Vol. 38 Issue 3

Feb 15, 2019

From the Editors

There are two kinds of people on the Independent: the ones who still believe in Valentine’s Day and those who have realized that love is a con(mag) and journalism is better than any monogamous relationship—even one between journalists. As we met with our sources at hole-in-the-wall coffee shops in the Upper West Side of Providence and waited by the phone for Mr. WET to call back, we couldn’t help but wonder: are we the new Hallmark? And is the newsroom a reflection of the dating pool––in dire need of copy editors?


They say that Cupid’s arrow never strikes twice, but we beg to differ. We’re on-again off-again with incoherent metaphors and cheating on our deadlines because we spent too much time wondering a second thing: Can an alt-weekly ever love us back? Or are we wasting our twenties chasing after a paper that’s too Independent to be tied down?

– BB & SC


Do I Know You?

Bryan Singer, The Assassination of Gianni Versace, and brushing up on your history

Arts, Feb 14 2019

by Zachary Barnes

The most erotic film I’ve ever seen was made in 1950. It’s a silent French film that lasts all of twenty-six …



Dear Indy...

Features, Feb 14 2019

by WW & SS

I want love but not sex. Help. I know it's a thing, but I don't know how to deal with it! …


Six Men Spotted at the Glen Park Roller Rink and Rec Center

Literary, Feb 15 2019

by Will Weatherly

ROB It is hard to avoid looking at one another on the rink because you’re in a circle: somebody’s always following …


Civic Disobedience

A class-action lawsuit in Rhode Island advocates for civics education

Metro, Feb 14 2019

by Sara Van Horn & Wen Zhuang

In 2015, only 23 percent of eighth graders in the United States demonstrated proficiency in civics, according to a national assessment …


Striking a Deal

LA teachers push for a more equitable public school system

News, Feb 14 2019

by Bilal Memon & Kanha Prasad

Standing on the front steps of LA City Hall, Alex Caputo-Pearl, president of the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA), shouted into …

Week in (Mis)communication

News, Feb 14 2019

by Roxanne Barnes, Alina Kulman & Theia Flynn

LMS for Salvation Pope Francis wants you to know he’s not a regular pope, he’s a cool pope. With the recent …

Science & Technology

How Libraries Adapt

American public libraries and the aura of collective interface

Science & Technology, Feb 14 2019

by Miles Guggenheim

In its 2018 and 2019 budget proposals, the Trump administration attempted to cut government funding for the Institute for Museum and …

Tourist Trap

Geosure tries to build a safer world—but for whom?

Science & Technology, Feb 14 2019

by Liam Greenwell

I open Geosure and the map populates with nearby scores. There’s a lot of green, implying “low risk.” One of the …


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