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Planting a Nation

Settler colonialism and the Jewish National Fund

Features, Feb 10 2017

by Joshua Kurtz

“It was nothing: sand and sand. We are going to bring to the Negev life,” two Israeli men affirm in an …

Electronic Disturbance at the Border

The aestheticization of immigrant rights

Arts, Feb 03 2017

by Joshua Kurtz

Last week, President Trump signed several executive orders that significantly expanded the authority of immigrations officers, banned Muslim immigrants and refugees …

Who Sets the Table?

Food infrastructure and food justice in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 11 2016

by Joshua Kurtz & Sylvia Brown

A few hundred feet from Brown University’s boathouse in India Point Park is the future site of EatDrinkRI’s Central Market, a …

A Restoration

Metabolics, Oct 21 2016

by Joshua Kurtz

The telling of history necessitates a well-functioning set of teeth. The thing about teeth is that they are required to collaborate; …

How to Write in the Human Realm

Notes on Ben Lerner and the politics of poetry

Arts, Oct 07 2016

by Joshua Kurtz

In a video that the MacArthur Foundation produced after awarding Ben Lerner a genius Grant last year, Lerner poses the question, …

Caught Between States

Regarding the Persecution of the Rohingya

News, Sep 23 2016

by Joshua Kurtz

Last week, President Obama announced that the United States is prepared to lift all remaining sanctions against Myanmar. First imposed after …

Culture Shock

A Short Timeline of Controversial Art

Arts, Apr 10 2015

by Max Genecov, Joshua Kurtz, Eli Pitegoff, Erin Prinz-Schwartz & Maya Sorabjee

To simply be offensive in one’s artistic practice is to engage in a hollow act of provocation. It is to be, …