame

Solar panels in historic Providence

Metro, Oct 24 2014

by Estelle Berger

The Providence Historic District Commission (PHDC) failed to show up to its own meeting. On October 14, Amy Greenwald and her …

What the Mind Scares Up

Fiction and reality in John Darnielle’s Wolf in White Van

Arts, Oct 24 2014

by Raphaela Posner

I am sitting in the Coolidge Corner Theater in Brookline, MA, admiring the proscenium decorated with Grecian women made of sheet …

The Celluloid Cage

Animal liberation at the movies

Arts, Oct 24 2014

by Will Fesperman

There’s a moment in 2011’s Rise of the Planet of the Apes that made me shiver. A human repeats the famous …

Week in Irrationality

News, Oct 24 2014

by India Ennenga, Sebastian Clark & Elias Bresnick

SHOCK TO THE SYSTEM It’s 3 AM, you’ve been up all night working, and you’re hovering somewhere between vindictive frustration and …

Meditations on Fusion

Science & Technology, Oct 24 2014

by Katherine Long

"Music is like a drug; whoever acquires the habit can no longer devote himself to important activities. We must eliminate music …

A Streetcar Named Providence

Metro, Oct 17 2014

by Eli Neuman-Hammond

This September, after two rejected applications for federal funding, the City of Providence was approved for a $13 million federal Transportation …

The Real Dirt on the Baby Carrot

Metabolics, Oct 17 2014

by Lisa Borst

There is a point in the early evening at my parents’ house, an hour or two before dinner, that I’m tempted …


Literary, Oct 03 2014

by Dash Elhauge

Claim: Demetri’s father loves him. Proof: Suppose there exists a mother, call her Jill. Jill has a child. This child is …

Corporate Parents

The Providence Journal and the death of independent media

Metro, Oct 03 2014

by Mika Kligler

It’s spitting in downtown Providence—there’s a damp glisten to the pavement as I pull up Fountain Street on my bike. I …

Ending the Polimigra

Metro, Oct 03 2014

by Jane Argodale

On July 18, Rhode Island resident Antonio Mejia was released after seven months in prison for driving without a license,a crime …

Fighting Statelessness with Statelessness

How western governments attempt to deal with the rise of ISIS

News, Oct 03 2014

by Carly West

The Islamic State, a terrorist organization and self-proclaimed caliphate, has emerged on the global stage as a force to be reckoned …

Week in Returns

News, Oct 03 2014

by Sebastian Clark & Edward Friedman

WHAT THE FUCK IS A BARRISTER? A British lawyer, basically. One of them, Amal Ramzi Alamuddin—also an activist and author—recently married …


Making sense of the Internet’s most recent infection

News, Oct 03 2014

by Elias Bresnick

In April of this year, the Internet spiraled into a panic after the discovery of a security bug called Heartbleed. Computer …

March in September

Considering New York’s record setting climate rally

Features, Sep 26 2014

by Malcolm Drenttel & Lance Gloss

By the light of dawn on Sunday, policemen could be seen erecting temporary fences along the streets of Manhattan. Visitors from …

When Pigs Fly

The Unlikely Victory of Smithfield Workers

News, Sep 26 2014

by Will Fesperman

It took three campaigns and over 14 years for workers at the largest hog slaughterhouse in the world to form a …

Week in Humanity

News, Sep 26 2014

by Zeve Sanderson & Eli Pitegoff

TITANS OF INDUSTRY You know the image: Leonardo DiCaprio standing at the bow of the ill-fated Titanic, arms spread wide-open, yelling …

A Part of Me

Pop-punk’s lo-fi resurgence

Arts, Sep 26 2014

by Dash Elhauge

Dylan Baldi shrugs and strums a couple quick chords on his Gibson. His mustache rolls back and forth over a smile …

Like a Whisper

Rhode Island's quiet depopulation

Metro, Sep 26 2014

by Sophie Kasakove & Rick Salamé

In late July I saw James Diossa, the 20-something mayor of Central Falls, shaking hands with supporters of state representative candidate …

Major League Literature

Metabolics, Sep 26 2014

by Kyle Giddon, Tristan Rodman, Zeve Sanderson & Will Underwood

The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach (2011) Chad Harbach’s The Art of Fielding is about baseball in the way Good …

Side with the Seed

A conversation with Spencer Tweedy

Interviews, Sep 26 2014

by Lisa Borst

“Is this a strictly bandmate relationship, or do you ever have to say, ‘don’t make me pull this tour bus over?’” …

Pre-Reflection on the Scottish Independence

News, Sep 19 2014

by Sebastian Clark

I write this article on Tuesday, two days before 4.28 million Scottish people vote on whether they want their nation to …

Week in Songbirds

News, Sep 19 2014

by Lisa Borst, Sam Bresnick, Kyle Giddon & Tristan Rodman

KILLING IN THE NAME OF To a culture accustomed to choosing its favorite restaurants by their Yelp reviews—crowd-sourced, grade-inflated, irredeemably unsophisticated …

Road Rash in Vivid Color

The high-definition debate in skateboard culture

Arts, Sep 19 2014

by Eli Pitegoff

Holding your skateboard by the truck, known colloquially as “the mall grab,” might seem inconsequential to the layman, but it can …


Literary, Sep 12 2014

by Leah Steinberg

“You know I’ve actually been wanting to do this for a while,” my sister said, sitting in the passenger seat with …

You End Up Becoming Yourself

Boyhood and universalizing nostalgia

Arts, Sep 12 2014

by Lisa Borst

Richard Linklater’s Boyhood, which finished its run at the Cable Car last week, is not afraid to date itself. The film, …

Ten More Years

Gang Sentence Enhancement Legislation in Rhode Island

Metro, Sep 12 2014

by Mika Kligler

Picture Atwells Avenue. A few minutes shy of 5 AM. The surveillance camera shows a young man sporting a baseball cap …

Primary Analysis

Metro, Sep 12 2014

by Rick Salamé

Editor's Note: The arrows for Governor Statewide and Governor Within Providence are accidentally switched. The Indy regrets the error. …

Pressing the Limits of Free Press

News, Sep 12 2014

by Elias Bresnick

In June of 1972, two little-known journalists working for The Washington Post were assigned to report on a burglary at Watergate, …

Week in Isolation

News, Sep 12 2014

by Sebastian Clark

For some, the summer was long and lonely. While most of you rollicked in sunlit fields to the sweet sound of …

The New Pulpit

Literary, May 02 2014

by Eli Pitegoff

The following is a brief window into a day of genesis: the virtual origin of a Facebook prophet. Posting as many …

I'm Going Home

singing towards death from The Sacred Harp

Occult, May 02 2014

by Eli Petzold

We have gathered together to sing about death. The sun shines through the windows of the Providence Friends Meetinghouse, brightening the …

Mutiny in Providence

Providence’s revolutionary socialists strike a separate path

News, May 02 2014

by Abigail Savitch-Lew

It’s hard to foment revolution when you’re getting overthrown by your own comrades. Over the past few months, Providence’s revolutionary socialists …


Features, May 02 2014

by Ellora Vilkin

Acid belly, bone throat Ladies and gentlemen may I have your attention please. Welcome to our skin chill theater, to our …

This Last Week

News, May 02 2014

by David Adler & Sam Rosen

CLIPPED It’s the 10th Anniversary of Mean Girls this week, and people are making a big deal about it. There are …

In The Name of Science

monkey testing at Brown

Features, Apr 25 2014

by Will Fesperman

Around 38 monkeys live in research laboratories at Brown University. It is difficult to know for certain how many—the researchers won’t …

Spinning Off, Tuning In

political satire in the Middle East

News, Apr 25 2014

by Katherine Long

Comedian Bassem Youssef has often been called “Egypt’s Jon Stewart.” Youssef’s El Bernameg (literally, “The Show”), broadcast online and on Egyptian …

Week in Horticulture

News, Apr 25 2014

by Alex Sammon, Maya Sorabjee & Emma Wohl

Have you had your head in the ground all week? Or, um, up in the clouds? Indy News is here to …

Filthy, Rich Scum

Occult, Apr 25 2014

by Julieta Cárdenas

[start hero] [end hero] …

Walking in the Ocean

Literary, Apr 25 2014

by Abigail Savitch-Lew

Their last morning in the old man’s house, Alice woke and found George out of bed. She rose to her elbows …

Cut Losses

designing memory in Norway

Arts, Apr 11 2014

by Gabrielle Hick

Memorials are mnemonic devices: built in order not to forget things lost, people loved. Memorials, however, frequently have a political function. …

Steel-Framed History

Remembering the Barbizon Hotel

Features, Apr 11 2014

by Estelle Berger

High, arched windows define The Barbizon's second floor, each opening bound by a twisted iron railing marked with a cursive B. …

Unfinished Business

ghosts on camera

Occult, Apr 11 2014

by Eel Burn

Time passes differently when you’re dead. An investigation into the temporality of death would make a great documentary, but until we …

Ditching the Frame

user interface and the blurring of digital boundaries

Science & Technology, Apr 11 2014

by Lisa Borst

Art has always favored the rectangle. Since humans began moving our paintings off of cave walls and onto formal and constructed …

Start Up Your Week

News, Apr 11 2014

by Sebastian Clark, Connor McGuigan & Alex Sammon

Late April means one thing: startup season. As DisruptNY, the East Coast’s most prestigious startup showcase, approaches, the excitement is palpable. …

Two Rooms

Andy Warhol’s photographs at the RISD Museum

Arts, Apr 04 2014

by Eli Pitegoff

The Rhode Island School of Design Museum’s most recent display of Andy Warhol’s photography is an art exhibition with an identity …

A Labor Movement for All

union battles of disenfranchised workers in RI

Metro, Apr 04 2014

by Abigail Savitch-Lew

Adrienne Jones, a bartender at the Providence Hilton, says she was regularly required to work 15-hour days without breaks. She tried …

Like a Man in the Desert

a woman drinking Jodorowski’s Dune

Occult, Apr 04 2014

by Addie Mitchell

I will present you with some facts about the documentary film Jodorowsky’s Dune: Jodorowsky’s Dune, a 2013 documentary film directed by …

The Week in Suspension

News, Apr 04 2014

by Kyle Giddon & Alex Sammon

PULLING THE TRIGGER There was a time, not long ago, when Arnold Schwarzenegger served as the governor of California. A state …

Bad Girls Good Women

Providence Roller Derby

Metro, Apr 04 2014

by Mika Kligler

It’s a Monday night, and I’m at the Ocean Club, an indoor roller rink in Narragansett, Rhode Island. The sign outside …

Root of Mallows

Literary, Apr 04 2014

by Philippa De La O

There is nothing I fear more than the meandering pace of light, marking its celestial time across the lawns of our …

We Are What We Waste

legislating food disposal in Rhode Island

Metabolics, Mar 14 2014

by Lisa Borst

Rhode Island’s only landfill is located at the end of a rural road in Johnston, which, when I visited in early …

Buy Me Some Peanuts

the new frontier of cracker jacks

Metabolics, Mar 14 2014

by Nicholas Catoni, Kyle Giddon, Lili Rosenkranz & Zeve Sanderson

Sitting and cheering for three hours is hard work. But stadium food isn’t just about sustenance—it’s about the identity of the …

Making Contact

Providence Dojo, American Dream

Metro, Mar 14 2014

by Katherine Solá

The United Martial Arts Academy on Branch Avenue is decorated with Muhammad Ali posters. Signs proclaim that “a black belt is …

Venezuela: Revolution from Above

News, Mar 14 2014

by Emma Wohl

On March 6, the anniversary of Hugo Chávez’s death, a few hundred of the former Venezuelan president’s most loyal followers flocked …

Ukraine: War Misunderstood

News, Mar 14 2014

by Carly West

The Cold War was arguably born in Crimea, at the Yalta conference, where in 1945 Franklin D. Roosevelt conceded to the …

Bosnia-Herzegovnia and Bulgaria: A New Direction

News, Mar 14 2014

by Sebastian Clark

Utopian ideals demanding an overhaul of society are more ably articulated than realistic calls for reform. If the large-scale protests that …

The Week in Secrecy

News, Mar 07 2014

by Sebastian Clark & Emma Wohl

SMOOTH OPERATOR Some time ago, on a lonely Tuesday night, I walked into my local pub. It’s a place of solace, …

Qui Sunt Hi

Hildegaard’s spectatorship and salvation

Occult, Mar 07 2014

by Eli Petzold

“Who are these who are like clouds?” Languorous and melismatic, rising and falling, the resonant, deep voices of men begin Ordo …

Pagan Providence

Literary, Mar 07 2014

by Eli Petzold

here where wood statues of the old gods stand at the meeting of two rivers, withered and withering in wind and …

Night Light

Illuminating the Grace Church Cemetary

Metro, Feb 28 2014

by Hadley Sorsby-Jones

Michelle Garcia, age nine, looks delighted to be wandering around the Grace Church Cemetery. Michelle poses for a picture with her …

Ostentation Funk

Rolezhinos and the politics of consumption in suburban brazil

News, Feb 28 2014

by Emma Wohl

Evandro Farias de Almeida is an unlikely hero. The 20-year-old, who lives in the working-class outskirts of São Paulo, boasts more …

A Week of Confusion

News, Feb 28 2014

by Vera Carothers, Sebastian Clark & Alex Sammon

Asking “what’s happening?” is often a mindless exercise in small talk. It doesn’t demand an answer. But this time, when you …

New Shit

Bacteriotherapy and the universe in your gut

Features, Feb 28 2014

by Doreen St. Félix

I’ve come into the habit of considering myself a human being. Dr. Charles Raison seems to disagree with me. Biologically, my …

Thin Ice

Amateurs and professionals in Olympic Ice Hockey

Metabolics, Feb 28 2014

by Nicholas Catoni

On February 23, the XXII Winter Olympic Games in Sochi came to a close with the Men’s Ice Hockey gold medal …

A New Stage

Recovering Columbus Theatre

Arts, Feb 14 2014

by Lisa Borst

Before Misak Berberian bought the Columbus Theatre in 1962, a previous owner, facing financial trouble, allegedly tried to set the building …

Falling Through the Cracks

Food insecurity in Rhode Island

Metro, Feb 14 2014

by Michelle Zheng

Erin, a food safety manager at the Mathewson St. Church meal site, was homeless for two years in the ‘90s. She …

Week in Passion

News, Feb 14 2014

by David Adler & Alex Sammon

CYBERSEXY Some grievances of digifuckers: laptop heat on bare stomach skin, distorted speaker vocals, implied volume constraints, and frozen pixels. Always …

The Rim of Meaning

Features, Feb 14 2014

by A.S.L.

Aunt Diane and I hunch in the hospital waiting room. She unpacks her purse and places a pillbox, a paintbrush, and …

All In a Day

a partial collage of date-based protest

News, Feb 14 2014

by Emma Wohl

Tuesday marked the one-year anniversary of the death of Aaron Swartz, the programmer and Internet activist whose crusade for “Guerilla Open …

Last Thoughts on Pete Seeger

Arts, Feb 07 2014

by Lisa Borst

The dynastic folk family has maintained a curious presence throughout the genre’s rich history. There’s Woody and Arlo, Bob and Jakob, …

Digital Boom

the coming Internet land grab

News, Feb 07 2014

by Alex Sammon

America has forged many frontiers. British colonists initially considered their fledgling communities in New England to be nestled in frontier land. …

Week in Stockpiles

News, Feb 07 2014

by Sebastian Clark, Sam Rosen & Emma Wohl

Stuff your cheeks and fill up your pockets. More is always better, right? A BONE TO PICK “I kind of regret …

City and State

A Conversation with Ted Nesi

Interviews, Feb 07 2014

by Rick Salamé

The following is an extended version of an interview that appeared in print on February 7, 2014. It has been edited …


an astrological opposition

Occult, Feb 07 2014

by Addie Mitchell

When replicated in dozens of directions and multiple dimensions in the natal chart, highly charged poles approximate a circulatory system. The …


notes on the second card of Tarot’s Major Arcana

Occult, Feb 07 2014

by Eli Petzold

We find, on the Tarot card of the High Priestess, a woman, cloaked in a blue mantle, a white cross of …

We Are All In This Together

Dissecting the Trans-Pacific Partnership

News, Jan 31 2014

by Sebastian Clark, Alex Sammon & Emma Wohl

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) is a free trade agreement between 12 Pacific Rim nations (Brunei, Chile, New Zealand, Singapore, the US, …

Week in Delivery

News, Jan 31 2014

by Alex Sammon & Emma Wohl

This holiday season was tough. Surely, no one at UPS wished for the harsh snowstorms that prevented the timely arrival of …

In Terra Veritas

world waiting to download

Science & Technology, Jan 31 2014

by Kyle Giddon

It has been a number of centuries since medieval cartographers filled the uncharted regions of their maps with mythological creatures. When …

Skype Reverberations

Literary, Jan 31 2014

by Eli Pitegoff

Because skype conjures you with strange pixels that dance around your face fractionally, and tries to freeze you into a momentary …

The Best Laid Plans...

Metro, Jan 31 2014

by Megan Hauptman, Rick Salamé & Abigail Savitch-Lew

Already this year in Rhode Island: the unemployment rate rose to the highest in the nation, the temperature oscillated between extremes, …

X # 10

X, Dec 06 2013

by Lizzie Davis

I Am A Computer

The Artificially Intelligent SmarterChild

News, Dec 06 2013

by Julieta Cárdenas

As a child, the late English computer scientist Alan Turing read a book by Edwin Brewster titled Natural Wonders Every Child …

For Play

Features, Dec 06 2013

by Alex Sammon

A scene from 1973’s The Mack: Pretty Tony and Goldie are embroiled in a high-stakes game of dice. China Doll emerges. …

The Week to Survive

News, Dec 06 2013

by Grace Dunham, Robert Sandler & Emma Wohl

WHAT IS CYBER MONDAY? TELL ME MomBigShopper12 12.1.13: Who else likes to order DVDs, electronic accessories, and brand-name sneakers on Cyber …

Action is Now

A History of Brown Student Activism

Metro, Nov 19 2013

by Megan Hauptman, Grace Healy, Cherise Morris & Julian Park

Students cycle through Brown in roughly four years. During their time here, student activists are cycled through study committees, working groups, …

Hold My Junk

A 24-Hour Experiment

Arts, Nov 19 2013

by Estelle Berger

EMPTY SPACE IS TERRIFYING. Blank pages, rooms without furniture, classrooms without students—absence makes us feel alone. Vacant land hangs in limbo …

The Week To Be Determined

News, Nov 19 2013

by Joe de Jonge & Alex Sammon

FRUIT FUTURES IT'S WELL KNOWN THAT THE BlackBerry and the iPad stand at opposite ends of the Tech-Cool sliding scale. The …

The Mindreaders

Providence from the Mind's Eye

Metro, Nov 04 2013

by Sam Lin Sommer

MOTHER MYSTIC’S APOTHECARY SHOP SOMEWHERE, NESTLED AMONG PUBS and pizzerias, the wise Susan Asselin was waiting for me. I had scheduled …

Week in Fantasy

News, Nov 04 2013

by Houston Davidson, Drew Dickerson & Emma Wohl

If you think you’re dreaming this, you can wake up now. And there’s no need to go back to sleep—because this …


Literary, Nov 02 2013

by Charlotte Seaberry

The Mormons had overrun our neighborhood. We noticed it on Thursday. Michael was working at his dad’s gas station. He puts …

Still Spying

News, Nov 02 2013

by Joe de Jonge, Alex Sammon & Meghan Sullivan

EDWARD SNOWDEN IS A RELATIVELY FREE MAN. Four months into his year-long Russian asylum, he has managed to fly under the …

The New Experience

Street League Skateboarding & the rise of ISX

Metabolics, Oct 29 2013

by Eli Pitegoff

MOMENTS AFTER 18-YEAR-OLD Nyjah Huston clinched the 2012 Street League Skateboarding Super Crown, cameras swarmed. Lil Wayne rushed through the stadium …

Xiomara's Way

News, Oct 29 2013

by Emma Wohl

ON JUNE 28, 2007 SOLDIERS stormed into the bedroom of the presidential residence in Tegucigalpa, Honduras and forced Manuel Zelaya to …

Week In Pests

News, Oct 26 2013

by by Joe de Jonge & Alex Sammon

Careful—they’re in the floorboards and behind the walls and there are billions of them. Just turn on the shower: the head …

Excerpt from Unmoored

a one-act play

Literary, Oct 25 2013

by Eli Petzold

iii. history, or something [AQUARIUS on a mountaintop.] AQUARIUS i want you to come up the mountain with me. this is …

Notes from Down Below

The Occult Humanities Conference 2013

Arts, Oct 25 2013

by Julieta Cárdenas

The next stop is Wall Street. 8:45AM, Saturday, October 19. MTA construction work means the 4 is running local, which works …

Brute Choir

an interview with Bonnie "Prince" Billy

Arts, Oct 25 2013

by Lisa Borst

Friday, October 11. 7:56 PM. The Columbus Theater. Standing outside the Columbus before seeing Bonnie “Prince” Billy, I witness two bearded, …

Accidentally On Purpose

ew, cooties

Arts, Oct 13 2013

by Julieta Cárdenas

FEAR COMES FROM THE UNKNOWN, the hidden or the invisible. It’s all in your head, but cooties feel so real. For …


October 11, 2013

Arts, Oct 10 2013

by Becca Millstein, Grier Stockman & John White

Inventory. Taking stock. It’s a check-list, cross it off. Go to Venice, take a drive, come, and back again. We bring …

Perils of Lampedusa

North African Immigration to Europe

News, Oct 10 2013

by Alex Sammon

BROWN WOODEN CASKETS FILL the loading bay. There are 194 in total. They are split into three parallel lines, with a …

Apis Providentia

Beekeeping Geography in Greater Providence

Metro, Oct 10 2013

by Rick Salamé

DR. JANE DENNISON'S HONEYBEES WAKE up around 10:30 AM in late September. They won’t fly if it’s too cold and, lately, …

Cold Water

Shipping in the Arctic

Features, Oct 03 2013

by Simon Engler

THE EARLIEST SATELLITE PHOTOGRAPHS OF the Arctic in summer date to 1978. From above, the ice extends to the rim of …


Science & Technology, Oct 03 2013

by Megan Hauptman, Lili Rosenkranz, Josh Schenkkan, John White & Emma Wohl

A few weeks ago, as we were dragging our fingers through the water and dangling our feet off the dock, a …

Soft Skulls, Cold Hearts

The Evolution of Head Protection in the NHL

Metabolics, Oct 03 2013

by Madeline Coburn

THE PUCK IS DROPPED at the faceoff and won back to Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Kimmo Timonen. He fires a low slap …

Week in Last Stands

Arts, Oct 03 2013

by Alex Sammon, Emma Wohl & Sam Rosen

Taking a stand may be hard on your knees, but it means you can back up what you believe in, at …

Aacha Maa Al Aayle

Finding Middle Eastern Food in Providence

Metro, Sep 27 2013

by Rick Salamé

I BIKE PAST AS220, go around the cathedral, cross the overpass, take a left against the traffic ofa one-way street, pull …


Features, Sep 26 2013

by Sam Adler-Bell, Doreen St. Félix, Alex Ronan & Ellora Vilkin

On Saturday September 21, fifteen attackers laid siege on Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. At press time, the official casualty …

The Revolution Will Not Be Standardized

The Fight for Education in RI

Metro, Sep 26 2013

by Emma Wohl

ON A SATURDAY MORNING LAST MARCH, 50 people sat down with their No. 2 pencils and began to fill in the …

Kissing Christ

Literary, Sep 26 2013

by Eli Petzold

CONFESSION i’m falling in love again, finally, slowly, carefully. he’s thin and gangly and kind of scruffy. oh, and he’s an …

Imagining, Together, The End

What We Think About When We Think About Climate Change

Features, Sep 26 2013

by Daniel Sherrell

WASHINGTON DC, 2002 ATMOSPHERIC CO2: 373 ppm Climate change was invented in 2002 by a man named Frank Luntz. Global average …

Sweet, Sweet Sorrow

Science & Technology, Sep 19 2013

by Golnoosh Mahdavi

IN FRANCE, THE GUILLOTINE was unpopular at first. The slick blade didn’t give spectators enough time to see much of anything. …

Supernatural Bread

Literary, Sep 19 2013

by Julieta Cárdenas

Hearing that someone else is an alien makes it easier to ask the question “Have you not ever felt the presence …


Literary, Sep 19 2013

by Devon Reynolds

In a darkened room, you and I begin in clothes. We sit tensely on your floor,drinking tea in candlelight. Splintery hardwood …

All The Way

Arts, Sep 19 2013

by Becca Millstein

It’s an august afternoon, sometime in the 1960s. Robert Schenkkan and his older brother are standing in the hot gravel driveway …

All Apologies

News, Sep 19 2013

by Alex Sammon

The video footage is grainy and tough to make out, and seems like it may have been shot on a cell …


Literary, Sep 18 2013

by Lili Rosenkranz

A GARBAGE TRUCK ROLLS BY and I am preoccupied with President Eisenhower’s face, shellacked on posters and trays. Dr. H wears …

While You Were Out

Summer in the Ocean State

Metro, Sep 18 2013

by Megan Hauptman & Rick Salamé

Like migratory birds that move with the seasons, many of our readers left Providence for the summer. We know you were …


News, Sep 18 2013

by Joe de Jonge & Emma Wohl

PEARLS OF WISDOM Oyster. Oyster. Oyster. Oyster. Say it ten more times. Sounds kind of gross now, right? Like most words, …


Arts, May 03 2013

by Ellora Vilkin & Doreen St. Félix

[start hero] [end hero] …

I'm Having a Hard Time With This

This Shit is so Race-Baiting, but Why am I Laughing?

Arts, May 03 2013

by Raillan Brooks

[start hero] [end hero] Keisha: Oh my God Breadquanda gon die when she hear this...girl you would not I just heard …


Ephemera, May 03 2013

by Annie Macdonald

[start hero] [end hero] …

Air Bud

Ephemera, May 03 2013

by Lizzie Davis

[start hero] [end hero] …

In the Dark

Art in the East Side Railroad Tunnel

Metro, May 03 2013

by Emma Wohl

[start hero] [end hero] “Do you know why this closed in the first place?” someone asks me on a Friday night …

Week in Grand Finales

News, May 03 2013

by David Adler

[start hero] [end hero] GIANT FINISH His legs are well-muscled, taut, rippling. He is nimble. When you hear his name you …


News, Apr 27 2013

by Alex Ronan

[start hero] [end hero] There is a candy shop on Boylston Street. Grace says something happened. Before it is called the …

Pleasure Reading

Open Sesame, Read a Fucking Book

Arts, Apr 27 2013

by Emma Janaskie, Alex Ronan, Erica Schwiegershausen, Doreen St. Félix, Ellora Vilkin & Emma Wohl

Today, we decided we would stop. We took off our shoes, we did not go to work, we forgot about our …

The Men in Her Hair

Literary, Apr 27 2013

by Doreen St. Félix

Windsor was going to see the girl with men in her hair. The pharmacy was dark. Everywhere else on Church Avenue …

Tiny Hill People

In Memory of Clotilde Martínez Cano

Arts, Apr 27 2013

by Kate Holguin

​ “Todos van a pensar que es una bruja,” my grandmother would frantically tell my mother. At a very young age, …

No Man’s Land

Arts, Apr 27 2013

by Kate Van Brocklin

Click “INeed an Abortion,” and you will be led through a medical consultation and referred to a licensed doctor who will …

Week in Little Things

News, Apr 27 2013

by by David Adler & Rick Salamé

Parks &Historical Recreation Here lies Mills End Park. A cup of soil, two feet in diameter, sitting between opposing lanes of …

Knives Down

by Lizzie Davis, Grace Dunham, Alexander Sammon & Benson Tucker

Like any city worthy of the title, Providence has a long and troubled history with knives. Precision instruments among humanity’s earliest …

This History Is Not Yet Ancient

the preliminary self-archiving of the Jewish city of Cochin

Features, Feb 26 2009

by Allison Zimmer

Yarmulkes are a sight unseen among the saffron hills and tea plantations of India. But when I visited Cochin, an Indian …

Where the Frontier Ends

News, Apr 26 2013

by David Adler

The real work, the heavy lifting, starts where the frontier ends. The pioneers, the Lewis and Clarks, just drew their index …

Close Enough

arts & culture, Apr 26 2013

by Ellora Vilkin

An acting teacher once told me the most intimate thing you can do on stage is touch someone’s face. You could …

MFA’d to Get Paid

Education and the Art Market

Arts, Apr 26 2013

by Elias Pitegoff

[start hero] [end hero] In October 2012, gerhard richter’s painting “Abstraktes Bild 809-4” sold for $34 million. The sale earned the …

Week in the Underworld

News, Apr 26 2013

by Barry Elkinton

CREEPY CRAWLIES Bugs are crazy. My dad’s an entomologist so I can say this with some authority. Growing up my dad …


Ephemera, Apr 19 2013

by Annie Macdonald

[start hero][end hero] …

(Some) Figures of the Animal at Home

Uncategorized, Apr 13 2013

by Maggie Milner

Their names were the names of heroines from the stories my mother told me in bed. She read to me every …

The End (an agenda)

Uncategorized, Apr 13 2013

by Belle Cushing

Alessandro De Francesco Translated from the Italian by Belle Cushing tell me how i could tell you that in those days …


Arts & Culture, Apr 13 2013

by Robert Sandler

I’ve found bits of everyone in you. There is no more grass in my yard, only clover. Found a way through …

When We Wander Onscreen As Ourselves

arts & culture, Apr 13 2013

by Emma Miller

Chris Gethard is a mainstay at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in New York. His anti-talk show, The Chris Gethard Show, …

Science and the State

Uncategorized, Apr 13 2013

by John Aurelio

President Obama, in his State of the Union speech on Febru- ary 12, called for a new era of scientific discovery. …

The Rite of Spring

Arts & Culture, Apr 13 2013

by Robert Sandler

I went to see the turned-in feet of Le Sacre moving still, under the curtain. Pagan Russia still moving Nijinsky’s flatness. …

Cups and Needles

Uncategorized, Apr 13 2013

by Alix Taylor

If you wind your way past a wholesale pottery store to 14 Imperial Place in Providence’s Jewelry District and climb up …

Growing Ca$h

Uncategorized, Apr 13 2013

by Anna Rotman & Emma Wohl

if you could design your own money, what would you put on it? Michael Giroux found inspiration from nature when designing …

Spring Break

Arts & Culture, Apr 12 2013

by Lizzie Davis, David Adler & Benson Tucker

[start zoom] [end zoom] …

Week on the Border

News, Apr 12 2013

by Rick Salame & Alex Sammon

BUTTERFLY KISS(INGER) They have no visas and don’t pay customs. This winter there were some 60 million of them: Monarch butterflies, …

Man Fulfilled

Ephemera, Apr 12 2013

by Charles O'Leary

[start hero] [end hero] …


Ephemera, Apr 12 2013

by Annie Macdonald

[start hero] [end hero] …


Ephemera, Mar 22 2013

by Lizzie Davis

[start hero] [end hero] …

From Water

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2013

by Emma Janaskie & Kate Van Brocklin

“And have you seen the water that you drink? Is it you who brought it down from the clouds, or is …

Self-Aware Game

Look, You're Inside the Machine

Arts & Culture, Mar 18 2013

by Milan Koerner-Safrata

Eminent game designer Tim Schafer recently asked himself a question: “Are games art?” His response: “Oh man, who cares.” But as …

Sun Falls Down

Russian Asteroids from the Ground Up

Science & Technology, Mar 18 2013

by Becca Millstein

“I looked up at the sky and suddenly the sky lit up with a bright light and something that looked like …

Of Mindless Men

Arts & Culture, Mar 18 2013

by Doreen St. Félix

She has no photograph, but when Marie Jane recalls the morning the zombi broke down the side door of her home, …

Alberta's Black Gold

Tar Sands Prospects in Canada

Science & Technology, Mar 18 2013

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout

There are places in Alberta, Canada, where dredged-up mud spans the horizon as far as the eye can see. Puddles of …

Week in the Future

News, Mar 18 2013

by Barry Elkinton & David Adler

(YOUR) MISSION TO MARS Private finances will be key to the future of space exploration. We’ve known that for a while …

From Water

Arts & Culture , Mar 15 2013

by Kate Van Brocklin & Emma Janaskie

[start zoom][end zoom] …

Hands on Rawhide

A Conversation with Sarah Bliss

Arts & Culture, Mar 08 2013

by Grier Stockman & Claudia Norton

When you see Sarah Bliss in line at the post office, you probably can’t guess what she’s thinking. Sarah Bliss has …

Up In the Air

Metabolics, Mar 08 2013

by Alex Ronan, Greg Nissan & Sam Rosen

[start large] [end large] “I'm not quite sure I believe the final shot, though” Roger Ebert said of Love and Basketball’s …

Redux Dictionary

Arts & Culture, Mar 08 2013

by Ellora Vilkin

These words may be out of print, but if vintage is cool then archaic is next-level. Drop one of these babies …

Ambiguous Direction

The Acquittal of Momčilo Perišić

News, Mar 08 2013

by Simon Engler

MOMCILO PERISIC IS FREE. On February 28, the Appeals Court of the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia (ICTY), in …

Week In Bovines

News, Mar 08 2013

by David Adler & Barry Elkinton

There's Something About Dinner HORSEMEAT IS—secretly, quietly—everywhere. Monday, British food regulator finds horsemeat in Taco Bell products in the UK. The …

Here I Am

Ephemera, Mar 08 2013

by David Adler

[start zoom][end zoom] …

Redux Dictionary

Arts & Culture, Mar 08 2013

by Ellora Vilkin

[start hero] [end hero] …


Ephemera, Mar 08 2013

by Claudia Norton

[start hero] [end hero] …


Ephemera, Mar 08 2013

by Robert Merritt & Annie Macdonald

[start hero][end hero] …

Week in Plastics

News, Mar 01 2013

by David Adler

Print Out Your Ear Always begin with the infomercial. Does your newborn love eating dirt? Print him a pacifier! Are you …

Dear Edgar

The Life and Letters of Sarah Helen Whitman

Arts & Culture, Mar 01 2013

by Julia Longoria

Draped in the pale, empty elegance of lace, Helen’s look is haunting. It’s appropriate, against the cool, grainy darkness of the …

The Culture of the Cure

Information and Inequality in Cancer Research

Science & Technology, Mar 01 2013

by Alisa Owens

More than two centuries after the coal soot that caused carcinoma among chimney sweeps became the first identified occupational carcinogen, cancer …

On Sacred Ground

Memorializing the Station Fire

Metro, Mar 01 2013

by Emma Wohl

Two days after the ten-year anniversary of the Station Nightclub Fire, the ground where the club stood is smooth. A circle …

Heists 2000

News, Mar 01 2013

by David Adler & Barry Elkinton

It’s always been a three-act plot. First, the preparation. There’s the shoot-n-grab, but that’s too obvious; maybe the switch-n-swap, or better, …


Ephemera, Mar 01 2013

by Annie Macdonald

[start hero] [end hero] …


Ephemera, Mar 01 2013

by Lizzie Davis

[start hero] [end hero] …


Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Doreen St. Félix

From follicles in the middle layer of skin, out sprouts the dead thing. Hair begins in the bulb-shaped organ called the …

Hog Wild

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Doreen St. Félix, Emma Janaskie & Ellora Vilkin

Imbolc, or the Festival of the Lactating Sheep This day, Imbolc,¹ splits the year between winter solstice and spring equinox. On …

Week In Review

News, Feb 17 2013

by Barry Elkinton & Rick Salame

The Year Is Wet Behind The Ears Ancient Infants George Church is bearded and stocky, but he is no Neanderthal. The …

Optimize Your Valentine's Day

A Communication Guide

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by David Adler & Erica Schwiegershausen

You have champagne, chocolate, candles, and a copy of Casablanca. All the pieces are there, but now it’s go-time and your …

Over Achievement

Charter Academy Opens Its Doors

Metro, Feb 17 2013

by Emma Wohl

“This almost didn’t happen,” Ellie Wyatt, a retired public school teacher and member of the Rhode Island Coalition to Defend Public …


Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Ellora Vilkin

Sissieretta said: “The flowers absorb the sunshine because it is their nature. I give out my melody because God filled my …

Hometown Brewers

A Toast To Pawtucket's Newest Neighbors

Metabolics, Feb 17 2013

by Belle Cushing

It started with four soda syrup tanks. Reclaimed from a scrap heap, the tanks showed up and for them to get …

The Bloom

Science & Technology, Feb 17 2013

by Annie Macdonald

Red Tide is the common name for algal blooms, which occur when certain algae rapidly accumulate and form dense patches near …

Present Time

A Conversation with CAConrad

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Will Fesperman

With painted fingernails and a large crystal hanging around his neck, he made a strong impression. A native of rural Pennsylvania, …

Week In Airplanes

News, Feb 17 2013

by Barry Elkinton & David Adler

Eligible Dirigible Last Friday, worldwide Aeros unveiled the Aeroscraft “Dragon Dream”—the company’s latest stab at a fully functional prototype. A gobsmacked …

On Yogurt

Literary, Feb 17 2013

by Alex Ronan

I. In the fifties yogurt was hip. Yogurt was so hip it was even spelled yoghurt. Today, yogurt is mainstream, yogurt …

“Benje een Buitenlander?”

Zwarte Piet and Blackface in the Netherlands

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Sophia Seawell

From mid-november until December 6, his grinning face was omnipresent. I saw him in the festively decorated windows of shops’ and …

Hidden Threads

Dressing The German Far Right

News, Feb 17 2013

by Simon Engler

IN GERMANY, FAR-RIGHT EXTREMISTS can now buy branded clothing on professionally designed websites. The market for neo-Nazi sportswear is booming. Thor …

Talking About Utility

Enumerating Art In The Western World

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Claudia Norton

1. Episteme, from Ancient Greek: knowledge or science. An understanding of principles, know-how. Techne, from Ancient Greek: craftsmanship. Applied know-how, often …

The Land Named Lisse

Features, Feb 17 2013

by Lili Rosenkranz

I was 11, they looked like onions, and so I started to cry. I cried because he had even given me …

Week In The Woods

News, Feb 17 2013

by Barry Elkinton & Rick Salame

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Etc. Trees these days just seem to be everywhere. Casuarina and Nyssa; Robina and Salix—no matter …


Ephemera, Feb 15 2013

by Annie Macdonald

[start hero] [end hero] …

The Bloom

Science & Technology, Feb 08 2013

by Annie Macdonald

[start hero][end hero] …


Arts & Culture, Feb 08 2013

by Raillan Brooks

[start hero] [end hero] …

Saving Babies

News, Feb 05 2013

by David Adler

In the year 1198, there were a lot of babies in the River Tiber. Unmarried mothers had few choices beyond depositing …

Say No To Cops

Police Tensions Flare in the West End's Cambodian Community

Metro, Feb 01 2013

by Benson Tucker & Emma Wohl

As its name suggests, the main thing that holds the West End together is geography. South of Federal Hill and west …

Homage to Love

Literary, Jan 22 2013

by Julian Park

1. (time is of the essence strike is of the) sense of the waking warbly street & shoes- numbed feet the …

Week in Review

News, Jan 22 2013

by Emily Gogolak & Barry Elkinton

Writfully Raunchy A group of literary types gathered in London’s In And Out Club this past Tuesday night. There was hype, …

The House on Broadview Terrace

Arts & Culture, Dec 18 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell

A few days after hurricane sandy made her way, clumsily, morbidly, along the Atlantic Coast, a friend emailed my father a …


A Retrospective

Arts & Culture, Dec 18 2012

by Claudia Norton

My last relationship consisted of me, my boyfriend, and Tom Friedman. My boyfriend and I used to look at a book …


Arts & Culture, Dec 18 2012

by Olivia-Jené Fagon & Christina McCausland

Suxist In the wake of two well-publicized condemnations of art journalism—art market writer Sarah Thornton’s list of “Why Writing in the …

Once a House is Built

Literary, Nov 16 2012

by Nick Gomez-Hall

Once a house is built, the idea is that it’s finished.Most houses get lived in for a while and then just …

Depraved Writing

Literary, Nov 16 2012

by Charlotte Anderson

Joyce’s letters to Nora prove my foundational theory, which is this: writers are patently perverse creatures. Everything written is already a …

All Doped Up

The Cruel Fascinations of Modern Track & Field

Metabolics, Nov 16 2012

by Barry Elkinton

Christian Hesch was having a good week. On August 17, Hesch, a semi-professional road racer from Los Angeles, ran 4:00.01 at …

I'm Dead

Political Poisonings Through the Ages

News, Nov 16 2012

by Emily Gogolak & Kate Van Brocklin

Yasser Arafat vomited during a meeting in Ramallah. His spokesman said he was coming down with the “flu,” but it soon …

Week in Review

News, Nov 16 2012

by Emily Gogolak & Kate Van Brocklin

San Fran Sans Clothes If you’re going to San Francisco, be sure to wear...clothes. San Francisco has long been a city …

Landscaping Fine Arts

The promise of's Genome Project

Arts & Culture, Nov 16 2012

by Olivia-Jené Fagon

In 2011, the launch of Google Art Project brought the public instant access to seven billion pixels worth of artistic masterpieces …

Debate Politics

Why you don't see the Green Party on TV

News, Nov 16 2012

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout

On Thursday, November 1, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg dropped a surprise, last-minute endorsement of President Obama. The expression of support …

Week in Review

News, Nov 16 2012

by by Emily Gogalak, Richard Salame & Kate Van Brocklin

Price TagsThey say that some things can’t be bought, but soon they might not be able to say that about permanent …

Milk Teeth

Arts & Culture, Nov 16 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

At the age of six, in some cases earlier and in others later, the process of shedding teeth begins with the …

Flowers For Alderaan

One Fan's Free Trip to Rhode Island Comic-Con

Metro, Nov 16 2012

by Daniel Stump

Forty or 50 kids shuffle around in the middle of a cement-floored exhibition hall with a three story ceiling. Some have …

Musical Chairs

Textual Improvisation with Nico Muhly

Arts & Culture, Nov 11 2012

by Lizzie Davis

At age 31, Nico Muhly is already heralded as the premiere composer of his generation. The Providence local has collaborated with …

War and Forgetfulness

Cambodia after the Khmer Rouge

Arts & Culture, Nov 11 2012

by Dan Sherrell

Nuon Chea, the genocidaire, tells the court he needs a hat. The air conditioning, apparently, is making his head cold.After a …

Big R

Cicilline Hangs On

Metro, Nov 09 2012

by Mary-Evelyn Farrior

On Tuesday, David Cicilline staved off Republican Brendan Doherty to win re-election to Rhode Island’s 1st district Congressional seat. Rhode Island’s …

Deep Breath

Literary, Nov 02 2012

by Lucy Kissel

I - V I. He would start walking around a little bit in the fall. Thinking, Why am I holding these …

Early Voters

Does election day mean nothing to you?

News, Nov 02 2012

by Olivia-Jene Fagon & Belle Cushing

A college student deciding to vote in the 2012 Presidential Election can find guidance at There, he will enter his …

Lists and Projects

Savant archive and fine art

Arts & Culture, Nov 02 2012

by Claudia Norton

Leona Christie is a visual arts professor at SUNY Albany and has a brother named Gavin Christie. Gavin Christie is an …

Curation Goes Viral

Tumbling down the drain

Arts & Culture, Nov 02 2012

by Ana Alvarez

In its list of “The 20 Most Powerless People in the Art World: 2012 Edition,” alternative art blog Hyperallergic asserted that …

Week in Review

News, Nov 02 2012

by Alex Ronan & Kate Van Brocklin

Stop Spreading Yr Seeds Birth control is taking center stage in today’s political arena, and the sensitive topic is about to …

Hallowed Whisperings

Arts & Culture, Nov 02 2012

by Grace Dunham, Robert Merritt & Alex Ronan

A while ago, I went to the Met with a boy my age, and also his mother. We were walking around …

Payasos Azules

Arts & Culture, Oct 28 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell

The distance from the village to Colomba is “twenty minutes by pickup.” Described that way, always. As if there weren’t any …

I'll Believe It When I See It

A photographic ghost story

Arts & Culture, Oct 28 2012

by Christina McCausland

In 1869, the spirit photographer William H. Mumler was brought to court in New York City. Perhaps best known for his …

Limoncello and Sour Cream

Local Flavor at the Hood New England Dairy Cook-Off

Metabolics, Oct 26 2012

by Belle Cushing

In Ballroom D, carpeted and windowless, all the chairs face five kitchenettes. Mirrors above each cooking station reflect the mise-en-place: a …

To His Coworker

Literary, Oct 26 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

Dear name from the Greek word margarites meaning “pearl,” Hey, second-person-pronoun. Yeah, second-person-pronoun. I cannot control myself when I see you. …

Walmart Has Sprung a Leak

Belated upheaval in the world's largest retail chain

News, Oct 26 2012

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout

Walmart does not take union action lightly. It does a lot to warp its two-million-plus employees’ perception of their rights from …

Week in Review

News, Oct 26 2012

by Mary-Evelyn Farrior & Joe de Jonge

Winged Woes Earlier this year, London’s Tate Modern hosted contemporary artist Damien Hirst’s first major retrospective on British soil. Frequently cited …

Bump and Grind

Metro, Oct 26 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

Middletown High School is on an island. It’s the only public high school in this almost beach town on Aquidneck Island, …

The Myth

Literary, Oct 21 2012

by Michael Mount

"Well, this is awkward,” she thinks to herself, squatting beside the brick wall. Her urine rolls down the sloping concrete in …

Inconvenient Truths

The struggle for justice and memory in Brazil’s Truth Commission

Arts & Culture, Oct 21 2012

by Emma Wohl

As the credits rolled last week on The Day That Lasted 21 Years, a film about Brazil’s 21-year military dictatorship screened …

This Is An Emergency

Meredith Stern’s call to action

Arts & Culture, Oct 21 2012

by Ana Alvarez

This Is An Emergency, a project organized by local artist and printmaker Meredith Stern, combines both visual and written artworks that …


Arts & Culture, Oct 21 2012

by Alex Ronan

I. The newspapers say a slender girl with a long, blondponytail blonde ponytail held by a ribbon of pink yarn and …


Features, Oct 21 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell, Belle Cushing, Grace Dunham, Mimi Dwyer, Avery Houser & Kevin Pires

IRA M. GOFF House, 62 John StreetI like the Goff House because it’s almost not one. It’s small and red and …

Show Me the Green

Third party politics

Metro, Oct 19 2012

by Mary-Evelyn Farrior

A small gathering stood outside of Local 121, a restaurant in downtown Providence, on the evening of October 11. “Are you …

Hypothesis: Everything You Could Ever Want & Be You Already Have & Are

Arts & Culture, Oct 19 2012

by Claudia Norton

Introduction Dawn Kasper is living in a gallery in Brown’s Granoff Center, enacting the final chapter of her performance series “On …

Week in Review

News, Oct 19 2012

by Barry Elkinton, Emily Gogolak & Kate Van Brocklin

Diamond in the RoughA new source for diamonds may be hard even for De Beers to tap into—it’s a nearby diamond-rich …

Pulling a Swift One

News, Oct 05 2012

by Alex Ronan

There is no mention of the Horace Mann School for the Deaf on the webpage for the win-a-Taylor-Swift-concert contest, which is …

Divorcing Mrs. Jesus

News, Oct 05 2012

by Mary-Evelyn Farrior

In 2010, a private antiquities collector approached Dr. Karen L. King at the Harvard Divinity School and asked her to investigate …

Week in Review

News, Oct 05 2012

by Marcel Bertsch-Gout & Emily Gogolak

Mitt RomñeyOn the evening of September 29th, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney appeared on the Spanish-language channel Univision to discuss the …

The Last Hurrah: Ahmadinejad at the UN Assembly

News, Sep 28 2012

by Barry Elkinton

Last week, iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in New York to attend the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly. With …

Week in Review

News, Sep 28 2012

by Alex Ronan & Kate Van Brocklin

Current EventsAfter floating in the north sea for 98 years, a message in a bottle was pulled in by a Scottish …


Literary, Sep 28 2012

by Mary-Evelyn Farrior

I.He had these smudgy blue eyes that startled me. I always thought they would be dark brown, but up close they …

Replacement Parts

Arts, Sep 28 2012

by Ana Alvarez

Sara Hendren is an artist, researcher, and writer who explores how design and art practices can inform techno-scientific research and knowledge-building. …

Old and News

Arts, Sep 28 2012

by Christina McCausland

Winging ItThis week the louvre in Paris opened a 30,000-square-foot Islamic Art wing, intended to showcase their collection of over 18,000 …


Features, Sep 28 2012

by David Adler

Last Friday, in the calm, early hours of the morning, Delhi University prepared for Student Union elections. Stout men with heavy …

Marriage to a 'T'

Features, Sep 28 2012

by Will Fesperman

Owen still remembers being five years old and thinking that everyone was like Mr. Potato Head, his favorite toy. “I thought …

Hemingway’s Twitter

Literary, Sep 28 2012

by Michael Mount

She arranged sloppily enough to suggest that she might have a trace of apathy in her personality, carefully curating the mountain …

The Melting Phallus of Jin Shan's My Dad is Li Gang!

Arts, Sep 28 2012

by Claudia Norton

Jin Shan’s first show in the US consisted of a mock-up of the cosmos under which a silicone policeman dangled, periodically …

You Don't Get Pussy Riot

Arts, Sep 28 2012

by Christina McCausland

Chloe sevigny reading an activist’s letters to a crowd of people who describe themselves as “secretaries by day, arts activists by …

Blessed are the Barren

Features, Sep 28 2012

by Ellora Vilkin

The woman’s prerecorded voice sounds tired, slightly nasal. “Hello and thank you for caring enough to call Project Prevention. We hope …

Party City

Features, Sep 28 2012

by Mary-Evelyn Farrior

I sat with my mother in an unusually deserted Outback Steakhouse in Tampa, Florida on the final Monday of August. This …

Birthright: Rhode Island Adoptees Win Access to Birth Certificates

Metro, Sep 28 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

This past July, Gary Osbrey, 50, drove from his home in Putnam, Connecticut to Capitol Hill to learn his birth name. …

The Corn Supremacy

drought revives food vs. fuel debate

News, Sep 22 2012

by Barry Elkinton

On September 10, Congress returned from summer recess, and both parties began the typical campaign season ritual of political posturing and …

Week in Review

taps, teats & tabloids

News, Sep 22 2012

by Barry Elkinton, Emily Gogolak & Kate Van Brocklin

Arid Cups On September 22, over 6.5 million people are expected to descend on Munich, Germany to attend Oktoberfest, a 16-day …

Week in Review

News, Sep 21 2012

by Doreen St. Félix, Marcel Bertsch-Gout & Kate Van Brocklin

In Defense By Wednesday morning, a quiet had finally settled outside the Chicago Public Schools headquarters on 125 South Clark St. …

A Gallery Girl on Gallery Girls

girls don't rule the art world

Arts & Culture, Sep 21 2012

by Ana Alvarez

Gallery Girls, Bravo’s latest reality television venture, follows the trials of seven young women as they navigate the ‘New York Art …


tunes, tools, teenagers

Arts & Culture, Sep 21 2012

by Ana Alvarez, Christina McCausland & Claudia Norton

ROOKIE YEARBOOK ONE Rookie Yearbook One proves there’s a teenage girl in all of us waiting to wear a paper crown …


Friction in Fur Coats

Science & Technology, Sep 21 2012

by Eric Axelman

“People have an idea of what scientists are like, and how scientists are supposed to act, and how scientists are supposed …


health care by land or by sea

News, Sep 21 2012

by Kate Van Brocklin

The longest lake in the world holds 18 percent of the world’s fresh water, borders four countries, and, surrounded by steep …

Withering Bytes

preserving digital art. et tu DVD? et tu?

Arts & Culture, Sep 21 2012

by Olivia-Jené Fagon

Over the course of two centuries, the Library of Congress was able to acquire, catalogue, and preserve 29 million books and …


cinema and the 3½-dimension

Arts & Culture, May 23 2012

by Adrian Randall

I think I have watched the trailer for Men in Black III a dozen times by now. I am in the …

Win Big, Lose Bigger

News, May 18 2012

by Alex Ronan

Financial security,” NightStalker explained, adding “I’d go into more detail, but since you are a college kid, I don’t want to …

Athena's Adaptation

a 19th century library in the 21st century

Arts & Culture, May 11 2012

by Natalie Villacorta

When people step into the Providence Athenaeum for the first time, they take their first breath of 19th century air and …


Theaster Gates takes Chicago

Arts & Culture, May 11 2012

by Kate Welsh

The wooden floors of the house at 6918 Dorchester Avenue in Chicago originally lined a West Side bowling alley. The stacks …

That In Your Ear?

David Bellos on translation

Arts & Culture, May 11 2012

by Nick Shulman

In 1595, as spiritual leader of the Jesuit mission to China, Matteo Ricci guided his subordinates to shed their robes and …

Week in Review

News, May 11 2012

by Malcolm Burnley, Alex Ronan & Caroline Soussloff

Ghost of Gaddafi Somewhere outside Misrata, the body of Colonel Muammar Gaddafi lies buried in an unmarked grave. But 197 days …


Literary, May 10 2012

by Michael Mount

I. The road to Mojave is long and thin, fading into a horizon. An old, tattered van rattles to the shoulder …

skin & bones

a conversation with taxidermist Becca Barnet

Arts & Culture, May 07 2012

by Gillian Brassil

Becca Barnet is an artist, museum exhibit maker, and taxidermist currently based in Charleston. The Independent spoke to her on the …

Let Them Eat Cake

consuming the other

Arts & Culture, May 02 2012

by Sophia Seawell

At the World Art Day celebration on April 15 at the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm, gallery-goers ate cake. It …

The Island Country

Literary, May 02 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

The prime minister awoke without dreams. He looked out his window, stone-framed and small, to make certain he had risen before …

Paradise Sinking

sea change in the Maldives

News, May 02 2012

by Muhammad Saigol

The Maldives is best known as an island paradise, a fact that belies the turbulent environmental and political changes that are …

Zap Zap Zap

domesticate the drones!

News, Apr 25 2012

by Barry Elkinton

Last month, the Internet was abuzz over the launching of TacoCopter, a San Francisco-based tech company offering taco delivery via aerial …

Revival In Warwick

Mitt Romney and the missing middle ground

Metro, Apr 25 2012

by David Adler

Everyone packed into the lobby of Warwick’s Crowne Plaza Hotel last Wednesday knew that Rhode Island is a blue state. Their …

From RISD To Rabat

making art for embassies

Arts & Culture, Apr 25 2012

by By Elizabeth Woodward

Images of a geometrical knit Missoni sweater, colored yarn held in cat’s cradle, a Russian Bauhaus carpet design, and earthy Moroccan …

Earth Daze

how a radical anti-corporate movement got lost in the lamest holiday on the planet

News, Apr 25 2012

by Alex Ronan

There were rumors that NASA had the capacity to take satellite images of the Earth. It was 1966 and Stewart Brand, …

Legislation Wars

the paper battle over Rhode Island reproductive rights

Metro, Apr 25 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell & with reporting by Stoni Thompson

On Wednesday April 11, the Rhode Island House Judiciary Committee considered nine separate abortion-related bills. Although committee hearings were officially scheduled …

Newport's Cup

Formerly Schmancy Sailing in the Ocean State

Metabolics, Apr 23 2012

by Alex Seoh

In the world of competitive sailing, winning the America’s Cup signifies the best—the best team of sailors in the best boat …

Bins, Barnyards, and Button Mushrooms

Science & Technology, Apr 23 2012

by Raillan Brooks

At one point, Bobby Gaines was deciding whether to become a doctor or a pig farmer. The former was the expected …

Notes On Hip Hop (II)

Arts, Apr 23 2012

by By Taylor Kelley

For the first time since T.I.’s Trap Muzik dropped in 2003, there is no obvious top dog in Atlanta rap, a …


Literary, Apr 23 2012

by By Julieta Cárdenas

So what, then, could I have done differently on the night when my mother, a prostitute in Hades came to visit …

Week in Review

News, Apr 23 2012

by By Chris Cohen, Emily Gogolak & Erica Schwiegershausen

KICK IN THE ARSENICThe state legislature of Maryland acted last week to ban the use of arsenic-laced feed in poultry production. …

Off The Margins

Features, Apr 11 2012

by by Sofia Castello y Tickell

At approximately 6:00 am on January 11, 2012, the decapitated bodies of an unidentified man and woman were found in a …

Nonprofits Say No

Metro, Apr 11 2012

by By Malcolm Burnley

With 600 signatures, a ten-foot protest banner, and demands for $4 million, three dozen Brown University students marched into the university’s …

A Diocese In Arms

Metro, Apr 11 2012

by By Doreen St. Félix

On February 22, hundreds of Rhode Island’s Catholic faithful filled the pews of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, located …

Psychedelic (Part II)

Features, Apr 10 2012

by Emily Gogolak & Ellora Vilkin

I COULD QUIT WHENEVER I WANT Looks like one good trip really could change your life: according to a meta-analysis published …


Features, Apr 10 2012

by By Andrew Lee

There are tales of people taking psychedelic drugs and jumping out of buildings, going permanently insane, or accidentally overdosing. There are …

Week in Review

News, Apr 10 2012

by By Erica Schwiegershausen & Caroline Soussloff

STOP MAKING CENTSCanadian Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced last week that the Royal Canadian Mint will stop producing pennies this fall, …


Sports, Apr 10 2012

by By Malcolm Burnley

In the first half of the first game of March Madness this year, Kansas State’s freshman point guard Angel Rodriguez stepped …

Aspirational Aesthetics

Arts, Apr 10 2012

by By Alexandra Corrigan

What kind of spaces do we make now? And how are they made? Architecture teaches, more purely than philosophy, what our …

Haute Cuisine

Food, Apr 10 2012

by By Lucas Morduchowicz

In the 1960s, men were men, the scotch was strong, and airplane food was gourmet. Grilled filet mignon with buttered green …

Bored St. George

Interviews, Apr 10 2012

by Translated & Illustrated by Timothy Nassau

What to make of Georges Bataille? In 1930, André Breton said that he was “psychasthenic,” that he had a “conscience deficit,” …

The Bias Business

News, Apr 10 2012

by By Christina McCausland

On February 29, Rush Limbaugh, conservative media’s most famously outspoken commentator, called Georgetown University law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” (among …

Animal Locomotion

INDY BLOG, Apr 09 2012

by Christina McCausland

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="576" caption="Woman walking down stairs"][/caption]Today is early photographer Eadweard Muybridge's 182nd birthday, and Google has a doodle in …

So, this is a thing on the Internet

INDY BLOG, Mar 27 2012

by Christina McCausland

Artist James C. Ewart is cataloging all the nipples at the Met. (Previously, re: nudity and the Met). …

EUROPEAN DISUNION: The Strained Relations of Continental Europe

Uncategorized, Mar 21 2012

by Muhammad Saigol

Often snapped by cameras in variousstages of awkward embraces,determined handshakes, or intensediscussions, Angela Merkel and NicolasSarkozy are often collectively referred toby …

Computers Building Buildings

Science, Mar 20 2012

by By Raillan Brooks & Lucas Morduchowicz

In November 2011, Michael Hansmeyer’s exhibit “Subdivided Columns – A New Order” at the Gwangju Design Biennale made quite the splash. …


Arts, Mar 20 2012

by By Adrian Randall

Right now in theatres, and probably not for much longer, is Ghost Rider 2: Spirit of Vengeance, a film that needs …


Literary, Mar 18 2012

by By Gillian Brassil

[one]A father and a daughter sit outside eating cheese off a wooden board. They both see a girl with long dark …


Arts, Mar 12 2012

by By Raillan Brooks, Jonah Wolf, Nick Shulman, Kate Van Brocklin, Eddie Friedman, Sarah Denaci & Will Peterson

THE ONE IN BETHESDA IS BETTERSince the summer of 2010, DC residents have suffered the indignity of DC Cupcakes, a TLC …


Sports, Mar 12 2012

by By Alex Seoh

After declaring for the 2010 NBA Draft out of Harvard, Knicks sensation Jeremy Lin got passed over for 60 other players. …

Got The Juice

Arts, Mar 12 2012

by By Taylor Kelley

2011 must have been a confusing year for Soulja Boy. Accustomed to massive commercial success and equally massive critical condemnation, last …

The Good, The Vlad, and The Ugly

News, Mar 12 2012

by By Barry Elkinton

A teary-eyed Vladimir Putin declared victory in the Russian presidential elections last Sunday, claiming 64 percent of the vote. After Putin’s …

Brazen in the Sun

Features, Mar 12 2012

by By Dana Reilly

Twenty some years ago, Jason Neustadter, a student at Atlantic City High School, left the tanning salon with blistering pink skin. …

Week In Review

News, Mar 12 2012

by By Sophia Seawell, Elizabeth Koh & Oyinkan Osobamiro

Grade GrubbingOn February 24, the New York City Education Department released “value-added” rankings of 18,000 public school teachers to the public, …

Cash Rules Everything

Three perspectives on the rise of casinos in RI

Arts & Culture, Mar 12 2012

by Malcolm Burnley, David Adler & X

Betting Wars: Gambling taxes, Narragansetts, and the politics of casinos in Rhode Island On Tuesday, March 6, the Rhode Island House …

Molecular Brainstorming

The Emerging Theory of Neutral Constructive Evolution

Science & Technology, Mar 06 2012

by Eli Scheer

When you think about evolution, perhaps Darwin’s finches come to mind—and along with them, the idea that adaptations propagate in a …

Window Pane

Literary, Mar 06 2012

by Michael Mount

When we were driving they caught us. When I was doing nothing but looking straight through the glass and watching the …

Love Thy Neighbor?

The call for Scottish independence

News, Mar 06 2012

by Caroline Soussloff

"Do you agree that Scotland should be an independent country?” This is the question that First Minister Alex Salmond of the …

Hearts On Fire

Self-immolation as political protest

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2012

by Kate Welsh

When a Tunisian fruit seller named Mohamed Bouazizi set himself on fire on December 17, 2011, he sparked the Arab Spring, …

Lines of conflict

Redistricting in limbo after no vote

Metro, Mar 06 2012

by Malcolm Burnley

(for full map: The scene was reminiscent of the Wisconsin State Capitol last year. But the controversy surrounded boundaries, not …

On French Films of a Certain Age

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2012

by Gillian Brassil, Belle Cushing, Sarah Denaci & Caroline Sagalchik

Les derniers jours du monde [Happy Ends], (2009) dir. Arnaud and Jean-Marie Larrieu How would the apocalypse happen in France? It …

What We're Reading

INDY BLOG, Mar 02 2012

by Christina McCausland

Friday! Pick up this week's issue for a news quiz, French Film Festival reviews (everybody’s been loving Les derniers jours du …

Uncanny Oscars

Investigations in cinema astrology

Arts & Culture, Feb 26 2012

by Adrian Randall

The Oscars are the anti-Superbowl. Any real pathos over victory and defeat quickly gets lost in the pomp and circumstance. Just …

Mechanical Memory

A conversation with a curator of the Bell Gallery

Arts & Culture, Feb 26 2012

by Rachel Benoit

Nostalgia Machines is Maya Allison’s latest and last show as curator of Brown University’s David Winton Bell Gallery, a title she …

Motifs of Mania

One Researcher’s Close Reading of Schizophrenia

Science & Technology, Feb 26 2012

by Raillan Brooks

Another manila folder has landed on his desk. A new donation has just arrived, and Anton* has work to do. He …

Exceptionally Invasive

Cow bladder in the gallery

Arts & Culture, Feb 26 2012

by Rachel Kay

From a distance, Atrabiliarios looks flat, a blur of five rectangles on the far gallery wall of Boston’s Institute of Contemporary …

Dear Mel

One man. 200,000 letters.

Arts & Culture, Feb 26 2012

by Ellora Vilkin

Once upon a time, on the third floor of the John Hay Library, there was a small, tall room. The room …

Letters of Note

INDY BLOG, Feb 23 2012

by Ellora Vilkin

Last week, the Indy ran a piece about the John Hay Library's Mel B. Yolken Collection of over 200,000 letters. Phillipe …

Week in Review

News, Feb 19 2012

by Christina McCausland, Alex Ronan & Barry Elkinton

There is a Lot I Don’t Understand About You Hamza Kashgari, a 23-year old columnist for Saudi Arabia’s Al Bilad newspaper, …

What "The Point" Is

Reconstructing a Cape Verdean narrative in Providence’s Fox Point

Metro, Feb 19 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

"We got letters. The interstate was going to cut us in half.” says Johnny Britto, a Cape Verdean resident of Fox …

Syria’s Central Concerns

Revolution and its contingencies

Opinions, Feb 19 2012

by Tyler Bourgoise

The last two weeks have been among the most violent in the Syrian Arab Republic’s 50-year history. The international community has …

Civility and its Discontents

Gabrielle Giffords and the aftermath of the Tucson shooting

News, Feb 19 2012

by Emma Wohl

On January 25, 2012—a year and several weeks after she was shot in the head outside of a grocery store in …

When Do Their Sentences End?

Reentering RIPTA

Metro, Feb 15 2012

by Sam Adler-Bell

On November 17 of last year, WPRIChannel 12 “Target 12 Investigator” Tim White reported that Rhode Island Public Transport Authority (RIPTA) …

Week in Review

News, Feb 15 2012

by Caroline Soussloff, Alex Ronan & Erica Schwiegershausen

Bad Ro(bo)mance For a generation taught responsibility with Furbys and Tomagatchis, whose dating rituals are facilitated and structured by websites and …


INDY BLOG, Feb 14 2012

by Jonah Wolf, I was shocked and relieved to read the New York Times report that, after some debate, canned sardines will retain their kosher …

Lil' Sophists

INDY BLOG, Feb 13 2012

by David Scofield

This one goes out to all you local sports fans. This weekend, the two hardest-hitting high school debate organizations in the …

Manning the Unmanned

Taking a closer look at drone warfare

News, Feb 12 2012

by Emily Gogolak

The ten people driving out of the small Pakistani town of Miramshah on January 23 probably heard a distant buzz before …

Tapes for Sad Children: A Conversation with John Campbell

Arts & Culture, Dec 24 2011

by Ryan Lester

Webcomics are bizarre. The broad explosion in content and style whose shockwaves can be found in all the far corners of …

Kosher Thanksgiving

Metabolics, Dec 08 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Last week, neoconservative Pam Geller warned Americans against a new threat: Butterball turkeys. Although all of the company’s turkeys are certified …

LA: Sex Sells

Literary, Dec 08 2011

by Becca Levinson

Ray Ray is nineteen years old and he mows the grass. The grass only needs to be mowed once a week …

Radical Dance

Disability in dance

Arts & Culture, Dec 08 2011

by David Sanchez-Aguilera

You say a word, and then I’ll say a word, and we’ll make a sentence.” These lyrics reverberate through the rehearsal …

The Greatest Spectacle in Gaming

MLG Providence 2011

Arts & Culture, Dec 08 2011

by David Scofield

The Major League Gaming National Championship is the premiere competition for video game players worldwide. This year Providence is hosting. From …

A Central Falls Steward

Bodega life during bankruptcy in Central Falls

Metro, Dec 08 2011

by Malcolm Burnley

When Hurricane Irene touched down in Central Falls, RI, last summer, it snapped sunflower stalks and made sand whirls of street …

Hey Providence, What is That: The Fleur-de-Lys Studio

An artsy atelier on Thomas Street

Metro, Dec 08 2011

by Belle Cushing

This is the studio that Sydney built. This is the art That lives and works and thrives in the studio that …

Week in Review: 2 December 2011

News, Dec 08 2011

by Christina McCausland & Kate Welsh

I'm At the Pizza Hut CIA spy networks in both Iran and Lebanon have recently been compromised despite their employment of …

Rock-Critically Correct

Arts & Culture, Dec 01 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Kevin Avery, Everything Is Afterthought: The Life and Writings of Paul Nelson. Fantagraphics, 512 pages, $29.99 Chuck Eddy, Rock and Roll …

Atlas: RK Projects at the Cohen Gallery

Arts & Culture, Nov 28 2011

by Ana Alvarez

At first glance, the minimal aesthetic and grey palette of ATLAS, the latest exhibition at the Granoff’s Cohen Gallery, is almost …

Ai Wei Wei: Dissident Artist Investigated Again

Arts & Culture, Nov 28 2011

by Ana Alvarez

Ai WeiWei, prominent Chinese contemporary artist, clamorous political dissident, and recently-released government prisoner was charged again last week for tax evasion. …

Diva Wear on the Cheap

Arts & Culture, Nov 28 2011

by Eve Marie Blazo

Imagine a leopard print silk skirt with a lagoon at sunset stamped across the crotch. Pair with tropical beachscape bomber jacket …

Neck Deep

Three tales of student debt

Arts & Culture, Nov 28 2011

by David Adler

"Comes out to about $30,000,” she says with a sigh. “And it’s all on my shoulders.” Mali’o Kodis B’14 is among …

Horoscopes 17 November 2011

Occult, Nov 28 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Oh, love. It's all you need. Isn't that right, @YokoOno? Easier said than done, sadly. So while we proclaim to be …

LA Immigration

California DREAM Act’s cultural clashes

News, Nov 28 2011

by Kate Welsh

Katia came to United States illegally from Jalisco, Mexico when she was two and a half years old.She doesn’t remember the …

WEEK IN REVIEW 17 November 2011

News, Nov 28 2011

by Stoni Tomson, Alex Ronan & Seth Kleinschmidt

Fight back app Although today’s most popular smart phone app provides users with an arsenal of angry birds to battle apple-stealing …

Rapping the Revolution in Palestine

Features, Nov 17 2011


On 1970, over a steady drumbeat and the slow stream of a saxophone, the late Gil Scott-Heron said six immortal words …

The Decline and Fall of Berlusconi’s Italy

Features, Nov 17 2011

by by Belle Cushing

Silvio Berlusconi was first elected Prime Minister of Italy in 1994. He was re-elected in 2001, and again in 2008. Mired …

WEEK IN REVIEW 10 November 2011

News, Nov 17 2011

by Barry Elkinton & Alex Ronan

Cuba CribsLockeans, get out your party horns. Cuba, one of the world’s last communist holdouts, announced on November 3 that private …

Use Your Molasses!

INDY BLOG, Nov 16 2011

by Jess Daniels

[caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="614" caption="Image via Ruth Gonzalez"][/caption]There were countless jars of molasses boxed and ready for sale in the Doubletree …

This Will End With A Fruit

Literary, Nov 03 2011

by by David Scofield

Petals are swarming in my mouth,I’m savoring an angry swarm of springI breathed today to blow against your thigh.There’s heat left …

A Meal is a Meal is a Meal

Food, Nov 03 2011

by by Belle Cushing

On a winter’s night, a New York Times food critic walks into a French restaurant on East 52nd Street. “La Grenouille …

Bjork's Biotechnology

Arts, Nov 03 2011


The broadcast date was September 5, 2001. Charlie Rose picked up his cue card and considered his guest—he worried he had …

What Will The Museum of the Future Look Like?

Arts, Nov 03 2011

by by Catherine Grenier & translated from the French by Jordan Carter

The definition of museum:The 20th century museum of fine art was at once a museum, a generator of exhibitions and art-related …

Social Improvement Through Hip Hop

Arts, Nov 03 2011

by Sam Rosenfeld & Tana Frank

On November 5, PROOV will bring the fundamental elements of hip-hop culture to life in Brown University’s Alumnae Hall. Live DJs …

Musings on Occustock

Arts, Nov 03 2011

by Jonah Wolf

This Saturday, I lent my voice to the Occupy movement. The sparse crowd at the Whiskey Republic was nourished by on-the-house …

Organized Labor Rally in Support of Occupy Providence

Metro, Nov 03 2011


There has been a fair amount of ambivalence and ambiguity about organized labor’s relationship to the Occupy movements across the country. …

Carmen Castillo Wins Ward 9

Metro, Nov 03 2011


Leading up to last week, news headlines pairing the words “housekeeper” and “politician” together tended to refer to scandals like those …

Tunisia's Triumph

Interviews, Nov 03 2011

by interview by Malcolm Burnley

One Tunisian street vendor self-immolated in December, and thousands responded in revolution; one dictator was disposed of in January, and millions …

Aftermath of a Revolution

Uncategorized, Nov 03 2011


Although Libya was formally declared its liberation on October 23, three days after the death of former leader Moammar Gaddafi, the …

WEEK IN REVIEW 3 November 2011

Uncategorized, Nov 03 2011

by Ashton Strait, Amy LaCount & Avery Houser

Security ViolatedAccording to its website, the Transportation Security Administration’s primary role in the airline industry is to “electronically screen millions of …

Don't Call it a Comeback

Features, Nov 03 2011

by written & illustrated by Becca Levinson

A few years ago, a Brown University custodian saw something strange at University Hall. While working after hours in the Corporation …

WEEK IN REVIEW 27 October 2011

News, Nov 03 2011

by by Erica Schwiegershausen, Christina McCausland & Kate Welsh

BROOKLYN BUS SEGREGATION Bus segregation is back, and in Williamsburg of all places. Last week The New York World, a Columbia Journalism …

D.I.Y. Biohacking

Science, Nov 03 2011

by by Adela Wu

There’s no need for state-of-the-art research facilities that cost upwards of a half billion dollars when an innovative scientist can set …

The NBA is Bleeding

Sports, Nov 03 2011

by by David Adler

In The Wealth of Nations Adam Smith professed the importance of “public diversions.” These diversions, he argued, are central to the …

Crying Over the Eurozone

News, Nov 03 2011

by by Alexandra Corrigan

On Oct 19, Carla Bruni-Sarkozy gave birth to her first child with the sitting French president. Brushing off media paparazzi, Bruni-Sarkozy …

Tales of Crime and Punishment

Features, Oct 27 2011

by by Belle Cushing

TROY DAVISThat August night was humid. The air stuck to the skin of Officer Mark MacPhail, who had left his daughter …

WEEK IN REVIEW 06 October 2011

Week in Review, Oct 27 2011

by by Ashton Strait, Madilynn Castillo & Christina McCausland

Utahns Strip Down to Break StereotypesIf you were to associate underwear with Utah in any way, it would probably be a …

Pure Black Metal

Features, Oct 27 2011

by Kelsey Shimamoto

On a stage lined with impaled sheep heads and daubed with animal blood, Norwegian band Gorgoroth played their now-infamous Krakow “Black …

Israel On Its Own

Features, Oct 27 2011

by by David Adler

When Doron Shiffer-Sebba first walked the fifteen minutes from his house in West Jerusalem to the Old City in East Jerusalem, …

Mind, Dirty

Literary, Oct 27 2011

by arranged by Raillan Brooks

1.I GUESS I WAS YOUR GIRLFRIENDWhen I was your man?Not that you’re helplessBut sometimes, sometimesu Would let me give u a …

An American Casualty

featured, Oct 27 2011

by Malcolm Burnley

Bugles didn’t burst with taps when Samir Khan died in Yemen last month, yet another American casualty of the War on …

Danny Brown and Das Racist

Arts, Oct 27 2011

by by Michael Danziger & Tristan Rodman

Danny Brown entered the stage at The Met sporting a Mishka varsity jacket, skinny jeans, Jordans, and an emo combover. This, …

Who Are the 99%?

News, Oct 27 2011

by by Kyle Wynter-Stoner

BURNSIDE PARK, Providence. It is Saturday, October 15, at 5 PM. Signs dominate the landscape. Each one is a thread in …

WEEK IN REVIEW 20 October 2011

Week in Review, Oct 27 2011

by by Andrew Kaplan, Kate Welsh & Berry Elkinton

Plumber Credentials Samuel Joseph Wurzelbacher, better known as media sensation “Joe the Plumber” of the 2008 presidential campaign trail, has returned …

Police, Millionaire’s Tax, Tim Geithner, and Mace

Interviews, Oct 25 2011

by Conducted by Kate Welsh

A week ago, NYPD Deputy Inspector Anthony Bologna pepper sprayed 23 year old Jeanne Mansfield and two other women in the …

Occupy Art

Arts, Oct 25 2011

by by Ana Alvarez

Over 40 professional art handlers and supporters rallied on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art last Tuesday during the …


Occult, Oct 25 2011

by by Alexandra Corrigan

Want us to figure out what your moon or rising sign is? Tweet @INDYOCCULT .CapricornGAGA: Money HoneyCapricorns are the most successful …

Spectres of Cunningham

Arts, Oct 25 2011

by by Lizzie Feidelson

Just before his death in July 2009, groundbreaking choreographer Merce Cunningham laid out a detailed master plan for the future of …

Hey Providence, What is That?

Metro, Oct 25 2011

by by Muhammad Saigol

Few give this lonely edifice more than a passing glance as they zip by on I-195. It stands against the shore …

(Un)Secure Communities

Metro, Oct 25 2011

by by Madilynn Castillo

On January 5, 2011 Governor Lincoln Chafee (I) passed an executive order terminating previous governor Donald Carcieri’s (R) Illegal Immigration Control …

As Demolition Begins, Shooters Fights Back

INDY BLOG, Oct 20 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Just as the Independent's last issue went to press with Muhammad Saigol's reminiscence of the former Shooter's nightclub on the Providence …

Joey on Good Morning America

INDY BLOG, Oct 18 2011

by Jonah Wolf

As promised, here's footage of the What Cheer? Brigade (and not, as the meteorologist has it, the What Cheer? Band) performing …

Jonathan Richman at Firehouse 13

INDY BLOG, Oct 18 2011

by Jonah Wolf

"This isn't like other shows," explained Jonathan Richman, with characteristic understatement, partly through his set Sunday night at Firehouse 13. In …

Joey Quit

INDY BLOG, Oct 17 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Maybe by now you've seen this video? Someone in Hanover says it's the internet meme of the week, and it's getting …

Occupy Providence

INDY BLOG, Oct 16 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Images from the occupation protest in downtown Providence's Burnside Park. To start the occupation, the hundreds of protesters  marched downtown. The …

The abortion bill scares me

INDY BLOG, Oct 14 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Today, the house of representatives passed the HR 358 -- the "Protect Life [of an unborn fetus rather than the mother's] …

OCCUPYART: Labor Dispute Erupts at Sotheby's

Ana Alvarez, Oct 14 2011

by Ana Alvarez

Over 40 professional art handlers and supporters rallied on the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art last Tuesday during the …

A History of The Indy Pt. 1

INDY BLOG, Oct 12 2011

by Max Lubin

This week at Midnight Hour convenes a new series uncovering the history of the Independent through interviews with staff, alumni and …


Arts, Oct 11 2011

by by Eve Marie Blazo

Alexander Wang Brings Haute Couture Down to EarthAlexander Wang, fashion’s reigning prince of cool, is having a moment. Merging neo-grunge style …

A Healthy Dose of Truth

Science, Oct 11 2011

by by Lily Goodspeed & Ashton Strait

A Trip Through a Deceptive SupermarketFifty years ago, e. coli, salmonella, trans fats, and high fructose corn syrup were concepts known …

Sabermetric Aesthetics

featured, Oct 11 2011

by by Taylor Kelley

Moneyball, Barry Bonds, and the Beauty of the Game In the canon of baseball-nerd scripture, Bill James’ Abstracts is the Old …

The battle of bull Run,REDUX

Features, Oct 11 2011

by by Rachel Benoit

Reliving the Civil War, 150 Years LaterThe pounding feet of 39,000 Union, and 32,000 Confederate troops greeted Manassas Virginia’s unsuspecting hills …

A New Challenge

Arts, Oct 11 2011

by by Ana Alvarez

A brief history of local art in the ‘Creative Capital’It is time we artists stop harboring false hopes and come to …

Hey Providence, What is that?

Metro, Oct 11 2011

by by Sam Adler-Bell

Born on the Fourth of July, or thereaboutsAt the corner of Wickendon and Governor Streets in Fox Point, right in front …

We’re Not Blocking Traffic: We Are Traffic

Metro, Oct 11 2011

by by Julian Francis Park, Caroline Soussloff & Sam Adler-Bell

Reclaiming the Road for CyclistsCritical Mass—part social gathering, part collective action—is difficult to define, even amongst participants. There is no formal …

Week In Review: Pirate Party Parade

Week in Review, Oct 11 2011

by by Barry Elkinton, Stephen Carmody & Alex Ronan

Pirate PartyIn case you missed it, September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated on social media sites around …

Downtown Boys and Friends at Da Null Hypothesis

INDY BLOG, Oct 11 2011

by Jonah Wolf

On Thursday night I had a concert in my basement. How it happened was like this: my housemate Eli told our …

October Horoscopes

Occult, Oct 06 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

We're here for your monthly horoscopes! Do you want to know your moon sign, rising sign, or have other anxieties we …

Drones and Trombones

INDY BLOG, Oct 05 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Monday afternoon, brass bands from all over the country convened in India Point Park for the fourth annual Providence Honk (PRONK) …

YOGA//PVD: a guide for all to yoga in Providence

LOVE, Sep 29 2011

by Alexandra Corrigan

Yoga, commonly known as only a practice here in the USA, was contentiously debated in ancient Indian philosophy. In Buddhism and …

New Music: Cool World, 9/21/11

INDY BLOG, Sep 26 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Lotta ride cymbal on the new release (three songs, 10 minutes) from local ("via Philadelphia/Baltimore via Orlando/New York") trio Cool World, …

Tweeting the Revolution

INDY BLOG, Sep 21 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Fresh on the heels of the Independent's assessments of the insurrections across the Arab world comes a new site by a …

Concerts on College Hill

INDY BLOG, Sep 20 2011

by Jonah Wolf

As the drumming half of Lightning Bolt, Brian Chippendale could be Providence's biggest rock star, and is surely the hero of …

About This Week's Cover

INDY BLOG, Sep 20 2011

by Jonah Wolf

Anyone who picked up this week's issue of the Independent was first drawn to the stark cover by Cover Editor Annika …


Literary, Sep 19 2011

by Scout Willis

The therapy should have started from the moment the cell splits. Shit only gets more riotous, people and parents more desirous, …

Arab Summer

News, Sep 19 2011

by David Adler, Kate Welsh & Erica Schwiegershausen

Lowdown on Libya Libya spent more than 40 years under the erratic rule of Colonel Muammar el-Qaddafi before apro-democracy revolt pushed …

RIPTA Delays Decision on Service Cuts

Metro, Sep 19 2011

by Sam Adler-Bell

In June, the Rhode Island Public Transit Authority (RIPTA) proposed cutting the state’s bus service by 10 percent(reduced to sevenin more …

Week In Review

News, Sep 19 2011

by David Adler, Erica Schwiegershausen & Kate Welsh

What Are You Hungary For? Is it possible for bureaucracy to be sexy? The country of Hungary seems to think so. …

Alligator Rescued from the Woonasquatucket

Metro, Sep 19 2011

by Sam Adler-Bell

Imagine a teenage girl goes on vacation with her family to some subtropical Floridian tourist trap, bringing home, as a keepsake, …

Teaching Tragedy

9/11 in the classroom

arts & culture, Sep 17 2011

by Belle Cushing

The teacher stopped band class, and we were called into the gym for an assembly with the whole sixth grade. Something …

Cai Translated

China exhibited in Granoff Center

arts & culture, Sep 17 2011

by Ana Alvarez

Translation by Kelly Ma ’08, Project Manager at Cai Studio, New York Walking by the Granoff Center absent- mindedly, you are …

What Happens In North Providence, Doesn't Stay In North Providence

Metro, Sep 17 2011

by Caroline Soussloff

On the stormy morning of August 28, 2011, Officer John Brown received a radio call. Chief Whiting needed backup; he had …

Ghosts Haunt Drive-In Metal Show

blog, Sep 15 2011

by Jonah Wolf

This Sunday, the phrase "heavy metal parking lot" got a new meaning, as New England's metalheads flocked to Olneyville for a …

Econ Department Squelches Free Market Innovation

blog, Sep 12 2011

by Daniel Stump

Last Friday, the Brown University Department of Economics dealt a crushing blow to private industry in the form of a joint …

From Houston to Outer Space: Tributes to 9/11

blog, Sep 09 2011

by Max Lubin

Even as New York City and Washington D.C. ramp up security in anticipation of new threats , most tributes honoring the …

Joe Scarborough Mistakes Milquetoast Democrats for Tea Party: Releases Pandering Country Single

blog, Sep 09 2011

by Daniel Stump

In a bold move, Joe Scarborough kicked off the opening ceremonies for the 9/11 10th-anniversary memorial yesterday with the surprise release …

Bros and Barbecues on the West Side

blog, Sep 08 2011

by Jonah Wolf

[caption id="attachment_5086" align="aligncenter" width="300" caption="Farmer Tess Brown-Lavoie and Indy editor Jordan Carter next to the fire pit"][/caption] Last spring, I wrote …

Soured Serendipity for 22,000 Visa Winners

News, Aug 05 2011

by Malcolm Burnley

One spin of luck made Ellen a shoo-in for citizenship, she believed. But her serendipity, seemingly issued by the American government, …

A Taste for Trash

a conversation about reality tv

Features, Apr 21 2011

by Eve Blazo

This is the real world. There are no prizes for piecing together the best office-appropriate outfit or eating bugs in the …

Open Source Academia

arts & culture, Apr 21 2011

by Annie Macdonald

On April 4, 2001, a project spearheaded by the then-president of M.I.T., Charles Vest, was announced in the New York Times …

30 Years in the Game with Bob the Barber

Metro, Apr 21 2011

by Malcolm Burnley

Barbers haven’t always just cut hair: during the Middle Ages, so-called barber surgeons performed bloodletting procedures on plague-ridden and disease-stricken folk …

Do the Right Thing

Republican presidential candidates

News, Apr 21 2011

by Emily Gogolak, Ashton Strait & Emma Whitford

What to consider as the race begins: Wendy Schiller, US Politics expert and Professor at Brown, on the GOP The GOP …

Excerpt from Bottleneck

Literary, Apr 21 2011

by Kate Van Brocklin

The pillow was a soft, cool cave for everything dark. Waking up with a damp neck and mossy hair, she was …

A New Discovery Zone

The Rhode Island Museum of Science and Art

science & technology , Apr 21 2011

by Maggie Lange

The Rhode Island Museum of Art and Science (RIMOSA) is a nonprofit that calls itself a ‘wall-less’ museum. For now, the …

9/11: There's an App for That

arts & culture, Apr 21 2011

by Maud Doyle

The first official memorial to the 9/11 tragedy was built in light, twin beams serving as an intangible but indelible memory …

Where the Sidewalk Ends

Farming on the West Side

Metro, Apr 21 2011

by Jonah Wolf

In a 4,275-square-foot lot among Harrison Street’s clapboard houses in West Providence, 14 cubic yards of compost stand at a second-grader’s …

Week in Review

News, Apr 21 2011

by David Adler, Mimi Dwyer & Erica Schwiegershausen

4/20 Update Detroit is a decrepit city—its former industry in dark shambles, its slums rife with poverty. But don’t worry! Gubernatorial …

Reconsidering Real Feel

arts & culture, Apr 15 2011

by Maud Doyle

In 1936, when Europe was deeply invested in improving industry, urbanization was rampant, and a dehumanizing division of labor was being …

Eye Spy

re-envisioning the art of eyewear

Metro, Apr 15 2011

by Alice Hines

Glasses are art to hang on the wall of your face. Of course, they help you see—but as anyone who has …

Week in Review

News, Apr 15 2011

by Emily Gogolak, Anna Matejcek & Ashton Strait

Someone Sticks Up for Immigrants, Finally “I think things are going to go crazy on this,” Utah Republican state Rep. Stephen …

Up to Speed

the fast track to America’s future in transport

arts & culture, Apr 15 2011

by Belle Cushing

In China, a businessman reaches speeds of 220 mph en route from Beijing to a meeting in Tiajin. Weekenders pop down …

The Oneness of Being

Sufism in downtown Manhattan

arts & culture, Apr 15 2011

by Dia Barghouti & Alexandra Corrigan

Last fall, controversy poured out of a block less than a mile from Ground Zero. News agencies voraciously covered the tension …

Runaway Prince

Prince and the ethics of appropriating art

arts & culture, Apr 09 2011

by Ana Alvarez

The Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin once said, “Art is either plagiarism or revolution.” But after a landmark decision by the United …

Underdogs through History

arts & culture, Apr 09 2011

by David Adler, Gillian Brassil & Erik Font

Sidney Prescott (Neve Campbell) in Scream, Scream 2 and Scream 3. Neve was already in a bad mood when she went …

Providence Bites

"digestible" news from around town

Metro, Apr 09 2011

by Emma Berry & Jonah Wolf

Fewer Kids—and they're not Alright Despite a crippling recession that left Rhode Island with one of the highest unemployment rates in …

Week in Review

News, Apr 09 2011

by Belle Cushing, Mimi Dwyer & Erica Schwiegershausen

Facebook Squahes "Third Palestinian Intifada" After receiving numerous complaints and appeals, including a request from the Anti-Defamation League—a US-based Jewish advocacy …

The Art of Barter

arts & culture, Apr 09 2011

by Olivia Fagon

In 1969, Patti Smith and Robert Mapplethorpe hawked their sketches and paintings for a month’s rent at the Chelsea Hotel. Pablo …

A Sense of Where You Are

poems about place

Literary, Apr 09 2011

by Sam Alper, Erik Font, Taylor Anne Lane & Micah Thanhauser

Pampa 1. There is nothing other than the pyramid of tires that seeks amnesty from the flatbed-truck-baggers lurching by, outside city …

Cinderellas on the Court

Why Underdogs in the NCAA Aren’t Actually Overcoming Odds

Metabolics, Apr 09 2011

by David Adler

No one roots for Goliath, and the sports world is no exception. Underdog stories are perennial headline grabbers, from the 1980 …

Hypocrisy at the Home Show

The hidden turmoil of housing in rhode island

Metro, Apr 09 2011

by Malcolm Burnley

From March 31 to April 3, thousands of Southern New Englanders flocked to the annual Home Show sponsored by the Rhode …


get real

ephemera, Apr 04 2011

by Auspicious Alessandra & Kapricious Kate

We know, we know: you just want to read your own horoscope. Actually, you just want to read your zodiac sign's …

Rhode Island Pirates for Life

metro, Mar 25 2011

by Malcolm Burnley

Ten years ago, Casey Dorman left the world of high fashion to pursue life on the high seas, giving the heave-ho …

High Fashion/Big Business

arts & culture, Mar 25 2011

by Belle Cushing

Kate Moss drags on a cigarette in bondage boots and hot pants. Naomi Campbell struts out of a gilded elevator in …

Week in Review

News, Mar 25 2011

by David Adler, Anna Matejcek & Emma Whitford

Operation Odyssey Dawn-s Saturday, March 19 marked the beginning of Operation Odyssey Dawn—an assault led by American forces on the Qaddafi …

Providence Bites

Metro, Mar 25 2011

by Malcolm Burnley & Emily Gogolak

Nowhere to Hide For Nude Survivor Move over Wesley Snipes: there is a new king of celebrity tax evasion, and he …

Nicky Park Memorial Park

Literary, Mar 25 2011

by Deepali Gupta

a play for mostly one person but also another person 1996. Before AOL 4.0, beforeTitaniccame out. It’s my first day of …

Week in Review

News, Mar 18 2011

by David Adler, Sam Levison & Anna Matejcek

In Putin’s Russia, Alcohol Drinks You! Russia’s parliament is currently grappling with a question that could force us all to re-examine …

The Gay Elephant in the Room

conservatives snub GOProud at conference

Opinions, Mar 18 2011

by Daniel Stump

Every winter since 1973, Washington D.C. has braced itself against a ragtag mob of Joe Six-Packs and corporate bigwigs; aunts and …

Slash, Cut, and Burn

rewriting immigration–and the constitution–in Arizona

News, Mar 18 2011

by Emily Gogolak

Almost one year has passed since Arizona sent the nation into an uproar over its controversial anti-immigration law. The most radical …

Speaking Through Supreme Court Silence

Hope High students challenge RI Dept. of Ed.

Metro, Mar 10 2011

by Malcolm Burnley

On a February afternoon, an eerie afterschool lull occupies Providence’s Hope High School. It feels like graduation has come four months …

The French Film Festival

arts & culture, Mar 10 2011

by Ana Alvarez, Maud Doyle & Olivia Fagon

Between Thursday, February 24, and Sunday, March 6, The French Film Festival took over the Cable Car Cinema on South Main …

Blood on Our Hands?

cellphones, conflict materials, and the best hope for the DRC

News, Mar 10 2011

by Kelsey Shimamoto

Next time your phone vibrates across the table, consider the secret provenance of your unassuming cell phone. Consider its capacitors, its …

Week in Review

celebrity meltdown edition

News, Mar 10 2011

by Ana Alvarez & Ashton Strait

Mean Sheen Beaned Flings While the wild ride that has been Charlie Sheen’s very public meltdown over the last two months …

Sweat and Blood: Musical Theater with Girl Talk and Gwar

Arts, Mar 06 2011

by David Adler

That Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel was sold out on Friday, February 25, for Girl Talk, né Gregg Gillis, reflects little about the …

Bad Mamas/Supermamas

arts & culture, Mar 06 2011

by Eve Marie Blazo

A man is shot, collapses, and dies. He mumbles “Mildred” and falls to the floor of an obscenely well-furnished living room. …

The Oak Tree Massacre: Sports Rivalries Then and Now

Sports, Mar 06 2011

by David Adler & Edward Friedman

On the evening of January 27, a man’s gruff voice came over the AM radio to football fans across the state …

Derailed: The stalled gentrification of Providence’s American Locomotive Works

Metro, Mar 06 2011

by Alice Hines

"We want to make Providence the coolest place in the world.” It was 2006, and Bill Struever, the developer who had …

Veteran PTSD: The Tension Between De-Stigmatization and Mis-Diagnosis

Features, Mar 06 2011

by Simon Van Zuylen-Wood

In 2003, after 15 years of non-combat duty for the Rhode Island National Guard, Vinnie Scirocco was giddy about his deployment …

"Saving Women" Is Not a Justification for Occupation

Opinions, Mar 06 2011

by Amanda Labora

On Tuesday, March 1, Oliver Rosenbloom B’13 wrote an opinions column for the Brown Daily Herald discussing Brown students’ perception of …

Week in Review: 3/3/11

News, Mar 06 2011

by Emily Gogolak, Ashton Strait & Emma Whitford

THE MOST DANGEROUS PLACE FOR A RACIST BILLBOARDLast Wednesday, Texas-based anti-abortion group Life Always erected a racially charged billboard on the …

The Art of Vegan Mimickry: The Quest for Alfredo

Food, Mar 06 2011

by Molly Cousins

I’ve been exposed to a lot of atypical foods during my 21 years; I’ve eaten raw conch, chocolate-covered ant clusters, Rocky …

For Better or Worse: Lesser Known Award Shows to Reward the Overlooked

Features, Mar 06 2011

by Belle Cushing

'Tis the season for gaudy and excessive award shows: starting with the Golden Globes in January, all the way through our …

Google Giveth. Google Taketh Away.

Arts, Mar 06 2011

by Olivia Jene Fagon

In 1933, Walter Benjamin prophesized the death of art and its aura in the age of mechanical reproduction. So we can …

Overhauling the Art Experience: Timeless Works through New-age Google Eyes

Arts, Mar 06 2011

by Maud Doyle

Google’s Art Project took the art world and digital world by storm when it premiered on February 1. The project features …

Second Amendment Momentum

Features, Feb 25 2011

by Kate Welsh

At a Washington rally last year on the fifteenth anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, Rep. Paul Broun (R-GA) declared, “Fellow …

Chants and Murmurs

Metro, Feb 25 2011

by Malcolm Burnley & Jonah Wolf

UNITED THEY STANDOn Tuesday afternoon, hundreds of Rhode Island workers filled the Providence Statehouse in a rally against a proposed bill …

The Best-Laid Schemas of Mice and Men

Arts, Feb 25 2011

by Maud Doyle

“‘Curiouser and curiouser!’ cried Alice (she was so much surprised, that for the moment she quite forgot how to speak good …


Literary, Feb 25 2011

by Sam Alper

Characters:JUDY – Young and starved for company.BRY – Same.Night. The back porch of a country house, in the deep country, the …

Local Flavor: RI Local Food Forum serves up optimism, but little else

Food, Feb 25 2011

by Belle Cushing

"Fresh where we work” was the catchphrase of the day at the seventh annual Rhode Island Local Food Forum held on …

Sex, Lies, and Survey Results

Science, Feb 25 2011

by Maggie Lange

There is a seemingly ceaseless stream of studies that reduce each gender to a vaguely irritating stereotype. The men fear commitment, …

Love Stories Throughout History

Features, Feb 25 2011

by Eve Blazo, Belle Cushing & Mimi Dwyer

LILITH AND ADAM: AN ARGUMENTThe legend of Lilith, Adam’s wife before Eve, found its first mention in Sumerian times. Lilith appears …

The Next Big Thing

Arts, Feb 25 2011

by Mary-Evelyn Farrior

Forty million dollars in donor funds and 38,815 square feet later, the Granoff Center for the Creative Arts officially celebrated its …

A New Dawn for Sudan

News, Feb 25 2011

by Emily Gogolak

Sudan is no stranger to struggle. For most of its post-colonial history, the largest nation in Africa has been at war …


News, Feb 25 2011

by Jonah Kagan, Sam Levinson & Ashton Strait

SHRUNKEN HEADSAccording to University of Wisconsin anthropologist John Hawks, the human brain has been shrinking. Nope, it’s not from all that …


News, Feb 25 2011

by Malcolm Burnley, Emily Gogolak & Erica Schwiegershausen

SO LONG MR. PRESIDENT?The Arab world was dealt yet another shock on Sunday, when Omar al-Bashir, President of Sudan, announced his …

No Choice: Chafee Pushes Back Against Charters in Rhode Island

Metro, Feb 18 2011

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Angus Davis is a handsome local boy who skipped college and became a Silicon Valley prodigy when he was 18. That …

Wynwood Rising

Arts, Feb 14 2011

by Ana Alvarez

Driving through the Wynwood Art District in downtown Miami can be a perplexing experience. Google Maps warns pedestrians against walking around …

D.I.Y. Jungle Videography

Arts, Feb 14 2011

by Alex Spoto

Consider this: the Waorani, a people indigenous to the Ecuadorian Amazon, are some of the most isolated humans in the world. …

Spreading the Cheese

Sports, Feb 14 2011

by David Adler

With Christina Aguilera holding the final note of the National Anthem for over 10 seconds, it was easy to forget who …

The Dirt on the White Coat

Science, Feb 14 2011

by Maggie Lange

The American Biology Teacher Journal conducts an experiment called the “Draw a Scientist Test,” in which elementary school students are asked …

Museums Held Hostage

Arts, Feb 14 2011

by Olivia Fagon-Jene

In January 2010, Smithsonian Secretary Wayne Clough decided to pull a four-minute video portrait by artist David Wojnarowicz entitled Fire in …

Unlucky Thirteen

Features, Feb 14 2011

by Belle Cushing

It was bitterly cold in Minnesota that day. The fateful Monday in January when astronomy professor Parker Kunkle made the statement …

The Revolution Will Not Be (Truthfully) Televised

News, Feb 14 2011

by Emily Gogolak

The uprising in Egypt has taken the international media by storm. Since protests broke out on the streets of Cairo on …

Week in Review 2/10/11

News, Feb 14 2011

by Emily Gogolak

STOP AND EAT THE WAFFLESIn response to recent government stalemates, Belgians are insisting that their politicians don’t get any until they …

The Death of Headlines. Maybe.

Opinions, Jan 10 2011

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Web Exclusive: January 10th, 2011A fellow I know who works in online publishing (posting?) thinks that if journalism wants to stay …

The Metamythical Reality of The Present

Arts, Jan 02 2011

by Whitney Alsup

The chthonic marsh has been filled over to make way for an orderly suburb where people live in identical houses with …

R.I.P., Rhode Island Mall

featured, Jan 01 2011

by Alice Hines

Stroll through Warwick’s Rhode Island Mall and find yourself in an alternate, post-apocalyptic universe. The once-bustling stores, 60 in all, are …

Citizen’s United Has Minimal Effect in Rhode Island: A Debrief on the Decision and why it Didn’t Matter in Lil’ Rhody

Metro, Dec 31 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Originally Published as Web Exclusive: December 20thIn the rush to anoint corporate interests the crown prince of the 2010 midterm elections, …

Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

Arts, Dec 09 2010

by Amy Lehrburger

For a genre of mainstream entertainment, reality television is certainly large, and contains multitudes. In the last decade and a half, …

We're Striking: Listen to Us!

featured, Dec 02 2010

by Emily Gogolak

Crowds swarmed the cities of France this fall and chants echoed across the streets: “Fight, fight, fight!” With revolutionary fervor, millions …

Week in Review 11/18/10

News, Dec 02 2010

by Sam Knowles, Ashton Strait & Jonah Wolf

THE TODAY SHOW[DOWN]Former President George W. Bush reentered the public sphere on November 8 with an exclusive, seemingly endless interview with …

The Indy Gives Thanks

Literary, Dec 01 2010

by Grace Dunham & Belle Cushing

The importance of eating chopped liverEvery Thanksgiving, my grandmother makes chopped liver. It’s smooth, a little sweet, vaguely metallic—because of the …

Boat Livin'

Features, Nov 22 2010

by Alex Spoto

We approached the vessel by canoe—the Seekonk River was placid and frigid at 7:30 in the late October morning. A hoodied …

Obama Ruins Indian Holiday

Metro, Nov 17 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

America is feeling unusually sensitive these days. At the tail end of an election season defined so much by national mood …

Week in Review 11/11/10

obamania in Bollywood, FDA scare tactics, and cross-dressing kindergarteners

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood, Eli Schmitt & George A. Warner

Obama Goes to India On the heels of an election season defined by national mood and presidential inability to connect, Obama’s …

Food Keeps Trucking

eats on the streets

by Belle Cushing

The latest four wheeled foodie fad, born out of cities like LA and NY, has finally reached PVD. Parked at farmers …

The Right to Veil

France's ban on Islamic dress

by Ellora Vilkin

France’s September decision to ban full-face veils will define relations between Islam and the West for some time. The ban forbids …

Rahmmed Down Your Throat

Rahm Emanuel runs for mayor

by Mel Whelp

A Mayor Daley has ruled Chicago since 1955, except for a memorable twelve year interruption, resulting mostly in chaos. When the …

An Interview With Bill Rankin

Features, Nov 04 2010

by Simone Landon

Bill Rankin is the founder and key contributor to, an online archive of uncommon maps. He is a doctoral candidate …

An Unforeseen Legacy

Features, Nov 01 2010

by Kate Bell

With the passing of Bill 5415 in July 2010, Rhode Island updated its HIV testing policies, striking the burden of informed …

Unnatural Disaster

Features, Nov 01 2010

by Meghna Philip

"We are here at the request of the Government of Pakistan to help them respond to the worst natural disaster in …

Gloves Off

Sports, Nov 01 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

To grow up a boxer in Rhode Island is to know your enemy so well that he ceases to be your …

ETOPIA: Excess and Excitement at New England's Biggest Fair

Features, Oct 30 2010

by Alice Hines

Coming from the interstate, it takes over an hour to cross the final three miles through Springfield, MA on the way …

City Arts

Arts, Oct 30 2010

by Alice Hines

On the South Side of Providence, in a neighborhood sprinkled with decaying Victorian houses and Dominican meat markets, an enormous mural …

Sailors And Steamrollers

Sports, Oct 29 2010

by Malcolm Burnley

Trace the origins of modern basketball, and you’ll come across a rural road in Hillsdale, Wyoming. There is no landmark or …

Week in Review 10/28/10

News, Oct 28 2010

by Jonah Kagan, Megan Turley & Jonah Wolf

Kicks Just Keep Getting Harder to Find Even among East Coast colleges filled with bored elites, Georgetown University is one of …

Why You Should Vote Chafee

Opinions, Oct 28 2010

by George Warner & Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Lincoln Chafee B’75 was eleven when he went to the 1964 Republican National Convention, with his father, then the immensely popular …

Partita Pistache

Literary, Oct 27 2010

by Valerie Hsiung

Prologue. Under normal conditions, it would not be possible to speak of the horses. They are any color here. Their actions. …


Literary, Oct 27 2010

by Leah Bromberg

(with an object)1.   (Of four-legged animals) to move or run with a regular bounding movement.2.   To cause (a horse) to canter …


Literary, Oct 27 2010

by Charlotte Crowe

Staring at the back of Tess’s neck in algebra class.  The knobs of vertebrae visible just above the neckline of her …


Literary, Oct 27 2010

by Sam Alper

BROTHERS OR USThere’s a dog barking somewherein the novel you’re readingimagine an ice sculpture of the Titanic being thrown at a …


Food, Oct 26 2010

by Rachel Sarnoff

Nothing beats sinking your teeth into a dense granola bar when you’re low on energy. For athletes, students, hikers and travelers, …

It's Still Good to Be Independent

Features, Oct 26 2010

by Samuel Knowles

In the front room of Books on the Square, a dozen toddlers and infants sit in rapt attention as Chris Byrnes …

First Flex

Features, Oct 26 2010

by Alex Spoto

In somewhat of a head on collision, New York City hip-hop car culture met local Rhode Island flavor with a bump …

Chemical Drift

Features, Oct 26 2010

by Deborah Lehmann

It started with tomatoes. When I arrived at Buckhorn Gardens in early July, the other interns on the three-acre vegetable farm …

Issue 5

Cover Art, Oct 25 2010

by Valentina Sarfeh

Who Would Win in a Fight?

leftsidebartag, Oct 18 2010

by Katie Delaney

BATTLE OF THE BACK-UP PLAN[ETS]: Gliese 581g vs. MarsLast week we learned that the planet Gliese 581g might be ‘a new …

Copycat Arizona Immigration Bill Gains Support in RI

Metro, Oct 15 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

This January, Rhode Island will consider legislation similar to the controversial SB-1070 law Arizona passed this April. The Tea Partiers and …

All Roads Lead to Brooklyn

News, Oct 13 2010

by Jonah Wolf

September was a uniformly distressing month for Kings County Democratic Party Chair Vito Lopez (Kings County has the same borders as …


Sports, Oct 09 2010

by Malcolm Burnley

Of the many nicknames endowed to LeBron James, “The King” best reflects his Shakespearean hubris and the irony of his narrative; …

All Roads Lead to Brooklyn

News, Oct 07 2010

by Jonah Wolf

September was a uniformly distressing month for Kings County Democratic Party Chair Vito Lopez (Kings County has the same borders as …

Week in Review 10/7/10

News, Oct 07 2010

by Deepali Gupta, Ashton Strait, Natalie Villacorta & Emma Whitford

YOGIS FOR CHRIST!Next time you consider changing into spandex and easing into child’s pose, wrap your mind around this: yoga is …

Form Follows Function, Which Follows Form

Arts, Oct 07 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

As a war of words rages on Fox News, the designs for the Park 51 Islamic Cultural Center in downtown Manhattan …

PVD Talks: Sebastian Ruth, B'97

Arts, Oct 07 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

Sebastian Ruth started Community Music Works fourteen years ago with a small, year-long grant from the Swearer Center for Public Service. …

Holy Fizz: Rethinking the Role of Coca-Cola in Rural Mexico

Opinions, Oct 07 2010

by Julieta Cárdenas

1906: “Great National Temperance Beverage”1937: “America’s Favorite Moment”1945: “ A Passport to Refreshment”1948: “ Where There’s A Coke There’s Hospitality”1955: “Americans …

Depleted Waters

Metro, Oct 01 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Update 5/18/11: 2010 preliminary results on catch-share program in New England. Over the past decade, Rhode Island's fishing industry has experienced …

Week in Review 9/30/10

News, Sep 30 2010

by Leah Michaels & Sam Levison

Healing Bad CarmaRemember that time you lost your temper because you left your car on Thayer Street for just five minutes …

Place Trace

Features, Sep 30 2010

by Simone Landon

When Roger Williams crossed the Seekonk River away from Plymouth Colony and out of the reach of Massachusetts extradition orders, he …

Airwave Renaissance

Features, Sep 28 2010

by Natalie Jablonski

On Friday, November 25, 1960, radio drama died. Goodbye, Ma Perkins. Farewell, Amos ‘n’ Andy. It was the end, too, for …

Original Pranksters

Arts, Sep 26 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

//September Gauguin Exhibit Invites New, Sillier Perspective on Post-Impressionists// [caption id="" align="aligncenter" width="630" caption="“I think,” he bragged, “it is a pretty …

Screaming for Gelato

Food, Sep 26 2010

by Belle Cushing

Too hot to eat, too hot to sleep, too hot to lug furniture and boxes to and fro. Though the sudden …

Miners, Media, Monotony

Features, Sep 26 2010

by Kate Welsh

When the dust settled several hours after the mine caved in upon them, 33 Chilean copper miners began their murky ascent …

Fighting for Death

Metro, Sep 26 2010

by Katie Delaney

Last week, a study released by Oregon State University found that a majority of hospice programs in Oregon have little or …

And Then There Were Millions

Arts, Sep 26 2010

by Nick Morley

Over the last ten years a digital coup d’etat has overthrown media marketplace conventions. No longer do we have to meddle …

Elegy for Rich

News, Sep 26 2010

by Simone Landon

[To the tune of LFO’s “Summer Girls”]I think it’s sad when former boy band members die…Do you remember LFO, and that …

Week In Review 9/23

News, Sep 23 2010

by Dan Stump, Jonah Kagan & Sam Levinson

Condoms for ConvictsLast week, the San Francisco County Jail’s San Bruno unit installed 16 condom dispensers for its 750 residents.  The …

Twitter and the End of Historiography

Opinions, Sep 23 2010

by Charles Pletcher

On April 14, 2010, the Library of Congress announced on their blog that they would be archiving “every public tweet, ever, …

Divorcee Whattt?!

boxstory, Sep 23 2010

by Juliana Friend

For gay and lesbian couples in Rhode Island wishing to marry, a legal ceremony is a short drive to Massachusetts away. …

The Big Greasy: a voyage to the Oil Capital of the US

Features, Sep 10 2010

by Natalie Jablonski

In June several friends and I bicycled through Louisiana. Headed for New Orleans, we took the River Road from Baton Rouge, …

Spices and stomach viruses

Features, Sep 10 2010

by Alice Hines

When traveling, food acquires new significance. The search for the next meal is a source of excitement and anxiety, a risk …

Wide Open Races: Four Dems on the Campaign Trail

boxstory, Sep 10 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

President Obama's disapproval ratings are nearing 50 percent, and nationally, Republicans are polling anywhere from 5-14 percent better than Democrats. Whiz-kid …


News, Apr 08 2010

by Simone Landon

Dan La Botz, a long-time family friend, recently decided to join the Ohio US Senate race. He got more than the …


Arts, Apr 08 2010

by Marisa Calleja

By the time I was old enough to read, the American Girl Company had found its way into schools and homes …

¿Qué es La Resistencia?

Features, Apr 08 2010

by Adrian Randall

The first thing you notice in Tegucigalpa, Honduras—after the large Coca Cola sign hanging in the hills above the city, the …

Pro-Visionary Providence

Metro, Apr 08 2010

by Katie Lindstedt

No two of the nine windows that comprise Providence Art Windows’ 2010 Spring Installation Series are alike. From March 18 to …

drizzle-down economy

Metro, Apr 08 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

The Federal American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) doubled Rhode Island’s Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP) in February 2009, granting it $20.07 …

Force of Habit

Opinions, Apr 08 2010

by Eli Schmitt

On June 22, 2010, Americans will no longer be able to get free samples of cigarettes, procure promotional gear with tobacco …

Cross-country Grandma

News, Mar 18 2010

by Marisa Calleja

The land of strip-malls and stoplight highways lost a state gem this week when New Hampshire native, campaign finance reformer and …

Keeping the Doors Open

leftsidebartag, Mar 18 2010

by Juliana Friend

On a Friday afternoon inside Olneyville library, local spoken word poet Lawrence Nunes sang about dreams and determination in high, wavering …


Metro, Mar 18 2010

by Rachel Levenson

This week, all eyes are on Washington. Tea-partiers rage, party-line advertisements blitz key congressional districts, and chants of “I don’t want …


Opinions, Mar 18 2010

by the Santos-Paglinawan Collective

Your correspondents slunk down to see the Whitney Biennial just last Friday, some three weeks after its opening, and so cannot …

POSt TRAUMATIc single player

Arts, Mar 18 2010

by Nicholas Morley

A picture freezes a moment; a song traces emotion in soundwaves; a movie combines the two and adds movement, the subtleties …

have your cake and feel good, too

Food, Mar 18 2010

by Valerie Kim & Nick Werle

When the Indian spice trade picked up in the 16th century in Europe, black pepper was said to be literally worth …

Supersize Me One More Time

Uncategorized, Mar 11 2010

by Emily Gogolak

Is 24 ounces simply not cutting it? No need to worry. Meet the Trenta.Pulling a Business 101 oldie-but-goodie, Starbucks Corp. is …


Arts, Mar 11 2010

by Nick Greene & Nick Werle

Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland (which debuted March 5) takes the director's signature darkness as a lens for Lewis Carroll's famously …

Where Hunger is the Heart’s Delight

Metro, Mar 11 2010

by Nathaniel Levy

The Ocean State and the Bay State draw salivating hordes seaward during the summers for an array of seafood’s finest, such …


Metro, Mar 11 2010

by Katie Lindstedt

In the world of bicycling, according to David Byrne, there are no fashion prerequisites. "You don't have to wear spandex to …

Beerified RI

Metro, Mar 04 2010

by Maggie Lange

It’s a curious union. In December, a sugary children’s drink from the 1920s and a beverage old enough to feature in …

Six! More! Years!

Sports, Mar 04 2010

by Malcolm Burnley

On Selection Sunday, March 14, bubbles will burst across the college basketball scene as unworthy teams fail to qualify and unworthy …

Stranger Experiments

Literary, Mar 04 2010

by Laura Brown-Lavoie

Experiment #1: Talking to StrangersHave a day of no strangers. Find out the first name of every person you interact with …

Going Home To A Stack Of Books

Arts, Mar 04 2010

by Miguel Morales

Imagine Donald Barthelme sending messages in a bottle to Gertrude Stein.” This is how the LA Times described Stanley Crawford’s The …

Conventional Kink

Features, Mar 04 2010

by Emily Segal

Valentine’s Day at the Westin Hotel: a gigantic leather and fetish expo, no photography, interviews, or journalists allowed. The convention gave …

So You Think Your Shit Don’t Stink?

Opinions, Mar 04 2010

by Lee G. Brooks

A recent feature on the Huffington Post collected some of the greatest public access television clips that have made their way …

The Talking Cure: Can Communication Fix Malpractice?

Features, Mar 04 2010

by Alice Hines

Gertrude Trigo, a 73 year-old Warwick native, first began noticing symptoms around 1998. “I was with my two sisters driving. My …

Sphere Of Influence

News, Mar 04 2010

by Simone Landon

Last week, 32 Latin American and Caribbean leaders met in the resort town of Playa del Carmen, Mexico, to forge a …

Jazzy Vegan Jambalya

Food, Feb 18 2010

by Malcolm Burnley

Seeing the Saints triumph in the Super Bowl reminded me of my own visit to the Big Easy, back in 2004, …

Brief Interviews with Olympic Men

Sports, Feb 18 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Indy: You’re in the Olympics, man! What was your “Wow I’m in the Olympics” moment?Travers: It’s a great honour to be …

Commander In Briefs

Uncategorized, Feb 18 2010

by Crow Jonah Norlander

FESA OR QOMAING(or, OUT OF A JOB)By Crow Jonah NorlanderThe circumstances of Steve Nevile’s abrupt resignation from his role as Chief …

For The Record

Arts, Feb 18 2010

by Nicholas morley

It is rare to find a Renaissance man/woman in this day and age. Back when people were still chucking buckets of …

An Interview with Rosmarie Waldrop

Arts, Feb 18 2010

by Pablo Larios

Rosmarie Waldrop was born in 1935 in Kitzingen am Main, Germany. She moved to the US in 1958. Since then, her …

Word-Up or Get Out

Features, Feb 18 2010

by Michella Fitten

At Brown, it begins like an AA meeting. We “check in.” It’s a way to talk about your day, your life, …

A Conversation With Tony Lepore

by Rachel Levenson

In the spring of 1984, Providence cop Tony Lepore was bored while directing traffic. Inspired by a clip he had seen …

Speed-Date Your Candidate

Metro, Feb 18 2010

by Marisa Calleja

Democratic Candidates The Front Runner: Frank Caprio, General TreasurerThe son of a judge with a court show on the local ABC …

Novocaine For Lil Wayne

Week in Review, Feb 18 2010

by Malcom Burnley

On February 9, Lil Wayne faced a Manhattan court. Previously scheduled to enter the slammer, he instead drove away with his …

Chief Chinchilla

Week in Review, Feb 18 2010

by Emily Gogolak

Another woman took center stage in world politics when Costa Ricans elected their first female president on February 7. President Elect …


Sports, Feb 11 2010

by Miguel Morales

This week in not kidding: David Sills, a 13-year old from Bear, Delaware, has committed to play quarterback for University of …

Downhill battle

Sports, Feb 11 2010

by Nick Werle

As the US Ski Team prepares to compete on the snow-starved slopes of British Columbia’s Whistler Mountain, its hopes are pinned …

mind the cap

Sports, Feb 11 2010

by Simon van Zuylen-Wood

That life-affirming, cathartic New Orleans Super Bowl victory you watched (or may have heard about) might be the last until 2012. …

Frozen For The Future

Science, Feb 11 2010

by Melanie Chow

In the past century, our food’s biodiversity has fallen off a cliff, a drop that could lead to disaster. Luckily, the …

Romance is boring

Opinions, Feb 11 2010

by Eli Schmitt

Romantic love, the guest we hope to welcome in on Valentine’s Day, is appealing in concept. Ostensibly, love is hard to …

Souffle foreplay: how to make her come over

Features, Feb 11 2010

by Maud Doyle

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. For the souffle to rise, the oven has to be completely heated when the cake …

Chocolate and catharsis (an anecdote)

boxstory, Feb 11 2010

by Alice Hines

At a bar called Prune in Paris, I met my first valentine. 26, sunken cheeks from a wine and ramen diet; …

What is love? Literary Lotharios respond

Features, Feb 11 2010

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

Love comes with sacrifice, a concept you dunderheads will probably never come close to understanding. Innumerable years of my life wasted, …

sup QT, a/s/l?

Features, Feb 11 2010

by Katie Lindstedt

In December, my former friend with benefits gchatted me to tell me about the really hot girl he met on, …

A Year of Infidelities

Features, Feb 11 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

If the last ten years have taught the fame-producing world anything, it’s that publicity is publicity is publicity. While good press …

Onions, Hot Sweet Onions

X, Feb 11 2010

by Nick Werle

I’ve heard people say they don’t like onions. This seems impossible. Onions are an essential ingredient in nearly every savory dish. …

Salad days

Metro, Feb 11 2010

by Katie Lindstedt

It’s three o’clock on Monday, January 8, and school is still in session for the five students present at today’s Harvest …

Wrecking Public Art

leftsidebartag, Feb 11 2010

by Rachel Levenson

From January 10 to February 8, Wickenden Street was the scene of a mechanical feast. Under bright lights, giant claws methodically …

Chat Roulette

X, Feb 11 2010

by Emily Segal is a website that instantly connects you with a random stranger on video chat. It showcases the freakish and the …


Metro, Feb 04 2010

by Rachel Levenson

On January 6, 2010, US Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and state police stopped four white vans en route from …

The Push for Pleasure

Metro, Feb 04 2010

by Katie Lindstedt

On Monday, February 1, certified sexologist Megan Andelloux exited the Pawtucket City Hall, victorious in the final episode of a battle …

Operation Digout

asifyoucare, Feb 04 2010

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

This February, Brown University student organizers and volunteers across campus will devote their time and resources to aiding earthquake recovery in …


Features, Feb 04 2010

by Alexandra Corrigan

I had heard rumors about Condessa on Thayer Street, and her upstairs boudoir full of Lay-Z-Boys and Jesus figurines. And sure, …

Glass House

Arts, Feb 04 2010

by Alex Verdolini

A preliminary question: If you went out and found a really good sculptor, sat him down and said, “Make me a …

The Parable of the Tiger and the Undertaker

Sports, Feb 04 2010

by Simon van zuylen-wood

Challenger CM Punk is wearing nothing but a yellow Speedo and wrist tape marked with the letter X. His greasy brown …


Literary, Feb 04 2010

by Rachel Sanders

What I didn’t know when we both moved to Baltimore after graduation was that Fairfax Malley would become so concerned with phytonutrients. …

Sight To Be Seen

Literary, Feb 04 2010

by Kaela Myers

It wasn’t for the sex that I agreed to go on the sex tour. It’s not really the sort of thing …


Features, Dec 03 2009

by Adrian Randall

In one part of the 2009 BBC documentary Hardcore Profits, Scott Kaufman, president of, leads British journalist Tim Samuels through …


Features, Dec 03 2009

by Nicholas Greene

Do you remember the first time you heard a mash-up, perhaps in the basement, after hours of downloading a single track …


News, Dec 03 2009

by Simone Landon

In 2000, we had Elián. The Aughts’ Great Immigration Debate—played out in the media, on the political stump, and around kitchen …

In a Swinging State

News, Dec 03 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

It wasn’t an ordinary kiss that Axel and Eigil Axgil shared as they rode away in a horse-drawn carriage to a …

Dr. Jil’s predictions ‘n’ prognosis for the new decade

Science, Dec 03 2009

by Gillian Brassil

July 11, 2010: The Croatian soccer team wins the World Cup. Despite not having qualified to compete, the team shows up …

Apocalypse Always

Science, Dec 03 2009

by Maggie Lange

It would be nice to blame someone for these massive panics, these big bait-and-switch games about the impending end of the …

NASA's Space Race Pit Stop

Science, Dec 03 2009

by Nick Werle

Long-time residents of Florida’s northeastern Space Coast, a region that includes the NASA launch pads at Cape Canaveral, can follow the …

Minor Celebrity

Arts, Dec 03 2009

by Marisa Calleja

Last week, Michele and Tareq Salahi left their Virginia home dressed to the nines and successfully evaded security to attend an …

The Decade in Diets

Food, Dec 03 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

The true sign a fad diet was born in the Aughts: the promise that it is not a fad diet. Almost …


Food, Nov 19 2009

by Laura Tsunoda

The number of students staying on campus over Thanksgiving break is up from last year, based on the RSVP list for …

No need to worry

Arts, Nov 19 2009

by Caleb Townsend

After swigging from his percussionist’s plastic bottle of yerba mate, Yeasayer frontman Chris Keating opined, “It’s not often you get to …

Oh me, oh maya

Science, Nov 19 2009

by Maggie Lange

The trailer of Sony Pictures’ latest disaster movie, 2012, posits what might be the most outrageous human rights dilemma of all …

End of World / End of Cinema

Arts, Nov 19 2009

by Adrian Randall

It’s getting cliché to talk about the end of cinema, to say nothing of the end of the world. 2012 reminds …


Arts, Nov 19 2009

by Several

by Gillian Brassil, Marisa Calleja, Jonas Delmar, Charles Harding, Bess Kalb, Maggie Lange,becca Levinson, and Erin SchikowskiA Christmas CarolTo remake this …


Science, Nov 19 2009

by Nick Werle

The Large Hadron Collider is the biggest machine ever built. The particle accelerator is a 17-mile ring that lies inside a …

Notes on Chinese Factory Work

Literary, Nov 19 2009

by Phil Kaye

For weeks after I stopped working on the factory assembly line, my skin smelled like Chinese vinegar. I know now (and …

A Letter to Eileen

Literary, Nov 19 2009

by Audrey von Maluski

Excerpted from a 1962 collection of short stories by the Sudanese author Al-Tayyib Salih (1929-2009), this story concerns a character who …

Brown and Blue

Features, Nov 19 2009

by Ellen Cushing

Last winter was when Sophie*, B’11, really lost it. She wasn’t sleeping, she wasn’t going to class. She was, as she …

Learnin' and Earnin'

Metro, Nov 19 2009

by Rachel Levenson

Before his resettlement in Providence, Solomon Paye, an 18-year-old Liberian refugee who spent most of his life in refugee camps in …

Steamboat Willie on the Yangtze

News, Nov 19 2009

by Natalie Jablonski

Last week, the Walt Disney Company announced that China’s central government had finally approved the Company’s plans for a theme park …


Sports, Nov 12 2009

by Rachel Sanders

These days, it doesn’t take much more than a mere whisper of steroid use to derail an athlete’s career. Although some, like …

that no matter how smart you thought you were, you are actually way less smart than that

Literary, Nov 12 2009

by Joelle Van Dyne

It happens constantly: The lofty mood:Midtown Manhattan cannot be photographed. The negatives should come outunderexposed, clear, no light into the camera, …

The Legend of Josiah Stinkney Carberry

Features, Nov 12 2009

by Gillian Brassil

On January 24, 1929, a young, round-faced professor in Brown’s Department of Classics found the key to a glassed-in bulletin board …


Arts, Nov 12 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

Eating the DinosaurChuck KlostermanScribner, 2009$25.00The index of Eating the Dinosaur, Chuck Klosterman’slatest collection of essays, catalogues the minutiae ofmodern culture. A …


Arts, Nov 12 2009

by Nicholas Greene

Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father, and SonMichael ChabonHarper, 2009$25.99In Berkeley, California, there is a house …


Features, Nov 12 2009

by Caroline Soussloff

Food has become a constant source of public anxiety aswe strive to make conscious choices three times a day,to eat locally, …


Features, Nov 12 2009

by Isabel Parkes

iput on the wrongest shoes on earth that night: a pair ofValentino, suede shoes. I sank into the mud in front …


boxstory, Nov 12 2009

by Lillian Mathews

A new amendment to Rhode Island law has clarifiedhow qualified citizens will obtain medical marijuanawithin the next year. Despite Governor Donald …


News, Nov 12 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

At the mouth of the Charles River, where it meetsBoston Harbor, the water seems clear, the riverpicturesque, the surface reflecting the …

Indy Index

Rhode Island's week in numbers

Metro, Nov 12 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

Percentage of Americans that are unemployed:10.2 Weeks of extended unemployment benefits under the Worker,Homeownershipand Business Assistance Act of 2009:14 Weeks of …

Let's Be Blunt

drugs beyond the locker room

Sports, Nov 12 2009

by Rachel Sanders

These days, it doesn’t take much more than a mere whisper of steroid use toderail an athlete’s career. Although some, like …

The Legend of Josiah Stinkney Carberry

arts & culture, Nov 12 2009

by Gillian Brassil

On January 24, 1929, a young, round-faced professor in Brown’s Department ofClassics found the key to a glassed-in bulletin board in …

The Fandom that is Our Family

Michael Chabon spars with Dad-Lit

arts & culture, Nov 12 2009

by Nicholas Greene

Manhood for Amateurs: The Pleasures and Regrets of a Husband, Father, andSon Michael Chabon Harper, 2009 $25.99 In Berkeley, California, there …

Eat, Read, Look

exploring the Culinary Arts Museum

arts & culture, Nov 12 2009

by Caroline Soussloff

Food has become a constant source of public anxiety as we strive to makeconscious choices three times a day, to eat …

When East met West

Arts, Nov 12 2009

by Isabel Parkes

I put on the wrongest shoes on earth that night: a pair of Valentino, suede shoes. I sank into the mud …


Metro, Nov 12 2009

by Lillian Mathews

A new amendment to Rhode Island law has clarified how qualified citizens will obtain medical marijuana within the next year. Despite …

Murky Waters

News, Nov 12 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

At the mouth of the Charles River, where it meets Boston Harbor, the water seems clear, the river picturesque, the surface …

Indy Index

News, Nov 12 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

Percentage of Americans that are unemployed:10.2Weeks of extended unemployment benefits under the Worker, Homeownership and Business Assistance Act of 2009:14Weeks of …

Red herring veto

News, Nov 12 2009

by Maggie Lange

In an effort to help the Ocean State stay true to its name, Governor Carcieri vetoed legislation last week to impose …

How To Get Down

Metro, Nov 07 2009

by Natan Last

It’s not very enjoyable to be in a car with me. Steering wheel drumming aside, I can barely go a mile …

Arts Bar

Arts, Nov 05 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Obama To Visual Artists, Writers: De-niedOn Monday night, Obama named the 25 members of the President’s Committee on the Arts and …


Arts, Nov 05 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

Long before it came to define the insipid scourge of contemporary cinema, the term “romantic comedy” described the unsentimental yet uncynical …

Zogby Philosophy

Science, Nov 05 2009

by Nick Werle

Surgeons have their scalpels, biologists their microscopes, physicists their particle accelerators. Each tool is a symbol of its discipline forged in …

System Errors

Opinions, Nov 05 2009

by William Tomasko

American democracy is still a work in progress. Granted, if the be-britched framers of the Constitution had had it their way, …

Too fast, too Furious, too Distracted

Week in Review, Nov 05 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

Last Thursday, the Rhode Island House of Representatives approved legislation that bans drivers from sending or reading a text message while …

From The Editors

From the Editors, Nov 05 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Last Wednesday, after almost a year of procedural hold-ups, Spain’s government began to exhume six mass graves near the Andalusian town …

How To Get Down (and Across) in the NYT Crossword

boxstory, Nov 05 2009

by Natan Last

It’s not very enjoyable to be in a car with me. Steering wheel drumming aside, I can barely go a mile …

Indoors To Underground: The Criminalization of Indoor Prostitution in Rhode Island

News, Nov 05 2009

by Maggie Lange

On Tuesday, Governor Don Carcieri confirmed a bill to criminalize indoor prostitution in the Ocean State after both chambers of the …

From The Editors

From the Editors, Nov 05 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Last Wednesday, after almost a year of procedural hold- ups, Spain’s government began to exhume six mass graves near the Andalusian …


Arts, Oct 29 2009

by Marisa Calleja

Since it was published in 1984, John Updike’s Witches of Eastwick—an outlandish fantasy/satire about provincial life in a fictional Rhode Island …

Providence Ghost Tours

Metro, Oct 29 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

On October evenings Courtney Edge-Mattos, founder of Providence Ghost Tours and professional ghost hunter, can be found at Prospect Terrace Park, …

The Hill That Isn't

Features, Oct 29 2009

by Nicholas Greene

On the hill there were no houses. There were no churches or restaurants or sewers, nor did children play in streets …

Right of passage

Features, Oct 29 2009

by Adrian Randall

Next week is the first anniversary of Washington State’s physician-assisted suicide law. Initiative 1000 was passed last year 59-41, making Washington …

No Local Representation? More Taxation

unions oppose AS220's tax plan

Metro, Oct 29 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

At a City Council hearing on October 15, representatives of local carpenters’ and painters’ unions protested AS220’s request for a tax …

Atheists Have Faith in Subway Ads

News, Oct 29 2009

by Kelly Lougheed

In the next few weeks, a backpack- or briefcase-toting New Yorker rushing out of the subway may be confronted with a …

The Republic of Dreams

navigating Bruno Shulz's Drohobych

Arts & culture, Oct 22 2009

by Alex Verdolini

Drohobych, Galicia, 1942. The region had changed hands many times over the preceding half-century—at the turn of the century, Galicia belonged …

How to Put a Ring on it

BTV's Love Lockdown shows off eligible singles

arts & culture, Oct 22 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

Love Lockdown, Brown TV’s original dating showproduced by Nicole Carty and Dani Martinez, willscreen its second season premiere on FridayOctober 23 …

Women Past the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown

"Antichrist" and "Precious" at the New York Film Festival

arts & culture, Oct 22 2009

by Lee Dallas

The press has endowed Lee Daniels’s Precious: Basedon the Novel Push by Sapphire and Lars Von Trier’sAntichrist with a mythic quality …

Planting PVD

Providence embraces urban gardening

Metro, Oct 22 2009

by Lillian Mathews

As far as cities go, Providence is hardly your typical"asphalt jungle."A growing presence of leafy greensand tomato vines has found its …

Thank You for Smoking

RI's astronomical cigarette tax at work

Metro, Oct 22 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

In April, Rhode Island increased cigarette excise taxes byone dollar, a 41-percent hike that made the state’s tax,at $3.46 a pack, …

Don't Ask Him When

Obama renews promises to LGBT community

News, Oct 22 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

On Saturday, October 10, President Barack Obamaspoke at The Human Rights Campaign (HRC)’s13th Annual National Dinner, where he highlighted his political …

Now Firing

American Apparel lays off 1,800 employees

news, Oct 22 2009

by Ellen Cushing

American Apparel, long known for employing thousands of Mexican immigrants at its mammoth,bright-pink warehouse in Los Angeles, has beenforced to fire …

Week In Review 10/22/09

Rhode Island's rankings and French Vogue's rank styling

News, Oct 22 2009

by Maggie Lange & Beatrice Igne-Bianchi

Rank There are all sorts of lists: to-do lists, wish lists, guest lists, hit-lists, pro andconlists. Lists can be funny (McSweeney’s), …

FTE 10/22/09

FTE, Oct 22 2009

by Adrian Randall

We’ve known since Sunday that the Boy in theBalloon was a hoax all along, so now what?Some think the Heenes could, …

An Excerpt From Eldritch

a play

Literary, Oct 09 2009

by Sam Alper

Everyone is a wizard, except for Father Levit, who is a priest.Wizards wear beautiful capes. They hold lengths of wood. Gabriel …

Nobel Selections

the noblest nerds of 2009


by Nick Werle

Physics Were it not for this year’s Nobel laureates in physics, itis safe to say that no college student would find …

Science Roundup

this week in mammalia


by Nick Werle

This week, scientists learned who among themwill enter the Swedish Pantheon of Nobel science. But just because the lucky few are …

All In The Family

exploring Tonstartsbandht's weird sounds

arts & culture, Oct 09 2009

by Sean O'Loane

From Jonas to Hanson, the Allmans to the BeachBoys, rock music has a long history of brotherlycollaboration. This fraternal tradition continueswith …

Getting In Touch With John Of God

skepticism, industry, and healing in rural Brazil

arts & culture, Oct 09 2009

by Alice Hines

This May, Meghan, a 21-year-old San Franciscanstudent at the University of Southern Californiafound herself wearing a white robe in a white-walled …


Opinions, arts & cultures, Oct 09 2009

by Gillian Brassil, Jonah Delmar, Tarah Knaresboro, Kaela Myers, Katie Okamoto & John Szymanski

Things, historically speaking, go badly when only one person is allowedto have an opinion.It’s how dictators happen, and Hugo Chavez’s variety …

Raising Costs, Raising Fists

the fight for healthcare and workers' rights in Prov city

Metro, Oct 09 2009

by Samuel Adler-Bell

Last Thursday, more than 200 Brown Dining Service (BDS) workers,Providence union members, and students gathered before the steps of University Hall …


the US's awkward legacy in Latin America complicates its inaction regarding the Honduran coup

News, Oct 09 2009

by Simone Landon

On Friday, South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint (R) returned from a “fact-finding” mission to Tegucigalpa, Honduras. In a press release,DeMint stated …

Shades of Green

in green building, the hot new thing is to renew the old

News, Oct 09 2009

by Maggie Lange

Green—it used to mean cold, hard cash. Now, it’s a relatively meaningless buzzword for building something with an ecological conscience. In …

Cloakroom Widowshack

Literary, Oct 05 2009

by Bartleby Saint D'Art

So, this lesbian named Linda imagined a thoughtfrom awhile before: "a severe generation of independentyoung people with nothing to do; and …

Translation Versus Innovation

science research should do both


by Eli Scheer

Flip through last week’s Nature and you’ll noticeinteresting studies in a boring pattern. It’s either acool new idea without immediate utility …

Trash Duty

mapping the Great Pacific Garbage Patch


by Adrian Randall

If you haven’t already heard, the Great Pacific GarbagePatch is a large gyre of floating plastic severalhundred miles north of Hawaii …


arts & culture, Oct 05 2009

by Marisa Calleja

A scary America Roman Polanski's apprehension on Saturday at the Zürich airport hasFrench cultural and politicalspheres in a considerable uproar. As …

What’s the Matter with Health Care?

how right-wing fear-mongers are killing America's best chance at viable reform

Opinions, Oct 05 2009

by Raphaela Lipinsky-Degette

Over the past months, the healthcare debate has degenerated into a seriesofscare tactics designed to engender opposition to any Democratic effort …

Color Me Titty-Tasseled

neo-burlesque figure drawing sags

Metro, Oct 05 2009

by Lizzie Feidelson

I hadn’t seen a pasty in action since high school. I recall them danglingsweetly, like earrings, from the cashmere v-neck sweaterof …

Destruction > Creation > Preservation?

Smith Hill gets a makeover

Metro, Oct 05 2009

by Katie Lindstedt & Jesse Strecker

In an ongoing project launched this summer, Providence’s Smith Hill Community Development Corpo-ration has transformed four foreclosed houses fromscenes of urban …

Solid Waste

Metro, Oct 05 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

On September 22, the Rhode Island Bureau of Audits released an examination of the state's sole solid waste management company, the …

Third Base Gets Short-Stopped

new research links HPV to throat cancer

News, Oct 05 2009

by Maggie Lange

An STD that goes straight for the throat: the human papillomavirus (HPV)is found to be responsible for 60 percent of throat …

From the Editors


FTE, Oct 01 2009

by Simone Landon

Had political columnist, linguist, and brain donor William Safire lived in the United Kingdom in an earlier time, he may well …


Literary, Sep 28 2009

by Ezra Miller

The Archaeologist He excavates my collarbone, the thin skinned recesses, plumbing my body’s sunken architecture. // St. Augustine in my breast …

PPD Blue

rides on Providence's South Side

Literary, Sep 28 2009

by Lily Garrison

Editor’s Note: Last year, over a period of two weeks, Lily Garrison rodealong with the District Two Police squad in the …

Philly: After the Fall

a perpetual also-ran finds itself in an unfamiliar role

Sports, Sep 28 2009

by Katie Delaney

When the Philadelphia Phillies won the World Seriesa little less than ayear ago, my father calledme and yelled over the roar …

For the Record

Arts & Culture, Sep 28 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Wolfe Moon,Tallahassee [self-released], 2009 All too often, "local music"is just a euphemismfor "my older brother’sshittypower-pop trio,"but for those of us fortunateenough …

Of Floating Poets and Sorrowful Whores

“Echoes of Heian-Kyo” at the Boston MFA

Arts & Culture, Sep 28 2009

by Alex Verdolini

The art of juxtaposition is subtle, difficult to understand. Put two colors,scents, or images beside each other without further explanation, and …

Not Just Jazz Hands

Cabaret at the Trinity Rep

Arts & Culture, Sep 28 2009

by Marisa Calleja

When I told people I was seeing Cabaret on Saturday, there were a few snickers and a few raised eyebrows. One …


bed bugs rise from the dead

Metro, Sep 28 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

If bed bugs sound like the stuff of nursery rhymes to you, it’s probablybecause until about five years ago, they virtually …

Rhode Island Recap

Metro, Sep 28 2009

by Maggie Lange

Proverbial pawnshop The city of Providence has, in essence, gone to the proverbial pawnshop.Items for bidding at the Renaissance City’s Urban …

From the Editors

FTE, Sep 28 2009

by Audrey von Maluski

Consider the following: last Saturday, aBrown student went to a certain Thayer Streetnightclub and ordered a round of tequila shotsand a …

Space Jam

the 21st century’s latest trash problem is in orbit


by Clare Kim

"The first concussion cut the rocket up the side with a giant can opener. Themen were thrown into space like a …


Literary, Sep 18 2009

by Kaela Myers

I’m in Atlanta and when I’m in Atlanta there’s always that feeling when you step out of the air-conditioning and all …


Opinions, Sep 18 2009

by Bess Kalb

Stealing Zeitgeist

see Tao Lin write, see Tao Lin steal, see Tao Lin capture a present fearlessly with deadpan humor

arts & culture, Sep 18 2009

by Miguel Morales

A book containing gambling, pornography, the University of Florida, a bus straight out of The Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test, vegan yuppies, …

RISD, Without Hope

the mysterious resignation of a museum director

arts & culture, Sep 18 2009

by Marisa Calleja

The Rhode Island School of Design Museum reopened after summerholiday this month with a new director. The previous director, HopeAlswang, announced …

Where My Concerts At

the politics of free concert series’ success

arts & culture, Sep 18 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Pretend, for a second, that you are tasked with finding free summer concerts that moderately-hip urbanites would like to attend, but …

How Upsetting

who let the underdogs out? Oudin et al storm the US Open

Sports, Sep 18 2009

by Rachel Sanders

This year in particular has been a veritable soap opera for followers of protennis, from Roger and Rafa’s on-again/off-again rivalry to …


how to keep Brown's trash on your mind, in your sight


by Adrian Randall

Trash begins the moment consumption ends. This means that in a consuming world it’s a fact of life, so get over …

Chin Up, PVD

good news for people getting used to bad news

Metro, Sep 18 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

For a while it seemed daily. Wake up, make coffee, read the paper, lay to rest an icon of politics or …

I Had the Time of my Life

arts & culture, Sep 17 2009

by Marisa Calleja

Patrick Swayze, grinder of hips and heartthrob extraordinaire, died Monday after a prolonged battle with pancreatic cancer. Swayze was born in …

A Law Exposed

Providence pushes to end underage stripping

Metro, Sep 17 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

In south Providence, at the crossroads of O’Connell Street and Allens Avenue, red signs reading “Godiva Nude” and “Cheaters Topless” call …

I-Way or the Highway

Metro, Sep 17 2009

by Maggie Lange

In Providence, the streets are the cities’ largest public space. It’s not parks or the famed waterfront—it’s the streets. The day …

Week in Review

News, Apr 30 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

This is bull In Ireland this past Saturday, April 25, a bull got loose and terrorized a local supermarket.Entering in a …

Failing Grades

budgetary crisis strikes Pawtucket public schools

Metro, Apr 30 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

On Friday, April 17, the Pawtucket School Committee sued Mayor James E. Doyle and the City Council under Rhode Island's Caruolo …

Sex Sells

the fight to end prostitution in Rhode Island continues

Metro, Apr 30 2009

by Jonah Wolf

On April 9, after complaints from neighbors led to the issue of a warrant, police raided Warwick's Asian Fantasy Escort Services. …

Bring Back the Effigy

all I really want is for people to start burning other people

arts & culture, Apr 30 2009

by Gillian Brassil

All I really want is for people to start burning other people.Don't give me that look—you read the title, you knew …

Megafauna and the Impending Biomass Crash


by Simone Landon

Full disclosure: I was really into dinosaurs when I was a kid. And I don't meanall that Land Before Time Petrie …

For the Record

Arts & Culture, Apr 30 2009

by Crow Jonah Norlander

Dat Kid From Cleveland Kid Cudi [G.O.O.D. Music], 2009 Mixtapes are the minor leagues of rap, and few wordsmiths ever get …

Poetry Out Loud

an interview with Rhode Island's poetry recitation champion

Arts & Culture, Apr 30 2009

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

On April 27 and 28, 15-year-old Amber Johnson, a sophomore at Providence's Classical High School, went to Washington, DC to compete …

Jazz Improv for All Shapes and Sizes

Arts & Culture, Apr 30 2009

by Caleb Townsend

Bathtub gin has been swapped out for Narragansett beer and gumbo for Taqueria Pacifica, but 80 years later, the cutting session …

Cult of Song

on popular American song, idolatry and music criticism

arts & culture, Apr 30 2009

by Rachel de Jong

Americans once commonly understood "Tin Pan Alley" to refer to the seat of the popular songwriting industry, but younger generations may …

How to Prolong Your Senior Year

Features, Apr 30 2009

by Alexandra de Jesus

AWhen John Foster graduated last May, the Art History department handed him a prop--"a fake diploma," he told me. "I was …


News, Apr 23 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

TEACHERS HAVE MORE FUNThis past week two teachers in Massachusetts and Ohio should have been sent to the principal's office.In Salem, …

Maria Meza

Metro, Apr 23 2009

by Lacy Roberts

El Rancho Grande sits just west of Olneyville Square. The tiny dining room is warm with orange walls and the smell …

Writing the War: The Story of Lyn Crost B'38

Features, Apr 23 2009

by Audrey von Maluski

I am interested in the goddamn sad science of war.--Ernest HemingwayAnzio, Italy 30 May 1945: The war is over. Lyn Crost …

The Real McCay

Features, Apr 23 2009

by Daniela Postigo

In 1955, Walt Disney took Robert McCay, the son of American cartoonist and animator Winsor McCay, on a guided tour of …

When size doesn't matter

Science, Apr 23 2009

by Andrea Dillon

Do you find your romantic encounters plagued by physical insecurities? Consider finding solace in the perspective gained from one of the …


News, Apr 16 2009

by Maggie Lange

PENNSYLVANIA "EMERGENCY" TARNISHES, AUGMENTS GOOD FRIDAY CELEBRATIONSAt 2 AM this past Friday, a Philadelphia cable broadcast of Good Friday ceremonies at …


News, Apr 16 2009

by Bess Kalb

Kaitlin, 9, Kyla, 5 and JonBK: Why are you here today?Kyla: I don't know.Jon: You did in the car.Kaitlin: To lower …

A little piece of mind

Metro, Apr 16 2009

by Nick Werle

Just after he was diagnosed with AIDS in the spring of 2007, Bobbie Ebert was suffering from a fresh burst of …

Housing and Homelessness

Metro, Apr 16 2009

by Adrienne Langlois

The corner of Chestnut and Pine in Downcity Providence is always busy with Johnson and Wales students changing classes and businessmen …


Metro, Apr 16 2009

by Maggie Lange

After the countless rows of three-storied, neutral-colored, slat-board houses that make up Providence's West Side, the vibrant intensity of the Wat …

Curtains for Coney

Features, Apr 16 2009

by Simone Landon

Once the world's biggest playground, the waterfront amusement district declines. From hey-day turn-of-the-century attractions like theatrical re-creations of tenement fires, Coney …


Sports, Apr 16 2009

by Miguel Morales

No one expected this. On a windy Sunday chockfull of storylines, from Kenny Perry's bid to become the oldest major champion …


Mecca Norma's Jean Smith gets political.

Arts & Culture , Apr 16 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

Some twenty years before Le Tigre's "Deceptacon" became a dance party staple, Jean Smith--one half of the politically-charged noise band Mecca …

The Making and Taking of Space

Features, Apr 16 2009

by Alex Werth

1. There's been a kidnapping. We've taken a life-size reproduction of the main social chamber of Brown's future Creative Arts Center …


News, Apr 09 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

Congratulations, I mean, never mindThis past week NYU and UCSD inadvertently played a joke on thousands of undergrad and graduate hopefuls. …


Metro, Apr 09 2009

by Isabel Parkes

In swapping the current "Renaissance City" image of Providence for that of a "Creative Capital," Mayor Cicilline is doing more than …

Holding Out

Features, Apr 09 2009

by Michael Gonda

Balmore and Rosy Rivas do not know what to do. Two weeks ago, the owners of a large cattle farm in …

Andrew Zimbalist

Features, Apr 09 2009

by Miguel Morales

Andrew Zimbalist, the Robert A. Woods Professor of Economics at Smith College, loves sports, and writes about them extensively--but not in …


Features, Apr 09 2009

by Simone Landon

Let's begin with a thought experiment: You are Jesus. You have 5,000 mouths to feed and few resources--a couple dead fish …


Literary, Apr 09 2009

by Will Litton

BABY TEETHPapa's surplus fatigues swallow little Sangita like an egg. She waits outside for her father to finish his errand, and …


Arts, Apr 09 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Nicholas Mosley is a novelist hailing from London, England. Born into the British upper crust--he carries the title of 3rd Baron …


Arts, Apr 09 2009

by Rachel de Jong & Eli Halpern

Poetry is often a solitary pursuit. A poet may feel like he is writing in a vacuum, while his poet neighbor …


Arts, Apr 09 2009

by Justin O'Neill

Why There Are Mountains Cymbals Eat Guitars [Self-released], 2009 Few bands seem as likely to explode as Cymbals Eat Guitars. The …


News, Mar 19 2009

by Simone Landon

San Salvador, March 15The gorilla problem was supposed to be solved. Since the peace accords of the late '80s and early …


News, Mar 19 2009

by Maggie Lange

Holla Back (or, I just want Beepers back.) Last week, Google introduced a new service that will change the way we …


Opinions, Mar 19 2009

by Sandra Allen

The commercial fades in on a swank kitchen with modern black appliances, ripe peppers and red onions on the counter, daylight …


Features, Mar 19 2009

by Audrey von Maluski

It is rare for a child in the United States to support his or her family financially. Among older children--those who …

Scents of Identity

Features, Mar 19 2009

by Lucy Lyle

Smell, like many ephemeral experiences, often goes unnoticed. Despite our olfactory sense's seeming dormancy at times, smell is a powerful instrument …


Literary, Mar 19 2009

by Nicholas Chung

People still make the distinction between women and men's bikes because many men don't wear dresses. I ride my women's bike …


Literary, Mar 19 2009

by Ghada Abdelquader

Pray to God so He might save you as I write. Bathe the pores of your skin with the mud of …


Sports, Mar 19 2009

by Miguel Morales

Sixty-five teams.Single elimination.Last team standing wins. This is the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament. The sweat, the sneakers, the stars, the upsets …


Metro, Mar 19 2009

by Gillian Brassil

NICKS ON BROADWAY500 BROADWAYI'm an avid reader of Esquire--but let's not get into that--so I sighed with disappointment when I saw …


News, Mar 12 2009

by Maggie Lange

IT'S A FISH! IT'S A WHALE! NO, IT'S A de ROTHSCHILD!When a project pitch involves a phrase along the lines of …


Opinions, Mar 12 2009

by Ava Lubell

President Obama and Congress have granted federal dollars and ample attention to the plight of those struggling to pay for college. …


Metro, Mar 12 2009

by Adrian Randall

Rhode Island brims with architectural gems: hundreds of Industrial era mills, the Gilded Age mansions of Newport, colonial houses dating back …


Arts, Mar 12 2009

by Alex Verdolini

Like Nietzsche's madman, the twenty-first century prophets are running out onto the streets, their lanterns burning brightly in the daylight. They …


Features, Mar 12 2009

by Rachel Blatt

Two thousand twelve is coming; Maybe you've seen the preview. It starts with a shot of a mountain top. A monk …


Literary, Mar 12 2009

by Ali Hoffman

FADE IN:INT. AUSTIN'S BEDROOM - DAYAUSTIN FAGER, late 20s, lies passed out on top of his covers, wearing only tighty-whities.OLGA, a …


Metro, Mar 12 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Eric Chaika is a professional tobacconist who runs the Red Carpet Smoke Shop on Waterman Street with his wife, Kim. Bespectacled …


News, Mar 05 2009

by Maggie Lange

March 9, Baron Bliss DayOn March 9, 1926, Baron Bliss passed away so blissfully in Belize that he decided to bequeath …


News, Mar 05 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

GAP DISCOVERS WHAT IT'S BEEN MISSINGRISD students once again proved their innovation and imaginative genius, this time with the recognition of …


News, Mar 05 2009

by Ava Lubell

Following in the tradition of late US Senator Claiborne Pell, Rhode Island Rep. Joseph McNamara (D-Dist. 19, Warwick, Cranston) has introduced …


Metro, Mar 05 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

February 26, Thursday night at the Statehouse, and a third floor corridor overflows with concerned Rhode Islanders. They await a Senate …


Opinions, Mar 05 2009

by Daniela Postigo

While most entertainment blogs were abuzz with speculations on Chris Brown and Rihanna's whereabouts at the 2009 Grammy Awards, LA Times …


Features, Mar 05 2009

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

Tell someone a band you like, or an album, and it's an act of self-construction, whether conscious or unconscious. There's something …


Arts, Mar 05 2009

by Rebecca Sigel

I came out to my mother when I was 14. While she drove the car, I said, with the same inflection …


Metro, Mar 05 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Jason Yoon is the executive director of New Urban Arts, a nonprofit arts organization on Westminster Street that provides mentorship for …


News, Feb 26 2009

by Adrienne Langlois

Providence's hip-hop and R&B radio station HOT 106 doesn't reserve much time for current events programming so a public service announcement …


News, Feb 26 2009

by Katie Lindstedt

In the wake of Rhode Island's significant economic woes, independent coffee shops have managed to retain a loyal--if more prudent--clientele.At one …


Opinions, Feb 26 2009

by Bess Kalb

In the cocktail lounge of the liberally chandeliered Washington Renaissance Hotel two nights before Barack Obama's inauguration, Al Franken takes a …


Opinions, Feb 26 2009

by Sean Quigley

Two years ago, a Barrington resident and owner of a Warwick-based software company Ken Block created the so-called Moderate Party of …


Sports, Feb 26 2009

by Miguel Morales

This is how one world ends and another begins. The trunk opens. You take your boots, your leather cuirass and your …


Arts, Feb 26 2009

by Alex Verdolini

Un Dimanche √† KigaliSet in the now-famous H√¥tel des Mille Collines (cf. Hotel Rwanda), Un Dimanche √† Kigali (A Sunday in …


Arts, Feb 26 2009

by Jonah Wolf

Twenty years ago, then-RISD student Shepard Fairey was working at the Watershed skate shop on Thayer Street when a newspaper photo …


Metro, Feb 26 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Jon Buonaccorsi and Shea'la Finch run Tiny Showcase, an online, well, showcase for small art that has ranged from posters to …


News, Feb 12 2009

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

As reported in last week's issue of the Independent, Providence's high school student-driven Young Voices organization held an open forum on …


Opinions, Feb 12 2009

by Margaree Little

For this week's Opinions page, I asked two writers, one involved with pro-Israeli efforts and another involved with pro-Palestinian efforts, to …


Features, Feb 12 2009

by Kat Stoeffel

When there's a strike, no one in France notices anymore," said French President Nicolas Sarkozy in July. The statement precluded the …


Features, Feb 12 2009

by Simone Landon

Everyone looks better in black and white, even porn stars. Despite the current in your face potential for colorful love, ranging …


Features, Feb 12 2009

by Daniela Postigo

Bolivia has the lowest Internet penetration in Latin America--about 10.8% of the population are "Internet users" and 0.4% have Internet broadband …


Science, Feb 12 2009

by Melanie Chow

In Julian Schnabel's 2007 film The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Jean-Dominique Bauby, a man unable to move any part of …


Metro, Feb 12 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Daniel Kamil has co-owned the Cable Car Cinema & Caf√© with his wife, Rachel, since October 2008. He hails from New …


News, Feb 05 2009

by Maggie Lange

If states received Academy Awards for Most Nominated, the Ocean State might take home a gilded statuette in 2009. The committee …


News, Feb 05 2009

by Rebecca Lebowitz

After a fifteen-year lull, the celebrity of Sunny von B√ºlow has been revived. As news of Mrs. von B√ºlow's December 6 …


Metro, Feb 05 2009

by Gillian Brassil

Jonathan Thomas has been publishing horror stories since 1992. Born in Providence and raised in Woonsocket, he holds a BA and …


Metro, Feb 05 2009

by Adrian Randall

Any budding artist knows that creative restraints are often the best way to explore a medium. However, those restraints come with …


Opinions, Feb 05 2009

by Sandra Allen

In her Senate confirmation hearing at the end of last month, Secretary of State Hilary Clinton listed scores of imminent dangers …


Features, Feb 05 2009

by Bess Kalb

Between Louisiana and First St. on inauguration morning, there are people in overcoats packed like chickens in a factory farm. The …


Sports, Feb 05 2009

by Miguel Morales

You can call him Coach. Countless others do, and while Greg Glassman hasn't coached a sports team in the traditional sense, …


Features, Feb 05 2009

by Simone Landon

Throughout the 22-day war in Gaza, legal definitions like "distinction" and "proportionality" entered the media's coverage of Israel's actions. The 24-hour …


Features, Feb 05 2009

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

The cafeteria at Providence's Cooley Health and Science Technical High School has all the public school landmarks: cream and taupe color …


Literary, Feb 05 2009

by Alex Verdolini

i.a. mysterious confluence of parrotsThe eagle is an omen of victory. The owl is an omen of enlightenment and death. The …


Literary, Dec 04 2008

by Miguel Morales


Metro, Dec 04 2008

by Adrian Randall


News, Nov 20 2008

by Miguel Morales

YES WE CAN? YES SIR!This past Wednesday, commuters throughout six major metropolitan centers, most notably New York City, Los Angeles and …

Missing in Action

Metro, Nov 20 2008

by Milton Crabcakke

What is happening to all of the DIY venues in Providence? While there are still shows happening almost every night, compared …


Metro, Nov 20 2008

by Pablo Larios

Next time I run into a library scientist, I'll ask him where exactly in a library he'd put a book/encyclopedia/curatorial project/object …


Arts, Nov 20 2008

by Emily Segal

Just as Rhode Island is neither road nor island, Triple Candie is an art space that neither shows art nor (since …


Arts, Nov 20 2008

by Alex Werth

Sultry emcee Velocity Chyaldd wrapped her fingers around the microphone, hands bound in leather and lace. "Who's ready for some burlesque, …


Features, Nov 20 2008

by Maggie Lange

Every few years, a piece emerges in the Independent, BSR, or the Providence Journal with the message "Did you know there …


News, Nov 13 2008

by Marisa Calleja

$2.5 MILLION FOR OPEN SPACE BONDSDespite an ailing state economy, Rhode Island voters followed an electoral tradition of supporting land conservation …


Opinions, Nov 13 2008

by Sandra Allen

Sixty-one percent of historians believe that Bush is the worst president in our nation's history, according to a recent History News …


Arts, Nov 13 2008

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

The summer I was thirteen, all I read were Michael Crichton novels. I started with Jurassic Park and its sequel The …


Arts, Nov 13 2008

by Alex Verdolini

As a Friend New Directions, 2008; 192 pp.The greatest difficulties of Forrest Gander's novel, As a Friend, lie in the first …


Metro, Nov 13 2008

by Alexander Guerrero

Citing the Modern Diner's (at 364 East Ave, Pawtucket) Lobster Benedict as possibly the most evolved diner food, he explained how …


Features, Nov 06 2008

by Michael Gonda

"And to all those watching tonight from beyond our shores, from parliaments and palaces to those who are huddled around radios …


News, Nov 06 2008

by Audrey von Maluski

A new food bank at Hope High School on the East Side of Providence will make it easier for hungry students …


Arts, Nov 06 2008

by Audrey von Maluski

AS220 // 11.08.08 // $5 coverMahi Mahi // midnight Triangle Forest // 11 pm The Viennagram // 10 pmA Troop of …


Arts, Nov 06 2008

by Tom Iadacola

DEERHOOFOffend MaggieKill Rock Stars (2008)Deerhoof has a knack for pissing people off. Maybe it's Satomi Matsuzaki's dazed, toddler-ish vocals that do …


Literary, Nov 06 2008

by Emily Segal

I don't mean this meanly.They always had the important talks--race, finance-- when she was sleeping, which meant she always fucked up. …


Science, Nov 06 2008

by Perrin Ireland

I. Once I saw a rabbit's body stripped away from the thin sack of its organs as it dangled upside-down. Both …


Science, Nov 06 2008

by Carlo Coppetti

What would people do if it were possible to decide which moments to remember and which ones to bury? We may …


Sports, Nov 06 2008

by Caroline Vescey

If you want to keep your friends, do not talk about this aspect of your life.You will need to run somewhere …


From the Editors, Oct 30 2008

by Kat Stoeffel

Last week, Brown University celebrated women's rights, bodies and equality with W Week. It comprised the efforts of many campus organizations, …


Metro, Oct 30 2008

by Maggie Lange

In Girl from Sabiner Mountains, a painting by Franz Winterhalter, a peasant woman rests languidly by a tree. Sunlight flickers through …


Features, Oct 30 2008

by Sandra Allen

Ringing a psychic's doorbell is surreal and cinematic--you hear her snap to attention and throw the breakfast dishes in the sink …

This is Your City on WPA: A Guide to New Deal Landmarks in Providence

Features, Oct 30 2008

by Kat Stoeffel

One morning in Providence, shortly after the Wall Street apocalypse, a white luxury sedan with New York plates was pulled over …


Arts, Oct 30 2008

by Tom Iadecola

MARNIE STERN This Is It and I Am It and You Are It and So Is That and He Is It …


Literary, Oct 30 2008

by Miguel Morales

Not one but two bees live between the outer and inner window of my bedroom, subsisting on their built-up, built-in pollen …


Literary, Oct 30 2008

by Sam Alper

[1]Location: On Lochman Lane, a hill on supposedly private property, overlooking downtown LA. Midday, sunny. Two young guys sit in the …


Sports, Oct 30 2008

by Will Guzzardi

Game Five of this year's American League Championship Series, between the Red Sox and the Tampa Bay Rays, was the kind …


Metro, Oct 30 2008

by Adrian Randall

Xue Di is an accomplished Chinese poet. He has made Providence his home for more than 18 years, having left China …


Metro, Oct 23 2008

by Lee Brooks

Providence is no stranger to the foreclosure crisis ravaging middle and low-income families across the nation. According to a recent report …


Arts, Oct 23 2008

by Sandra Allen

Sage Francis suggested breakfast at Julian's and said I'd recognize him as "a big, bald, bearded fella." He was already waiting …


Arts, Oct 23 2008

by Marisa Calleja

When Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist came out two weeks ago, it seemed like it would be the flagship film for …


Features, Oct 23 2008

by Ben Dalton

A report last Tuesday from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics made the news official: after months of rapid job loss, …


Opinions, Oct 23 2008

by Adrienne Langlois

As temperatures drop and Wall Street's many mergers pile up like so many cars in line for not enough gas, so …


Sports, Oct 23 2008

by Lindsay Littlejohn

Players change, coaches change, jerseys change. Rules change, mascots change, cheers change. Hell, even the fans change--the good ones because they …


Metro, Oct 09 2008

by Lizzie Feidelson

Throughout history, puppets have creeped people out. However, the Big Nazo puppet factory and performance troupe undoes aversions with force. "It's …


Features, Oct 09 2008

by Maggie Lange

Throughout history, escape tales from penitentiary systems have cropped up in books and films alike: The Count of Monte Cristo, Escape …


Features, Oct 09 2008

by Audrey von Maluski

It was Friday September 26, at about 9:40 pm, and the Islamic Society of Greater Dayton, Ohio had come together to …


Literary, Oct 09 2008

by Miguel Morales

_______ (Salutation) Economy,Throughout history, we humans have labored to create a more ____ (prestigious sounding adjective, e.g. prestigious) union. Unfortunately, to …


Sports, Oct 09 2008

by Simone Landon

Throughout history, the fall solstice has signaled athletic bliss. Ah, autumn. All leaves and cider and groundskeepers chalking out the perimeters …


Arts, Oct 02 2008

by Adrienne Langlois

You may know him better for his salad dressing than his filmography. But for all intents and purposes, Paul Newman was …


News, Oct 02 2008

by Leona Rusenblum

If the credit card industry is ignored in the current sub-prime crisis and bailout package, there's "a new financial meltdown" looming …


Sports, Sep 25 2008

by Will Guzzardi

Four road hogs roar off Route 6 in Foster, Rhode Island and pull into the parking lot at Lucky's Bar and …


Arts, Sep 25 2008

by Alex Verdolini

It should have been a flop. Just a week before "Beautiful Inside My Head Forever," Sotheby's gargantuan sale of new work …


Metro, Sep 25 2008

by Adrian Randall

Rising rent prices and an influx of business and residential developments in Providence are giving local artists reason to look elsewhere …


Literary, Sep 25 2008

by Kaela Myers

Maxine is writing again. She's holed up in the treehouse. Every morning we leave her food in the bucket and though …


Features, Sep 25 2008

by Marisa Calleja

There was a time when MTV was about sex and rebellion, when the hottest accessories worn to the Video Music Awards …


Features, Sep 25 2008

by Sandra Allen

Wine writing falls into two camps. There are those who write about wine for people who already know about wine, and …


News, Sep 25 2008

by Sandra Allen

Here at the Independent we realize that Rhode Island's strong Democratic leanings, combined with its four electoral votes, probably mean that …


Features, Sep 18 2008

by Kat Stoeffel

In 1922 Emily Post wrote, "The art of general letter-writing in the present day is shrinking until the letter threatens to …


Features, Sep 18 2008

by Michael Gonda

I was a sophomore in high school when I first heard about polygamy and polygamous cults in America. A CNN article …


Arts, Sep 18 2008

by Sandra Allen

A friend of mine thinks she's cracked the Coen brothers code. She says all of their movies are about how far …


Arts, Sep 18 2008

by Alex Verdolini

On Easter Day at the turn of the twentieth century, the Tsar Nicholas II presented the Tsarina Alexandra Fyodorovna with a …


Arts, Sep 18 2008

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

THE LOW ANTHEMOh My God,Charlie DarwinIndependent releaseThere's an interesting vocal and stylistic progression apparent in the first three tracks on Oh …


Literary, Sep 18 2008

by Miguel Morales

Just who might be Valery Giscard d'Estaing?You might be. You've got the same facial hair, the same lines running down your …


News, Apr 17 2008

by Simone Landon

Popemobile cum party busPlanning a birthday party is tough, and after 81 years you kind of run out of ideas. Chuck-E-Cheese …


Features, Apr 03 2008

by Michael Gonda

In the village in Western Province, Kenya where I lived and taught English for four months, everyone had a method for …


News, Apr 03 2008

by Simone Landon

This week, a lot went down in the world. At times, it seemed our planet was in peril. Gaia, the spirit …

Be Strong

On Earning a Coach's Respect

Metabolics, Mar 20 2008

by Audrey von Maluski

The first time I ever saw Coach Taylor, he was sitting on a set of old wooden gym bleachers, his elbows …

Excerpts From Dog Heroes

a treatise on the future of Latin America as seen through an immobile man and his thirty Belgian Malinois shepherds

Literary, Mar 20 2008

by Mario Bellatin Translated from Spanish by David Noriega

Close to the city airport there lives a man who, apart from being an immobile man--that is to say, a man …

The Dangerous Lives of the Death of Artists

making sense of posthumous works

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2008

by Henry Freedland

Everyone dies with something left unfinished. Sure, cinematic superstition would have us believe this requires some kind of spiritual resolution (see: …

A Home Away From Home

moving into the home show

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2008

by Aaron Cutler & Alex Eichler

One of your correspondents' fathers is a homebuilder. For years the youth has been regaled with tales of construction in rural …

The World's Most Function Mystery Box

a minority report on the state of laptop design

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2008

by Michelle Snow

In the curios shoppe of my retired personal electronics, commingling in a drawer among exhausted AA batteries and grimy Tamagotchis, are …

Why Are You Doing This To Me

some things that happened on sunday at the rock

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2008

by Molly Young

Sunday morning I eat breakfast at Meeting Street with a friend who is visiting from out of town. On the way …

The Clothes Off Our Backs

hey hey, ho ho, irresponsible licensing has got to go

News, Mar 20 2008

by Simone Landon

Every year, Brown spends thousands of dollars on speaking fees for lecturers on topics from human sexuality (Dr. Ruth) to spoken …

For The Record

Arts & Culture, Mar 13 2008

by Henry Freedland

Devastations Yes, U [Beggar's Banquet, 2008] Yes, U, the third offering from Berlin-via-Melbourne trio Devastations, confounded a basic understanding I had …

Heady Days, Vigorous Nights

an actor's memoir

Arts & Culture, Mar 13 2008

by Aaron Cutler

The minute I saw that I'd been cast as a talking vagina, I knew that things were going well. The show …

Spectacular Larceny

Arts & Culture, Mar 13 2008

by Kathleen Ross

It's been over a month since thieves jacked four masterpieces from the EG Bührle Foundation, an art collection outside Zurich, Switzerland. …

Look At Us

turning the spotlight onto celebrity look-alikes

Arts & Culture, Mar 13 2008

by Caitlin McKenna

Bill Hair's answering machine picks up after six rings. The tinny voice on the other end sounds vaguely familiar. "Hi," it …

Did Not / Did Too

ideological extremism and Japan's problem with history

Opinions, Mar 13 2008

by David Feldmanbe

Japan was given an unexpected shock this past week after a public suicide that left the press hungry for details. On …

What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

Brown, RISD, and campus crime reporting

Opinions, Mar 13 2008

by Kat Stoeffel

People of interest flyers are not rare on College Hill. A laptop goes missing, security video camera footage is scanned, and …

How Low is the Exchange Rate?

Putin, Medvedev, and the future of Russia

News, Mar 13 2008

by Aaron Cutler

March 2 was a big day in Russia. Forty-two-year-old Dmitry Medvedev won the presidential election, with acting duties to be assumed …

Week in Women

News, Mar 13 2008

by Audrey von Maluski

It's been a strange week for the ladies, at least if a glance at newspaper or internet headlines is any indication. …

Before My Watch is Over

News, Mar 13 2008

by Nicholas Green

On Monday, Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk left Washington, DC the proud owner of a portion of the United States' Missile …


notes inspired by the sounds outside my centrally located window

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Michelle Snow

But first, a brief synopsis of my history with fluorescent cube stacks of Post-It Notes: When I was nine years old …

He's Just Not That Into You

Kelvin Sampson forgets the rules when romancing recruits

Metabolics, Mar 06 2008

by Kat Stoeffel

On Valentine's Day, the Associated Press reported that the NCAA had accused Indiana University basketball coach Kelvin Sampson of showing his …

On Cold Sores

Literary, Mar 06 2008

by Emily Segal

The lip begins to throb in the morning. The warning sensations of a cold sore are itching, burning and increased sensitivity, …

For the Record

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Dillon Savage

Rot Shit Have You Scene Rot Shit? 7" [Fashionable Idiots, 2008] Pittsburgh slob-punk outfit Rot Shit's myspace page proudly describes their …

Harry Potter and the Raging Writers

when fans take things to the next level

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Abigail Chen

Beneath the harmless veneer of cute 12-year olds dressed up in the image of Harry Potter, there are communities that take …

An Island of a Man

Fidel fades into the red

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Liam Daniel Pierce

Fidel Castro's resignation on February 20 came less as a shock than as one of the most calculated anticlimaxes in history. …

Peeling The Onion

John Emigh and Peer Gynt

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Aaron Cutler

For more than 20 years, Professor John Emigh tried to direct Peer Gynt at Brown, but the Sock & Buskin board …

Look Ma, No Humanity

a new video game controller leads the way for killer robots

Arts & Culture, Mar 06 2008

by Bess Kalb

When the news broke at 5:25 PM on February 20, the Associated Press briefed the English-speaking world with the headline "Brain-Reading …

Seeing Past the Slogans

one undecided voter gives Obama a chance

News, Mar 06 2008

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

The line of people outside the Rhode Island College Recreation Center twisted through the campus like a queue at Disneyland, doubling …

French Film Festival

Arts & Culture, Feb 28 2008

by Chloe Malle

Le Voyage du Ballon Rouge Le Voyage du Ballon Rouge, or The Flight of the Red Balloon, is Taiwanese director Hou …

Some Bondage, Little Restraint

the sex workers' art show comes to Providence

Arts & Culture, Feb 28 2008

by Alex Eichler

More than a week after the sex workers came to town, I'm still not sure how I feel about them. This …

The 68 Mile High Club

Virgin goes to the edge of space, for a price

Arts & Culture, Feb 28 2008

by Flynn Berry

On January 23, a crowd gathered in the New York Museum of Natural History's Hayden Planetarium to see the unveiling of …

Mixed Messages

considering Brown University and undergraduate education

Opinions, Feb 14 2008

by Bee Cleveland

"A Plan for Strengthening the College Experience at Brown." The subtitle of the report released this January by the Brown University …

Prism Power

Sue Carcieri can't take the refracted heat

News, Feb 14 2008

by Simone Landon

A yellow fist, outlined boldly in black, punches through the logo of the Providence Youth Student Movement (PrYSM). The fist is …

Week In Review

News, Feb 14 2008

by Aaron Cutler, Liam Pierce, Max Emont & Robert Moor

Mitt Romney Flip-Flops, Talk Radio Flips Out "Unless America changes course, we could become the France of the 21st century," Mitt …

NBA All-Star Weekend

Metabolics, Feb 14 2008

by Aaron Cutler

1 Wallace Lewton, Ph.D. '08 in Comparative Literature, preparing a dissertation entitled "Limitless Balls: Updike, Márquez, Gombrowicz and the Role of …


A story

Literary, Feb 14 2008

by Alex Verdolini

1 I met her at the young girl's funeral. We were sitting in the tenth pew, I remember. Our island is …


Literary, Feb 14 2008

by Aaron Cutler

i work day and night in a tennis ball factory. i glue the fur onto the tennis balls. i stand in …

Paralysie Francaise

Or shit, it was a dream

Arts & Culture, Feb 14 2008

by Alex Verdolini

THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY Directed by Julian Schnabel [Miramax Films/Pathe Distribution, 114 minutes] It's not so easy to make …

Food Stamps

making good food affordable with Farm Fresh RI

Arts & Culture, Feb 14 2008

by Audrey von Maluski

It is an overcast Saturday. The streets are quiet, and the sky is heavy with the promise of snow. Peer through …


watching animals screw at the zoo

Arts & Culture, Feb 14 2008

by Chloe Malle

On Valentine's Day in the heart of New York's Central Park, "Jungle Love" ceases to be merely a mating call for …

The Mad Russian

In pursuit of a quick cigarette fix

Arts & Culture, Feb 14 2008

by Sandra Allen

Yefim Shubentsov has had an office at 1680A Beacon Street in Brookline, Massachusetts for 23 years. He has two secretaries, one …

The Arkansas Preacher

Just who is Mike Huckabee?

Arts & Culture, Feb 14 2008

by Adrienne Langlois

January 3, 2008 ushered in the beginning of the lengthiest primary season in US history with the Iowa caucuses and more …

Bright White Lines

Cocaine's cultural politics

Arts & Culture, Feb 14 2008

by Matt Sledge

The question of soul singer Amy Winehouse's life expectancy detains us. Her husband estimates "three months," but the videographic evidence suggests …

A Spoonful of Scripture

Candy shopping in Jerusalem

Arts & Culture, Jan 31 2008

by Molly Young

Is there a direct relationship between piety and sugar consumption? I was in Jerusalem and I never saw so much candy. …

Exquisite Corpse

In memory of Heath Ledger

Arts & Culture, Jan 31 2008

by Hannah Sheldon-Dean

I told the friend who called me on the evening of Tuesday, January 22, to calm down, talk slower--who was dead? …


On fictional politicians and their real-world effects

Arts & Culture, Jan 31 2008

by Henry Freedland

The difference between Aaron Sorkin and Jon Favreau (not the actor) is, in a way, slight. As speechwriters, both tend toward …

Dispatches from Des Moines

Ignoring the fine print of Ron Paul's campaign

Arts & Culture, Jan 31 2008

by Bess Kalb

An Elevator as an Apt Metaphor The day before the first caucus, a young Iowan pseudo-goth waited for the elevator outside …

Long-term Possibilities

eHarmony's just not that into you

Arts & Culture, Jan 31 2008

by Kathleen Ross

When it came to smearing online dating heavyweight eHarmony, rival poured the perfect poison into the public's ear: rejection. In …

Novel Idea

The rise of Japan's story-by-cellphone

Arts & Culture, Jan 31 2008

by Chelsea Rudman

When Americans see a teenager tapping out text on her cellphone, they assume she's chatting with friends or sealing a date …

Here to Stay: Will Rhode Island Stay Polyglot?

News, Jan 31 2008

by Simone Landon

"It's all about race," insisted Gladys Gould at a rally titled "Unite for Fairness" on Saturday, January 20 in Pawtucket. "The …

Week In Review

News, Jan 31 2008

by Simone Landon, Audrey Von Maluski & Adam Moor

PARKING WARS! "By day we tow, we boot, we write tickets / By night we pop softballs 'cause you know we …

The Vagina Dialogue

Take off that underwear

Opinions, Mar 17 2005

by Christi Laquer & Scott Kolp

Eve Ensler says she is worried about the vagina. So are we. To paraphrase Eve Ensler's introduction to her acclaimed theatrical …

Respekt Her

Arts & Culture, Mar 10 2005

by Alexandra de Jesus

If you've never heard Regina Spektor's music, your life is probably a little sadder than it would otherwise be. Spektor, a …

I am a Vagina, Hear Me Roar

Arts & Culture, Mar 10 2005

by Michelle Snow

Eve Ensler is worried about vaginas. After over 200 interviews with women of all ages, races, creeds, and backgrounds, Ensler compiled …