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Specters of Thatcher

Police State Magic

Interviews, Apr 27 2013

by Benson Tucker

“The first task of the Magician in every ceremony is therefore to render his Circle absolutely impregnable.” – Aleister Crowley Former …

Knives Down

by Lizzie Davis, Grace Dunham, Alexander Sammon & Benson Tucker

Like any city worthy of the title, Providence has a long and troubled history with knives. Precision instruments among humanity’s earliest …

Spring Break

Arts & Culture, Apr 12 2013

by Lizzie Davis, David Adler & Benson Tucker

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Providence Place

Metro, Apr 08 2013

by Benson Tucker

Place is all of the things that make somewhere have the same characteristics year after year. These maps illustrate some financial …

Providence Place

Metro, Mar 15 2013

by Benson Tucker

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Is it Spring Yet?

Metro, Mar 08 2013

by Benson Tucker

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Woonsocket Insurrection

Dave Fisher's 21st-Century Candidacy

Metro, Mar 01 2013

by Benson Tucker

Meet Dave Fisher, as I first saw him, in his campaign announcement video, titled "The Big Announcement." He looked like this: …

Woonsocket Insurrection

Metro, Mar 01 2013

by Benson Tucker

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Say No To Cops

Police Tensions Flare in the West End's Cambodian Community

Metro, Feb 01 2013

by Benson Tucker & Emma Wohl

As its name suggests, the main thing that holds the West End together is geography. South of Federal Hill and west …

You Can Find it in the Bathroom

A conversation with Mothers News founder Jacob Berendes

Arts & Culture, Nov 02 2012

by Benson Tucker

Mothers News is a free newspaper published monthly in Providence, Rhode Island. Though it has comics, and ads, and reports, and …

Quebec Student Strike

Interviews, Sep 28 2012

by Benson Tucker & X

After a winter semester of massive student strikes and repressive government reaction, Quebec university life may finally be returning to normal. …

Can't Keep 'Em Down on the Farm Bill

Opinions, Apr 09 2011

by Benson Tucker

This Tuesday, students from ten mostly elite colleges and universities throughout the Midwest and northeast held protests against the latest farm …

A Cultural Footnote

the Japanese disaster

News, Mar 25 2011

by Benson Tucker

Fifteen months ago, Haiti experienced an earthquake whose immediate and long-term human consequences are nearly unfathomable. Around three hundred thousand Haitians …