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What I Need to Tell You / What I Need You to Know

Features, Oct 21 2016

by Isabelle Doyle

Italicized text is taken from the Obsessive Compulsive Inventory, a self-report questionnaire that is used to measure the presence of and …

Blood Coming Out of Her Eyes

On Anti-Abortion Legislation in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland

Features, Apr 22 2016

by Isabelle Doyle

A very old man asked me who I thought I was last Wednesday as I walked into Planned Parenthood for my …

Disease Is Not the Only Derivative of Her

Arts, Mar 18 2016

by Isabelle Doyle

I have to become everything. The hysteric body is its own capacity to distort and manipulate itself.To bend. Hysteria: a memory …

I Cannot Count The Altering That Happens In The Very Large Rooms That Are The Guts Of Her

Literary, Mar 11 2016

by Isabelle Doyle

My wife with the sex of a mirror like a fireball through the fog at a new kind of atmosphere. There …