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Vol. 37 Issue 8, Nov 16 2018

From the Editors

Although we’ve had our differences, I’ve come to appreciate the spells of nostalgia induced by the changing of seasons. A Los Angeleno who grew up in a constant and somewhat naive 75 degrees, Providence unfailingly reminds me of the passage of time as fall transitions to winter each year.

However, I’ve learned the past is never really past and collapsing temporality can be felt in the body. Time lingers around location, and a college campus feels especially heavy with it.

I am 21 years of existence walking down Brook Street with a pair of headphones on. A prism of self refracted into a spectrum of color: me at 15 strangely attached to the Virgin Suicides soundtrack playing now, me at 17 with long hair and bright eyes, me at 19 with no hair and tired eyes. Even unborn and future selves join the parade, equally as confused as to what I’m doing here.

DPS stops me, indicating that the the sidewalk is closed for construction. Take your rainbow across the street.

– MV

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Current Issue

Vol. 37 Issue 8, Nov 16 2018

Building my Ofrenda

Embodying ancestral knowledge in a scientific dystopia

Features, Nov 16 2018

by Jorge Palacios

Though Día de los Muertos is now over, I often think about the ofrendas, or altars, that my mom sets up …

Through the Wire

Competing visions for a carbon-free electricity grid

Climate, Nov 16 2018

by Harry August & Sara Van Horn

This article is the first installment of a month-long series,“Through the Muck,” tackling climate change in Rhode Island. Everyone in Rhode …

No Vacancy

Worrisome real estate trends and the fate of Providence's abandoned properties

Metro, Nov 16 2018

by Giacomo Sartorelli

The collapse of the sub-prime mortgage market in 2007 sent Rhode Island’s home prices plummeting and forced thousands of families from …

Tough Love

I came around to Angela Merkel. Now she┬┤s on her way out.

News, Nov 16 2018

by Allison Meakem

Germany’s historically early exit from the World Cup this year wasn’t the summer’s only national tragedy. Almost immediately following the Nationalelf’s …

Artificial Sweeteners

Providence navigates urban development

Metro, Nov 16 2018

by Peder S. Schaefer

Last week the Ordinance Committee of the Providence City Council voted favorably on a bill that would increase the building height …


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From the Archive

Gross National Cool

Objects I found in Tokyo

Arts, Nov 16 2018

by Liby Hays

While researching my trip to Japan, I was surprised to find that “Gross National Cool” was an actual governmental concern. A …

A Black Mirror

Cognitive bias in machine learning

Science & Technology, Nov 16 2018

by Griffin Kao

“These systems are simply mirrors for a biased society,” says Dr. Jerry Kaplan, a professor at Stanford University, speaking about deep …

Slowing Food

Using and watching Salt, Fat, Acid, Heat

Arts, Nov 16 2018

by Flo Li

Being a foodie is most definitely entwined in my DNA. My mother famously recalls only eating noodles for about two months …

Four Poems

Literary, Nov 16 2018

by Gemma Brand-Wolf

Harmony in Red I cut my foot at the museum, Walked around afraid Trailing blood I looked at the wall between …

Four More

Literary, Nov 16 2018

by Eli Makovetsky

OnceChildhood Dismissing worries quickly—like a professional palm reader, you never and always talk to me about bees, their outlines wasted on …

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