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A conversation with Ronald Lewis of the Low Mountaintop Collective

Occult, Sep 30 2016

by Athena Washburn & Eli Neuman-Hammond

Ronald Kevin Lewis is a theater artist, dancer, poet-performer, and child of god whose group, The Low Mountaintop Collective, is performing …

Black Boxes and Black Mirrors

Arts, Dec 04 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances, Eli Neuman-Hammond & Athena Washburn

A black box is a unit, a unified system, or a discrete object which takes inputs and produces outputs but whose …

Tired of Art

Arts, Oct 09 2015

by Alec Mapes-Frances & Athena Washburn

Robert Smithson,A Heap of Language, 1966 (Wikimedia Commons) In response to the 1970s energy crisis, citizens around the US began collecting …

What Am I Listening To?

K-Pop and US Torture Music

Arts, Sep 25 2015

by Athena Washburn

Tell me your wish Tell me that small dream you have within you Draw that ideal person you have inside your …


Literary, Feb 06 2015

by Athena Washburn

Tom Wants the Violence of the Crowd in Himself The press of bodies is immense; Tom’s ears are stuffed with noise …

Cartooning's Double Face

Oppression and Liberation in the Cartoon World

Arts, Feb 06 2015

by Athena Washburn

“Few things can hurt you more directly than a caricature of yourself, of a group you belong to, or—perhaps worst—of a …

No-Sleep Monologue Part 1

Literary, Oct 17 2014

by Athena Washburn

1:00 am January 17: Man: Well Hello Melinda and isn't it a pretty day Melinda: It sure is Man, it sure …