Souffle foreplay: how to make her come over

by by Maud Doyle

Preheat the oven to 400 degrees. For the souffle to rise, the oven has to be completely heated when the cake is inserted, or it won’t stay up.

Chop bittersweet chocolate. Chocolate is an aphrodisiac for women, so don’t skimp: about 5 ounces yields a very dark and seductive soufflé. Melt the chocolate with butter and milk. Keep stirring so that it melts evenly: no one melts if they’re neglected.

Meanwhile, butter your soufflé dish or dishes. Be sure to thoroughly grease all the curves and crevices. To sweeten, coat the buttered dishes with sugar. Toss the excess. Too much sweet is no fun for anyone––girls like some bittersweet bite.

Whisk egg whites, which you can do either with a vibrating mixer or using your hands, until they have stiff peaks, adding sugar as you go. If using a vibrating mixer, start slowly until the eggs begin to froth. Whip faster as the eggs get frothier, but be careful not to over-beat.

With a plastic spatula, spoon ¼ of the egg white into a separate bowl, and fold in melted chocolate. Then, fold that mixture into the rest of the egg white. Careful not to over-mix and deflate the whites prematurely.

Fill the waiting sugared dishes with the mixture. Insert the soufflés into the heated oven. Remove in 20 minutes. Serve and savor immediately. All soufflés fall eventually; don’t be too disappointed.