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Eye Spy

re-envisioning the art of eyewear

Metro, Apr 15 2011

by Alice Hines

Glasses are art to hang on the wall of your face. Of course, they help you see—but as anyone who has …

Derailed: The stalled gentrification of Providence’s American Locomotive Works

Metro, Mar 06 2011

by Alice Hines

"We want to make Providence the coolest place in the world.” It was 2006, and Bill Struever, the developer who had …

R.I.P., Rhode Island Mall

featured, Jan 01 2011

by Alice Hines

Stroll through Warwick’s Rhode Island Mall and find yourself in an alternate, post-apocalyptic universe. The once-bustling stores, 60 in all, are …

ETOPIA: Excess and Excitement at New England's Biggest Fair

Features, Oct 30 2010

by Alice Hines

Coming from the interstate, it takes over an hour to cross the final three miles through Springfield, MA on the way …

City Arts

Arts, Oct 30 2010

by Alice Hines

On the South Side of Providence, in a neighborhood sprinkled with decaying Victorian houses and Dominican meat markets, an enormous mural …

Spices and stomach viruses

Features, Sep 10 2010

by Alice Hines

When traveling, food acquires new significance. The search for the next meal is a source of excitement and anxiety, a risk …

The Talking Cure: Can Communication Fix Malpractice?

Features, Mar 04 2010

by Alice Hines

Gertrude Trigo, a 73 year-old Warwick native, first began noticing symptoms around 1998. “I was with my two sisters driving. My …

Chocolate and catharsis (an anecdote)

boxstory, Feb 11 2010

by Alice Hines

At a bar called Prune in Paris, I met my first valentine. 26, sunken cheeks from a wine and ramen diet; …

Getting In Touch With John Of God

skepticism, industry, and healing in rural Brazil

arts & culture, Oct 09 2009

by Alice Hines

This May, Meghan, a 21-year-old San Franciscanstudent at the University of Southern Californiafound herself wearing a white robe in a white-walled …