From the Editors V.30 N.8

by Sara Winnick

published April 10, 2015



One May I spent three weeks sitting in an armchair in my family room. I looked through a wall of slide-open glass windows onto a backyard full of green. The grass was green and the oak trees were green and the sky was white-blue without clouds. The forsythia were yellow.

The immobilizer was gray. It wrapped twice around my chest (once under the shoulder, once over) and velcroed my right arm to my left hip. I un-velcroed this arm twice a day to unhinge my elbow, which was in danger of freezing in place. I sat in the armchair because I couldn’t lay down. I looked out the window because I couldn’t focus on books or TV. I had three metal pins the size of chopsticks holding the bones of my right shoulder (bruise-blue and purple and black) in place. It was 68 degrees and sunny every day. –SW