Vol. 38 Issue 1

Feb 01, 2019

From the Editors

Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel.

Sorry I haven’t been around for a while. I’ve been trying to figure out how to say this right. As you can see, this is definitely not my normal set-up. Conmag has new tables. There’s a Miller High Life box taped to the wall. Brooklyn’s favorite and most trusted Jewish magazine now has opened a satellite office next door.

I’ve been feeling a little out-of-sync but I just wanted to use this opportunity to chat with you guys, update y’all on my life, check in a little bit. A lot of stuff has been going around about me and I wanted to clear the air. I’m just gonna be really candid and honest and vulnerable right now. Usually, I’d like to keep all that private—and be a strong, bold person for you guys. But I’ve just been feeling like it’s a lot to keep in.

So this is my truth. I’m not here to give you an excuse. I have no excuses. I know that I’m better than the person I once was—and I hope that one day, you can see me for who I am.

Thank you for hearing me out, thank you for supporting me even when I don’t deserve it. I promise I will make it up to you.

We can’t pray for the past, but we can pray for the future. I’m still young and an idiot and I’ll probably make a million more mistakes—but I will own up to them in a courageous and honest fashion from this point forward. Because you guys deserve that. Thank you for being the family I never had, and probably don’t deserve. I love you, I love you. No more playing, no more bullshit, just me.



Dirty Funding

Warren B. Kanders at the Whitney Museum and Brown University

Arts, Feb 01 2019

by Tristan Harris & Babette Thomas

On December 9, 2018, Hyperallergic, an online arts magazine, posted an image of four members of the Fire Department of New …



Cooling Off

Features, Feb 01 2019

by Star Su

The first time I’m at their house, the notes of the ice cream truck erase the quiet haze of the summer …


Two Poems

Literary, Feb 01 2019

by Justin Han

Paliochori Mentions this only as strange ordeal, her translation resisting delivery—vegetable state and we’ll see no more of Tsalia, Damia, Disekia, …

Three Poems

Literary, Feb 01 2019

by Rachel Landau

new interior for a hallmark birthday card hornet wound i weep your memory accounting for sapphire-stained rungs in the ladder though …


Selling Out

Mayor Elorza's plan to privatize the Providence water supply board

Metro, Feb 01 2019

by Julia Rock

The story of the Scituate Reservoir holds its own in the annals of Rhode Island history. A gruesome tale of eminent …

Quilting the Statehouse

The Womxn Project organizes for the Reproductive Health Care Act

Metro, Feb 01 2019

by Sara Van Horn

On the marble steps inside a packed Rhode Island State House on Tuesday, hundreds of protesters competed for legislative attention as …


Week in Digital Drama

News, Feb 01 2019

by Ben Bienstock, Sarah Clapp, Maria Gerdyman, Annabelle Chace & Theia Flynn

"Facebook gains nothing from this meme" If you haven’t deactivated your social media accounts out of fear of breaches in privacy, …

State of Affairs

Protests build momentum in Sudan and France

News, Feb 01 2019

by Jacob Alabab-Moser & Jessica Bram Murphy

Media outlets largely focus on specific moments in time, framing events as singular instances while often ignoring their historical and political …

Science & Technology

Genetically Pleasing

He Jiankui, CRISPR, and the politics of the human genome

Science & Technology, Feb 01 2019

by Gemma Sack

At the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing, held in Hong Kong on November 27-29, 2018, the room is buzzing …


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