by Athena Zeros

Illustration by Sandra Moore

published December 7, 2018

the ground breaks too so please tell me my name even if my fullmouth stings of feathers


the loudest thing the red entrance between heaven

                                           and these doctorwalls


well hush blood and it yells

on a paper table interrupting the world to shoot for her with some animal shriek we knew

nothing once WHERE are youmother whose silence i christendbroke with my bolted infant shout             it rains outside.


newborn lightning blaspheming already fuckhim and his-

soapmouth now dripping with histories spat over alive onto this his concrete mistake

but her beautiful like birds but


                                        an uncaught skybaby fell from





blessing, what a blessing.






then day broke instead of us so why is it that I still ask his name every new morning

                                                 limping on stolen ground


punched the rain now he abstracts my hurt hip to night ills

later will suck her fingers of some beautiful hands, I’ll use that word for you first, your beautiful


as such is afterbirth the names got covered with the names of the ones before us like

his and his

naming his his and hers his

breast then hers,

then the mouth circling in the shape of a bird






wash after off your hands free with water almost free until




were you then the glass bottle, liquid stand in at the sink are you the poison in this bed too later

or was it then a baby bottle, what chest then, was it a glass bottle,

then the bird crashing through air, unwinged time,

then the wet dirt knows I’m no angel but hope aheavydelusion and his hands

on the back

of the head, like oh

god then the red

on babytoes, then

the unhabited devotion, then the dead

rabbit, then the uninhabited body, almost left you all for air, then the rage,


then the storm, then unpaid lightning, break the night’s upset,

then scratched voices, why though then

then bodies flown memories of power   

returned to water in the downpour, then old words, baedl

wrong dawnpinked trees blooming winter just like the loudest unfolding

of unmeaning like wingspellswords through a faulted skywho knows through reedy throats or stemssaying hear

me through to an newborn end what a


blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, blessing, bless