What We're Reading

by by Christina McCausland

Friday! Pick up this week's issue for a news quiz, French Film Festival reviews (everybody’s been loving Les derniers jours du monde), a really interesting analysis of self-immolation as a political tool, and the rad cover. In other news:

-VIDA published their annual pie charts representing proportions of men to women in literary magazines and book reviews; the numbers are (unsurprisingly) unbalanced. Responses vary from the incensed to the skeptical. (VIDA, Bookslut, TheAwl)

-I can’t be the only person with relatives who think climate change is a conspiracy. (NY Review of Books)

-More on Rush Limbaugh saying horrible things. (Mother Jones)

-Slate is launching the monthly Slate Book Review tomorrow, and this preview from their first edition—a review of the What to Expect series—is pretty funny. (Slate)