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Week in Party Animals

News, Nov 17 2017

by Julia Rock, Julia Petrini & Kelton Ellis

THE POLISH WAY Last week, the Polish Health Ministry released a public service announcement encouraging it citizens to “breed like rabbits.” …

Princesses in a Magic Castle

The Florida Project's recasting of representation

Arts, Oct 27 2017

by Kelton Ellis

A quick survey of United States media discourse from the past two years makes it look like one crucial demographic holds …

Etymology for Catastrophe

Literary, Apr 14 2017

by Kelton Ellis

Amid early springtime’s hesitant snowmelt a planet rearranges into loving explosions, confessing no objective but to glower, then to fade. Sprained …

Week in Minor Democratic Victories

News, Nov 18 2016

by Kelton Ellis, Andrew Deck & Jane Argodale

Heck Yeah Harris To temper your cynicism, if only just a little: last week, amid the presidential election’s literal upset, Kamala …

Small State, Big Gaps

Segregation in Rhode Island's Public Schools

Metro, Nov 04 2016

by Kelton Ellis

Historical events and legislative records might suggest that Rhode Island’s schools should have been equal and diverse a long time ago. …

Most Suitable Candidate

A complicated love letter to Hillary Clinton's pantsuits

Arts, Oct 21 2016

by Kelton Ellis

“Fashion! Turn to the left./Fashion! Turn to the right.” —David Bowie, “Fashion” (1980) Fashion matters. Though it’s tempting to think of …

Week in Animal Control

News, Sep 30 2016

by Jack Brook, Kelton Ellis & Andrew Deck

DOGGED LOVE Who says you can’t teach an old dog new tricks? 11-year old Apollo, of Jacksonville, Florida, would beg to …


Faith (and Lack Thereof)

Occult, Apr 15 2016

by Kelton Ellis

I was the youngest evangelical you never knew. No, seriously! Bar those clerical prodigies you may have seen on television, spreading …

Black Is the Color

Colorism in Nina Simone's Biopic

Arts, Apr 08 2016

by Kelton Ellis

Watch the trailer for the upcoming biopic Nina, out April 22, and you might think Zoe Saldana inhabits the role well. …

The Blacker the Album

On Kendrick Lamar, awards shows, and racial politics

News, Feb 05 2016

by Kelton Ellis

“Black man, taking no losses!” That was how Compton rapper Kendrick Lamar, ever tenacious, aligned himself with would-be Maroon Kunta Kinte …

A New Leaf

Considering the Canadian Election

News, Oct 30 2015

by Kelton Ellis

On October 19, the centrist Liberal Party of Canada won the nation’s federal elections in a decisive victory that will make …