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Soft Power

Petra Collins and the problem with the female gaze

Arts, Apr 12 2018

by Jane Argodale

Two women press their cheeks together, with dark hair falling in their faces and lips parted to reveal the radiant white …

Walking Out

The West Virginia teachers strike and the future of American labor

News, Mar 15 2018

by Jane Argodale

On February 22, 35,000 teachers in all 55 West Virginia counties walked out on their jobs, shutting down public schools statewide …

A Loss for Words

Do we have to change our language before we can change our ideas?

Features, Feb 16 2018

by Jane Argodale

Contemporary debates on free speech, political correctness, and identity politics have all taken up language as a site of contention. Figures …

Kebab a ČÍna

Veganism, multiculturalism, and culinary tradition in the Czech Republic

Body, Feb 02 2018

by Jane Argodale

On a Saturday afternoon in the Czech city of Brno, my friend and I sat inside Forky’s, a vegan restaurant, shoveling …

The Indy Classifieds

Metro, Mar 24 2017

by Jane Argodale, Shane Potts & Jack Brook

PERSONALS—WOMEN SEEKING MEN Will You Be Mine, Lincoln Chafee? Me: An attractive and successful 31 year-old professional, recently moved to Providence. …

Dispatches From the DMV

Confronting bureacracy and emerging victorious

Metro, Mar 10 2017

by Jane Argodale

Distractions can be physical or mental in nature and are often a combination of both. A physical distraction is one that …

Week in Minor Democratic Victories

News, Nov 18 2016

by Kelton Ellis, Andrew Deck & Jane Argodale

Heck Yeah Harris To temper your cynicism, if only just a little: last week, amid the presidential election’s literal upset, Kamala …

An Abbreviated Timeline of Voting in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 04 2016

by Jane Argodale & Marianna McMurdock

After a year that’s felt a little like an episode of Survivor, featuring older contestants and more liberal use of spray …

Disjoint Destinations

The 6-10 connector's future

Metro, Sep 30 2016

by Jane Argodale

Scrapping earlier plans for a redesign, the Rhode Island Department of Transportation (RIDOT) announced on September 7 that it would rebuild …

Week in Bad Public Relations

News, Sep 16 2016

by Jane Argodale, Camila Ruiz Segovia & Liz Cory

DOUBLE DOUBLE TWITTER TROUBLE When considering whether or not to take a day off of school or work, most of us …

A Gift of God

Mother Teresa's Canonization and Her Complicated Legacy

News, Apr 08 2016

by Jane Argodale

In December, Pope Francis approved a second miracle attributed to the Albanian-born nun Mother Teresa. A Brazilian man claimed that in …

A River's Decline

Metro, Mar 18 2016

by Jane Argodale

The Woonasquatucket River begins in North Smithfield, Rhode Island, running through the Providence neighborhoods of Olneyville and Federal Hill, then below …

Week in Divas

News, Feb 12 2016

by Jane Argodale, Liz Cory & Corey Hébert

SLAY While most people who watched the Super Bowl 50 halftime show were blown away by Beyoncé’s fierceness, dancing, and profound …

High Hopes

The Movement for Marijuana Legalization in Rhode Island

Metro, Nov 06 2015

by Jane Argodale

During the winter of 2012, residents of Colorado and Washington state lit up in celebration of the legalization of recreational marijuana. …

America Runs on Racism™

A Steaming Cup of #BlackLivesMatter

Metro, Oct 23 2015

by Jane Argodale

The Providence Fraternal Order of Police Lodge #3 (FOP), a local chapter of the national Fraternal Order of Police which has …

Upper Limit

The Refugee Crisis and Islamophobia in Europe

News, Sep 25 2015

by Jane Argodale

On September 8, a video surfaced of Hungarian journalist Petra Laszlo kicking refugees as they ran past police out of a …


Sex Work In Rhode Island

Metro, May 01 2015

by Jane Argodale

Early in April, undercover Providence police posted escort ads on the website, and arrested 22 respondents for soliciting sex at …

Without a Doubt

Choice & the Church in Rhode Island

Metro, Mar 06 2015

by Jane Argodale

In the United States, Catholic women will have abortions at about the same rate as other women—one in three by age …

Ending the Polimigra

Metro, Oct 03 2014

by Jane Argodale

On July 18, Rhode Island resident Antonio Mejia was released after seven months in prison for driving without a license,a crime …