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Vol. 41 Issue 1, Sep 24 2020

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There are no Wendy’s in Belgium. Well, that’s not completely true. There are no capital W, square-patty serving restaurants within its 12,000 square miles, but an independent snack bar in the city of Groes has gone by the name Wendy’s since 1986. Every subsequent attempt by the big Wendy’s to enter the Flemish market has been thwarted by European copyright law. In this moment of corporate consolidation of global fast food power, it’s nice to see the little girl come out on top.

There are many Indy’s across our country. In Indiana, the best race car drivers compete in the Indy 500 every spring. In Hollywood, Steven Speilberg’s fedora-donned protagonist answers to the nickname “Indy.” And here in Providence, ten times a semester the staff of the Indy stays up until the crack of dawn to make sure the best writing and visual art on College Hill reaches an audience. We might not have a team of lawyers or serve Frosty’s, but we’ll always be your Indy.

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Current Issue

Vol. 41 Issue 1, Sep 24 2020

A Safe, Healthy, and Full-Priced Campus

Bottom line is, universities are most concerned with their bottom line

News, Sep 25 2020

by Alisa Caira

Risking student lives probably makes sense when you get down to the numbers of it. Yet, now, as thousands of at-risk …

The Rise Of @blackivystories: Confronting Racism in the Ivy League

An Instagram account pressures the Ivies to take accountability

News, Sep 25 2020

by Aicha Sama

“During an important meeting, someone told me she was glad I straightened my hair because I looked more ‘professional.’” —Brown University …

Bodies Matter

Pornography and the MPAA Rating System

Arts, Sep 25 2020

by Dorrit Corwin

content warning: references to sexual assault and non-consensual pornography If my great-grandfather Sherrill were alive today, I’d have a bone to …

Litigating Choice

Second-Wave Feminism, Alan Dershowitz, and the 1986 ‘Brown University sex ring’

Features, Sep 25 2020

by Izzi Olive

content warning: discussions of rape and consent One day in 1983, when my mother was a Brown University sophomore, her roommate …

Flammable 'Fornia': A Revelation

When Californication goes a little too hard

News, Sep 25 2020

by Nickolas Roblee-Strauss

Social media is hard. Every single millennial—aging and married in the image of boomers before them—struggles to compete in a Gen …


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From the Archive

Beasts of Burden

The unbearable mythology of the shark

Science & Technology, Sep 25 2020

by Ella Spungen

At the age of 13, I was shown Sharkwater, a campy but gorily persuasive documentary about shark finning. Through shaky, mostly …

Progressive Percolation

A selection of profiles on the state’s most forward-thinking politicians

Metro, Sep 25 2020

by Morgan Awner, Uwa Ede-Osifo, Lucas Gelfond, Ricardo Gomez, Leo Gordon, Elana Hausknecht, Evie Hidysmith, Rose Houglet, Deborah Marini, Vicky Phan & Peder Schaefer

On September 8, progressive candidates across Rhode Island swept the local Democratic primaries, upsetting incumbent Democrats in a way that made …

Afternoons in Bright Rooms

Literary, Sep 25 2020

by Nicole Kim

thinking about afternoons spent in bright rooms: a constellation is spilling out from in between your eyes— I wake up again, …

Week in Grand Finales

News, May 03 2013

by David Adler

[start hero] [end hero] GIANT FINISH His legs are well-muscled, taut, rippling. He is nimble. When you hear his name you …

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