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New Shit

Bacteriotherapy and the universe in your gut

Features, Feb 28 2014

by Doreen St. Félix

I’ve come into the habit of considering myself a human being. Dr. Charles Raison seems to disagree with me. Biologically, my …


Features, Sep 26 2013

by Sam Adler-Bell, Doreen St. Félix, Alex Ronan & Ellora Vilkin

On Saturday September 21, fifteen attackers laid siege on Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya. At press time, the official casualty …


Arts, May 03 2013

by Ellora Vilkin & Doreen St. Félix

[start hero] [end hero] …

Pleasure Reading

Open Sesame, Read a Fucking Book

Arts, Apr 27 2013

by Emma Janaskie, Alex Ronan, Erica Schwiegershausen, Doreen St. Félix, Ellora Vilkin & Emma Wohl

Today, we decided we would stop. We took off our shoes, we did not go to work, we forgot about our …

The Men in Her Hair

Literary, Apr 27 2013

by Doreen St. Félix

Windsor was going to see the girl with men in her hair. The pharmacy was dark. Everywhere else on Church Avenue …

Of Mindless Men

Arts & Culture, Mar 18 2013

by Doreen St. Félix

She has no photograph, but when Marie Jane recalls the morning the zombi broke down the side door of her home, …


Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Doreen St. Félix

From follicles in the middle layer of skin, out sprouts the dead thing. Hair begins in the bulb-shaped organ called the …

Hog Wild

Arts & Culture, Feb 17 2013

by Doreen St. Félix, Emma Janaskie & Ellora Vilkin

Imbolc, or the Festival of the Lactating Sheep This day, Imbolc,¹ splits the year between winter solstice and spring equinox. On …

Milk Teeth

Arts & Culture, Nov 16 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

At the age of six, in some cases earlier and in others later, the process of shedding teeth begins with the …

To His Coworker

Literary, Oct 26 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

Dear name from the Greek word margarites meaning “pearl,” Hey, second-person-pronoun. Yeah, second-person-pronoun. I cannot control myself when I see you. …

Bump and Grind

Metro, Oct 26 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

Middletown High School is on an island. It’s the only public high school in this almost beach town on Aquidneck Island, …

Birthright: Rhode Island Adoptees Win Access to Birth Certificates

Metro, Sep 28 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

This past July, Gary Osbrey, 50, drove from his home in Putnam, Connecticut to Capitol Hill to learn his birth name. …

Week in Review

News, Sep 21 2012

by Doreen St. Félix, Marcel Bertsch-Gout & Kate Van Brocklin

In Defense By Wednesday morning, a quiet had finally settled outside the Chicago Public Schools headquarters on 125 South Clark St. …

The Island Country

Literary, May 02 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

The prime minister awoke without dreams. He looked out his window, stone-framed and small, to make certain he had risen before …

A Diocese In Arms

Metro, Apr 11 2012

by By Doreen St. Félix

On February 22, hundreds of Rhode Island’s Catholic faithful filled the pews of the Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul, located …

What "The Point" Is

Reconstructing a Cape Verdean narrative in Providence’s Fox Point

Metro, Feb 19 2012

by Doreen St. Félix

"We got letters. The interstate was going to cut us in half.” says Johnny Britto, a Cape Verdean resident of Fox …