by by Nick Greene

illustration by by Perrin Ireland

Politico44 is a website under the auspices of, a trusted source for political junkies to feed their habits. It is self-described as "A Living Diary of the Obama Presidency." As such, the site is more like a Beltway than the Politics section of the New York Times. But Politico44 doesn't only feature continual updates from the press pool's Blackberries. It doesn't only keep you abreast of the cabinet members and canines headed for 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Politico44 sports a by-the-minute account of Obama's doings. This includes, for example, that the morning after the election, Obama was in the gym at the Regents Park Apartments in Chicago from 10:36 (after an eight-minute motorcade ride) until 11:30, when he left for a confab of economic advisors. Could the scrutiny zoom any closer? In the spirit of Politico44, the following charticle lays bare some of the bodily goings-on in the 2008 race for the Presidency.