Vol. 40 Issue 2

Feb 15, 2020

From the Editors

It’s Valentine’s Day! “Love” is in the air, and the Indy has been torn into factions over a dire game of “Kiss, Marry, Kill.” The subjects? Who else, but our beloved Petes: Davidson, Campbell, and Buttigieg. Kissing testimonies have been cited from Mayor Pete’s husband, friendships have been broken over Mad Men minutiae, and as we approach midnight, a verdict is far from being reached.

While I’m not sure where I stand on the Pete issue, there’s something more important I need to get off my chest: I’m tired of pretending that “Yummy” by Justin Bieber is not a good song. Hijacking Conmag’s aux cord has yielded such responses as, “Andy, no,” or “Is this a real song?”, and even “Yummy has forever been tainted by the legitimate possibility of going to war that coincided with its release,” but this time I’m not playing my feelings off as a joke. I like “Yummy.” In fact, in true holiday spirit, I like like “Yummy.” The days of turning my Spotify onto private mode, or going incognito just to see Justin’s silly pink hair, are over. This Valentine’s Day, I’m proud to be a Belieber.


Spectacle of Insignificance

Arts, Feb 15 2020

by Wen Zhuang

I work at the Harvard Film Archive twice a week, but calling it work would be unfair. It’s about 10% administrative …



Divine Narration

The ethics and ethos of modern astrology

Features, Feb 15 2020

by Anabelle Johnston

By no fault but my own, I have retained very little from my sixth-grade science class. Even so, I vaguely remember …

On the Almost Liberating Possibilities of Moshing

A Personal Politics of Mosh Pits

Features, Feb 15 2020

by Jaime Serrato Marks

I was first introduced to moshing by the massive bruise on my coworker Dannyboi’s cheek. Dannyboi shuffled into the ice cream …


Dear Indy

Literary, Feb 15 2020

by SS & CT

How do I know the difference between being friends with someone and having romantic feelings for them? I guess the traditional …


Sirens, Camera, Action

Policing entertainment in East Providence

Metro, Feb 15 2020

by Miles Guggenheim

The sun is officially down, but a morose blue still lingers in the sky behind Sergeant Michael Rapoza. He’s driving somewhere, …


Week in Being Sweet

News, Feb 15 2020

by Amelia Anthony & Ella Rosenblatt

THREE LIVES SAVED, NO SECOND DATE? Valentine’s Day creeps closer and you’re still waiting for your Datamatch results. So you swipe. …

Unchartered Territory

Charter changes illustrate the tightening restrictions placed on academic life in China

News, Feb 15 2020

by Emily Rust

Toward the end of 2019, three Chinese universities made international headlines for an event that some deemed a matter of semantics …

Building Movements, Building Power

An interview with political activist Linda Sarsour

News, Feb 15 2020

by Zach Ngin & Sara Van Horn

Linda Sarsour is unequivocal. Whether addressing a crowd at a Bernie rally or explaining the salient points of Kingian nonviolence in …

Science & Technology

Truvada Blues

PrEP and the historical transmission of AIDS

Science & Technology, Feb 15 2020

by EJL

In October of 2019, the queer publication GAYLETTER posted an Instagram advertisement depicting a shirtless DJ surrounded by neon, fuzz-bordered lettering. …


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