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When I Went to Freak Fest

Arts, Sep 19 2013

by Dan Stump

THE KIDS ARE BACK AT School or down by the river, hiding in the bushes and along the stone walls under …

Barack Obama Loathes the Free Press

INDY BLOG, Mar 14 2012

by Dan Stump

Jeremy Scahill published an excellent article on Monday contextualizing the imprisonment of Yemeni journalist Abdulelah Haider Shaye.  Shaye had previously revealed …

Rush Limbaugh Tries to Export Painkiller Addiction to College Students

INDY BLOG, Mar 02 2012

by Dan Stump

This morning, the infamous talk show host offered to donate as much aspirin as it takes to rid the women of …

American Life League Video Makes Planned Parenthood Seem More Fun than it Is

INDY BLOG, Feb 22 2012

by Dan Stump

In celebration of National Condom Week, the American Life League recently released this shocking report which roundly condemns Planned Parenthood for …

Rick Santorum's Sweater Vest Could Be Yours

INDY BLOG, Feb 12 2012

by Dan Stump

That's right. For the the small price of $100 or more, you too could own a piece of the charm that …

Catwoman Impersonator Pepper-Sprays Ozzy Osbourne Impersonator for Impersonating Ozzy Osbourne

INDY BLOG, Feb 04 2012

by Dan Stump

In one of the most impressive displays of workplace intoxication since Rick Perry dropped out of the presidential race, Catwoman maced Ozzy …

Totally Fracked: Gasland Director Arrested at House Science Committee

INDY BLOG, Feb 02 2012

by Dan Stump

Josh Fox, director of the 2010 Oscar nominated documentary Gasland, was arrested today while gathering footage for his sequel, Gasland 2: …

Cwning Noobs

my special night at Toledo

by Dan Stump

As someone who frequently needs an easy, budget-friendly way to shovel cheese, meat, and grease into my mouth late at night, …

Week In Review 9/23

News, Sep 23 2010

by Dan Stump, Jonah Kagan & Sam Levinson

Condoms for ConvictsLast week, the San Francisco County Jail’s San Bruno unit installed 16 condom dispensers for its 750 residents.  The …