When your face melts, pick your eyeballs off the floor to look again. This is Spring Weekend ’13—so good that BCA just couldn’t hold it in any longer (thank you, BCA, really, thank you). It’s February, and the snow is falling outside, and we are speechless, daydreaming about the sun and the trees and getting too drunk with:

FRIDAY. Like a royal fanfare announcing the best fucking weekend ever is the What Cheer? Brigade. They have been/always will be our rock—trumpets and trombones and high-fives and huddles—teaching us various methods of getting-down.

Following is Big Freedia, Queen Diva of Bounce. If y’all don’t know, then y’all get back now—practice bobbing your head, shaking your butt, and just generally moving your body a lot. New Orleans is coming to Providence.

And now it’s getting late, and through the it’s-just-turned-4/20 fog, A-Trak appears. He opens his computer, and we’re melted. We’ve been going to A-Trak shows for years now—the man is as prolific and prodigious as booty-popping and party rocking.

SATURDAY. I have no words to describe the BCA for their Saturday selects, other than, again, thank you. The day begins with, and I really do find it hard to say, the Dirty Projectors. How is it possible? We don’t even want to know. All we want is to be there, admiring Dave Longstreth’s riffer-y, and crying.

After the Dirty Projectors is Deerhunter, permanent members of the indie canon, making beautiful and brilliant music for so many years. Here, too, tears will be shed.

But holy shit, here is Kendrick Lamar, AKA Benz is to me just a car. No introduction necessary. Kendrick Lamar is coming to College Hill, and bringing the West Coast with him. Take me there.

We are shaking trying to write this. We can’t wait. Look at that line-up!

Until March,

Indy Gossip

(Poster design by Danny Sobor, Courtesy of BCA)