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Re: Zoning

Metro, May 02 2014

by Kat Thornton

I sat in the cafeteria at 444 Westminster Street—the meeting space for the Providence Department of Planning and Development—and listened intently. …

Big Business, Big Problems

Idaho’s last legislative session

News, Apr 11 2014

by Kat Thornton

In the late 1970s, Richard G. Butler, founder of Aryan Nations, established the neo-Nazi world headquarters on 20 acres of land …

Two Hours in Providence Politics

chatting nonviolence with electoral candidates

Metro, Jan 31 2014

by Kat Thornton

On Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2014, the candidates for Rhode Island governor and Providence mayor gathered in a softly sunlit …

De La Doble Moneda

The History and Future of Two Currencies in Cuba

Arts, Nov 19 2013

by Kat Thornton

Daily receipt WAKE UP. PUT GROUND COFFEE beans into the cafetera (bag purchased for 5 CUP). Rip a piece of white …

On the Student Radical

An interview with Paul Buhle

Metro, Nov 19 2013

by Kat Thornton

PAUL BUHLE'S OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPH shows him mid-rant, arms out to either side, mouth open as if mid-sentence. His life work screams …

Affordable Care Act

Metro, Oct 03 2013

by Kat Thornton & Megan Hauptman

OCTOBER 1 HAS COME LIKE THE PROPHESIED YEAR 2000 in old Technicolor cartoons, the age of Obamacare is no longer in …

Comraderie in Cuba

News, Oct 19 2012

by Kat Thornton

On October 8, the day after Hugo Chavez was re-elected president of Venezuela, Cuban President Raul Castro Ruz printed a congratulatory …