From the Editors V.30 N.10

by Rick Salamé, Stef Hayes & Zeve Sanderson

published May 1, 2015

The Indy is about to go on summer hiatus and when it returns to newsstands in September we will no longer be its Managing Editors. Over the past five months we editors have tried hard to give you a left-leaning newspaper with imagination. The paper has run pieces about homophobia in local pro-wrestling, about downtown surveillance, about rape culture, and about access to translation services in activist organizing. We’ve run poems about loss and essays about struggle, defiance, and hope. We’ve also just done some weird stuff. We haven’t covered everything: we regret not writing about Roberto Quinilla and others’ lawsuit against Gourmet Heaven for the latter’s violation of labor law. We’ll say it now: we wish them luck. Most of the pieces in this issue were written before the demonstrations in Baltimore started and we don’t know what will be happening there by the time this appears in print. One of the drawbacks of running a weekly is that it can’t effectively cover situations that are dynamic and changing day-by-day. To the protestors in Baltimore, wherever you may be come Friday: we wish you luck and safety.

But what we hope to claim we have done over the past five months, if anything, is give you a paper that takes broad views of its subjects, that steps back from the often myopic coverage of the local dailies to question basic assumptions, to go over foundational questions one more time. The Indy summarizes, synthesizes, and hopefully fills some small
gaps left over in the spaces between hundreds of items
of coverage on individual protests, committee hearings, victories and defeats that take place on a diurnal register. In the fall a new team of Managing Editors will join you and redefine the paper for themselves, but in the meantime it will be up to you to keep pushing, keep fighting, and keep taking a long view. We wish you luck.
–RS, SH & ZS