Vol. 38 Issue 4

Mar 01, 2019

From the Editors

I’ve run into city councilwoman Kat Kerwin twice in the past week: once at Seven Stars Bakery on the West Side and once at Red Stripe on the East Side. On both occasions I thought about approaching her, but since I don’t live in Ward 12, it seemed like there was no easy way into the conversation. Kat Kerwin and I are the same age, but as it turns out, we have little in common. She calls Gina Raimondo a progressive; I do not. She has been on the cover of Teen Vogue; I have never read Teen Vogue. She holds public office; I make a $3 monthly contribution to Bernie Sanders.


Kat Kerwin is barely older than the kids who Senator Dianne Feinstein accused last week of being too young to engage in politics. I actually thought Senator Feinstein raised a great point in her squabble with a room full of elementary schoolers: the people who will be most affected by the impacts of climate change didn’t even vote for her. While claiming that Senator Feinstein is too old to care about climate change is both ageist and nonsensical, I do think that 16-year-olds should vote and 21-year-olds should run for city council. Here at the Independent, we are inexperienced and we are young and we very much plan to stand up to the Senator Feinsteins of the world. Kat Kerwin: if you are reading this, we hope you do too.

– JR + LSL


The World as Picture, Exhibition, and Target

Angkor Wat, neo-colonialism, and opacity

Arts, Mar 01 2019

by Alexis Gordon

Postcard for the Angkor Wat Pavilion, 1931 I want to talk about some phenomena in the violence against Southeast Asian peoples, …



Bad Lieutenant

Passing, clocking, and the curious case of Catalina de Erauso

Features, Mar 01 2019

by Cate Turner

Doña Catalina de Erauso does not have much of a place in history. He is a footnote to the Spanish Baroque …

Features, Mar 01 2019

by Raghvi Bhatia



Literary, Mar 01 2019

by Kate Ok

I thought Llewellyn was the most beautiful name in the English language. At least, that’s what I told my mother at …



Rhode Island politicians keep their constituents in the dark

Metro, Mar 01 2019

by Alina Kulman

Rhode Island politicians often struggle to keep their reputations clean, so maybe it isn’t surprising that when officials take to Twitter, …


Overdue Justice

Establishing adequate reparations for the victims from the U.S. Public Health Service S.T.D. inoculation experiments in Guatemala

News, Mar 01 2019

by Jazmin Piche Cifuentes

content warning: torture, gore, sexual abuse The Tuskegee Syphilis Experiments were an infamous and unethical series of clinical studies conducted on …

Week in Jam

News, Mar 01 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Gemma Sack

LOST IN TRANSLATION, ONCE AGAIN Ariana Grande, America’s sweetheart as of late, continued our country’s long-standing tradition of getting a tattoo …

Science & Technology

Beyond Screens

In conversation with Khiara Bridges and Virginia Eubanks

Science & Technology, Mar 01 2019

by Julia Rock & Lily Meyersohn

content warning: maternal death "I’m literally dying,” Lashonda Hazard posted on Facebook early last month. The otherwise-healthy, pregnant 27-year-old had visited …



X, Mar 01 2019

by Bee Mitchell

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