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Week in the Underworld

News, Apr 26 2013

by Barry Elkinton

CREEPY CRAWLIES Bugs are crazy. My dad’s an entomologist so I can say this with some authority. Growing up my dad …

Week in the Future

News, Mar 18 2013

by Barry Elkinton & David Adler

(YOUR) MISSION TO MARS Private finances will be key to the future of space exploration. We’ve known that for a while …

Week In Bovines

News, Mar 08 2013

by David Adler & Barry Elkinton

There's Something About Dinner HORSEMEAT IS—secretly, quietly—everywhere. Monday, British food regulator finds horsemeat in Taco Bell products in the UK. The …

Heists 2000

News, Mar 01 2013

by David Adler & Barry Elkinton

It’s always been a three-act plot. First, the preparation. There’s the shoot-n-grab, but that’s too obvious; maybe the switch-n-swap, or better, …

Week In Review

News, Feb 17 2013

by Barry Elkinton & Rick Salame

The Year Is Wet Behind The Ears Ancient Infants George Church is bearded and stocky, but he is no Neanderthal. The …

Week In Airplanes

News, Feb 17 2013

by Barry Elkinton & David Adler

Eligible Dirigible Last Friday, worldwide Aeros unveiled the Aeroscraft “Dragon Dream”—the company’s latest stab at a fully functional prototype. A gobsmacked …

Week In The Woods

News, Feb 17 2013

by Barry Elkinton & Rick Salame

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn, Etc. Trees these days just seem to be everywhere. Casuarina and Nyssa; Robina and Salix—no matter …

Week in Review

News, Jan 22 2013

by Emily Gogolak & Barry Elkinton

Writfully Raunchy A group of literary types gathered in London’s In And Out Club this past Tuesday night. There was hype, …

All Doped Up

The Cruel Fascinations of Modern Track & Field

Metabolics, Nov 16 2012

by Barry Elkinton

Christian Hesch was having a good week. On August 17, Hesch, a semi-professional road racer from Los Angeles, ran 4:00.01 at …

Week in Review

News, Oct 19 2012

by Barry Elkinton, Emily Gogolak & Kate Van Brocklin

Diamond in the RoughA new source for diamonds may be hard even for De Beers to tap into—it’s a nearby diamond-rich …

The Last Hurrah: Ahmadinejad at the UN Assembly

News, Sep 28 2012

by Barry Elkinton

Last week, iranian president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was in New York to attend the annual meeting of the UN General Assembly. With …

The Corn Supremacy

drought revives food vs. fuel debate

News, Sep 22 2012

by Barry Elkinton

On September 10, Congress returned from summer recess, and both parties began the typical campaign season ritual of political posturing and …

Week in Review

taps, teats & tabloids

News, Sep 22 2012

by Barry Elkinton, Emily Gogolak & Kate Van Brocklin

Arid Cups On September 22, over 6.5 million people are expected to descend on Munich, Germany to attend Oktoberfest, a 16-day …

Zap Zap Zap

domesticate the drones!

News, Apr 25 2012

by Barry Elkinton

Last month, the Internet was abuzz over the launching of TacoCopter, a San Francisco-based tech company offering taco delivery via aerial …

The Good, The Vlad, and The Ugly

News, Mar 12 2012

by By Barry Elkinton

A teary-eyed Vladimir Putin declared victory in the Russian presidential elections last Sunday, claiming 64 percent of the vote. After Putin’s …

Week in Review

News, Feb 19 2012

by Christina McCausland, Alex Ronan & Barry Elkinton

There is a Lot I Don’t Understand About You Hamza Kashgari, a 23-year old columnist for Saudi Arabia’s Al Bilad newspaper, …

WEEK IN REVIEW 10 November 2011

News, Nov 17 2011

by Barry Elkinton & Alex Ronan

Cuba CribsLockeans, get out your party horns. Cuba, one of the world’s last communist holdouts, announced on November 3 that private …

Week In Review: Pirate Party Parade

Week in Review, Oct 11 2011

by by Barry Elkinton, Stephen Carmody & Alex Ronan

Pirate PartyIn case you missed it, September 19th was International Talk Like a Pirate Day, celebrated on social media sites around …