Vol. 38 Issue 6

Mar 15, 2019

From the Editors

‘Twas a brisk March morning. Our collective innards grumbled, as we approached

the refectory’s gates. A newsboy, clad in dungarees and flat cap, waving a piping hot

noser fresh from the press. His ruddy cheeks bellowed with boyish fervor—he sang,

“Get your noser! Fresh Nosers here!”

When we opened its pages, a glass of nectar in hand, our jaw dropped as we read

the fated headline: “New Issue of the Indy Just 20 Pages Of Word Association.”

Unfounded accusations of pretension, nonsense, and verbal spewage—in this publication?!

Blood, sweat, and tears are poured each week into this vaulted publication

to produce articles of lucidity and insight. What libel! Without cause or provocation.

Debilitated with anger we slumped in our seats. So lonely in the ratty, fork in hand,

the Iliad—unread. Temporality, opulence, Taylorism, Narragansett Lager, UNITE

HERE!, brother, MMT, inside baseball, interpolation, tote bag.

– BM & NRS


Tidy Futures

The work of decluttering with Marie Kondo

Arts, Mar 15 2019

by Nickolas Roblee-Strauss

As we entered 2019, a push for dispossession caught the nation by storm. Brendan Hurley, manager of Goodwill Industries in the …

Unliving Color

Colorization and popular history in Peter Jackson's director's cut of the First World War

Arts, Mar 15 2019

by Ben Bienstock

About a half an hour into They Shall Not Grow Old, the new documentary by Lord of the Rings director Peter …



Among the Iguanas

On life and the pursuit of death in Guantánamo Bay

Features, Mar 15 2019

by Jessica Bram Murphy

content warning: descriptions of death and torture In Taíno, an indigenous language of the Caribbean islands, Guantánamo means “land between the …

Survivors Have Said "Me Too"

Now what should their perpetrators say?

Features, Mar 15 2019

by Marie Lachance

content warning: sexual assault “Hey, I have a really serious question for you that hasn’t been addressed ever,” reads the text …


Money in Your Mouth

Literary, Mar 15 2019

by Tabitha Payne

And then the money was in your mouth. So much money you were always eating salad, those pretentious, extortionate salads your …

3 Stories: Money Matters, Bean Soup, Horse

Literary, Mar 15 2019

by Betsy Roy, Star Su & Lucy Qiu

Money Matters by Betsy Roy You wouldn’t believe what I’d do for money. Like, seriously! It depends on the time of …


Building a Bigger Table

A look at Cohen v. Brown and legal battles over Title IX, in athletics and beyond

Metro, Mar 15 2019

by Amelia Anthony

content warning: sexual assault Lifetime civil rights attorney Lynette Labinger is sharp and confident, sitting across from me in an ornately-decorated …


From Railroad: Vote Yes on Divest

News, Mar 17 2019

by Railroad

Railroad is a collective of prison abolitionists, criminal justice reformers, and others working in solidarity with communities and organizations in Providence …

Everything But the Kitchen Sink

How Modern Monetary Theory reimagines government spending

News, Mar 15 2019

by Jesse Barber

A few weeks ago, a group of children confronted Senator Dianne Feinstein to plead for her to make a commitment to …

Week in $$$

News, Mar 15 2019

by Sarah Clapp & Zachary Baytosh

One-Student Schoolhouse Facing overcrowding last school-year in Cheyenne, Wyoming school administrators resorted to shuffling students around the district in an effort …

Science & Technology

Power Plants

Scrutinizing the US' biofuel future

Science & Technology, Mar 15 2019

by Shannon Kingsley

In the depths of a swamp forest, the ferns are dying. Fanned bodies bowed together, these giant leaf-like forms topple and …


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