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Providence Talks

Metro, Mar 04 2010

by Jesse Strecker

Hipolito Rivera is a houseman at the Renaissance Hotel in downtown Providence. He came here with his family from Puerto Rico …

In a Native Land

News, Feb 18 2010

by Jesse Strecker

Last Friday, as the Olympic torch made its way to Vancouver, a cultural center dubbed the Aboriginal Pavilion opened its doors …

Green For Green

Metro, Nov 05 2009

by Jesse Strecker

In a letter to the mayor’s office written last spring, a coalition of Providence non-profits, community members and local entrepreneurs presented …

The Killing of Oscar Grant

high stakes in relocation of Oakland’s police brutality trial

News, Oct 29 2009

by Jesse Strecker

In the early morning of New Year’s Day 2009, a group of police officers for the Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) …

Bargaining Committee

at the table with Brown Dining Services' Steve Derderian

Metro, Oct 22 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Steve Derderian has worked for Brown DiningServices for 20 years andworks at the stir-fryline at the V-dub. An Armenian immigrant,Derderian has …

Destruction > Creation > Preservation?

Smith Hill gets a makeover

Metro, Oct 05 2009

by Katie Lindstedt & Jesse Strecker

In an ongoing project launched this summer, Providence’s Smith Hill Community Development Corpo-ration has transformed four foreclosed houses fromscenes of urban …

Arriba Centroamerica

Metro, Sep 28 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Sunday, August 20. Providence’sFestival Centroamericano isunderstandably loud. With camerain hand, we’ve joined a celebratorythrong at Roger Williams Parkfor the 188th anniversary …


tent cities in Providence

Metro, Sep 17 2009

by Jesse Strecker

For much of this past summer, a tent citynamed Camp Run-a-Muck stood out likea sore thumb in the Point Street bridge’siconic …

Providence For Sale

Metro, Apr 23 2009

by Jesse Strecker

Providence, along with the rest of Rhode Island, remains in the throes of a severe housing crisis. Eviction messengers march the …

Beautiful Wasteland, Idolized Junkyard

urban exploration in Providence

Arts & Culture, Mar 20 2008

by Jesse Strecker

The door of the abandoned What Cheer Laundry Service building is covered with three posters. One is for a Rod Stewart …