Super Biased Sunday

by by Beatrice Igne-Bianchi

The Saints and the Colts will not be the only teams going head-to-head this Super Bowl Sunday: the perennially controversial abortion debate is slated to make an appearance during the most watched commercial breaks of the year. Tim Tebow, quarterback for the Florida Gators, and his mother Pam will share their personal story—in the form of a pro-life ad—during one of the priciest 30-second slots on American television.

Funded by the conservative Christian group Focus the on Family, the commercial chronicles Mrs. Tebow’s choice to keep her son. Mrs. Tebow fell ill during her pregnancy while serving as a missionary in the Philippines. Afraid she might die, doctors strongly advised her to abort the future QB1. But Mrs. Tebow decided to go with her gut—and God. It apparently worked out; she gave birth to one of the best college football players, like, ever.

But the pro-life message is misleading; Ms. Tebow was never denied choice, despite what the ad alleges. While CBS gave the green light to the don’t-abort-a-baby-even-if-you-may-die-it-could-be-a-super-star-athlete message, the network’s Standards and Practices department rejected a commercial—just as lucrative—advertising the gay dating site ManCrunch. Evidently, CBS feels that the image of two men swapping spit doesn’t mesh well with the main event—spandex-clad men rolling around in the grass.